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  2. Spagspiria

    Endless 7 Days Of Christmas (Y5 Event)

    Also I’m quite intrigued, @YourMother the Edgelord, especially with the immigration angle. Oscar Isaac is also an oddly inspired choice for Mario. Consider my dong expanded.
  3. That's probably cause Depp is the only character who's not dragged along every random side plot imaginable. He sort of just has his own agenda and doesn't care about the convoluted history of whoever. I don't think his was a particularly great performance either but at least his character more or less makes sense and has a streamlined plot. Everyone else is just... a mess.
  4. Spagspiria

    Endless 7 Days Of Christmas (Y5 Event)

    Lumberjanes may be my holiday Y6 slot.
  5. seriously, this year may see 3 best picture nominees with bad to middling reviews and yet black panther is the token political statement nominee? k.
  6. AndyK

    Monday Numbers

    It's the Peter Jackson WW1 doc It's fantastic and very emotional. It was on BBC2 last month.
  7. Xmas Eve is a low BO day...and Christmas usually matches opening Saturday for a movie...So, it's possible it could be $5M Dec 24 and $10M Dec 25 (and then $11M on each day from Dec 26-28, which actually all tend to be higher than a Xmas weekday)..,.I would think an opening 5 day of $55M would be more in line with a $20M 2 day period ($7 and $13M) to see $55M in the 5 day, but who knows? This movie will draw a more interesting demo than most:)...
  8. If Alita beats Avatar isnt he just beating himself again through a proxy.. Must suck when your only competition is yourself, speaks to his character he's able to up his game time and time again.
  9. YourMother the Edgelord

    Endless 7 Days Of Christmas (Y5 Event)

    TSW3 then? Or 2 Dorado?
  10. Looks like you got a typo there my guy, I think you meant 1.5A, in which case yeah 1.2A would be pretty disappointing ngl
  11. 82.2k PS are the final PS for Aquaman So a good 56% bumb over yesterday.
  12. There’s no way MPR will make $ 55M 5-day and then make just $ 15M on december 24 and 25. And even those $ 55M 5-day seems kinda low to me.. presales are relatively close to Aquaman, why a family movie will have much worse walk-ups than a superhero movie?
  13. cookie

    Endless 7 Days Of Christmas (Y5 Event)

    Voltron 4’s not coming out in Y6 🤔
  14. 2008 - Curious case, I don't understand until now the film won 2009 - Avatar, i guess no dispute here especially among those industry expert 2010 - Inception, no way this will be topped soon. 2011 - Hugo, i guess a lot will disagree with this. 2012 - Life of Pi, well picked 2013- Gravity, of course 2014 - interstellar- why not?? 2015 - Ex machina, never seen the film 2016 - The Jungle Book, Why??? 2017 - Blade runner 2049, i prefer war for the planet of the apes but still a good pick. Not sure how you calculated very rarely up there.
  15. 4815162342

    Endless 7 Days Of Christmas (Y5 Event)

    Holiday year 6 wildin'
  16. Do we have presalles from not minion related Illumantion pictures? From Sing or SLOP? Because minions and DM3 were pretty big. The others I don't know, but surely they had more like 50k + presalles. Anyway a low OD is expected then.
  17. Every day it becomes more and more likely that the film will earn 550M from US and China alone.Considering it's heading for a 270M-280M in China, it will need x2.58 multy with that opening to get there...and it's christmas so legs are probably gonna be better...
  18. Christmas is not holiday in China.Young generation will Celebrate As Half valentine's day.New year has 3-Day holiday.There is still some Holiday Bonus for Aquaman in coming weeks.$270M is Loading
  19. In the scene of Rhino fight and the underground train scene in BP, i asked my friends next to me, is that how CGI worked?
  20. Obv it wasn't a fair comparison, it was a joke and JL2 beating IW would be amazing buisness.
  21. I'm curious what the Cameron loonies will have to say once this comes out and doesn't even do .15A?
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