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  2. I remember him saying he couldn't get an update one time (I think it was toward the end of Wick 3's run, maybe?), but not that his source had been silenced.
  3. Agreed, though I'm still not here for this "episodes" nonsense when I'm sure each part will be a full $60 price tag.
  4. Bob Iger: Disney’s existence while gross and incomprehensible to some saves the box office. You don’t want the truth because deep down in sub Reddits. You need Disney in theaters. You want Disney in theaters. We use words like Marvel, Pixar and Remakes. We use these a backbone to prop up business. You use them as a punchline.
  5. Thinking back on it I'm not so sure, I thought I remembered him saying that but I can't place it.
  6. Really? I must have missed him saying that. Shame if so.
  7. Two targets: First run > 2.755B WW, undisputably surpassing the incumbent's first run record. From the relatively good hold domestically and OS, this is highly achievable Re-release(s) adding another 30M or so, taking over all time WW. This depends on Disney's intention
  8. The last two weekends were aided by a holiday, the 28% drop was aided by Ascension of Jesus on Thursday (a public holiday in all of Germany strongest day of the weekend) and the last one was aided by Pentecost on Monday (&Sunday) which led to a better Sunday hold (a public holiday in all of Germany). None the less it should drop less than 50% unless today didn't help much. I think that Aladdin has a chance to have a slightly higher weekend than predicted this morning but I don't know how the general picture is so I wouldn't expect more.
  9. Sort of? You can excuse the OW as the result of Apocalypse, but this 2nd weekend drop? That's all on this film and the wom it has earned. If the merger hadn't already killed this version of the X-Men, the performance would have.
  10. The current weekend is the 24th of the year and 5 different studios had the position of the highest grossing studio on at least one weekend: #1: WB & Disney with 7 each #3: Uni with 6 #4: Sony with 3 #5: Lionsgate with 1. So different from the total gross in this WB and Disney are even, shows that Disney won some by a gigantic margin (CM OWend, Avengers OWend & 2nd Wend).
  11. Oh ok .. actually we were talking about OS ... yeah domestic same pattern as Guardians 1
  12. i also think the same .... my dear friend .. $14 M previews & $150 M OW is locked now ... (could be more.)
  13. i am talking about dom only though
  14. Other totals: Aladdin $29.6M. About 575M lc. Bye bye Maleficent's record. Godzilla $9.3M. Dark Phoenix $8.2M. Looks like a big drop.
  15. Sony had a similar issue with Ghostbusters 2016 but that at least opened well but the budget was simply too high.
  16. the best way to guess the weekend is from previes, does anyone have info about the previews ? except @porthos range 13-16 ?
  17. yeah same pattern .. but with breaking-out in Japan/Korea ..
  18. It just seems overdone to me. Do you really think this movie was a special kind of bad?
  19. No. Anna's story is a deconstruction of the classic Disney Princess tropes and it is weightier than Enchanted which tried the same thing but in a more light-hearted manner.
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