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  2. This is gonna be so beautiful to watch Netflix loosing all its non Netflix content in the coming months/years. I think it is called Karma. Tic toc tic toc Those scavengers deserve what will happen to them. Stealing one century of content. The nerve. Vengeance is a dish best served cold. Ka 'pla !
  3. With the participation bonus will see how close you end up being. As of june 2018, without marketing they had spend around 880m USD on them.
  4. The Netherlands, by next weekend it will have passed Titanic (1997+3D combined). Maybe parts of eastern europe? Most likely will beat both TFA and Endgame (which actually beat TFA) in Italy. Might get close in Spain (beat Endgame in admissions and will most likely beat it in €). Beat both TLK and Endgame in Russia. Might beat it in Norway. Has no chance in the UK or Germany though.
  5. imagine a jumping puppy... enthusiatic. Only 14 lists so far, every title... counts in a way 😉 That was a good year
  6. The last 2 Avengers films probably have a combined budget of 1.2 billion without marketing......
  7. I have to admit, when I saw they were making this, that they were going to make a follow up sequel to "First Blood" ,which is so radicaly different in tone from the other Rambo movies,and easily the best. was the last thing I thought. I thought in First Blood the scene where Rambo breaks down and talks about what happened in Vietnam is the best single piece of acting Stallione ever did.
  8. whispers silently: is it too much to ask if he remembers to have to send the list to Baumer and grim to count or borders that to being obtrusive?
  9. The Little Mermaid The Fabulous Baker Boys When Harry Met Sally Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Roger and Me The War of the Roses Sex, Lies and Videotape Heathers Field Of Dreams Crimes and Misdemeanors My Left Foot Do the Right Thing Driving Miss Daisy Dead Poets Society Henry V Dead Calm Chances Are Sea of Love Blind Fury The Adventures of Baron Munchausen National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Parenthood The Killer Glory Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure The Mighty Quinn How To Get Ahead In Advertising Kiki's Delivery Service Say Anything Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
  10. Holy crap TLK might beat the Force Awakens in a major European market? Were there other European countries where TLK passed it?
  11. haha and my favourite intro e.g. as it includes 006 Sean Bean, Also Gottfried John and a few other actors I like
  12. It how most franchises ebb and flow. Good films interspaced with bad or weak ones. "The Spy Who Loved Me" the best of the Moore 007 films, was followed by "Moonraker" one of the weakest films in the franchise. But the point is every Bond film..even the dogs like "View To A Kill" (imho the worst BOnd film) and "Die Another Day" made a good profit for EON.
  13. Will that be enough for the 400M dom?
  14. (light hearted funny pic, which is why I'm posting it here instead of one of the political threads)
  15. And it's not the first time people here seem unable to comprehend what they read. These are very serious charges...company execs have gone to Club Fed on these exact charges..but they are not fudging box office figures in a PR release, which, though really dishonest,is not illegal. It is when you make false statements in an official revenue statement that your get in deep legal trouble.
  16. I have no words for what's going on in the Amazon right now. Apocalyptic is right. So, so, so sad and terrible. Humans really will be the architect of their own demise. We're the disease here.
  17. 26. Born on the Fourth of July 27. Say Anything... 28. The Dream Team 29. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids! 30. Driving Miss Daisy
  18. Oh, I agree, but that does not make it right. it amounts to stock fraud...only reason to inflate revenuesin an official report.. is to inflate the stock prices, which is why the SEC is investigating this. Stock Fraud is in their jurisdiction.
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