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  2. CAYOM Year 3: Discussion

    What all do you have left to write?
  3. For that to happen, they need a huge re-release worldwide, especially in China, Avatar is close enough to get there, I hope it happens.
  4. I agree. Even tough i love the film, the final act should have way more heavily focused on the Godzilla vs Muto fight rather than bored Kick-Ass.
  5. Yeah, it's not doing great domestically, and dropped 1100 more theaters this week. I hope it crosses $50M DOM though, since it's drops have been decent. It will probably depend on how many theaters it keeps and how long Fox keeps it in theaters. On the other hand, it is doing great overseas which is excellent for growing Jen's continued international base.
  6. Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    But how will you bring your movie collection with you (since you don't want to leave it with that pesky sister of yours)?
  7. I take it that @Guy1996 was just one of those new accounts that sign up, stan for a new movie, and jets once it flops, right?
  8. Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    I think I'm too impatient for Gobstoppers and candy canes now.
  9. It's doing far better than most superhero movies overseas by a lot, the reason of the 50/50 Dom/OS split is because it's overperforming at the domestic box office
  10. Edwards's mistake was teasing Godzilla after he had already been revealed. This was something that never happened in Jaws or Alien. Once we saw the creatures, they were "let loose."
  11. Feels good being in the top 5 after god knows how long
  12. Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Been applying for scholarships all afternoon. I really should have done this sooner now that I'm considering out of state schools
  13. Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    @Porthos, I missed the first half of my fantasy draft this morning and the computer drafted MadBum for me.
  14. Wasn't that why the DCEU club was created?
  15. @Exxdee @Sheikh and @The Fast and the Furiosa continue to reign the top three for the year and the week @TalismanRing @Thematrixfilm and @8wombi7 we need to huddle up. @Bates is still hanging in there PBO Sat Estimates 1 Exxdee 91.87 2 Sheikh 89.56 3 The Fast and the Furiosa 89.49 4 WrathOfHan 88.85 5 PanaMovie 88.61 6 kayumanggi 88.55 7 Bates 88.47 8 Zeverly Hills Cop 88.02 9 Keanu 87.84 10 djkagan89 87.28 11 Boxx93 86.75 12 Tower 86.60 13 Fancyarcher 86.14 14 Simionski 86.00 15 Premium George 85.91 16 Rolling Thunder 85.85 17 Esgalnor 85.72 18 sloth 85.05 19 JMorphin 84.96 20 TalismanRing 84.47 21 BobDole 84.42 22 feasby007 84.18 23 Deja23 84.17 24 ZeeSoh 83.29 25 8wombi7 82.85 26 That One Guy 82.82 27 boxofficetracker 82.79 28 Thematrixfilm 82.46 29 boxofficeth 82.28 30 Wildbill 81.13 31 POTUS 80.65 32 Lights Camera Action 79.16 33 TheXper 76.64 34 lilmac 73.90
  16. I called it 😂...I said that, due to overseas cultural hurdles, the movie would wind up with a 50-50 Dom/OS split. If it would have gotten the typical say 40-60? It would have finished 1.5, 1.6 billion.
  17. I had a bad case of step throat this week. I'm not sick anymore, so I'm going to be seeing it tonight. 7:00 PM showing.
  18. 1.5-1.7x gives PRU $97.5-110.5 total using $65 ow.
  19. Bumblebee will pose threat to no one. I think Aquaman could go either way at the box office, but not because of the competiion. I don't see the animated Spidey posing much of a threat either. Some big budget films have opened against weak competition, but still have not done well.
  20. Uh,the first Superman movie back in 1978 was a December release...I know that was a long time ago and agree in the changed market place how a big CBM will fare against major holiday releases is an unknown,but still you were wrong about no CBM film being released at Christmas, when the mother of all CBM big budget movies was a December opening...
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