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  2. I never said I think this movie would flop. I said I would be disappointed if people let it flop. There is a difference. The thing with tracking any movie is that things change from week to week. A couple of weeks ago I had this in the guardians of the galaxy to guardians of the galaxy 2 range in terms of OW and total gross. However, looking at how it is selling, I'm bringing down my predictions for its OW to be much closer to where the first Guardians opened but without the legs that it had. Simply cause of a jam packed summer. I am just reading the room and adjusting my predictions accordingly. I'm doing the same thing with John Wick 3. Last week, I had it opening $50M+. This week, I have it opening $40-$45M or so. Maybe next week, my prediction will increase/decrease or it'll stay the same. Ya know similar to how BOP adjusts movies every week. And for what it's worth, @Shawn gave a good analysis of how tracking actually works over in the tracking thread that some of you guys should go read. And go figure this movie is tracking all over the place (from $50M all the way to BOPs $90M) so it's only natural for us users who do not have access to any of that data to also be moving our predictions around.
  3. terrestrial


    Sometimes I feel like you do not want to consider another POV or miss the bigger picture or whatever the reason is. Why do you assume that is an only me POV? As much older you get as stranger can sitting around themes get, in the sum there can be a lot of impressions. I actually discuss a lot with people of my generation and older as far as still alive. I was mostly always one of the youngest in our circle of friends for some reasons (several). My father fought in WW II, my father-in-law fought in WW I. Late '70,... yes they know ppl smoked then too. But not that the split between smokers and non-smokers in the '50 was another than later. Not like they would feel something is missing for ppl not smoking. And again: its fairly typical for a long time to exclude smoking in filmed material. Means not without exception, but enough to be used to not miss it on screen. So why should they? Awareness means not a that liiittle detail has to be in to feel right. In a musical! This movie is not the first one set in a past me or friends/relatives lived in. You might be aware about free love and such in the '60/'70? A lot of us older ones do not feel as repressed as the younger generations often appear to us to be. But we got so used to that, when a movie includes that for reasons, the majority feels for a time like something is wrong I do not know, did you happen to have watched We Own the Night? There are some scenes included, where we felt that watching it. And as said, I love to discuss with my people (and my pupils) a lot. It took us some time till we realised why the majority felt ~ nearly uncomfortable: we were not used to it anymore, for the ~ 20 years I used in the example at least. There is a reason for that number. Its the conclusion we found then as a rough rule of thumb. When is the present more normal than the past. What we were not used to anymore were two things: the drug use / smoking /... theme. And the partly rather direct way to show sexual heating up, petting,... Btw, that was the first details we finally realised, it was even funny how long it took to get the why. And for that movie both not-often-seen-anymore themes included make perfectly sense I still have no problems with porn,... but generally wont expect it in a movie about crime in NY at first. You were the one who brought up that older people might miss it, even might need it to immerse. To that I reacted. Why now bring in young ones? All this has nothing to do with that that story has no need for cigarettes. It is not about a druggie, not about a cancer patient who has to deal with the consequences, or whatever reason... Hmmm yes there is even an action/fantasy/CBM one, were it perfectly makes sense to include the smoking: Constantine. That character is a short time before dying for having smoked so much. And still fight against the devil.... who will get his soul for something that he did as a youth. To exclude the smoking there, that would be not making sense. To get so echauffiert about the potential restriction a director gets, when he/she can use a lot of other markers to get the teen-coolness visual... Reminds me to another detail: depending on the decade, there are a lot of movies where you wont see a respectable woman smoke beside them smoking in RL too. It was not 'correct' to show that, do you really believe then ppl also would have reacted so strongly for not getting to include that? It was the POV of the time, like it is the POV of today, if the story does not warrant it, no need to include something unhealthy like that now, even if for other reasons than then.
  4. VanillaSkies

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    Is it not somewhat strange that Thursday has more showtimes than Wednesday (opening day)? Considering they are both work days, I would have assumed a slight dip for showtimes Thursday, and then an increase from Friday/Saturday. Currently; Wednesday showtimes -219 916 Thursday showtimes - 220 850
  5. ==== Who wants to be the one to tell "Kylo" that John Williams probably didn't score the trailer? 😁 (NOT IT!!! ) ((Yes, the "Kylo Theme in Major Key" has driven quite a bit of discussion ))
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    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    I hate spiders, they make me very scared but don't worry
  7. I’m like what idk pretty sure @Nova meant as in his hopes.
  8. Watched HIGH LIFE. Garbage movie. Were critics afraid to not seem dumb when they rated this so highly? the production values alone should make this rotten.
  9. Watch Andhadhun it's a Indian thriller, suspense movie
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