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  2. I think it'll do well in the English speaking markets but elsewhere not so sure. Bad Boys II only did $273m WW which on a $130m budget wasn't great back. Sony would be happy with $300m WW
  3. The second one and the first film time gap. the sequel had insane marketing! it was even advertised on the Super Bowl 37 game!
  4. So assuming Bad Boys opens close to John Wick's first 4 days, would we say 150M is in the cards? How are international prospects? Smith is a bigger international star than he was in 2003 (which had close to a 50/50 dom/os split) but he isn't immune (ex: Gemini Man). Plus it's not a very "international" movie.
  5. Do we have the Theater Count list? I want to see which movies lost theaters and which will expand.
  6. To be honest Aquaman had many trailers, it had a lot more marketing than Shazam and great release date. WW1984 has twice better views/like ratio. I'm looking not just at views, but also likes. Remember Power Rangers with 40+ mln views and less than 200k likes? Some trailers get large part of those views from ads on youtube, Lionsgate does that with TV spots for their movies and I suppose trailers too, who knows with WB and Birds. First trailer yes, but then interest declined sharply, but I think it was WB's fault, they screwed up marketing
  7. I remembered Darkness run more. This one I don’t remember the marketing for This one but the summer of 2009 was insanely crazy! How many people remembered Terminator Salvation was projected to be one of the biggest films of the summer?
  8. The 8 year gap between the first two movies is notable in of itself. Obviously they wanted to cash in on Smith's superstardom.
  9. Aquaman's second trailer had worse views than Shazam's second trailer. I guess Aquaman wasn't a breakout. I know the first trailer had more views but a sharper decline in views from first to second trailer must be bad right? Birds of Prey's first trailer also had only 4 mil less views than Wonder Woman 1984. I guess this means WW1984 will only open to 60 mil.
  10. Really bad stats for trailer views and social media activity, especially for a comic book movie, even worse than Shazam had, nothing indicates breakout OW, all breakout cbms had great stats which indicated big interest overall.
  11. I think the first two Bad Boys are more wel liked than we think. They are also on tv all the time
  12. Independence Day Resurgence: not enough Will Smith. Gemini Man: Too many Will Smiths. Bad Boys for Life: Just right.
  13. Bad Boys trailer had an FF vibe. Even have a shout out to Family. The franchise could have longevity if they play their cards well and it does very well OS. Bad Boys in space before FF in space.
  14. I love the internet. When a movie has early screenings it means that the movie is bad so the studio wants audiences to watch it first and get WOM out there before critics see it. When a movie doesn’t have early screenings it means the movie is bad because the studio doesn’t have faith in it. Comical. Regarding test screenings: that’s something every movie has whether it’s acclaimed or a piece of shit. That’s how editors fine tune the film sometimes for the better or for the worse. So of course BOP had test screenings. Every movie does.
  15. Thats massively great for Bad Boys! I remembered thinking this was going to be another Xander Cage back in the summer of 2019. Also the delay issues had me worried and the first trailer wasn’t very good either. However last minute, Sony amped up the marketing with a solid trailer and TV spots on YouTube and Football games was a big helping! Doolittle yeah it was doomed from the start. Bad Boys was delayed but is looking to do solid results this weekend! But Doolittle had unappealing trailers and spots, the marketing and posters had Robert Downey Jr looked tired and the movie just looked like something kids would be bored with. Thankfully Universal had 1917 last week. And their 2020 calendar thus far looks more solid than last year for sure.
  16. Doctor Sleep was very well received, get an 7.02 and 77% approvation average despite being compared to one of the greatest Kubrick movies
  17. They also did early screenings for Doctor Sleep. Didn't work well there. Premiere is next weekend so it doesn't really matter...
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