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  2. Yes i know. But these does not apply to all or most Bollywood films; only high profile films or those where a few known actors are involved or critically acclaimed films. Same as China; some films with well known stars do well elsewhere as well. Issue is the language barrier... many audiences still will not watch a movie which is not their native tongue (other than English). With China, there is also issue of propaganda films like Wolf Warriors / Operation Red Sea / Wandering Earth did not do that well overseas.
  3. Dunno. I thought Hero was gonna be the start of a trend. Nope.
  4. Yep easily ... with strong content indian film has that potential
  5. Bollywood actually has a good market outside india ... Potentially $50 M + ... & if you add china , Japan , Korea & Taiwan .. than market can go to $200 M ...
  6. Bollywood actually has a market of potential $50mn outside India, which can further extended to $300mn or higher with markets like China, Japan and Korea.
  7. Pre-sales are better then Dory & TS3 ... still few days left in release ... so presales definitely will increase .. walkups will be the key for OW ...
  8. This third trend surely will lift up everyone's opinion about the weekend Seriously though, all numbers are up from the second trend: #1 Aladdin 115k #2 MiB 110k #3 John Wick 65k #4 Dark Phoenix 52.5k #5 Rocketman 50k #6 Godzilla 35k #7 The Dead Don't Die 32.5k (with previews?) #8 Pikachu 27.5k
  9. I'm actually in agreement with you Porthos! Of course I have to be. People should do what they find enjoyable and those who critise should look to themselves. Just love Football, the game adapts and changes year by year, new players new stories new tactics etc.
  10. I saw it Thursday. The thing that got me is, the movie is non-stop violence and killing in NYC. Where the heck is
  11. I've always been happy when they take this approach. And I still cheer for it. But after the trauma of Dumbo, this also terrifies me.
  12. So excluding the events, Aladdin is actually holding better than BatB. Probably not an increase, but it looks like a drop less than 10%, another 1B weekend is locked.
  13. easily will pass BATB sunday numbers .... ridiculous trending by Aladdin ...
  14. I was watching the "Ma" movie a couple days ago. I was set to anoint Octavia Spencer's Ma the new #1 villain of 2019 😂. I dunno, then the ending of the movie happened, and it was just...too bizarre, and a little on the heavy side. As you know, I like my villains a combination of psychosis, violence, megalomania, eccentric, and, you know, comedic 😂. Ma's motivation, was a little too much on the dark and heavy side. If they would have kept it like, she was an outcast out for revenge 😂...crappy job at the animal clinic, with the a-hole boss 😂... So, I'm gonna stick with Samuel L Jackson's Mr Glass at #1 😂...Thanos as runner-up, and we'll see what the rest of the year brings.
  15. SUNDAY 5PM UPDATE: ALADDIN - 209,656 Comp: Aladdin 1st Sunday at 5PM: 218,717 BATB 2nd Sunday Total: 239,310 Should be able to Pass BATB's Sunday number here, but as @Hsinche pointed out, the BATB concert thing added quite considerably to its final number.
  16. If I say TLK is Hamlet with lions, does that make it terrible? > insert thinking raptor meme here. That line of thinking has always been a terrible argument. Recycled stories are indeed annoying, but when people can only bring the same two samples over and over, it's even embarrassing to read. I'm not trying to be insulting, but I'm sick of reading that as if it was a good argument, and I rarely open Avatar threads.
  17. So far the highest grosser this summer is probably going to end about $300m. You don't think Wonder Woman 2 will beat that?
  18. Today
  19. Pretty much. If it helps folks wrap their heads around it, think less of it as some sort of OCD need to watch a film and more of a feat of endurance. As you say, there are far weirder attempts at endurance feats out there.
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