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  2. Here are the top ten Memorial Day openers, and what they did on their first Saturday: POTC AWE: -12% Crystal Skull: +19.5% (opened on Thurs) X-men Last Stand: -29% FF6: -18% XMDOFP: -17% Hangover 2: -1% (opened on Thurs) Solo: -30% Lost World: +13% The Day after Tomorrow: +1% Bruce Almighty: +26% So take the best out of all of that and you have +26%....so the most I see Aladdin increasing to is about 30 million.
  3. Nothing is written in stones before hand. Sudden increases can happen from friday to saturday which is a proper holiday
  4. movie was ok, not great, most of characters were over the top. but a good alternative to most of dreck Disney and other majors put out.
  5. i didn't know about that but now i'm looking it up and it's a show about a video game studio... starring f murray abraham?!?! can a show sweep the emmys just based on its premise cause we've got a real contender this year.
  6. That, and Memorial Day weekend Saturdays are more muted to begin with, as Sundays are usually 95% of Saturday to completely flat. EDIT: This may just apply to holdovers though. Not sure about openers. Either way, you're right.
  7. Could be. I assume every user with 1 post is a shivampa until proven otherwise. That's what happens I guess. Fool me once, fool me twice and all that.
  8. I don't care what it did elsewhere.....there are historical precedents to compare it to....it isn't jumping 50% from the true Friday number.
  9. You're miscalculating. You can't go by the 31 mill, you have to take off the previews from that. So 24 million is the true Friday number. Even if you give it a 30% bump, you get to 31 million. That's the best case scenario imo.
  10. A sequel is already happening, even announced people returning on Twitter. If it was not happening they would just be hush hush.
  11. Glenn gonna be all alone on set when those two are both doing their Apple TV show thing.
  12. It had a similar jump in the South Korean and Chinese box offices. Saturday is a proper holiday where people had a full day rest
  13. I can already picture a Tom and Jerry live action movie directed by Peter Farelly starring Octavia Spencer as the black maid whose face is never shown on-screen except for her feet. Sweet Jesus, the hot takes...
  14. That's literally impossible. That would be about an 80% jump from the true Friday and that has never happened ever in the history of films on their opening Saturday.
  15. I would say 35M+ due to families turning up in big numbers mostly on Saturday and Sunday. I won't even be surprised if it reaches 43M+ saturday
  16. Just saw that Glenn Howerton's show got cancelled. Full time Dennis next season @CoolioD1 @4815162342
  17. Hi Guys how are you? First let me introduce myself, I am from Brazil and I usually don´t go that much to the movies, I rather watch them later on TV. However I started lurking this forum due to the release of Detective Pikachu. Pokémon is one of my favorite franchises, and I am still playing Pokémon Go to this day. Its one of the best memories of my childhood when I used to love japanese rpgs like Chrono Trigger (SNES), Final Fantasy VII (PS1), Pokémon, etc. i dont play the recent games, but I used to play some older games on emulators in the recent years, like Emerald or Platinum. I think the movie is very good. But for some reason I see the pokémon franchise as something thats not very specialized. They sell video games, toys and they had their anime, but they dont exactly LEAD in any of those activities. If Pokémon is valuable as a franchise and as a whole its mostly due the fact that they are able to sell in different entertaining medias. Comic Books and disney live -actions are more suited for movie audiences. Thus, I can understand why a pokémon movie will only have a mediocre box office result. Many people will see the movie as a thing for children or nostalgia, and tend to forget the potential for amazing batles or amazing CGI animations. The popularity of pokémon movies also became rotten after all those forgetfull japanese anime movies every year.... Also, unfortunately the movie didnt do well in Brazil compared to endgame or aladdin. But Brazil is a very americanized market. Everything made in USA sells a lot here, from movies to clothing and pop music. I can see why pokémon performs better on Europe....they arent stuck forever in the disney-super heroes mentality....Insert image from URL
  18. Good point....never thought of that....I'll amend the question....thank you for bringing this to my attention.....as I mentioned, it's been a while since I've made one of these.
  19. most controversial of all will be when he casts eddie redmayne as the dude being controlled by the rat.
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