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  2. imo, it will take some time for any boost to happen. we will see. it was also already having a very strong trend on Pulse today.
  3. And I think the producers of this film have to be getting nervous at the steady stream of bad news from the Persian Gulf. An actual war with body bags comng home which would be as divisive as Vietnam of the second Iraq war would not be good for this kind of movie. "Fun Actioin Movies" about the military are a hard sell when actual war happens.
  4. Its still early but so far no boost at pulse. hopefully we get an update next week from Wang that tells us where this is headed.
  5. You know films are meant to be understood by watching them, right? Not just reading a spoiler synopsis. That's kind of the point of telling a story visually.
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/variety.com/2019/film/festivals/dreamworks-animations-abominable-trolls-world-tour-marooned-annecy-1203239769/amp/ Conducted by “Trolls World Tour” director Walt Dohrn, a co-director on the original, the Annecy first look, often of rough animation, took in an opening scene at a techno troll rave disrupted by the arrival of rock trolls, answering to Queen Barb, who want to destroy the other strains of music. Poppy and Branch decide to fight back but, in one of the funniest scenes in the movie, fall under the tranquilizing effect of the king troll of cool jazz. Some of the character designs – such as of Trollsart, the king of classical music trolls, or a Dolly Partonish country music troll, hair piled on to of her head, had the Annecy audience laughing out loud. The presentation ended with DWA’s first trailer Rebecca Bunch is the villain in this. The premise sounds fun too.
  7. Got my tickets to FFH for the 3rd, but I didn’t use Fandango.... WHERE’S YOUR TRACKING GOD NOW?!?!
  8. haha. In fact, Snoke gets not one, but both hands chopped off. So you get three chops at the price of one.
  9. Child’s Play has no reviews on a Wednesday night. Anna doesn’t either but that’s to be expected.
  10. Seriously? There’s something wrong with your eyes if you think that looks like a real person lol smh
  11. proably it seems to be more than that, many of those who have see the movie already knew that mysterio is a villain, so
  12. The twist is probably Mysterious being evil which these early reactions will of course pretend this is the next I am your father reveal
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