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  2. The less doses you have the more need to target the people at most risk. Italy have 15% vaccinated, if they had used a single dose and targeted over 80s first, their death chart would be on a downward trajectory. Canada is making the same mistake.
  3. That is fantastic news. Lets hops they can scale up production quick
  4. I agree with that. Protect the ones i most danger of death first. We do that here too. But im still not convinced that its apples to apples due to so much difference in doses in arms
  5. Yes, vaccinating teachers instead of 80 year olds is the most stupid idea imaginable.
  6. Can you really compare 2 countries where 1 has done 60 doses pr 100 people vs 20 doses pr 100? Also Italy has alot of elderly people in general
  7. Profile of non aged-ordered vaccination strategy - Italy Profile of strict age-ordered vaccination strategy - UK Canada is using the Italy strategy.
  8. Also cinemas in south east Queensland were also shut Monday to Thursday before Easter. That removes about 15% or so.
  9. Godzilla up to 20.8m now. It's still school holidays so weekdays will be good this week also.
  10. Weekend Estimates (04/09-10):01 (01) ¥265,000,000 ($2.4 million), -17%, ¥7,410,000,000 ($67.9 million), Evangelion 3.0+1.0: Thrice Upon a Time (Toho/Toei/Khara) WK5 02 (04) ¥x94,000,000 ($860,000), -32%, ¥420,000,000 ($3.9 million), Signal: The Movie (Toho) WK2 03 (03) ¥x89,000,000 ($815,000), -45%, ¥960,000,000 ($8.8 million), Monster Hunter (Toho-Towa) WK3 04 (02) ¥x64,000,000 ($585,000), -73%, ¥39,610,000,000 ($378.7 million), Demon Slayer: Mugen Train (Toho/Aniplex) WK26 05 (06) ¥x48,000,000 ($440,000), -39%, ¥485,000,000 ($4.4 million), Kiba: The Fangs of Fiction (Shochiku) WK3 06 (05) ¥x48,000,000 ($440,000), -40%, ¥980,000,000 ($8.9 million), Caution, Hazardous Wife: The Movie (Toho) WK4 07 (07) ¥x33,000,000 ($300,000), -48%, ¥700,000,000 ($6.4 million), Tom & Jerry (Warner Bros.) WK4 08 (08) ¥x32,000,000 ($295,000), -25%, ¥3,615,000,000 ($34.8 million), Loved Like a Flower Bouquet (Tokyo Theaters, Co./Little More) WK11 09 (11) ¥x31,000,000 ($285,000), -22%, ¥105,000,000 ($1.0 million), Ensemble Stars!! Music Garden Delay Viewing (Toho) WK210 (---) ¥x25,000,000 ($230,000), 0, ¥x35,000,000 ($0.3 million), 21 Bridges (Showgate) NEW 11 (09) ¥x23,000,000 ($210,000), -48%, ¥340,000,000 ($3.1 million), Girls und Panzer the Finale - Part 3 (Showgate) WK3A rough Sunday led to some sizable decline this weekend, which was already likely to have some bigger drops due to coming off of Spring Break.Evangelion 3.0+1.0: Thrice Upon a Time held incredibly well due to sold out stage greetings on Sunday. It's earned over a whopping ¥2 billion more than its predecessor now and has a good bit left in the tank. I was projecting it'd finish around ¥8.5 billion, and I don't want to project any higher yet, but it is gradually increasing its chances of finishing a bit higher.
  11. No way, the EU is achieving herd immunity by July. I can only talk about Germany, but we're way behind with vaccinations. We haven't even vaccinated every person of the highest priority category (age >80). Our chancellor announced recently that adults of the lowest priority group can get a vaccination by September and I'm not even sure, if that's realistic.
  12. Judging from the number of Spain, GvK have lost a great deal of money in Euro, especially in UK.
  13. I guess PWP make commercial sense as long as 25-50% capacity rule is in place. Once they are allowed to go 100%, PWP will no longer as profitable as before unless this really change the way people see movies in the future.
  14. Looks like Denmark now has 1 mill AZ doses in stock instead of 500.000😯
  15. Europe as per UNIC, 9 April 2021.: Open: Albania Bosnia-Herzegovina (local closures) Bulgaria Croatia Kosovo Luxembourg Montenegro Norway (local closures) Russia Serbia Spain Ukraine Closed (w/ reopen plan): Austria - TBD Belgium - May Cyprus - TBD Czech Republic - TBD Denmark - 6 May Estonia - TBD Finland - June France - TBD Germany - 18 April Greece - TBD Hungary - TBD Ireland - TBD Italy - TBD Latvia - TBD Lithuania - April TBD Malta - 26 April Netherlands - TBD North Macedonia - 6 April to 20 April Poland - 18 April Portugal - 19 April Romania - TBD (partly closed) Slovakia - TBD Slovenia - TBD Switzerland - TBD Sweden - TBD Turkey - 12 May UK - 17 May (England)
  16. Any ideas when the trailer should be dropping? I feel like we should have had at least a teaser or something by now. I'm really interested to see where this thing goes. The Wachowskis are often mocked these days online thanks to numerous misfires but you definitely can't say they aren't some of the most interesting and creative people working in the industry right now, which we desperately need more of. Though I do understand only Lana is returning on this one? Either way, I'm hyped- albeit, cautiously. Stuff like Cloud Atlas, Jupiter Ascending, and Sense 8 had some of the most inventive and imaginative ideas behind them. They all might not have worked out (one of those failing spectacularly) but The Matrix is still one of the best and one of my favorite movies ever. Really hope there is enough magic left for one more go around.
  17. Will depend on if Europe open soon enough and GvK releases theatrically. I think it released on PVOD in UK, may be some places else too. The current markets will probably hit $440M. Japan and Brazil can do $30-50M.
  18. With Europe looking very bleak, can GVK still hit $500M worldwide?
  19. If this is any guide, this could signal another big domestic opening even if we assumed MK skewed Russian, probably 15m?
  20. I give it a B after I turned my brain off and ignored the plot shenanigans midway through the movie.
  21. Mortal Kombat Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report T-12 and Counting (Fri) Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 0 39 319 2754 11.58% Total Seats Sold Today: 35 Comp 0.294x of Mortal Kombat T-12 Before Release (2.83M) Well it is an increase from yesterday's comp, but it still seems kind of minimal. But hey, it's still early, and this does seem about right for the cool-down phase.
  22. If you rewatch the film but mentally swap the neurotoxin in The Happening with COVID-19, it could work symbolically.
  23. Enjoyed the action. It was obvious to me that Godzilla > Kong but enjoyed the human/kong and kong/godzilla interplay. A fine conclusion to the King of the Monsters trilogy. My concern (esp. after the recent boxoffice results) is that WB will overextend themselves and greenlight more sequels.
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