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  2. Horizon Entertainment is working on a horror whodunit entitled Moonlit Crossroads, the film follows a werewolf PI who investigates a family of vampires after one of them is found dead.
  3. With the limited participation, don't think it will be representative of the forum. If there were at least 25 lists, i definitely would have.
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  5. What does this all mean for all these cop shows and buddy cop movies? 🤔
  6. I saw one of the earlier reviews for this film say that it had trouble finding a distinctive "identity," and that it isn't trying to be something more than another CAYOM space opera. And I wholeheartedly disagree with that opinion, because if anything, The Long Way Home plays out like a damn good men-on-a-mission film, something like The Untouchables or Ronin. And I make those specific comparisons because the verbal quips and character moments remind me of something written by David Mamet. The film's strongest element is its ensemble, and even with a crowded cast, it feels like every character gets at least one little moment to shine. And although at times Naomi Scott is basically playing the hits from her role in The Scavenger Wars, there's plenty of opportunities for great character work that the film takes advantage of numerous times in a way I found to be quite admirable. In addition, The Long Way Home doesn't waste any time before it gets going, and never becomes too bloated for its own good.
  7. Weekend Actuals (05/30-31):01 (01) ¥65,605,300 ($609,000), +04%, ¥247,865,350 ($2.3 million), The Real Exorcist (Nikkatsu) Week 3 02 (03) ¥5,274,700 ($48,950), +58%, ¥402,170,050 ($3.8 million), Not Quite Dead (Shochiku) Week 11 03 (02) ¥5,175,150 ($48,035), +28%, ¥4,615,641,020 ($42.4 million), Parasite (Bitter's End) Week 2104 (04) ¥4,633,450 ($43,000), +40%, ¥14,075,000,000 ($130.7 million), Weathering With You (Toho) [July 2019 release]05 (---) ¥4,368,900 ($40,545), 0, ¥5,924,200 ($54,980), Bloodshot (Aeon Entertaiment) NEW 06 (05) ¥3,112,450 ($28,885), +22%, ¥484,523,650 ($4.5 million), Birds of Prey (Warner Bros.) Week 11 07 (06) ¥3,051,800 ($28,320), +41%, ¥775,699,400 ($7.2 million), Fukushima 50 (Shochiku) Week 13 08 (07) ¥2,807,900 ($26,060), +54%, ¥678,428,830 ($6.3 million), Midsommar (Phantom Film) Week 15 09 (08) ¥2,715,700 ($25,205), +63%, ¥30,157,000 ($0.3 million), Akira [IMAX] (Toho) Week 9 10 (10) ¥2,392,100 ($22,200), +52%, ¥192,364,450 ($1.8 million), Yayoi, March: 30 Years That I Loved You (Toho) Week 11Re-release.We're going to continue to see most of these same films for a few more weeks until more films begin to be released (see above regarding postponed films being rescheduled). But the box-office is growing, and more theaters are opening, so things may appear somewhat "normal" in about a month. "Normal" meaning regular openers each weekend and higher earnings, but I don't expect the grosses/admissions to be near normal levels until August at the earliest. And honestly, The Real Exorcist is already performing decently well. It's definitely being helped by being the first notable release in two-months, but it's still a small film from an independent studio. And, obviously, it's not playing quite as wide as it would be and has to operate under capacity limits. I wouldn't have expected a lot more out of it if released under regular conditions.
  8. And Step I would like to know how the hell you are going to enforce that law... Nothing amazed me more then the way governments will pass laws that common sense tell you cannot be enforced.
  9. https://ria.ru/20200602/1572359503.html Russian cinemas will resume work from mid-July, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko said at a briefing.
  10. If it means anything, I don’t think you can say that she’s being “canceled” over this. Most of the people dragging her for it are people who already didn’t like her. Her followers and subscribers probably won’t be swayed. For the record, I don’t care for Grace Randolph.
  11. Really in poor taste of Ava to call Grace scum. Now Grace will be attacked by Ava's followers. Ava has the power and she's inviting her twitter mob to abuse Grace.
  12. The reason Grace is being dragged is because she's insisting she's right despite the director very specifically saying how what she reported wasn't correct.
  13. I don't support what Grace Randolph did but I've seen white male reporters who cover comic book movies doing worst and never get cancelled. People are coming for Grace not because they care about what she did, they're just using it as an excuse to hate on her. I root for both Grace and Cathy Yan.
  14. The cast for clover Zendaya as Clover: a young tefling woman with a streak of bad luck. Jake T Austin as Estelar a young wood elf who can deal with water magic Chris Evans a Dr. Frederick Orwell a elon musk type figure with a obsession with the undead.
  15. Definitely a movie that should've received a lot more attention than it did when it came out. Hopefully now it will.
  16. I am also not Brazilian so I don't know the detailles
  17. India, new cases last 10 days (and daily tests): 7725 (100.2k) Mon, Jun 1 8788 (125.4k) Sun, May 31 8335 (127.8k) Sat, May 30 8134 (121.7k) Fri, May 29 7260 (120.0k) Thu, May 28 7271 (116.0k) Wed, May 27 5866 (92.5k) Tue, May 26 6414 (90.2k) Mon, May 25 7111 (108.6k) Sun, May 24 6663 (115.4k) Sat, May 23
  18. Norway health chief claims coronavirus could have been controlled without lockdown https://www.theweek.co.uk/107093/norweigian-health-chief-coronavirus-no-lockdown-sweden?amp
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