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  2. Endgame has 2 weeks to rake in all the money and do well all by itself. Of course now people think Pikachu will flop so hey the bipolar attitude is just exhausting sometimes.
  3. Theoretically speaking, yeah as Europe is lazy compared to the US. Example Germany vs Dom: Pop.: 82.8m vs 364.2m (USA + Can) (*4.4) BIP: 4.1t vs 22.7t (*5.5) $: 1.05b vs 11.893B (*11.3, though last year was incredibly weak, 2017: 1.2b vs 11.07b (*9.2)) So theoretically movie market in Germany should be around 2b, though their occasionally are movies where Germany in comparison is rather good (Avatar 162m vs 760m (*4.7)). And Asia, South America and Africa have a lot of room to grow. 1.3b people are living in Africa but the BIP is just around $2b and the gross they add to movies is probably barely noticeable.
  4. I think this could be like what Inside Out was to Jurassic World. However, this could go anywhere.
  5. My main point is people won't buy tickets when so movies are releasing close to each other.. So it might not get that much repeated viewings
  6. I have the same problem, I want to go to sleep but if I sleep before 11 pm I only sleep for 3 hours so i have to wait 1 more hour so I can go in to deep sleep wake up at 7 am and get me those numbers
  7. And I suspect that the people at Marvel Studiios are not quite sure what is happening next. Although they probably kicked around a few ideas, they could not begin real planning on what to do with the all new charecters they just acquiared from Fox until the merger actually happened..which was only a few weeks ago. I suspect the next few films will be like the pre Avengers MCU films...charecters in the same universe, but no real big time story arc for a while. That a couple of the most obvious suspects for the next Big Bag are part of the FF franchise is another reason for why we won't get the big overarching storyline for a couple of films.
  8. East coast is a bit different to UK though! Any suggestions for movies though?
  9. Not just so I don’t have to stress over deadlines but also to get a head start on my Y7 work (which I’ve done a fair amount of already but mostly pre-planning so I can jump into them directly after the Y6 stuff is done).
  10. The update was nice though! So thanks for going off!
  11. cheesypoofs

    Endgame OW contest

    I keep getting a gut feeling of 282m domestic
  12. Endgame - Fandango Tracking - 14 Updates April 23: 30014 April 24: 40466 (+34.8%)
  13. This should do decently. There hasn’t been a R-rated comedy in theaters since What Men Want or Nobody’s Fool. However, those were Romantic Comedies or Dramedies. So... really since possibly The Spy Who Dumped Me? So this could do profitable, Seth Rogen hasn’t had a film since Sausage Party(unless you count The Disaster Artist). And plus too Seth Rogen does pretty well in May/June so this could fare decently with audiences in the midst of superheroes, a pikachu, an assassin, and Will Smith’s doomed genie in a bottle. The trailer that I saw for this looks good as well looks like an actual good movie. So we”ll see next week how it turns out.
  14. Thanos Legion

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    OMG, I was literally thinking about how east coast time lines up poorly to numbers, and maybe I should try to sleep from like 10PM to 5AM to maximize my exposure to the juicy periods.
  15. It's just 9pm but I'm tempted to just sleep so I can wake up earlier and get some Num Nums Maybe I'll just watch a movie instead...
  16. Gamora from 2014 was there at the final fight, she met Star Lord, she met both versions of her sister, she was around and was part of the plot. Her not having anything to do with the later version is not a reason to just drop her from the movie, where did the 2014 version go?
  17. Yes. I can have a few of my films ready by that opening date.
  18. Barnack


    I am not sure why that would be relevant too. Why even bring someone personal preference in that subject. Chance are good that people making a movie about that time and decide to watch want to immerse themselves in that era (just make the remake in a different world / time otherwise). I am not so sure why would we would bring much consideration for the particular individual taste of one person (yours) in that extremely broad subject. What is your take on MadMen featuring people smoking and drinking ? (And that was the best ads and biggest boost in sales Cigarettes company say in modern time I think). Well I imagine every young kids from WW2 to the late 70s would know. And even most kids today, they are not that stupid/clueless.
  19. Disagree Gamora we know is dead. Doors is closed for her since the last movie. Gamora from before 2014 has nearly nothing to do with the later version, but has now her sister. Edit: disagree to the classiifiaction of the other characters even more strongly.
  20. ArCaN1St


    For Russia it is Avatar: 14.2m IW: 7.8m But with the current ER, a movie with 14m admissions would only gross around 70m$.
  21. This is what happens when BOT folks don't get there hands on new numbers
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