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  2. @aabattery @DeeCee @Water Bottle Given this IS a JJ Abrams flick and he is, shall we say, well known for 'appreciating' physical effects work, seems to me that "With Practical Fur Technology" is just begging to be added to the thread title. ... Chewbacca IS a main character, you know. Just sayin'.
  3. Her song isn’t bad, but Elton’s new song is terrific. He’s gonna have a tough choice come Oscar season, though I suspect he’ll lean towards the Rocketman song, since it’s more personal. The man still has it.
  4. The Bravest on Aug.1 will be the biggest winner of this summer.
  5. That takes far too long and requires resources far beyond our current scope. Much easier to fix Earth instead.
  6. The Mulan trailer really got a mediocre reaction tonight. I'm not sure if taking out the songs and Mushu and making it serious was a smart idea
  7. Maybe, but they’ll come to be part of the conversation and see Tom do his mission impossible thing in fighter jets.
  8. Holy hell. What did I just watch? My jaw literally dropped the entire time watching the trailer. They should just retitle this Furries: The Movie Well, I will say this in favor of the movie, I have never seen anything like it before.
  9. My audience loved it. It is a literal scene by scene remake of the original, so it's good. The movie is better suited for animation, but the pacing is good and everything is spot on. I think younger audiences will connect better with the hyper-realism vs. old school animation. And, man, a lot of girls kept going on about how cute the animals were, which they were. The animals are very cute.
  10. Infinity War OS-China was 994M while TFA was 1.007B. Wonder where TLK will land? 900M+ possible?
  11. Beyoncé really came through on this record, I love Spirit, and I understand why they chose it as the leading song, but it really is one of the weaker tracks. The album is phenomenal.
  12. bad movie deserves underperforming. lucky for LOOKING UP that only Ne Zha releases next week, otherwise it would miss even 500m, aka flop.
  13. old Basically almost all big Chinese companies have established Communist Party committees, and are controlled by CPC.
  14. Never saw this coming, amount of shows is huge. Huge. I'll lose my mind if we have another billion movie this year.
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