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  2. In my opinion a post using generalizing formulations to down-speak on people who watch other movies as you'd like without even adding 'in my opinion' or similar is judgemental at best. In a way those kind of post criticise others for their ~ simplified taste, using wordings at least as simplifying the situations as they lament about. What cinema should be and what not is a purely one-person opinion, varying very much it seems. What kind of movies even allow cinema movies to still get made cinemas to survive,.... is too often misused to make oneself better per making other less appearing. ~ 900 movies per year nowadays instead of 150 like at times way more people went to cinemas have nothing to do the big ones earning big (sarcasm), only to give one example why certain posts here are simply too..... simple Btw, I have no interest at all into TLK and similar movies (neither the original nor the remakes), but I do have a strong interest the wordings here in general get back to an enjoyable style.
  3. I'm really interested in how well The Farewell is able to expand this weekend. It's giving itself a rather slow expansion, going semi-wide on the weekend of August 2nd (when the only other film is Hobbs & Shaw--incredibly smart move). I definitely want to see it in theaters for sure.
  4. I wish there were a bravo (clap) reaction.. This is exactly right. People need to be a bit more measured in their expectations with the ever changing dynamic of the box office.
  5. With 230 the statement is true. With 185 like Bop predicted 500+ is a lock. I never said 230 was a lock.
  6. That decapitation thing was not a bad idea, but instead of Cap's, Thanos should have thrown Thor's, in a kind of symmetry or reciprocity to Thor's "going for the head" in the beginning of Endgame. This would have been more dark gritty 🙄. Also
  7. The Lion King grosses €3.3M on Thursday and Friday so expect a €7.5-8M 4-day OW
  8. I’m gonna call it now that Frozen 2 has a big jump from the first and gets near or over $50m
  9. Spidey will be close to 1.4b/$203.5m on Thursday, not much more than that w/wo extension. 1.410b/$205m
  10. RT verified rating holding steady at 4.5/5 with nearly 10k votes. All audience is up to 4.31/5 with 13.5k votes. I think it has a good shot at 3x OW.
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