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  2. Sure, or if the remake actually does something different from the original that makes it unique. Like the remake of Suspiria (which I actually prefer over the original). Both of them are excellent movies, but both are doing their own thing.
  3. TLK opening lower than EG??? That is some unexpected outcome at the beginning of 2019
  4. I've only seen the stage musical rather than the film but I think it's a story that would resonate with audiences and I imagine Disney wouldn't have to spend much on it, it'd be more likely for Disney+ than a theatrical release.
  5. Lion King Overseas thru Saturday... Territories GBO China $81.0M France $11.2M Australia $8.9M Brazil $8.3M Russia $7.6M Germany $6.6M UK $6.5M Korea $6.4M Mexico $5.9M Spain $3.7M Netherlands $3.5M Other $42.4M Total $192.0M
  6. Tired: live-action Disney remakes Wired: Animated Disney remakes Where's my animated Computer Who Wore Tennis Shoes? Gus? The Apple Dumping Gang? CONDORMAN?!!
  7. No hard info. I took a look earlier and it’s definitely strong. Stronger than true Friday. If I had to pick a number right now, I’d say $61m.
  8. if it gets 64 sat then even a pessimistic (for saturated tentpole ow in summer) 25% sun drop gives it a little over 190 ow. btw ow is looking at "only" 8.5x it's previews. less than jw2's multi.
  9. $112M. Best OD for July (+70% above DH2) Best OD for a Disney live-action remake (+72% from BATB) 5th best opening day ever below EG, IW, TS4 and CW. OW between $370M-$380M
  10. Where did I call TLK a flop? I was trying to make a point. An underperformer is not necessarily a flop, and I don't think that I should be explaining this. On a side note, I really don't see TLK getting to 1.5B
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