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  2. That's literally impossible. That would be about an 80% jump from the true Friday and that has never happened ever in the history of films on their opening Saturday.
  3. I would say 35M+ due to families turning up in big numbers mostly on Saturday and Sunday. I won't even be surprised if it reaches 43M+ saturday
  4. Just saw that Glenn Howerton's show got cancelled. Full time Dennis next season @CoolioD1 @4815162342
  5. Hi Guys how are you? First let me introduce myself, I am from Brazil and I usually don´t go that much to the movies, I rather watch them later on TV. However I started lurking this forum due to the release of Detective Pikachu. Pokémon is one of my favorite franchises, and I am still playing Pokémon Go to this day. Its one of the best memories of my childhood when I used to love japanese rpgs like Chrono Trigger (SNES), Final Fantasy VII (PS1), Pokémon, etc. i dont play the recent games, but I used to play some older games on emulators in the recent years, like Emerald or Platinum. I think the movie is very good. But for some reason I see the pokémon franchise as something thats not very specialized. They sell video games, toys and they had their anime, but they dont exactly LEAD in any of those activities. If Pokémon is valuable as a franchise and as a whole its mostly due the fact that they are able to sell in different entertaining medias. But I can understand why a pokémon movie will only have a mediocre box office result. Many people will see the movie as a thing for children or nostalgia, and tend to forget the potential for amazing batles or amazing CGI animations. Yes, the movie is a bit childish, but thats part of the charm. Unfortunately the movie didnt do well in Brazil compared to endgame or aladdin. But Brazil is a very americanized market. Everything made in USA sells a lot here, from movies to clothing and pop music. I can see why pokémon performs better on Europe....they arent stuck forever in the disney-super heroes mentality....Insert image from URL
  6. Good point....never thought of that....I'll amend the question....thank you for bringing this to my attention.....as I mentioned, it's been a while since I've made one of these.
  7. most controversial of all will be when he casts eddie redmayne as the dude being controlled by the rat.
  8. @baumer what if I believe Endgame doesn't pass 845?
  9. Tom and Jerry would be another difficult one to pull off. I would say that is super difficult because capturing Tom's humour will be impossible
  10. I know this might sound inconsequential but when does charlie usually put out first numbers? In like 10h? Sorry if this sounds like a broken record, but i am new TTVOMJ
  11. Wasn’t Uprising one of the last films greenlit under Thomas Tull’s leadership? The new board may be less inclined to bet the farm on a sequel.
  12. ratatouille is really the number one you can't do in live action. that movie with a realistic looking rat would make zero dollars. that's too gross. A Bug's Life with a bunch of tiny bugs you can barely see would make more money. bee movie with a real bee would make more money.
  13. Some remakes don't translate well into real life remakes. I'm still in doubt of TLK and but I think Mulan is gonna breakout in 2020 and can easily be made into a real life remake but they need Mushu (hiring kevin hart will do them great on the Box office) How can anyone make Mulan without Mushu. Shrek is one of these remakes but it can work and translate better into real life remakes then TLK
  14. There will be controversy surrounding the film months prior to release due to the design choices made while having Jon Favreau play a realistic-looking Remy. none of this will matter in the end though because, despite mixed reviews, the movie will become a smash hit, the critics will be exposed for the frauds that they are and the audience will be validated once again.
  15. i have a single demand and it is a live action shrek (in make up not mocap) to be played by vincent d'onofrio.
  16. Memorial day weekend Sat jumps are lower though, so even 30+ will be difficult (though not impossible)
  17. They still have Little Mermaid which is a franchiese with 3 movies potential and there is Mulan another 2 part franchiese and I hear it's the biggest one of them as far as budget go. Then there is Aladdin which is another Franchiese with possible 3 moives (1 down 2 to go) Lion King could also have a sequel and there is Jungle book sequel coming up and I think thats about it. 2+3+2+1+1= 9 potential disney remake renaissances left to remake But if we remove these that are already planned with a release date and in production then we have left = 2+1+1+2 = 6 disney renaissances movies left to remake
  18. very excited to see Ratatouille in live action. it'll be directed by Jon Favreau so it can also work as Chef 2. great brand synergy.
  19. Wait, what? +17M from the 24M true Friday. Not sure that's likely. I do think 30M+ could definitely happen.
  20. As I already said, I didn't count today, so I have no idea how today went. But here are the presales for tomorrow: Aladdin: Overview: Thursday: 465 Friday: 787 (24h ago: 281) Saturday: ??? (24h ago: 344) (I assume something around 1100) Sunday: 298 So Sunday is below Saturday but at least still above Friday by a bit. So hopefully it could still turn all of this into something along the lines of: 30k 75k 115k 105k For 325k OWend. John Wick 3: Thursday: 895 Friday: 1280 (24h ago: 546) Saturday: ??? (24h ago: 595) I assume around 1300-1500 Sunday: 259 (presales) So maybe something along the lines of: 50k 110k 120k 50k For an OWend of 330k I am still somewhat cautious about Godzilla and Rocketman, like they both look okay but I think they will perform weaker than John Wick 3 and Aladdin.
  21. I'm honestly not sure if Illumination has gotten worse at marketing or if I've gotten better at tuning out of their bullshit. Probably a mix of both because I was inundated with ads for the first Secret Life of Pets and the most I've gotten for this is trailers before kids movies
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