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  2. People have been eager to know when life was going to come back and have had their TVs turned on to the news almost 24/7. Now that things are starting to return we'll be seeing the ratings going back to more typical numbers.
  3. Apparently tv was watched extremely more: https://www.mlive.com/coronavirus/2020/05/covid-19-tv-habits-show-a-staggering-change-in-viewing-hours-and-what-were-watching.html But: https://qz.com/1824422/coronavirus-has-stopped-the-decline-of-broadcast-tv-ratings/ It went into watching news that had some best in decade rating (could be a competition to other type of content). Americans are always been a bit on the crazy side in term of watching a lot of tv but those numbers: MORE WEEKLY CONTENT According to the data from Comcast, the average household is watching TV at least 8 hours more per week. That’s a full workday more. In early March 2020, the average household watched 57 hours of content per week. That’s now up to 66 hours a week.
  4. Prediction on what a movie will do for me sound almost impossible to do, we can try to use the latest movie drops just before theater close as a limited data set, but it seem really chaotic with how low it could be, how leggy it could be or not at all, I have very little hunch.
  5. We're in the era where people would rather just watch programs whenever they feel like. The days of appointment TV is in the past.
  6. 50m is lower than parasite, a foreign language film......i don't think that is generous...
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  8. TV ratings have been declining for years, but even during lockdown they were so low. Last Tuesday Stargirl debuted on the CW with a 0.3 in the demo, and it wasn't even that bad. The most-watched shows that night were reality "hits" Masked Singer and The Voice, both at 0.9 - nothing at 1+. If network TV couldn't get a boost from people staying home during a pandemic, many unemployed... the future remains bleak.
  9. Apple 1. Scoob! 2. Jumanji: The Next Level 3. Emma. 4. The Gentlemen 5. Bloodshot 6. Bad Boys for Life 7. Sonic the Hedgehog 8. Birds of Prey 9. Midway 10. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Amazon 1. Scoob! 2. Trolls World Tour 3. Bloodshot 4. Sonic the Hedgehog 5. The Greatest Showman 6. Bad Boys for Life 7. The Gentlemen 8. Knives Out 9. Jumanji: the Next Level 10. Fantasy Island
  10. They are very close for me, I think KOTOR II was slightly better because the story was more dynamic and less straightforward then the first the character of Kreia was possible one of the best (Spoiler?) villians. in Star Wars cannon. the advancement of force powers and having light-side/darkside influence over the characters and having them almost all be force sensitive was a plus as well.
  11. 1. Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi 2. Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope 3. Star Wars Episode V The Empire Strikes Back 4. Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens 5. Star Wars The Clone Wars series (2008-2020) 6. Star Wars Rebels (2014-2018) 7. Star Wars Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker 8. Star Wars: The Mandalorian (2019-) 9. Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith 10. Star Wars Episode VI Return of the Jedi 11. Battlefront 2 12. Jedi Fallen Order 13. Solo: A Star Wars Story 14. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 15. Star Wars Resistance (2018-) 16. Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace 17. Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
  12. Starlight in realD Metropolitan Cinemas Saturday, February 11th, Y7 82/115 seats (71% sold) 1:50 PM The audience is composed of mainly families but there is a notable amount of both more older boys (12-14) as well as adults. Trailers: Hilda and The Midnight Giant - lots of chatter and oohs at the animation. Laughs at a joke involving Twig. Beyblade: The War Unleashed: Let it Rip - this got the best response considering the audience, lots of oohs at the action Looping - Some intrigue from the older audience and some laughs at the antics. Sir Thymes Time 2 - mild chatter Should You Imagine? - this got the second best response, lots of intrigue and chatter, and laughs from the joke with Earl at the end. Lena and The Featherweights - small chatter Banjo-Kazooie - mild chatter Toons v Reality - chatter with laughs at a few slapstick scenes. The film was very fun though it could’ve used a bit more plot, but the audience loved it, mainly the children and the older male audience. One scene was a bit upsetting to the younger kids but they managed. Starlight should shine bright as a new franchise.
  13. Noticed a lot of under 30 crowd driving around in suburban car lots just chilling. They are 6 feet apart and such but I noticed people calling the police on them... My question is we have to accept youth wont sit around during the summer, how can they meet safely?
  14. Dear Evan Hansen in Dolby Cinema Metropolitan Cinemas Friday, June 23rd, Y7 245/300 seats (82% sold) 7.30 PM The audience is composed of mainly a mix of teenage girls around 13-17 as well as some adults in their mid 20s. I saw a few families with children inside, as well as some theater buffs. Trailers: Should You Imagine? - some mild intrigue from the younger adults, as well as the children in the audience. A few laughs at the end. Scooby-Doo: Cult of The Creeper - mild chatter, as a few teens dug the songs as well as the romance brewing. The Exchange - muted chatter, a few laughs. The Layover - a decent amount of laughs Tongues - mild chatter Adult Swim Bomb Scare Non-Fiction Documentary for Theaters - silence but it’s expected from the audience Birdwing - Got the best response from the audience, lots of chatter and laughs. While I was a bit mixed on the movie I enjoyed it, and the audience loved it too. The teens loved the drama, the theater geeks sung along as even the families had some fun with some songs (though the child behind me got bored and started kicking my chair but the parents left with the child to go watch Adam and Cindy). I think Dear Evan Hansen will be a beast this summer.
  15. I would like to say yeah but I see no point of going the circle jerk to make myself feel better and deal with the actual reality is the Tories in the UK are not going anywhere Borris has been called a moron from the start and won a big majority and his party is polling over 45% and likely would defeat labour rather easily again... Like I find Johnson a moron but i find it takes more to beat the Tories in the UK then people on the left saying saying "the tories are scum and dont deserve support" and thinking Labour is a competent opposition party that deserves to win as they have 'heart'. The Tories are only really in trouble if they start polling around Labour in the polls sadly
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  17. I’m working through Uncharted 2 and I’m... less enthusiastic than you @lorddemaxus. It’s fine.
  18. the usual with brainwashing and freedom and the bulldogs who camp out
  19. Yup. Releasing a blockbuster, any blockbuster, between Black Widow (first new MCU movie in over a year) and No Time to Die (first new Bond film in 5 years) is basically just the equivalent of dumping it into a hospice.
  20. Barring Papa Feige working his magic, I feel like it could be a strong contender for #1 for the summer next year, assuming it'll play in that season of course. There was a lot of hype for its initial announcement, plus Keanu and nostalgia are as big as ever.
  21. Does it, though? A Bad Boys for Life type of gross (domestically, overseas will be much bigger assuming the global box office will have returned to normal by then) would be pretty good for this, especially considering the sequels rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.
  22. Alright, I’m just going to ask it, what exactly is the deal with @make fun dorout seriousGod?
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