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  2. Yup. Releasing a blockbuster, any blockbuster, between Black Widow (first new MCU movie in over a year) and No Time to Die (first new Bond film in 5 years) is basically just the equivalent of dumping it into a hospice.
  3. Barring Papa Feige working his magic, I feel like it could be a strong contender for #1 for the summer next year, assuming it'll play in that season of course. There was a lot of hype for its initial announcement, plus Keanu and nostalgia are as big as ever.
  4. Does it, though? A Bad Boys for Life type of gross (domestically, overseas will be much bigger assuming the global box office will have returned to normal by then) would be pretty good for this, especially considering the sequels rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.
  5. Alright, I’m just going to ask it, what exactly is the deal with @make fun dorout seriousGod?
  6. Basically ponders about whether or not movies like Bad Education (which will be competing at the Emmys because it was acquired and released by HBO) should instead compete for the Oscars, which makes it fun to wonder what might've happened if HBO movies in the past had been theatrical releases. I know Behind the Candelabra was a theatrical release in the UK and received a ton of BAFTA noms (Damon was nominated in Lead at the Emmys but frauded into Supporting at BAFTA which probably would've happened at the Oscars too).
  7. Why is WB going to send any movie to that terrible November spot?
  8. Today
  9. This has a much larger potential than Sherlock Holmes did though. They'd be leaving a lot of money on that table. And a sci-fi spectacle action movie really isn't counter-programming.
  10. Christmas needs to be for THE BATMAN. Move this to July
  11. Sherlock Holmes held its own against the first Avatar so Christmas would be a fine release date for this as potential counterprogramming (assuming Avatar 2 doesn't get pushed back again), especially since this will be R.
  12. hey Karrie, i cant wait to meet you as my daughter so i can start taking things from you
  13. Maybe for some vaccine but for the most promising candidate like the Oxford one I imagine they will not use the usually testing technique of a large sample with some random getting the vaccine vs trial group without it, waiting some months with the group living their usual life and seeing how much each group did got it. This time they will probably find enough volunteer that will accept to get actively exposed to it after getting the vaccine to have rapidly a clearer view of is efficacity (considering how low the death rate is for people of a certain group with access to healthcare making it more ethically possible for people to do versus say a SARS-MERS vaccin).
  14. I like to call it a politician's "rules for thee, but not for me"...VA governor got burned this weekend on that, and he had been doing so well...but selfies on the beach with lots of unknown folks (aka, not his family or friends) surrounding him less than 1ft away, while he and they are also maskless...yeah, not a good look, especially after he threatened to close VA Beach after the weekend if they didn't follow his social distance guidelines...and the gov blows all of them on his 1st trip...
  15. Only movie reporting so far, but The Wretched is showing it doesn't matter what you show, if you reopen, someone is coming...it went up more than 102% so far this weekend, as it drops into 59 theaters...so we now know we at least have that many theaters open DOM...baby steps, but baby steps they are...and we are likely above $200K for the 3 day once other movies report, so double the theaters, double the box office, even with no new movies (although I'm still waiting to see if Military Wives actually did a day-and-date release with the drive-ins)... Weekend Domestic Chart for May 22, 2020 Register with The Numbers for free to customize this chart. ← Previous Chart Chart Index Movie Distr Gross %LW Thr Thr Chng Per Thr Total Gross W 1 (1) The Wretched IFC Midnight $186,000 +102% 59 +38 $3,153 $548,609 4 1 $186,000 Our box office charts are compiled from data provided to us by distributors. To be included on our charts, please send reports to bodata@the-numbers.com.
  16. Coronavirus 'disappearing' so fast Oxford vaccine has 'only 50% chance of working' https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-disappearing-so-fast-oxford-vaccine-has-only-50-chance-of-working-11993739
  17. WW84 to December 18th while Dune can have a limited Christmas release followed by a wide expansion on MKL weekend. That way, it can compete for awards still.
  18. I don’t know but I would take the gamble. In recent years, December showed that it can have two or three massive blockbusters. Could be the Jumanji to Avatar’s Star Wars. If not December, then Labor Day weekend can work. It would be nice being the first billion dollar film to come out in September.
  19. will WB move WW84 to Nov and Tenet to August? or WW84 to Dune spot and Dune to Nov? since that was the original spot for Dune iirc
  20. This would be an easy billie with any other date. Releasing it a week after Avatar 2, on the other hand, is suicide.
  21. I think Space Jam and the Suicide Squad are staying where they are, WB was smart in doing production well ahead of time. This is probably heading to Black Adam’s current spot in December 22nd.
  22. Moving to Space Jam 2's date is what I thought too but Im thinking Space Jam 2 moves to Sesame Street's old spot, June 4th. Really only has to compete with a Pixar film 2 weeks after (JW 3 isn't really direct competition and is probably moving to Summer 2022 either way).
  23. Space Jam 2’s date. Space Jam moves to Beasts 3’s slot. Coincidentally, that Nov 12 date is near identical to the first Space Jam’s release date 25 years ago
  24. The great wheel of shuffling keeps on rolling. I give this a decent chance of being he final date — say, 50%ish.
  25. With JW 3 likely moving to 2022, this should do well with that spot.
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