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  2. AndyK

    Tuesday Numbers (04/24)

    420 is prob the floor now.
  3. I'm not sure about that. There's good people in the general audience that have been looking forward to using this trip to the movies as a chance to spend time with their family. Just because a theft that someone should be arrested for high quality leak of the film ends up on the internet doesn't mean the type of audience members that only go to the theater 3-5 times a year are going to A: suddenly decide to stay home to watch it (meaning they'll miss the theatrical experience), or B: even be aware of the leak in the first place (not everyone uses the internet as much as people like me use the internet).
  4. Thanos Legion

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    If it’s at 544 for more than 4 hours, please consult a doctor.
  5. The Russos are probably going to get a lot of offers also. I think they can get whatever dream project they have greenlit now. As for Feige, Disney will pay whatever it takes to keep him. I suspect part of the deal will allow him to produce some non MCU movies...which he has said he would like to do.
  6. When you think the best performing US movies have been doing 70% OS and OS is actually 20 times the size of the US..... I think the capacity WW could be double/triple/quadruple that.
  7. Mr Conservative ain't being so conservative now is he
  8. I gave Infinity War 10/10 for the genre, and saw it 5 time in theaters. Spoilers below:
  9. terrestrial


    To be born in that time,... nope. In no way I miss what I have seen in my childhood then. I said YA or older then for a reason. The book got written latest in the '50, released in 1957. The story is about ~ YA living then, The movie got released in 1961 To be aware about smoking then, and still remembering about how many/how normal or not it was for whom, a chance to even care about it, at least an end teen then. That's 75/77 years or older now. Its like you imply we older people are not able to adjust to later days. We are not senile. Yet 😉 You react stronger to what is/was normal the last 20 years than to what was, as you were 20y old. For me it was normal to have people sitting in a restaurant smoking. That is over since a long time, I am used to that now, I wont miss it in a movie from earlier times, like at all. If it would be part of the story, like I earlier gave the example, see cancer,... But it is a remake of a story we all know has nothing in it that required any of them to smoke, there is no 'problem' involved circling about that theme. = I see no reason at all to add smoking into it for artistic reasons. At all. I'd see it as ignorant to today*s POV if they tried to add it. Why that should even a problematic detail in a musical remake, I have really no idea where this is coming from.
  10. I think it will do around 100 million in Saturday, crazy prediction I know.
  11. Oh okay, cool. I've been keeping an eye on CW Sheffield but it has way too many showings That's why I watch CW Crawley, not only because it's my home theatre, but because there's no Odeon or Cineworld within half hour drive, so if you want to watch anything within the area, you go to CW Crawley. And it always goes batshit crazy for Star Wars and MCU
  12. In terms of Themes and connecting to our actual world it was perhaps the best in the MCU and critics like that kind of stuff. I would say superhero fans perfer IW over BP but I find non superhero fans like BP more because of the themes really resonate to reality.
  13. Good data but he was talking about Pikachu
  14. Same thing she asked me last night...
  15. The average seat per theater is way too large...especially in the age of reserved recliners...none of my local 12s have any screens that seat more than 200 (they are both recliner) - their largest theaters are between 175-185 seats...and they only have 2 of those (and then they drop to 110-125 max)...I could go around my metro, and find only 1-2 theaters with theaters bigger than 250 (to make up for all the shows with less), and even then, they have 1-2 screens with them...
  16. I don’t want it to cut any movie’s legs. That’s just stupid and why we get fanboy wars all the time. I want both films to do well.
  17. I just rewatched Black Panther on Sunday and I can't at all figure out why it was rated so high by critics 🤔 It's a decent flick, but it's very formulaic and it has terrible CG(mainly in the final battle). Not a huge of fan of MBJ's portrayal of Killmonger either.
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