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  2. If it does 2.788M on Sunday, the cutural zeitgeist effects may hit the week after and push it to 2.795M. Give it two more weeks and 2.8B will be done.
  3. Everyone can have a different opinion but... *Inhales deeply* Being a child cyber soldier, losing your memory and left to rot, rebuilt by someone you end up calling your father by the end, waking up as a naive child, learning a sport, falling in love, recalling some of your previous memories and abilities through multiple life threatening situations, becoming a bounty hunter, wrecking basically all other hunters and then getting wrecked herself, literally; changing into a new body, getting a boyfriend, trying out for professional sports, finding out your boyfriend was king of a prick, forgiving and saving him, avenging him, yet ultimately failing to save him for good. All this while becoming more mentally mature and warrior-like each step of the way, and figuring out what her place in this world might be. From insignificant girl to potential liberator. Character development is what this has in spades. I wish I had 1/10 of hers in my entire life, I barely friggin changed (still a brat).
  4. Mmmh I don't think these numbers will be enough for Endgame to reach 20 million admissions, seems way too weak.. Toy Story 4 holding even better than announced, Far From Home having pretty good legs.
  5. While that number is unfortunate (even more so because it's SO DAMN CLOSE) but at the same time it's still $0.9 million, that's an unbelievably good hold form last week. Sad, yes, but also happy that Aladdin did so much more than any of us expected and joins the record books with 52 consecutive days over $1 million. Like seriously, FIFTY TWO DAYS, that's bonkers! Go back in time and go tell that to yourself after watching that first Aladdin Genie reveal. Also over $960 million worldwide, so it will overtake The Jungle Book ($966.6 million) this week. Would have liked more for Spider-Man, but $5.5 million is good too. Hope Lion King doesn't hit it too hard this weekend.
  6. I'll also throw my hat in for Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. It's possibly the best all rounder for an extremely solid anime series, with a solid ending as well. Its only fault is that it's a "reboot", so it had to rush some of the early content from the manga as to not be too redundant with the first "incomplete" anime show of the series. It's one of those stories where you can tell the author knew exactly what story he wanted to tell, from start to finish. Everything clicks beautifully to great satisfaction.
  7. Terminator 2 3D made $4mn worldwide. I will always watch T2 over Avatar. So if Endgame is able to manage $10mn lead over Avatar, it will be safe. https://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=judgmentday3d.htm
  8. My attitude was extremely negative for Aladdin but the TV spots around the release done trick for me and I was actually rooting for it and then of course we know how good reception it is having. For TLK, it was vice versa. Teaser trailer was extra ordinary. Trailer started giving me concerns but I was still positive but.. The recent TV spots and Hakuna Matata clip are crap. And then I watched the Mufasa killing scene today posted by someone here. That was absolutely soul less. This film looks like uber shit. Hopefully I am wrong and enjoy it.
  9. How? The only one that has been good is Cinderella. I have seen Aladdin, it is ok, but cant say it is better than the original. The jungle book is better maybe, but because i do not like the jungle book animation.
  10. That just means you already like realistic animals and hence you are pre disposed to like the new lion king, doesnt mean it is cringeworthy.
  11. What have you cooked up for your celebratory thread on ERA Why would Disney do a Labor Day expansion for Avatar when the sequel is still 2.5 years away? Edit: I am stupid, I thought you were talking about them re-releasing Avatar on Labor Day.
  12. Except Cameron converted Titanic and Terminator 2 into 3D for rereleases. I am pretty sure converting 3D to glassless 3D would have a similar effect on quality to converting from 2D to 3D.
  13. Today
  14. that mario video looks like the advantage the system gives Republicans over Democrats at the polls to give Republicans victory to make things more fun for everyone. the mario video also looks like the advantage Islam has over us in the West
  15. I lost faith around Dark Phoenix release when it dropped over 50% internationally.
  16. I can confirm, Zatt was a rock. It was his iron will that made me a believer.
  17. Did they release the two day (Sat-Sun) number?
  18. CGV 16:20 1. Aladdin 35k 2. FFH 34k well.. kobis presale 16:30 1. TLK 257k 2. FFH 29k 3. Aladdin 26k
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