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  2. I think weekend numbers for F1 is posted in past few pages. You can find that. But as @RJ 95 said different release dates. Plus 8th weekend of F1 was ahead of OW !!!. That cannot be replicated by any movie.
  3. If it does get released I'll be happy if only so that every third post in any DC board isn't constantly complaining about Justice League. Could you imagine if the Marvel fandom en masse spammed every person online about how much they didn't like Iron Man 2 or Thor The Dark World? For MULTIPLE YEARS?
  4. I hope The Addams Family expansion can get it near 100M! Playmobil is the movie that should have gone straight to streaming. Shaun The Sheep: Farmageddon getting picked up by Netflix US is for the best as well.
  5. Should just provide some perspective. This is Oogieloves' first Friday (Playmobil could have a PTA as low as 60-70 lmao): Aug 31, 2012 Friday 23 $124,760 +1.4% - 2,160 $57
  6. Considering WB went to such efforts to redo it with a new director, I’m willing to bet it’s worse if anything. It doesn’t make sense that they’d shelve a superior version of a film that was all but completed.
  7. What would that mean for Frozen's weekend. Just spitballing #'s but something like 15 Saturday and 11 Sunday?
  8. Lena is now re-titled to Lena and The Featherweights.
  9. The craziest thing is that the Snyder Cut likely isn't much better than the theatrical cut. At the minimum the ridiculous hype around it definitely can't live up to whats actually in it. Especially since one of the biggest differences is setup for a sequel that isn't happening.
  10. I think, F2 will pull a Ralph as I thought in begining of the year. Teaser made me think otherwise but trailer felt okayish and film was average barely so that make sense though.
  11. Oh my god, it might challenge Delgo Also that would be really meh for Frozen, hope we can climb to at least mid 8s.
  12. Can't compare with Frozen 1 because it was not releasing on the same period of time. In latter December and early January, weekend won't be that important compared to weekdays.
  13. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Various theater chains (Michigan) Premiere Night Seat Report: T-13 days and counting Last Day 2 Days Ago 3 Days Ago 4 Days Ago 5 Days Ago Showings Added 2 0 0 0 0 Seats Added 175 8 4 27 5 Seats Sold 229 253 220 260 120 12/6/2019 Showings Seats Left Total Seats Seats Sold Pct. Sold Total 239 27,015 42,102 15,087 35.83% % of Seats Sold Sellouts 90%+ 80%+ 70%+ 60%+ # of Showings 8 24 44 68 89
  14. For the younger generation, I think social medias and apps & youtube & tiktok & what not have become monsters regarding leasure time. I think studies have shown how youtubers and influencers have become as popular or even more as sports people or actors. I mean, a 13 yo kid has like 2 000 events per day to deal on his smartphone, not enough time to check out the latest movie. Kids are living their own tv series dramas in their social cirlce-bubble with their smartphones which by the way is creating more depression and suicides among youth. Killing yourself for likes or dislikes. That s where we at as a civilization. Yay for progress !?
  15. When the movie weekend already stabilized in Japan for Frozen 2, how much money we can expect on each weekend? For Frozen 1 back then, how much?
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