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  2. Wish you many many happy returns of the day @feasby007. Have a blast 🎂 🍻 🥂
  3. TMP

    Best films of 2019!

    A Shazam! B+ Us How To Train Your Dragon 2 B The LEGO Movie 2 C- Captain Marvel D Glass F Velvet Buzzsaw
  4. Doing “just fine” is okay I guess? I’m sure WB is congratulating everyone over Shazam’s participation trophy. Lol.
  5. ML: $1.8mn CoLL: $11.6mn Shazam: $6.2mn Little: $2.9mn 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍
  6. ? 250 for when ? what day ? also really ? bc of one day it changes everything ? ok then hope its not frozen we will find soon enough
  7. Btw, I won't be able to catch the midnight number tomorrow (Sunday) or Monday! I'll be able to do the write up later, but won't be around at the time of midnight Korea time. The main figures I'd like are the total admissions, the Won total and the % of the total tickets it represents. (I.e. the 3 non-zero entries in Endgame's row here: http://kobis.or.kr/kobis/business/stat/boxs/findRealTicketList.do) Also, if somebody fancies, the total screens it is on. Though that one is unlikely to change in the 3 or so hours in between. Thanks so much guys! I'll have today's report ready in 35 minutes though, looks like an as-expected day.
  8. TMP

    Box Office Theory's Most Anticipated Films

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Endgame Irishman Joker Godzilla KoTM Ford v. Ferrari Knives Out Detective Pikachu Gemini Man It Chapter 2
  9. To be fair, Jay Hollywood said his screening was terrible but I read somewhere (I think deadline?) that WB apparently has been testing different cuts with Dougherty in order to get the best version of this film in cinemas - and the recent screenings being incredibly well-liked makes me think they might have succeeded.
  10. YourMother the Edgelord

    CAYOM Magazine

    @cayommagazine Imagine Dragons to write the song “1 Up” for Endless Animation’s Super Mario Bros. Mario leaps into theaters Thanksgiving Y6.
  11. Either Frozen again or today was the weakest day in pre-sales. So weak, ¥250mn is doubtful now.
  12. Todd Phillips will have to save Hems' post-MCU career with that Hulk Hogan sanitized bio-pic
  13. CM: ~8M weekend, 12.5M added Sun-Sun Next 7 days another 12.5M After that 7.5M (-40%) Reat of run 9M Total 428 Could go higher without too much trouble tbh. Shazam: ~16M weekend (cume 120) 7M weekdays (127) 7M weekend (134) Rest of run 21 for total 155 Lots of optimism there.
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