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  2. So with DS2 currently set to release to theaters on March 25th 2022, I’m guessing that the teaser trailer could be released online in or around September 2021 or October 2021? I remember that Captain Marvel’s teaser trailer released in September 2018 before its theatrical release in March 2019.
  3. I liked the first 3 episodes. Watched them at my dentist while getting my teeth cleaned.
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  5. It wasn't a banner year for either of my teams (though the Mariners played better than I expected and showed they have some pieces for the future), but I'm quite happy that MLB made it through the full 60-game slate. The expanded playoffs, weird as they still feel (two sub-.500 teams!), should be fun.
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  7. And, no, the Giants didn't deserve to be in the playoffs. Not with the three losses this weekend where they should have won two of the games (this game the bullpen gagged all over itself). But, sakes alive, was that a terrible strike zone. Floating all over the place with pitches half a foot off the plate/below the strike zone called strikes. The only thing I can possibly say in defense of him is that he did it to both teams. Just such a... 2020 way to end the season:
  8. Rob Drake did not have a good game calling balls and strikes and that is all I have to say about that game. (seriously, Eric Gregg, were he still with us, would have looked at that zone and said "tighten it up a bit, bro") Just flat out disgusting.
  9. Regardless, it seems like (at best) it’d still be a matter of weeks to stabilize at this potential lower threshold before theaters will open. I’m so sick of entities like DHD and ERC spreading this BS around without even bothering to check with local and regional health authorities.
  10. I believe so, also. What I'm not sure about is if LA is even eligible to be shifted or not, as I didn't/couldn't easily hunt down weekly data for the past couple of weeks. The mouse over number is right at the substantial/widespread line (another reason why I doubt a designation shift is coming this week), but I couldn't easily tell if those were current numbers as of this past Tuesday, or "as of the 12th" numbers that it said further down the page.
  11. For movie theaters to be open in Cali, a county must be at "substantial" or lower tier for at least three weeks on this chart: https://covid19.ca.gov/safer-economy/ I believe that updates on Tuesdays. I don't know if LA County has been in "substantial" zone for three weeks or not (the chart shows the official designation, not the current level of transmission). According to this article, the situation in LA had been improving, but this past week the R0 crept back over 1. If that's the case, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see a delay on the part of officials even if it could technically shift tiers as the last thing Los Angeles County needs is opening too soon once again.
  12. I agree. I think restaurants represent more of a social activity to people, with theatres being more passive. If you've been couped up and decide you're going to take an exposure risk, it's not hard to see how a restaurant is more appealing (even if the risks are higher). I also think that the desire to get to the theatre is to catch the big pop culture events and be part of the conversation. Over this past month, it's probably more important that someone has watched Elona Holmes than if they saw Tenet if they want to participate in the Zoom equivalent of watercooler talk.
  13. I went to see this on Friday and it’s really cute. Two likeable leads, fresh casting and some laugh out loud moments. Really heartwarming.
  14. Unhinged still having decent drops, 7 weeks in. Passed $30m worldwide too, $31.8m. Strong post theatrical run in the future I think for this one too.
  15. January 3 | The Grudge - 4/20 January 4 | Richard Jewell - 13/20 January 11 | Dark Waters - 15/20 January 12 | The Farewell - 16/20 January 18 | A Hidden Life - 16/20 January 19 | Just Mercy - 15/20 January 25 | 1917 ATMOS - 17/20 February 1 | Jojo Rabbit - 15/20 February 1 | Bombshell - 13/20 February 2 | Little Woman - 17/20 February 2 | J'Accuse - 15/20 February 6 | Birds of Prey ATMOS - 17/20 February 15 | Fantasy Island - 10/20 February 25 | Bad Boys For Life - 15/20 February 25 | The Call of the Wild - 12/20 February 29 | Sonic The Hedgehog - 14/20 March 1 | The Gentleman - 15/20 March 6 | The Invisible Man - 18/20 March 8 | I See You - 15/20 June 7 | Portrait of a Lady on Fire - 17/20 June 9 | Bloodshot - 13/20 June 9 | The Way Back - 15/20 June 21 | My Spy - 13/20 June 27 | Ramen Shop - 15/20 June 27 | Onward - 15/20 July 4 | Freaks - 16/20 July 4 | The Night Clerk - 11/20 July 5 | The Truth (La Vérité) - 17/20 July 11 | The Burnt Orange Heresy - 15/20 July 11 | Wasp Network - 12/20 July 19 | Ride Like a Girl - 14/20 July 19 | Proxima - 16/20 July 21 | The Operative - 14/20 July 23 | Arkansas - 13/20 July 26 | Becky - 16/20 July 26 | Ophelia - 13/20 August 1 | Divorce Club - 15/20 August 2 | Judy & Punch - 17/20 August 2 | The Postcard Killings - 12/20 August 8 | The Outpost - 17/20 August 8 | A Impossibilidade de Estar Só - 14/20 August 9 | The High Note - 14/20 August 10 | Capone - 12/20 August 12 | Farewell to the Night (L'Adieu à la Nuit) - 14/20 August 13 | The Secret Garden - 14/20 August 13 | Golpe de Sol - 15/20 August 15 | Rendez-vous chez les Malawas - 12/20 August 15 | Scoob! - 14/20 August 16 | Inception - 20/20 August 20 | The Secret: Dare to Dream - 7/20 August 20 | I Still Believe - 13/20 August 21 | The King of Staten Island - 15/20 August 23 | Force of Nature - 6/20 August 26 | Tenet - 20/20 September 5 | The New Mutants - 15/20 September 13 | Unhinged - 15/20 September 19 | The Rental - 16/20 September 26 | Greenland - 14/20 September 27 | The Broken Hearts Gallery - 15/20 Total: 59
  16. Slow and steady wins the race...overseas is still doing very well...domestic is the sole sad spot for the movie...
  17. I really need to get to listening to this. It's just that if I'm listening to Sufjan music, I can't do anything else so I need to specifically allocate some time of the day to listen to the album lol.
  18. No movies last week (I did forget to mention I watched Devil All the Time the week before last and it was ass, 3/10) TV Shows: Cobra Kai Season 2: Took the final 5 episodes for me to actually start enjoying the show. As @SnokesLegs said, the adult drama and the conflict between Daniel and Johnny is the only thing that's keeping me interested. The reunion episode was also pretty good eventhough it was pretty clear what would happen at the end (older people remiscing about their life is one of my favourite tropes too). Ted Lasso: Watched the first 4 episodes and it's very rare to see this kind of lighthearted, optimistic adult comedy (only other one I can think of is The Good Place) so I found this really refreshing and a lot of fun to watch. Also the tone is a lot more quiet and subdued than I expected. Only problem I'd say is that every Brit is a caricature (you hear "wanker" even minute of the show lol) but it's a comedy so doesn't really bother me too much. Lovecraft Country Episode 5: This was fun body horror episode. This show honestly feels kinda like a Ryan Murphy show but unlike Murphy, the writers here actually know a lot of the shit that happens here is completely bonkers and have fun with it. Not really a show I'd watch seriously and I think the writers know this too. Lost (rewatch): Still on season 1 and the Hurley episode has been my favourite episode since the pilot so far.
  19. The adult storylines are what keep me interested. I’m ridiculously invested in Daniel and Johnny hopefully becoming friends. The episode in season 1 where they go for drinks and the double date restaurant episode in season 2 were both joyous. Watching them bounce off each other is great. I get why the kids are there (and the school fight in season 2 was great), but it’s all about the adults for me.
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