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  2. Except Cameron converted Titanic and Terminator 2 into 3D for rereleases. I am pretty sure converting 3D to glassless 3D would have a similar effect on quality to converting from 2D to 3D.
  3. that mario video looks like the advantage the system gives Republicans over Democrats at the polls to give Republicans victory to make things more fun for everyone. the mario video also looks like the advantage Islam has over us in the West
  4. I lost faith around Dark Phoenix release when it dropped over 50% internationally.
  5. I can confirm, Zatt was a rock. It was his iron will that made me a believer.
  6. Did they release the two day (Sat-Sun) number?
  7. CGV 16:20 1. Aladdin 35k 2. FFH 34k well.. kobis presale 16:30 1. TLK 257k 2. FFH 29k 3. Aladdin 26k
  8. This is when it became clear that some kind of Disney action would be needed. They delivered
  9. Today 16:20 Aladdin 35k FFH 34k With same 16:20 to actuals ratios as yesterday, would lead to FFH 106k Aladdin 90k Given PSA and the amount of screenings TLK will take up, assuming Aladdin will be over FFH tomorrow and rest of run.
  10. For my part, either I will see it in theaters or not at all. It's up to Disney if they want my money. Well, and my local theaters too I guess, they did not bother to show the Endgame re-release, hopefully this would be another matter.
  11. I wonder if from now till well past December you will be able to write a post without "TLJ" in it. This is TROS thread, not "TLJ 4th act onward" thread. If I want to read some rants on TLJ I would go to the TLJ thread itself. So please, TROS news welcome.
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  13. I’m just happy that our confidence in Endgame paid off. While I always thought it had a shot, my faith in it did falter a few times when the numbers looked bleak. Glad to see that it was able to make it after all. A while ago I said I would die on the hill that Endgame is going to pass Avatar somehow. I guess I picked a good hill to die on.
  14. You sure? This is what a fantastical live-action direction looks like with animals and it looks super cringeworthy. I'll take Favreau's direction any day thanks!
  15. I feel like Disney would be obligated to push it over $2.8 billion if it got that close. The plot twist is that they do a Labor Day expansion not for Avatar, but for $2.8 billion.
  16. If there's one thing these remakes have taught me it's that live-action is inherently better than animation
  17. If this really is as bad as everyone is saying, I'll be the first to toss in the trash, just like I did with Detective Pikachu. I don't hold onto opinions strongly and willing to change my mind quickly when given strong evidence against it. All I need to do is watch the whole film in the cinema. I had plans to see it with the fam tomorrow but the niece is too sick to go. Looks like there'll be no early reporting so you can see for yourselves, but you aren't buying tickets right? 🤨
  18. Even if/when glass free 3D becomes a reality, it is unlikely to be retrofitted into an old film like Avatar which was not shot from the ground up with new camera compatible with glass free 3D. And even if retrofiiting can be attempted, Cameron being a perfectionist would not have allowed Avatar to be spoiled in this way.
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