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  2. An Akira remake is like Lion King '19 if it made Valerian numbers. Hopefully this kills it for good.
  3. I think a live action Iron Giant would do well because it wasn't a hit first time around, the film itself is an adaptation of the book so I don't think people would have issues with a live action version
  4. The animated film flopped because Warner Bros sold it terribly and then dumped it.... in the intervening 20 years it's become a legitimate family classic. A live-action remake... which I wouldn't want tbh.... with proper marketing and those 20 years of goodwill among multiple generations... would lead to a substantial box office. The Iron Giant isn't like Blade Runner where the film's mystique and legend is due to being difficult and weird and cold. Blade Runner 2049 did what it did because it's a sequel to a film that most of its fans don't even LIKE the first time they watch it.... and that sequel ended up ALSO being a weird, cold, difficult film. The Iron Giant's success is due to how accessible and emotional it is. It's not a "cult" film. If you're looking for a Warner Bros. comparison to make, I'd suggest Shawshank before I put up Blade Runner. Shawshank didn't make any money at the box office either...
  5. I think I would prefer a whole bunch of Marvel stuff to be revealed today so there's more space in D23 for Disney to address films from Pixar and WDAS and Lucasfilm--even the live action sector of Disney. It's smart sorting imo.
  6. CM was and is #1 digital Sci-Fi at itunes since a time and actual since 1-2 weeks #1 overall here in Germany (where it got released as digital / HV 2 weeks back, as hard-copy version the day before yesterday) Even if nowadays only getting a small part, DVD sales are also out since yesterday, for CM that means (dom) I'd so wish they'd do ww for digital and hard-disc too (generally speaking)
  7. Yes and no. D23 they are only A PART of the live action panel which is usually like 1:30 to 2 hours long. They normally only get like 15 minutes. So, yeah, it is Disney’s Con, and it does give them another press cycle, on the other hand there is no time be TRULY EPIC. Moreover, to get even more inside baseball than I already am — sorry if this isn’t box office related — D23 is normally a very tradition DISNEY Con. The people that normally go there are old school disney fans that don’t like the new subsidiaries at the Con. D23 sells badges at premiums with better seats. So the old rich folks that can afford the $1000+ tickets get the front, and they are NOT there for Marvel. There is a reason the biggest POP from the crowd two years ago was Mary Poppins Returns. If you want the “I can’t hear cause the room is so loud from the crying and cheers over Kevin Feige saying the word “Skrulls” for a future hype package, you need to do that at Hall H. Until D23 gives Marvel (and Star Wars) their own panels ... or Marvel does their version of Celebrations. Lolol. That was a half joke. I meant it more in I find it LOL that in the same sentence they killed akira they announced thor 4
  8. Predictions were 170-210 roughly before Thursday night. Box office pro predicted 185. Don't be ridiculous. Things will continue to "disappoint" in relation to previews as previews continue to expand.
  9. The Phantom of the Opera adjusts to $72M with 15 years of inflation. That honestly feels like a good comparison for this considering just how bizarre it looks (and most of the people who want to watch it for the sheer lolz will probably just wait until it's available for home viewing).
  10. CRAWL will manage at least 5.75-5.80 (low-50% drop) weekend with that 1.72 Friday and that will give it ~23.6 cume. Will do 30-35 dom which is low but the prod budget is 13.5 so with strong non-theatricals it should cover marketing/release costs.
  11. Well, it won't do Lion King numbers that's for certain but people adore that flick. Developed a huge following over the past 20+ years. Could see 300+ DOM.
  12. In the words of Thanos.... It's finished. The work is done. for a week or so
  13. Reactions on social media are opposite from this forum. While this forum thinks this is underperformance, social media thinks this is great performance. Guess not many in social media eg twitter marked this to open 200+, so this much is great according to then, unlike users in this forums which obviously has much higher expectations including me.
  14. With Feige 5:15-6:45 and Mark Rosewater 6:30-7:30, looking forward to over 2 hours of pure, straight, nerdy live tweeting goodness tonight.
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