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  2. If everything goes right we'll have three $50M+ grossers in a single year for the first time ever
  3. Including stuff like Departed (Infernal Affairs)? True Lies (La Totale!)? Hell, Star Wars (Hidden Fortress)? Magnificent Seven (Seven Samurai)? The Fly (The Fly)? The Thing (The Thing From Another World)? Or, just the domestic animated stuff and/or domestic live action stuff? There's been a ton of remakes or reworkings of foreign properties that were fantastic films.
  4. A Star is Born last year was the third remake of the 1937 film but yet managed to be successful, I don't see studios not remaking films, they've doing remakes since the dawn of cinema.
  5. Sure, or if the remake actually does something different from the original that makes it unique. Like the remake of Suspiria (which I actually prefer over the original). Both of them are excellent movies, but both are doing their own thing.
  6. TLK opening lower than EG??? That is some unexpected outcome at the beginning of 2019
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