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  2. yeah i doubt pika even in the worst case false below 145-150. conservatively, 120 by mem day monday after a 4-day of 17.5 (-30%) then strong weekdays kick in helping it recover lost ground (due to increasing summer competition). also like u pointed out, it's competition is nothing like shazam facing aeg, a behemoth from it's own genre. to add 25-30 more after a 17.5 4-day weekend for 145-150 dom is the least it should manage.
  3. Spoke to a good friend of mine who got to see it at Cannes today. She said that it was by far his best film since pre-Kill Bill and compared it favorably to JB.
  4. Okay and? Dumbo did really well in European markets. Seems like Aladdin will too. I don’t see it doing all that better than Dumbo did in Asian markets and Latin America.
  5. A1 did enough for him to continue doing what he's doing I think he wants these movies to leave a lasting impact, one measure of that is obviously the box office.
  6. That's a US-China kind of number at this point lol https://twitter.c om/So_Ethe The first time I'll put a foot in a theater since The Incredibles 2 last year 😛
  7. 'Speechless' is amazing. Now I'm going to watch the movie when it is released on Netflix.
  8. I am aware of that..but its not like he only posts/posted that... and i saw it in 2, maaaaybe 3 places... even if it was his signature leave the guy doing the work and contributions alone 😕 TTVOMJ
  9. So by NOT paying attention that he only repeated the 2.77b part i am the one who is not paying attention? Geez xD i guess whenever someone uses any word whatsoever we should blame him for copy infrigment?:/ TTVOMJ
  10. The first Chasing the Dragon with Donnie Yen and Andy Lau was solid; and I think Wong Jing have huge confidence for this sequel. But i honestly don’t expect very big numbers or big breakout; mainly because Hong Kong gangster / Cop film have very limited audience base. Last year’s Project Gutenberg literally had not strong competition and had the whole golden week for itself, but barely did 1.2bn yuan - very good for a HK film but for the release date and competition; the number is not amazing.
  11. When I thought Pikachu would play like a family film, Id have agreed with you but so far it hasn't which leads me to believe that neither of those movies will be direct competition to it. Of course its attracting families and such but not to the extent I thought it would and def not to the extent where I see those films affecting it all that much. Godzilla opens next weekend so it could see double features with it which should help. Will see how it holds against Aladdin this weekend but I'm not sensing that they're attracting the same crowds. And as long as it has decent drops, it'll keep theaters. Theaters will just get rid of the smaller movies that are not performing. That's also something that I could see happening with End Game, which is why I haven't commented on the over/under Avatar thing. If End Game has decent drops and is making more than other movies, theaters will keep it over them.
  12. Woah JW3 Hold[emoji91] Sent from my Redmi Note 7 using Tapatalk
  13. As long as the competition keeps tanking like that (Aladdin) It’ll keep most of its screens and I oop. 👏 FLOP2 pre sales ain’t looking too hot either.
  14. Ready for Pikachu to be the break out de facto family film this summer. 👏
  15. Today
  16. I concur with john2000. danhtruong5 keeps repeating "I just want it to finish in the range 277x " in his every post (I saw) related to Endgame BO.
  17. you seem to pay attention, every day he says the same thing i want the movie to hit 2,77 ,the breakdown wasnt the problem , do a research in the previous pages and then come back
  18. Thinking $300-350M OS for this
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