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  2. I kind of get what he's trying to say and somewhere in there he does have a point.
  3. Yeah, The Lion King is ridiculing Endgame in France. Incredible.
  4. With how much this dude keeps on saying "bland", I wouldn't be surprised if he was secretly Gordon Ramsay or something lmao
  5. I like the title. We have absolutely zero context for it so may as well not hate on it.
  6. I'm a pretty political person these days and I'm not even touching this. Nope. Uh-uh.
  7. Sure, but stuff like this is nothing new for big corporations. Frankly, if it weren’t for the fact that Disney always tries so very hard to convince people that they’re this innocent and family friendly company, the average person probably wouldn’t care much for this story.
  8. the title reminds me of all those indistinguishable Bond titles from the Pierce Brosnan era that nobody would remember in a trivia game
  9. as seemingly often the lists are top 25, but the 1989 is a top 30 version, not sure if you are aware = just in case ( I am new to the ranking lists thing, not sure what was tpical, also am maybe a bit too enthisiastic, as its about older movies... )
  10. Source ?, from what I read all the allegation are from the parks and resort divisions, it is reported has such; after MarketWatch reported that a former employee in the revenue-operations department told the SEC the entertainment giant had overstated sales at the parks-and-resorts segment to the tune of billions of dollars over several years. And seem to be understood has such by everyone commented on it I have read.
  11. These are some serious allegations of financial impropriety, but they don't have anything to do with BO grosses, lol. Reading comprehension of some people is kindergarten level.
  12. Yeah if this stuff turns out to be true, the execs at Disney are in deep shit and deservedly so. Of all companies, too. A lot of people won't look at Disney the same.
  13. The accusation is that Disney overstated the revenue from all it's businesses, not just the film studio. Something which a lot of people here don't seem to get. It's a serious accusation; submitting fake numbers to try to jack up the price of the stock is something the SEC takes very seriously. Let's see what the investigation shows.
  14. 6 billion do sound like a lot to me if they are not laundering money, that a lot of tax to pay on false revenues for something that they would have had to keep up for a very long time (Park and Resort revenues didn't dip), for something that sound like a very short time fraud in term of sustainability, considering the claim are more than doubling the revenues..... A that could help make up for it: Kuba has made two additional whistleblower filings since leaving the firm, including one this past June. The most recent tip alleges some Disney employees reclassified guest revenue from high-sales-tax items such as hotel rooms to lower-taxed items such as food and beverages with the purpose of significantly reducing sales tax liabilities in Florida, California and Hawaii. MarketWatch has reviewed the three filings and supporting documentation that was sent to the SEC. That sound way more likely.
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