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  2. 55% Venom audience in OW were over 25 as compared to 43% for Homecoming and 47% for FFH. Even under 25, 17-25 will be bulk of remaining 45% for Venom. Don't think R-rating would have much difference at box office. And now with 3 years of ageing of fanbase, even less.
  3. Eddie: Venom, I have a question for you. Venom: What? Eddie: Why not make some R-rated stuff. I mean, don't you think it's a pity that only PG-13 plots and actions sequences all around us? Venom: Because you're a loser and you don't deserve R-rated Venom. Eddie: Okay, I see.
  4. 3x T-2 to final PS. 👀 I think even JC in MTC 2 didn't do that. Edit: Yeah JC3 Friday did 2.3x from T-2 days. 60K may be final PS in MTC1 optimistically for TSS I suppose.
  5. Man, there’s optimism and then there’s “should be sufficient for low teens Friday.” I *hope* so but I really think you’re just setting people up to be disappointed here. Either way, great to have MTC1 numbers, thanks for stopping by.
  6. Reminiscence and Snake Eyes both confirmed for August 25th. TSS 13:20 19k / 14:20 20k (+1) currently CGV EGG 90% / Megabox 8.4 so the audience reaction is not great. which I kinda expected.
  7. Today
  8. We need to lobby for Kabbadi in Olympics. Circle and Standardised. That can give us like 10 medals. Of course Cricket will be there, but India aint doing well in knockouts since 2014.
  9. Olympics You Tube channel posting videos in Hindi. Cricket is coming to Olympics soon I guess.
  10. I am glad the tracking thread was locked. It should stay that way. Anyway just to provide a quick update. OD sales on MTC1 is up though its still below presales(but it has an extra day). Its at 29538/847459 476286.40 (4405 shows). Optimisticallly I am expecting close to 80K-90K PS before friday start and I think that should be sufficient for low teens friday. I think this wont go below Space Jam but its skewing MTC1 and so we could see it disappoint despite good numbers at MTC1. But keep fingers crossed that great reviews should help with walkups. At least stay optimistic until release :-)
  11. Pretty dumb given that Logan and Deadpool have proven you can make money on a comic book movie with an R rating. And they were planning on PG-13 even before the pandemic.
  12. They need to push it to 2022 and push Dune to Christmas.
  13. The Suicide Squad will be first major release at Indian box office since GvK. The pre-sales are low for now. Absence of MH and TN means box office numbers will be anyways low. Hopefully cinemas will get decent walk-ins for weekend.
  14. This may be a weird question, but I really need to know how many scenes with rats are there? Are there a lot of rats in these scenes? Like, does Ratcatcher always have rats with her? I need to know so I can decide how to watch this movie
  15. So I guess the warnings weren't enough. STICK. TO. THE. NUMBERS. Monday morning quarterbacking can wait till... Monday morning
  16. Just caught up on the Track side of things. Another crazy 400M hurdles, on the women’s side this time! Record after record in the hurdles. Olympic Record for the women’s 100M hurdles, and World Records for both 400M hurdles! Excited to see what tomorrow’s 110M hurdles brings!
  17. UAE 29-31 July Jungle Cruise - 74,351 ($1.1M) Space Jam 2 - 8,125 (-51%) / 77,081 ($115K / $1.1M) Snake Eyes - 7,282 (-77%) / 43,314 ($100K / $630K) Black Widow - 7,209 (-59%) / 208,425 ($100K / $3.09M) Escape Room 2 - 5,762 (-49%) / 53,668 ($80K /$750K) Good start for Jungle Cruise. Will probably reach 250K in full run i.e. $3.7M. Black Widow can't catch a break. Eid helped it go over 200K, will probably hit 225K i.e. $3.3M.
  18. Cant imagine we are not getting a matrix trailer unless that is getting pushed.
  19. The Suicide Squad Harkins California T-2 Days (Final check in 4 hours) Format Shows Capacity Sold % Sold Gross ATP Normal 20 4,842 133 2.75% $1,688 $12.69 Cine 1 4 1,708 288 16.86% $4,608 $16.00 Total 24
  20. Very much enjoyed it. Felt maybe Bloodsports plot armor was a little too thick with the floor collapse thing, and I feel like Waller would not have let the lackeys who clubbed her survive another day after being woken up, but other than that this was incredible. DCs been on a roll post Justice League (except the pothole of WW1984).
  21. Probably just the last fandome trailer. It hasn't played before any movie yet and wasn't rated last time.
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