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  2. TMP

    Box Office Theory's Most Anticipated Films

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Endgame Irishman Joker Godzilla KoTM Ford v. Ferrari Knives Out Detective Pikachu Gemini Man It Chapter 2
  3. To be fair, Jay Hollywood said his screening was terrible but I read somewhere (I think deadline?) that WB apparently has been testing different cuts with Dougherty in order to get the best version of this film in cinemas - and the recent screenings being incredibly well-liked makes me think they might have succeeded.
  4. YourMother the Edgelord

    CAYOM Magazine

    @cayommagazine Imagine Dragons to write the song “1 Up” for Endless Animation’s Super Mario Bros. Mario leaps into theaters Thanksgiving Y6.
  5. Either Frozen again or today was the weakest day in pre-sales. So weak, ¥250mn is doubtful now.
  6. Todd Phillips will have to save Hems' post-MCU career with that Hulk Hogan sanitized bio-pic
  7. CM: ~8M weekend, 12.5M added Sun-Sun Next 7 days another 12.5M After that 7.5M (-40%) Reat of run 9M Total 428 Could go higher without too much trouble tbh. Shazam: ~16M weekend (cume 120) 7M weekdays (127) 7M weekend (134) Rest of run 21 for total 155 Lots of optimism there.
  8. But if it makes 2,280,400 more of that number, wouldn't that be the best number there is?
  9. CoolioD1

    MIB International UNDER 110M

    yeah sure in. who cares.
  10. @Charlie JatinderJatinder Any idea on how many screens AEG is opening in? I assume IW had already sorta hit the ceiling on the number of screens available to a Hollywood release owing to the DCI agreement
  11. Jake Gittes

    MIB International UNDER 110M

    In. This and Dark Phoenix will be the big blockbuster casualties of the summer.
  12. More from reddit leaker that posted the previous big leak: but another redditor calls BS cause he's heard that: This isn't real because that's not what Tony says to Pepper when they reunite on Earth. Right before she hugs him, he says something else more heartbreaking. He definitely doesn't joke about keeping a dinner reservation. He has no energy to joke. "I lost the kid." I didn't even realize this leaker tried to say what Tony said to Pepper when they reunited until I went back to read all the bullet points--otherwise I would've mentioned this a long time ago, but yeah. It solidly debunks it for me just because I talked with the guy who saw that scene unfold and Tony is definitely in no condition to joke whatsoever. Sometimes it's the small details that reveal the most. A joke about a dinner reservation sounds like something someone would assume Tony would do, but the fact is the guy is an emotional and physical wreck in this scene. He can't even walk on his own. No troll. This is literally the only "insider" scoop I have about the movie, and it's what I've heard about the reunion scene--even then the details are spotty because the dude was recalling something he saw back in October 2017. The only dialogue I know is that, at some point, Carol says something about how when Fury calls, she answers (I am guessing Tony asks who she is? I don't know the context). Tony, before Pepper hugs him, says, "I lost the kid" (which confused the contest winner because he hadn't seen IW yet). Nat and Steve apparently have to help Tony walk because he's that weak/out of it--and they ask if they can help, and Tony is so delerious he doesn't know whether to say "No or Yes" and says both like it's a question (like at first he says "No...?" Then he agrees with a "Yes...?"). Otherwise I don't know what is said in the scene. I don't think the contest winner got to hear much from his vantage point, he mostly observed. I got told all this a while ago, weeks before the first trailer even dropped, which is why I knew that field scene in the trailer was Tony and Nebula getting back. He'd also told me Nebula sits down on the land ramp/steps of the space ship (which she does next to Rocket in the trailer). So I've trusted his account. He was also right about who was in the scene. He mentioned Steve wore a black long sleeve shirt, Pepper was in civilian clothes (not Rescue), but Carol was in her uniform. And he said Tony looked really banged up. All of which fits. WHO IS RIGHT? WHO IS WRONG? WHY ISN'T IT MONDAY ALREADY???
  13. Charlie Jatinder

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    That's what I said few weeks back. 3 hours film is orgasm for Indians.
  14. 2.5 hours? Ouch startoing now Damn you Amazon UK! Missing subtitles.
  15. I can’t see Captain Marvel dropping less than the -4% Black Panther did when Infinity War opened. The other Disney film increased. I don’t think it’ll be making another $60m off a $15m 3rd weekend, that seems unreasonable, especially considering it’ll probably drop 60%+ next weekend.
  16. We only found out about that connection few weeks ago.
  17. Pretty much every single reaction from test screenings or early viewings going back a whole year has said this film is as pure "crowd pleaser" as you can get.
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