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  2. When I thought Pikachu would play like a family film, Id have agreed with you but so far it hasn't which leads me to believe that neither of those movies will be direct competition to it. Of course its attracting families and such but not to the extent I thought it would and def not to the extent where I see those films affecting it all that much. Godzilla opens next weekend so it could see double features with it which should help. Will see how it holds against Aladdin this weekend but I'm not sensing that they're attracting the same crowds.
  3. Woah JW3 Hold[emoji91] Sent from my Redmi Note 7 using Tapatalk
  4. As long as the competition keeps tanking like that (Aladdin) It’ll keep most of its screens and I oop. 👏 FLOP2 pre sales ain’t looking too hot either.
  5. Ready for Pikachu to be the break out de facto family film this summer. 👏
  6. I concur with john2000. danhtruong5 keeps repeating "I just want it to finish in the range 277x " in his every post (I saw) related to Endgame BO.
  7. you seem to pay attention, every day he says the same thing i want the movie to hit 2,77 ,the breakdown wasnt the problem , do a research in the previous pages and then come back
  8. Thinking $300-350M OS for this
  9. Doraemon snapped here.👀
  10. At this rate they're gonna run out of recognisable embedded in pop culture animated films to remake. Already 3 out of the 4 big animated films that defined the Disney Renaissance have been remade with The Little Mermaid remake not far off in the future. Anyways I guessed $500M OS at the start of the year but that seems to be an overestimate. Should do quite well in Europe and so far seems meh numbers in Asia.
  11. so far better than i thought
  12. It only had a half-day OD, and Dumbo was opening on Friday
  13. That doesn't look good for Aladdin. Disney should release one live action movie per year, otherwise it's gonna hurt them. They need less competition and more time in the oven.
  14. Wtf do you mean? He literally used data that just came out(OS numbers).. thank you danhtruong5 TTVOMJ
  15. Should I watch? Should I not watch? Should I watch? Should I not watch? Should I watch? Should I not watch? Should I watch? Should I not watch? Should I watch? Should I not watch? Should I watch? Should I not watch? Should I watch? Should I not watch? Should I watch? Should I not watch? Should I watch? Should I not watch? Should I watch? Should I not watch?
  16. It’s low but it seems fair. 70-75m 4 day is the ballpark i’m thinking, it’s been looking like that for a while imo
  17. I was talking about Endgame passing Avatar. I have a feeling Cameron cares much less about how much his movies do than we do here. As long as it's enough for him to continue doing what he's doing.
  18. While Pikachu won't drop as hard as Shazam on its 4th weekend, it still has a lot of competition coming up. There are 4 movies doing 50M+ (with Aladdin and SLOP 2 doing 65M+) in the next 3 weeks. Aladdin and SLOP 2 will probably be direct competition to DP so I don't think it'll have good late legs. don't seeing it doing above 145M~ dom total.
  19. Vietnam 17:20 23/05 tickets sold 1.JW3 11k2 2.Pokemon 10k9 3.Doraemon 9k 4.EG 4k7 5.Aladin 4k1
  20. Elessar! I know for a fact Jim is gunning for over 3b, so to predict 2b isnt exactly believing in Jim is it now?
  21. 75M 4-day weekend is quite low for Aladdin (that was deadline's latest tracking I believe?), will need to do at least 85M-90M 4 day if it hopes to break 200M domestic imo.
  22. Aladdin (May 19th update) 7:30 - 65/390 10:30 - 5/390 Aladdin (May 23rd first update) 7:30 - 96/390 10:30 - 27/390 I’ll update this again later before the first showing begins.
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