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  2. The Box Office Buzz and Tracking Thread: Electric Boogaloo

    1:45PM ET - MT Update....Pacific Rim up to 2nd place 16.1% I Can Only Imagine 10.6% Pacific Rim : Uprising 10.4% Avengers : Infinity War 10.3% Black Panther 7.5% Wrinkle in Time, A
  3. Apparently Columbus, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Grand Rapids, and Minneapolis are the only metros in the entire Midwest and Northeast that actually gained native born Americans. Everywhere else lost. New York has apparently lost a net 1.08 million Americans since 2010 while gaining 1.06 million foreigners. Minneapolis has gained a net of 432 Americans in 7 years.
  4. Just reading through the old AoU weekend thread. It's actually quite a fascinating experience! A little depressing, though, considering what everyone was gearing themselves up for on Thursday/Friday....
  5. No program, just eyes and counting. sigh. 1pm Pacific Rim: 11 avg Sherlock Gnomes: 3 avg Midnight Sun: doing about 1 sale per 5 minutes Comps Tomb Raider: 9.8 (3:10pm) 26.5 (8pm) Maze Runner 3: 4.2 (9:20am), 15.4 (5:30pm) 23.33 (6:45pm) 21 (7pm) Blade Runner: 30.6 (11:10am), 42 (4:30), 50 (7:30) Kingsman 2: 41 (5:10pm), 61 (7:30pm) Peter Rabbit: 7.66 (4:15), 12 (7:15pm) Paddington 2: 1.4 (9am) 3.2 (1:55pm) 7 (9pm) My Little Pony: 4 (11:10am), 7 (4:30), 7.33 (7:10pm) 7.2 (7:30) Nutty 2: 3.5 (7:30pm) Ninjango: 7 (5:10pm), 11 (7:30pm) Ferdinand: 4 (10:45am), 7 (5:45pm) Forever My Girl: 1.2 (3:45pm), 2.33 (7pm)
  6. Feel like a safe hit yes, I bit like Murder on the Orient express felt like one last year, but probably more domestic sided this time.
  7. Continuing from yesterday, Tomb Raider's Wednesday is 142.6% of Ghost in the Shell 78.4% of Power Rangers 97.6% of Divergent 3 151.6% of 10 Cloverfield Lane's 2nd Wednesday Ghost in the Shell remains the most consistent comp so weekend should equal to $10.5-$11m.
  8. Now that was a fine trailer. Should help wash away some of the bad buzz from that unsourced gossiping of the last couple of weeks.
  9. Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    But we want people to leave, not come.
  10. This trailer was good (for the brainless who liked the first one). I was hoping that with those messy preview rumors it was going to pull a BvS. Ahhhhh this it’s gonna steal so much gross from Infintiy war!!!! It was supposed to do 2 billion ffs
  11. As it stands BP is about 14mil ahead of JW and is making no less than the movie did on its week days and a good bit more on its weekends, I really don't see it falling behind JW at this point. Especially not when BP is almost a weeks worth of gross ahead of JW
  12. I will do a little tutorial and a little program to generate the result more automatically, I did try to fully automatize the process and make something that would grab every minute the result (removing repeating sale if any) or something like that, to realize that I never coded much web stuff (more C++/3D than web) and unsure how possible it is to be fully auto that grab just every sales. I will do a click here in Chrome, paste in this program and it will give you the result kind of stuff maybe.
  13. Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    https://www.census.gov/newsroom/press-releases/2018/popest-metro-county.html 10 1 The Villages, FL 125,165 122,121 2.5 Well, at least the growth wasn't significantly bad in my area
  14. yeah, I can't find any other 2D IMAX showings. How the hell does the independent cinema always get 2D IMAX and no one else does Have a day off tomorrow and heading north for a track day, so in the evening I'm gonna suck the 3d up and see it in Sheffield as their IMAX is fantastic.
  15. Forecasting with the worst case scenario (this is not what I'm predicting fyi): Mar 23: 13.5M (4.3M weekdays, 631.9M Total) Mar 30: 6.2M (3.2M weekdays, 641.3M Total) Apr 6: 4.3M (1.3M weekdays, 646.9M Total) Apr 13: 1.8M (500k weekdays, 649.2M Total) Apr 20: 1.1M (400k weekdays, 650.7M Total) Apr 27: 500k (200k weekdays, 651.4M Total) Final Total: 653M (3.23x) Best case scenario: Mar 23: 15.7M (5.3M weekdays, 634.1M Total) Mar 30: 8.1M (5M weekdays, 647.2M Total) Apr 6: 6.4M (2.1M weekdays, 655.7M Total) Apr 13: 3.1M (1M weekdays, 659.8M Total) Apr 20: 2.1M (700k weekdays, 662.6M Total) Apr 27: 1M (300k weekdays, 663.9M Total) May 4: 600k (200k weekdays, 664.7M Total) Final Total: 666M (3.3x) The midpoint of those two totals is 659.5M, which is .1M above Titanic. There's really two big variables in play: 1. How much of an impact will Ready Player One's Thursday opening have? Will that prevent a big increase on Thursday and limit the Good Friday increase? 2. How much of an impact will the April 6 openers have? The post-Easter weekend typically has light drops, but it never has openers that combine to 65-75M. It's a little too soon to pinpoint where exactly it'll land, but at the very least, Black Panther should beat Jurassic World. Don't get too comfortable with Titanic, though.
  16. I think it is foolish to make any long term prognostications based mostly on yesterday’s numbers which will abnormally negative for almost all films.
  17. New census estimates are out and Texas and Florida are smoking everybody. It's not close. DFW left everyone in the dust and was the only metro to gain over 100K people last year, and it blew past that. Houston #2, Atlanta #3, Phoenix #4, DC #5, Seattle #6. Other notable gainers is Charlotte, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Minneapolis, San Antonio, Vegas, Austin, Raleigh, Denver, Portland - basically almost everywhere where it doesn't snow. Boston having great gains for the northeast. Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland continue to lose people, but Detroit is bouncing back. New York and LA were nothing special. LA and SF have slowed quite a bit, though Riverside is on fire at #7 (census counts Riverside/San Bernandino separate from LA at the metro level). 6 of the 10 fastest growing counties were in TX. The northeast, Mississippi River region, great plains not doing too much outside of some pockets. The Midwest is like half loss/half gain, but seems healthier than earlier in the decade. Indianapolis, Kansas City, Columbus, Cincinnati making nice moderate gains. West Virginia and Illinois seem to have bled across the board. Myrtle Beach gained almost as many people as LA County @Trolltastic Tele
  18. I hope I can. I have a few errands this weekend and I need to focus on finishing a big college essay due next Thursday. No promises, but if I do end up seeing a film this weekend, this is definitely going to be the one that I will see. And hey, I can always see Paul, Apostle of Christ on Easter weekend to protest against the third God's Not Dead film if Pure Flix has yet again chosen to make a film that doesn't care to implement the production value we see in the trailer for Paul.
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