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  2. MJ1 had great legs, the reason why the decrease was so hard, was because of that brutal drop on OW, and this drop was consequence of bad marketing management.
  3. Best supporting actress predictions-2017

    Depends on a number of factors like if Stronger can stay at all in the conversation until the end of the year (especially with such low box office numbers). I don't think she's happening if Gyllenhaal isn't. I'm currently predicting Hunter/Janney/Metcalf/Spencer and then the last spot is completely up for grabs. Melissa Leo/Novitiate feels like it's going to go nowhere, and Hong Chau's role in Downsizing has already received some criticism (and will likely only get worse when more people have the chance to see it). Maybe The Florida Project's young Brooklynn Prince has a chance.
  4. Monday: IT 1,9 mln

    And at the end of day at the list of most profitable movies of year, only one will be on Top 3, and it won't be Spider Man.
  5. I do like how they're taking a stand against the stupid laws that don't allow gay people to donate blood.
  6. @Napoleon and @AJG are threadbanned for 3 days for their apparent inability to read the thread title. They may not post in this thread till 7am Pacific on September 29.
  7. The Japanese trailer has an intro by the League talking about their respective characters
  8. I don't think that any amount of marketing would have made larger audiences care about Mockinjay ...
  9. I've expected the fact that this thread no matter who's banned will wind up shitty.
  10. Monday: IT 1,9 mln

    Too early for this conclusions.
  11. The first two THG movies were brilliantly marketed, they showed that you don't need to spend millions on marketing to catch the curiosity of the audiences. And that tagline: "If you want to see the games, you'll need to buy a ticket" was genial, too bad that they went on automatic pilot to the last two movies, making the wrong assumption that the brand alone would sell the movies.
  12. the final anime short is up and it's the best of the 3 http://www.crunchyroll.com/blade-runner-black-out-2022
  13. Less than 4M views in 37h, Allegiant did 3.3M in 24h. Huge.
  14. Would have had much bigger promotional budget, but that guy is really good at marketing. (Also not certain a bigger company would have made them or fast enough)
  15. Another reason to make me hate this franchise even more, if THG were released by a bigger company, it would've been way better managed.
  16. Monday: IT 1,9 mln

    About -73.5% down from Sunday and -54.4% down from last monday
  17. Monday: IT 1,9 mln

    Still dropping 50%+ from previous week results (54% from last Monday)...for those hoping this legs out over Spidey, it's gonna have to start having slightly better drops for the next few weeks before it gets its Halloween plus-up...it's gonna end with an amazing number, but maybe not one that puts it in the Top 5 DOM for the year, even temporarily (before the Nov/Dec releases)...
  18. Tatiana Maslany - Stronger What a moving natural performance. She'll be taking home the big prize some day. If any of you have seen her perform you know what I'm talking about.
  19. American Made - 58.6m

    I'm a bit curious of your source for that Japan retention rate. That was Sony expected retention rate by market in 2015: For James Bond (Spectre): Japan 49% South Korea 47% Germany 45% Austria 45% Australia 44% UK 44% Switzerland 44% Belgium 43% Spain 43% Russia 42% Brazil 41% Italy 41% Netherlands 41% France 39% Mexico 38% China 25% For is total annual slate it is a bit lower, but not that much, it looked like this: Japan 47% South Korea 47% Germany 44% Spain 44% Belgium 43% Switzerland 42% Russia 42% Austria 42% Italy 41% Australia 41% Brazil 40% Average 43% Netherlands 40% UK 40% France 39% Mexico 37% China 25% Japan really similar to South Korea, some better deal can exist for some bigger movies (I think Force Awaken was getting 47% in Germany for example), but above 55% sound like something a bit from the past.
  20. The Classic Conversation Thread

    Guess what’s coming to England Yay https://www.geektown.co.uk/2017/09/21/sky-1-picks-marvels-inhumans-air-autumn-2017/
  21. Best supporting actor-2017

    Carell always seemed like a clear lead to me from Last Flag Flying's trailer. Either way, I currently think Cranston is more likely than Fishburne, of the two.
  22. Not only the same company but the same guy in charge of marketing (at least historically for both franchise) and really hand on doing a lot by himself.
  23. The Classic Conversation Thread

    This was already on my hate list once they decided to give Highmore savant syndrome and continue the whole "Autism = Rain Man" stereotype, so I'm glad to hear I'm not missing much.
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