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  2. No one is being bipolar and no one is thinking Pikachu will flop. Adjusting one’s predictions closer to release is natural as we have a lot more signs. In my heart, I hope Pikachu is a humongous breakout and I’d genuinely like a live action non superhero/non remake do big. However, we are taking more notice of signs during release. Not to mention a few us like @Nova and I have been predicting and tracking box office for a few years now. Do I think Pikachu is still doing $200M+? Yes, but I don’t think the same signs that were there back in March for it doing $300M+/$1B+.
  3. Purely out of curiosity, does anyone know if Feige ever mentioned any desire to direct a film? He clearly has a great storyteller’s eye, so I’d be interested to see what he can do helming a film.
  4. I anticipated that exact reply the moment I posted that, not even worth responding to. The only difference was I thought that the person who posted it would have no avatar and 500 posts; I was hoping for better content from an admin
  5. I don't go to the movies every week but the majority of people will go see EG on OW. So that saves plenty of time for those same people to go 2 weeks later for Pikachu. Don't see the big deal here. But believe me I rarely go to the movies. Last movie I saw in theatres was Captain Marvel and before that Aquaman.
  6. I respect that and removed the photo.
  7. Just like how we had cam rips for every Marvel movie days before release, prior to Infinity War. Didn't have an impact then, won't now.
  8. You need to understand. People don’t go to movies every week you know what I mean say endgame does 600 million in first 2 weeks domestic. Most of those people are not going to back to cinemas 2 weeks after. There gonna take a month break detective pikachu to attract family audience like it’s a Pixar movie. Who know if it can but won’t be long until we find out
  9. 330 opening weekend because why not. Thats my prediction. No big loss if im wrong. But if im right.......😂
  10. fabiopazzo2

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    Pls dont post Photo like that in this forum... I hate spiders
  11. Maybe he was bitten by a Brazilian wandering spider: *Imagine a terryfying spider photo* Aside from causing intense pain, the venom of the spider can also cause priapism in humans. Erections resulting from the bite are uncomfortable, can last for many hours and can lead to impotence. In that case even more reasons to consult a doctor. Disclaimer: This post is a (dumb) joke, just to make it clear
  12. Endgame has 2 weeks to rake in all the money and do well all by itself. Of course now people think Pikachu will flop so hey the bipolar attitude is just exhausting sometimes.
  13. Theoretically speaking, yeah as Europe is lazy compared to the US. Example Germany vs Dom: Pop.: 82.8m vs 364.2m (USA + Can) (*4.4) BIP: 4.1t vs 22.7t (*5.5) $: 1.05b vs 11.893B (*11.3, though last year was incredibly weak, 2017: 1.2b vs 11.07b (*9.2)) So theoretically movie market in Germany should be around 2b, though their occasionally are movies where Germany in comparison is rather good (Avatar 162m vs 760m (*4.7)). And Asia, South America and Africa have a lot of room to grow. 1.3b people are living in Africa but the BIP is just around $2b and the gross they add to movies is probably barely noticeable.
  14. I think this could be like what Inside Out was to Jurassic World. However, this could go anywhere.
  15. My main point is people won't buy tickets when so movies are releasing close to each other.. So it might not get that much repeated viewings
  16. I have the same problem, I want to go to sleep but if I sleep before 11 pm I only sleep for 3 hours so i have to wait 1 more hour so I can go in to deep sleep wake up at 7 am and get me those numbers
  17. And I suspect that the people at Marvel Studiios are not quite sure what is happening next. Although they probably kicked around a few ideas, they could not begin real planning on what to do with the all new charecters they just acquiared from Fox until the merger actually happened..which was only a few weeks ago. I suspect the next few films will be like the pre Avengers MCU films...charecters in the same universe, but no real big time story arc for a while. That a couple of the most obvious suspects for the next Big Bag are part of the FF franchise is another reason for why we won't get the big overarching storyline for a couple of films.
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