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  2. it seems venom that 2 billion could happen for lion king having a better performance in us and china
  3. It has grown 15% DOM and 25% WW, that seems really healthy. Moreso when you take into account that FFH had less starpower than Homecoming due to lack of RDJ. Yes, other Marvel sagas have grown more %-wise throughout their sequels (Cap, Thor), but they didn't start so close to the ceiling as Spidey did. It won't reach 400 DOM which is why some people might be slightly down on the film, but all in all it's a great performance.
  4. It's just not what general audiences in the US are accustomed to for the theatrical experience, people unashamedly declare, "I don't like to READ when I go to the movies, har har!" like a badge of honor. There are exceptions every so often, but they are pretty rare here when you consider how much money subtitled Hollywood movies make overseas. I don't know if studios care that much really, they will see a foreign breakout and think they can just do an American remake, every other movie now is a remake anyway. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Even more impressive. 200M over second highest grosser is impressive especially given that IW couldn't pass FotF.
  6. idk about us and china ps china in general is very hard to plz so it doesnt suprise me that much there
  7. correction they dont go this crazy for hollywood movies to sum this up endgame made 200 million more than fate of the furious
  8. Also, did reviews really hurt TLK domestically and in China? I would think this movie out of any others is review proof.
  9. Yeah, credit where credit is due. EG is #2 WW w/o China. So that's fuckin huge. It's #1 with China. That market is part of worldwide boxoffice. They don't go this crazy for every movie so it's more impressive when a movie posts such insane number.
  10. I agree it wasn't an unrealistic expectation (2B not over Avatar) but they screwed the pooch with those awful American voices. It looks like foreign markets have no problem with unmoving photo real faces for local voice work is much better than paycheck collecting by Glover, Beyonce, Ejiofor.
  11. yeah i mean its not like endgame made around 2,2 without china and 1,3 billion os alone around 300 million more than iw os- china .............. ps dont get me wrong china runs was crazy a HUGE INCREASE MASSIVE , that was the reason endgame could challenge avatar in the first place , but in just think that we need to appreciate the other 2 more than we already are
  12. 2 billion could happen for the lion king, it will finish around 1,7 billion right now so china doing 200 million and us doing 650, that alone takes it around 1,9 billion and both of these totals werent unrealistic, so yeah the lion king could really make 2 bill ps disney never expected this to make 2,7 at most i think they though best case was 2 bill
  13. I don't get how reading subtitle is a hinder factor. In my country, reading subtitle while watching movie is a national obligation.
  14. South Korea's huge, didn't expect that. And yeah, over 700 for sure at this point.
  15. yeah, now it's of course it isn't getting 2B. There are receipts when it was tipped to make 2B and even some official source claimed Disney expected it to beat Avatar or something. I don't have the link but I remember that. 1.7B is a fine total...juts not as fine as over 2B.
  16. Infinity War missed, 993M with correct numbers.
  17. Estimate totals up to Sunday Toy Story 4: $71.9M. The Lion King: $50.5M Hobbs and Shaw: $15.6M.
  18. What lack of growth? It increased OS by a lot and still outgrossed SMH dom. It may not have expanded the fanbase dom too much but it isn't stagnating or declining.
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