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  2. Canada represent! And we are supporting our Canadians! Pikachu and Wick are doing very well here. We just love us some super heroes!
  3. CoolEric already posted his chart but I compiled this last night so I'm posting it. SW: Solo 13,688 15,855 28,533 $14.1m/$84.42m Jurassic World 2 9,310 12,761 23,266 $15.3m/ $148m Antman & The Wasp 6,613 5,990 11,108 $11.5m/ $75.8m A Wrinkle In Time 3,698 4,864 15,601 $1.3m/$33.123m Incredibles 2 20,872 23,430 39,337 $18.6m/$182.687m Hotel Transylvania 3 1,753 2,674 6,605 14,754 $2.6m/$44.1m Christopher Robin 1,560 2,442 5,355 11,509 $1.5m/$24.56m The Nutcracker & the Four Realms 1,659 1,949 2,567 5,518 $3.8m/$21m Grinch 3,580 4,860 10,092 17,046 $2.2m//$67.6m Fantastic Beasts 2 8,956 14,238 21,861 31,880 $9.1m/$62.16m Spider-Verse 3,715 5,208 9,858 3,475 $3.5m/$35.4m Lego Movie 2 2,552 4,130 8,601 13,321 $2.10m/$34.1m How To Train Your Dragon 2 3,724 6,674 12,935 21,313 $3m/$55m Dumbo 3,069 4,624 9,193 15,842 $2.6m/$46m Shazam! 5,083 N/A **5,975 17,143 ($3.2m)+ $5.9m/$53.5m Detective Pikachu 5,061 7,653 13,177 17,154 $5.7m/$54.4m Aladdin 9,948 Solely from Monday's numbers - Aladdin's range as of Monday looks anywhere from $70-158m over the three day - so that narrows it down. I don't see why it would be more pre-sale heavy than AM&TW, Shazam or Pickachu though - which bodes well for $100m+ We'll see how it or if it picks up over the week and if reviews have any impact.
  4. Canada doesn't give WICK enough love.
  5. This is really superfluous info.. no insight, nothing.. we DONT want to hear you speak irrelevant stuff... be usefull or talk to irl friends about this.. not on bo data site you chunky mario italiano lookalike xD TTVOMJ
  6. I checked the box office the same period last year 2018 and saw that almost every movie got a bump (some very big, some very small but still) on Tue following a Mon holiday in Canada. So just hope this year will be the same or at least it will stay flat.
  7. Makes sense. From the few clips that I've seen of the 2017 Mummy reboot, it was basically a Mummy/Mission: Impossible mashup without half the heart of the Brendan Fraser Mummy films and half the craft of the last few M:I films. Not to mention that it looked somewhat entertaining as an action movie, but as a horror movie, it didn't exactly seem spooky, nevermind scary. But whatever. I still like the idea of a classic Universal monsters universe, but, y'know, well done. Alex Kurtzman is not exactly a good beginning.
  8. Germany's Top20 last weekend: title admissions th. PTA total adm. total € drop week 1 Pokémon Detectice Pikachu 254.743 625 408 784.166 6.935.762 -37 2 2 Avengers - Endgame 213.638 678 315 4.601.188 52.043.590 -49 4 3 The Hustle 115.402 481 240 356.296 2.963.663 -27 2 4 Miraculous 98.436 289 341 98.436 501.648 - 1 5 Der Fall Collini 45.695 622 73 601.862 5.277.008 -39 5 6 Qu'est-ce qu'on a encore fait au Bon Dieu ? 33.620 555 61 1.153.114 9.447.974 -49 7 7 The Queen's Corgi 23.383 508 46 160.497 1.096.047 -45 3 8 The Silence 19.699 285 69 19.699 170.747 - 1 9 After 18.234 407 45 981.349 8.008.505 -45 6 10 Greta 16.153 175 92 33.152 231.436 - 1 11 Wonder Park 15.887 536 30 454.611 3.190.116 -48 6 12 At Eternity's Gate 13.659 261 52 185.334 1.505.229 -38 5 13 Dumbo 9.768 410 24 688.663 5.274.813 -50 8 14 Pet Sematary 8.746 269 33 510.902 4.422.421 -42 7 15 Stan & Ollie 8.519 141 60 37.677 4.422.421 -40 2 16 Photo de Famille 8.461 91 93 13.623 99.722 - 1 17 Nur eine Frau 8.373 92 91 27.970 231.988 -31 2 - Bolshoi: Carmen Suite/Petrushka 6.436 135 48 6.436 145.108 - 1 18 Sayonara no asa ni yakusoku no hana o kazarô 4.973 128 39 4.973 59.777 - 19 The Curso of La Llorona 4.146 180 23 117.787 1.026.164 -48 5 20 La Dernière Folie de Claire Darling 4.126 129 32 49.227 385.599 -62 3 Among hard drops for most releases, those for Der Fall Collini and especially The Hustle look pretty impressive (in Austria, Hustle even was in front of the Avengers this weekend). Among openers, Miraculous surprised me with a fine PTA, should expand somewhat next weekend. Next weekend: Expext a good start for the 3rd John Wick film - the first parts are well remembered, it should take the #1 with ease, something like 300k for the weekend. Also opening: Aladdin, probably another so-so Disney result like Dumbo (or even worse) but should top 100k for the weekend.
  9. Is it opening 100mn 4 days Domestic? Not in touch with tracking thread now days so not sure. If Dom open to 100mn 4 days, OS will be better I guess. Now that I am checking, Dumbo has done ~$240mn with rather low Japan. I don't think Aladdin will be below Dumbo anywhere, Asia shall be considerably better. Dumbo barely did 2mn in India, I am expecting Aladdin to do atleast $7-8mn. If the film is any good, can go higher. $400-450mn is possible. That would mean $140-150mn weekend.
  10. It needs to beat Avatar by at least 50 Mio to stay ahead. There will be a re-release of Avatar before the Sequel launches..
  11. Keep not cooling me, @Sheikh. It only makes me stronger.
  12. Any chance for AEG 3.1 - 3.2 on tomrrow?
  13. Actuals JW 5.7 (4.6 + 1.1) EG 3.2 (2.05 + 1.15) DP 2.5 (1.6+0.9)
  14. Today
  15. If Alex Skarsgard gets the part, he’ll have two movies out this same weekend (the other being Kong v Zilla)
  16. Makes sense, hadn't really looked at before, was just spitballing the 300m figure. So 230 WW OW, seems fairly decent. Looking closer by the day as to who will win between Godzilla or Aladdin!
  17. Quite solid for Aladdin, isn't it? Also, Booksmart reviews are more than great. Legs could be nice.
  18. @CJohn TVI had their 1st distanced win in a long time this past Sunday, mostly because their schedule played like what we've come to expect from TVI Sundays: from Eucaristia Dominical onwards, TVI rarely dipped below 18% share, with everything from Jornal da Uma up until the end of Your Face Sounds Familiar above 20%. What pushed this win was Somos Portugal, which came back to great results (albeit the cinema on SIC's side was pretty competitive.... at least The Mask Of Zorro, cause Zoolander 2 bombed big time). And the somewhat helpful aid of Your Face Sounds Familiar, which had a stronger than expected premiere..... of just over 10% rating and 25% share. Which was the worst premiere result ever for the show. And it got crushed by the finale of The Farmer Wants A Wife. Still, for a show so overdone and with the most depressing heritage it could have possibly asked for, I guess that's a fine result? Enough to hold TVI's share average in the 19% range for the day. But Somos Portugal was the MVP. It's like a phoenix: it rises back from the ashes when you start preparing its coffin. That being said, SIC crushed them yesterday by the exact same distance, and TVI had the finale of Valor da Vida to supposedly fall on . And A Prisioneira - which debuts fucking tonight, and there are still street posters saying "coming soon"... why not "premieres on May 21st", you IDIOTS?! - isn't looking much higher than 11/12% rating for its premiere prospects as of right now. Meanwhile, Golpe de Sorte got a Cristina special entirely dedicated to it at 7PM, which was probably a gigantic hit. And even Alma e Coração has held ship on primetime on its own better than it + Vidas Opostas used to. If SIC make the right choice - Golpe at 9PM, Alma at 11PM - TVI is all but doomed to lose the primetime.
  19. Careful id say. Godzilla 2014 earned only 250,8M OS-C and Kong: SK did 230,5M, so a bit less. I woudnt expect such a big increase to 300M OS-C just yet. A more realisitic target would be the 250M of G14. So assuming 70M OW from China, more like a 100M OW from OS-China and a 60M DOM OW (which looks more likely than 70M right now) = 230M WW OW would be my guess.
  20. Endgame already passed TFA domestic adjusted for my viewing count - if you take away my 42 viewings and 29 in IMAX I believe Endgame is the champ 😛
  21. With 70m OW I heard someone say for China, suppose 70m for Dom too. Then with total looking at 300m min from OS-C, maybe a 125m OS-C opening? or bigger? How does 265m OW WW sound?
  22. So with 200m domestic maybe, then 550m worldwide? And how front loaded would you think? With 100m domestic 4-day say, would 150m OS be reasonable given Zilla the week after?
  23. Anything over Skull Islands 398M is full on success for me.
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