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  2. 500m DOM as a benchmark to declare a film a "blockbuster"? No way. I agree 300m is the magic number if there was such a thing Lets just say I am at least twice DAJK's age. You guys seem to be operating under the assumption that 300m dom was the previous benchmark. I can say quite confidently that this was not the case. If you go back 10 years anything over 200m was great, over 250m (a la Star Trek 2009) was considered a big blockbuster domestically Jurassic World is the only non-Disney film to cross the 500m barrier in the past 9 years 500m is rarefied ground, 400m is quite spectacular, and 300m dom+ is a blockbuster
  3. their number is highly inaccurate,and by quite a huge margin.
  4. I always felt a blockbuster film is based on the budget and had nothing to do with its gross, any film with a budget more than 100 mil was ment to be a blockbuster no matter if it failed or succeeded financially
  5. Charlie clearly mentioned his method. Personally, i see 1.300B+, maybe 1.315B as i'm betting on it starting to hold better than IW.
  6. Seriously, it took me out of the scene. When Tyrion said it for the 1st time . just rolled my eyes but then everyone in the council started with this shit and it took me out of the scene, what does it even mean? Absolutely dreadful season BTW, never would have imagined them dropping the ball like this, this takes me back to Dexter days where the last season screwed everything up. Incidentally it's 4th season was also the best as is GOT's for me. Having said all of this, thank you GOT for giving 6 wonderful and 1 very good season, I may revisit the series again but not any time sooner. Also lastly WTF BRAN THE BROKEN means?
  7. At 20, I should not be saying “that makes me feel old” yet. Not by a long shot. But talking about 2012, the defining year that got me into movies and box office (and a year that shaped me in a lot of other ways too basically meeting a lot of my friends today and sorta turning into the person I was throughout high school and college) as a “past/historical benchmark” makes me feel OLD
  8. Each year there's like one hundred wide releases or something (haven't checked the numbers but it sounds right lmao). At this stage we're getting around fifteen above 200m. I think it's fair to call the top fifteen percent of movies blockbusters.
  9. In India we followed ROI method to give verdicts. As in, if a film do 3x its Investment by Distributor its Blockbuster. With time the verdict start getting leniant for big films as it's impossible to give 3x return to the high distribution rights that films are sold on. Currently, the most famous box office tracking site Boxofficeindia.com use GROSS to give verdicts for the film. Approximately 25mn admits mark is considered BLOCKBUSTER level for tentpole films. Baahubali 2 (Hindi) had 52.5mn Approx admits, so barely 50% of the biggest HIT is considered BLOCKBUSTER. If we were to apply the same to US, that will be around 50mn admits or $450-500mn Approx.
  10. My arbitrary definition for blockbuster is any film that makes 150M+. Not sure why it needs to be such a strict definition. The definition on Wikipedia is "highly popular and financially successful" and if something's making 150M then you can bet that it's pretty damn popular (and unless the budget is way too high it's also probably a financial success)
  11. To quote some famous villain - if everything is blockbuster then nothing is Now, I'm not saying that every movie is hitting $200m, but it has become increasingly easy to hit it
  12. Blockbuster is obviously an arbitrary term but it's nuts to say something that grosses 300m domestic isn't a blockbuster. Hell, I'd call anything over 200m a blockbuster.
  13. Since folks were throwing out 2012, here are some reverse adj numbers for $300m movies adj'ed back to 2012 ticket prices: 2018: 2017: 2016: 2015: In 2018, Aquaman and Deadpool 2 fall off the list (Aqua just barely). 2017, Homecoming (just barely), IT, and Thor: Ragnarok all fall off the list. 2016 and 2015 doesn't have any fall off the list. Since Aquaman barely falls off the list, I think putting the line at 340m or 350m right now is pretty acceptable, if we were using 300m in 2012 as a guideline.
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