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  2. I really enjoy Elton‘s music, and still I was very surprised how much I liked his new song. What do you think of Beyoncé‘s new Lion King album?
  3. i think the correct comps to make are jurassic world and incredibles 2, the only huge mid-summer movies recently. both were follow-ups to beloved originals but not fandom-driven so better internal multiplier. they both had 18m thursday previews and 200m and 180m ow respectively. so if this has low end 22 thurs that should still make 180m the low end for the weekend even with bad wom (i'll get to that). high end 25 thurs (or even 30, since that report was like 6 hours ago), would make the weekend.................. idk... i think honestly 200 is locked already, but i wanna say tlj 220 low end tfa 250 high end... BECAUSE................ this is gonna be critic proof like aladdin, and have no competition like aladdin. 56 is literally the new 100, like critics are kinda over. jasmine said i WON'T be silent. now do i dare give it aladdin's multi (assuming 350 dom finish) and thus a dom total over endgame? i really want to and i feel it's justice for making thor a joke. and if china was proportional to dom then i would even say it has a shot at 2.5b or even avatar/endgame ww. but sadly that's probably not possible. even though aladdin is smashing with meh china. omg why is coco randomly the only musical china liked. either way thank you lion king for giving aladdin its bp/iw cm/endgame bump and thus 1b ww. i CAN feel the love tonight
  4. CineDirectors predicts 2,2M Week for TLK. 1 Le roi lion 2 200 000 New 2,200 2 Toy story 4 485 000 - 20 % 3,523 3 Spider-man : Far from home 440 000 - 30 % 2,441 4 Annabelle 3 270 000 - 30 % 0,655 5 Anna 180 000 - 35 % 0,461 6 Yesterday 100 000 - 20 % 0,445 7 Le coup du siècle 95 000 New 0,095 8 Ibiza 90 000 - 35 % 0,527 9 Premier de la classe 90 000 - 35 % 0,223 10 Parasite 80 000 - 15 % 1,283 11 Aladdin 60 000 - 10 % 2,389 http://www.cine-directors.net/box/2019/boxoff29.htm Normally they are the ones to overestimate, hopefully this time it's the other way round since this is the 7-day and I thought it should get to around 2,25M 5-day. But we will see. This would still be huge and the 2nd biggest OW between AEG (2,84M) and Serial (Bad) Wedding 2 (1,85M). The other ones would be some nice drops facing the roaring competition, especially for Aladdin.
  5. Yep, my body is ready for this weekend to hopefully blow us away at the box office, or at least you know, move us a little... like a strong breeze that you didn't expect, only we expect this so maybe a bit stronger than a breeze if that's okay with Mr. Mickey Mouse, if it's not too much to ask.
  6. It looks great Thanos I still read every notification I get through email (most OS market threads + Tracking thread) so I keep up to date. Just been very busy with work and university atm meaning I haven't had time to fully engage here But you, @pepsa and @Charlie Jatinder have done a fantastic job in my absence on the MegaSheet. And @imbruglia with all round SK tracking
  7. so as we are on the eve of lion king i was right about lego flopping, it surpassed floppage expectations dark phoenix idk what i was thinking i knew it was a disaster httyd3 now that i'm looking on bom i didn't even realize it did pretty well dom. nailed it ww tho cm nailed it although i should have realized ow would be bigger and more regular legs shazam nailed it although i think i went so low on dom because i was making fun of dc so much at the time 😂 endgame NAILED IT bow down aladdin i was too bullish but i will say that given how it turned out to be a ginormous success (like... 1b is happening disney will find the money) i was accurate in spirit. also best picture godzilla 2 well i saw the drop coming but damn slop2 again saw the drop but holy crap os 💀 mib 😢 ts4 not sure what my reasoning was tbh but ironically i might be close on ww ffh i don't think i even realized it was opening on a tuesday or whatever, i think i'll be close though ok... tlk i'm almost tempted to stand by. right now they're saying previews up to 25m and comparing to jurassic world and incredibles 2 (only other big mid-summer movies) both had 18m thurs and 200 180 ow, so 25 could translate to 200-250 ow.... hobbs & shaw definitely low on os, upping to like 500-800 os i guess? maleficent 2 i'm seeing 60/190/600/790. not sure though frozen 2 idk what i was thinking ow will probably be like at LEAST 150 but maybe 200 if i get hype about the songs, 500 dom (600? that feels too high but it also feels like it should be higher than incredibles 2), os probably like 1.2b, 1.7b ww... sounds crazy to say that but i feel like the math checks out
  8. If it gets half of WOM tgat TJB got, then expect 4th highest grossing Hollywood grosser. And what if it gets 75% of WON tgat TJB had? Equal WOM as TJB i don't think will happen.
  9. Crazy prediction. This will have Titanic legs because of the wtf factor. Honestly, this will end up being the most talked about movie in the history of movies.
  10. @aabattery @DeeCee @Water Bottle Given this IS a JJ Abrams flick and he is, shall we say, well known for 'appreciating' physical effects work, seems to me that "With Practical Fur Technology" is just begging to be added to the thread title. ... Chewbacca IS a main character, you know. Just sayin'.
  11. Her song isn’t bad, but Elton’s new song is terrific. He’s gonna have a tough choice come Oscar season, though I suspect he’ll lean towards the Rocketman song, since it’s more personal. The man still has it.
  12. The Bravest on Aug.1 will be the biggest winner of this summer.
  13. That takes far too long and requires resources far beyond our current scope. Much easier to fix Earth instead.
  14. The Mulan trailer really got a mediocre reaction tonight. I'm not sure if taking out the songs and Mushu and making it serious was a smart idea
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