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  2. WW84 to December 18th while Dune can have a limited Christmas release followed by a wide expansion on MKL weekend. That way, it can compete for awards still.
  3. I don’t know but I would take the gamble. In recent years, December showed that it can have two or three massive blockbusters. Could be the Jumanji to Avatar’s Star Wars. If not December, then Labor Day weekend can work. It would be nice being the first billion dollar film to come out in September.
  4. will WB move WW84 to Nov and Tenet to August? or WW84 to Dune spot and Dune to Nov? since that was the original spot for Dune iirc
  5. This would be an easy billie with any other date. Releasing it a week after Avatar 2, on the other hand, is suicide.
  6. I think Space Jam and the Suicide Squad are staying where they are, WB was smart in doing production well ahead of time. This is probably heading to Black Adam’s current spot in December 22nd.
  7. Moving to Space Jam 2's date is what I thought too but Im thinking Space Jam 2 moves to Sesame Street's old spot, June 4th. Really only has to compete with a Pixar film 2 weeks after (JW 3 isn't really direct competition and is probably moving to Summer 2022 either way).
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  9. Space Jam 2’s date. Space Jam moves to Beasts 3’s slot. Coincidentally, that Nov 12 date is near identical to the first Space Jam’s release date 25 years ago
  10. The great wheel of shuffling keeps on rolling. I give this a decent chance of being he final date — say, 50%ish.
  11. With JW 3 likely moving to 2022, this should do well with that spot.
  12. Hey dude it’s been awhile. Long time no see. I remember you from the Godzilla 2014 days (you had an Avatar profile pic of Jake and Neytiri). I agree with your point too, KOTM should’ve come out on March 22nd like it was originally supposed to.
  13. Hmm, think this will be the 2nd list I actually end up doing. Just gotta remember which KOTOR was better and then figure out how to order the bottom 23.
  14. This brings a big smile to my face. Yes it’s another delay, but it shows that they (WB and Legendary) care and want this movie to succeed, and confident enough to put it in the summer movie season once more. I’m betting in it releasing on that same day May 21st, or on May 28th which is Memorial Day weekend.Its only competition would be Shang-Chi and Cruella, the latter being nowhere near as big as the live action remakes of the Disney Renaissance trio or even as big as Cinderella and Dumbo.Much like The Batman, WB is clearly pushing back The Matrix 4 (currently slated for May 21, 2021) because it doesn’t seem to resume production anytime soon and they only had like 3-4 weeks of filming. You can also bet that Universal will be pushing back Jurassic World: Dominion for the very same reason, so that will most likely not be any competition for this film.
  15. This is pretty much moving. I wonder where this moves to.
  16. Movies: The Lovebirds - 3/10 The Great Escape - 7/10 (kinda dissapointed me tbh) TV Shows: Mostly just Lost again. As I said before, I really enjoyed all the seasons I saw and the finale is amazing. Also saw the latests episodes of I Know This Much is True and Mrs. America but both episodes aren't really interesting enough to talk about. Games: Uncharted (replay) - finished it and game's a lot shorter than I remembered. Also as I said before, very clunky. Uncharted 2 (replay) - Much better than the first game and the different locations also makes it so much more interesting. Also much much more varied shootout sections (the shootout sections in the first game are a chore) and the train sequence is still amazing too.
  17. I... actually kinda like M:I-2? I'll concede that it's definitely the least of the franchise and has a ton of problems, but I loved it as a kid and it held up as a guilty pleasure when I re-watched all prior installments in the lead-up to Rogue Nation and Fallout. At the very least, it feels markedly different from all the other films in the franchise.
  18. a lot of everything is a case for freedom. why do people sign up for oppression?
  19. $50 million might be a bit pessimistic, but I can definitely see it missing $100 million which would be a shocker for a Nolan film in any other circumstances, and not something WB would be happy with. Speaking purely anecdotally, I love Nolan movies, I’ve seen them all in cinemas and own all the DVD’s/Blu Ray’s, but there’s no way I’ll feel comfortable heading out to a cinema in July. I can’t wait to see Tenet and it absolutely shouldn’t skip theatrical, but I’m not going to risk death and the health of those around me in order to watch it before it’s considerably safer to do so. If it sticks to July, it’ll be the first Nolan film I’ve skipped in theatres. They’d be fools to stick to that date, and I hope the lack of a date on the actual trailer means that they know that.
  20. The score hasn't been recorded. You aren't getting 90+ people in a room to record for a long time. This will be delayed. I'm sure Branagh would like it out asap after Artemis Fowl premieres in just over two weeks. 💀
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