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  2. Will that be enough for the 400M dom?
  3. (light hearted funny pic, which is why I'm posting it here instead of one of the political threads)
  4. And it's not the first time people here seem unable to comprehend what they read. These are very serious charges...company execs have gone to Club Fed on these exact charges..but they are not fudging box office figures in a PR release, which, though really dishonest,is not illegal. It is when you make false statements in an official revenue statement that your get in deep legal trouble.
  5. I have no words for what's going on in the Amazon right now. Apocalyptic is right. So, so, so sad and terrible. Humans really will be the architect of their own demise. We're the disease here.
  6. 26. Born on the Fourth of July 27. Say Anything... 28. The Dream Team 29. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids! 30. Driving Miss Daisy
  7. Oh, I agree, but that does not make it right. it amounts to stock fraud...only reason to inflate revenuesin an official report.. is to inflate the stock prices, which is why the SEC is investigating this. Stock Fraud is in their jurisdiction.
  8. I guess you never 'met' a stag who concluded you are a rival Had one lower his head and attack the car onto the side whilst passing.... Friend drove into a group of boars once in the night, the ones not injured ere not amused.
  9. I kind of get what he's trying to say and somewhere in there he does have a point.
  10. Yeah, The Lion King is ridiculing Endgame in France. Incredible.
  11. With how much this dude keeps on saying "bland", I wouldn't be surprised if he was secretly Gordon Ramsay or something lmao
  12. I like the title. We have absolutely zero context for it so may as well not hate on it.
  13. I'm a pretty political person these days and I'm not even touching this. Nope. Uh-uh.
  14. Sure, but stuff like this is nothing new for big corporations. Frankly, if it weren’t for the fact that Disney always tries so very hard to convince people that they’re this innocent and family friendly company, the average person probably wouldn’t care much for this story.
  15. the title reminds me of all those indistinguishable Bond titles from the Pierce Brosnan era that nobody would remember in a trivia game
  16. as seemingly often the lists are top 25, but the 1989 is a top 30 version, not sure if you are aware = just in case ( I am new to the ranking lists thing, not sure what was tpical, also am maybe a bit too enthisiastic, as its about older movies... )
  17. Source ?, from what I read all the allegation are from the parks and resort divisions, it is reported has such; after MarketWatch reported that a former employee in the revenue-operations department told the SEC the entertainment giant had overstated sales at the parks-and-resorts segment to the tune of billions of dollars over several years. And seem to be understood has such by everyone commented on it I have read.
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