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  2. the best way to guess the weekend is from previes, does anyone have info about the previews ? except @porthos range 13-16 ?
  3. yeah same pattern .. but with breaking-out in Japan/Korea ..
  4. It just seems overdone to me. Do you really think this movie was a special kind of bad?
  5. No. Anna's story is a deconstruction of the classic Disney Princess tropes and it is weightier than Enchanted which tried the same thing but in a more light-hearted manner.
  6. i wouldnt say that ,14 mill previews and 150 is locked
  7. A showing of Dark Phoenix near me is sold out. Guess some poor souls might think it is a good Father’s Day choice
  8. Have the gotten Warners OK for this?. And how much money would it cost to get the Snyder but in halfway presentable shape? I think a Snyder cut would end up being like the Donner cut of Superman 2:an interesting curiosity then a actual film.
  9. Since that first 59% drop, it was right at 50% for two weekends and the last two weekends it dropped sub 50 (-28% and -44.5% in USD terms) and held better than Pikachu last weekend. Based on Pika's drop I think better that sub 50% is very feasible. That said, its at the end of its run, its not like great or poor holds matter much now. Those first few drops took it down fast, after that solid holds are just trivia
  10. plus the movie follows very closesly guardians 1 as of now, and is even ahead of it by 10-15mil
  11. They really fucked up the marketing , trailer and the buzz before release and we can be disappointed about that. But hey ! Rather than saying “what if they don’t fuck it up” “it should be over Batb” or Bla bla bla and feeling disappointed, would be better if we just appreciate this kind of rare leggy run and this kind of ‘epic comeback’ ( from troubled movie to hit blockbuster). Only very very few movies managed to do that. Always looks on the positive sides. Besides , maybe the bad buzz helped the film cause it made people went to see this movie with super low expectation therefore easier to please and create great reception among them. Or maybe If they didn’t fuck it up somehow , it would open big but with standard drop leading to same final numbers. Just a different kind of run. We’ll never know.
  12. Did not see any film this weekend, but the trailer for Shaft made it look like fun, the trialers for MIB:I made me go "I am not spending 12 bucks for this".
  13. Maybe before, but ticket prices have gone bonkers lately. Even our regional theater averages like $75 a seat. my aunt wanted to see Hamilton in Boston — until we found out it was $300 a pop. 3X as much as I paid for it in NYC. Now, Hamilton is ridiculously expensive. I will admit that. And not every show gets a tour. Only really the big commercial ones.
  14. When a movie has numerous production issues, terrible reviews and now terrible box office it’s a perfect recipe to get piled on. Sucks but maybe the filmmakers should have thought about this before hand
  15. Now I think a real possibility is that SW becomes like the 007 franchise:Not the hottest thing around, but still enormously popular and very profitible, if not quite as dominant. And most studios would kill for a franchise like James Bond
  16. Huh.... assuming 200mil happens for TS4, and honestly even if it doesn't, Disney is almost guaranteed to end the first 6 months of the year over 2 billion Domestic. After this weekend they only need about 270mil, and they've got 2 full weekends to get there. Not just that they'll hit 2 billion before anyone else hits 1 billion and then they've also got Lion King before anyone will get close to 1 billion. Assuming another 70mil dom for Aladdin and Endgame residuals + TS4 making 550mil~ Lion King would need 650mil for Disney to make 3 billion dom before anyone else passes 1 billion. Is that possible....
  17. My point was, most of us who dislike it aren't crapping on this movie because it's "cool to hate". We just genuinely had a different experience with it than you did.
  18. Ok that’s your opinion I found this movie entertaining... I thought the first act was thrilling, 2nd act dipped but it was ok not actively bad and the 3rd act very entertaining.
  19. If the Franchise could survive a film as messed up as AOTC was,it can survive just about anything.
  20. Oh Im sorry, I meant JW2 in context as Jurassic World 2, I was comparing last year's summer biggies to this year's summer biggies, pointing out that while we may only have 2 non-Disney titles to beat JW3 domestically this summer, we only had 2 non Disney flicks to do so last year (Jurassic World and MI5). Again, I do think Hobbs and Shaw can beat JW3 domestically, but just not by that much. Im expected a 20/80 DOM/OS split like with Fate Isnt the film produced by Marvel studios? Disney participates from the film's success in 2 ways. First it could expand the MCU, strengthening the brand adding more fans etc and it has a financial connection through toy sales. Spiderman is one of the best (1 and 2 with Batman) merch seller of all the superheros. In short, the more success FFH the more Disney profits. Between Spiderman with Sony and now owning Fox, I honestly feel the FTC should have stopped the Fox merger On the other hand, I think it would have helped Disney to be able to end Phase 4 on Endgame. I feel like another MCU movie so soon could really stretch the franchise. Then again theyve released so many movies in such quick succession without tiring audiences, so maybe not (honestly the most impressive part of the MCU, 4bn from MCU last year and another 4bn this year (~5bn with spiderman). LIterally mind blowing, hate them or love them, the Marvel studios on its own could be a major Hollywood studio and there's something perverse about that much box office success)
  21. I just saw...100% on RT with 93 reviews in? That's really crazy, I'm so excited for this!!
  22. I just disagree though. I never thought I'd be using the words "bland" and "boring" to describe an X-men movie. Even the worse ones were still entertaining for me, until this.
  23. If you are going to criticise Kennedy, do it for her mishandling of "Solo". I have never gotten any reasonable explanation about if she was unhappy with what Lord and Miller were doing, why she waited until filming was 90% complete before removing them. Kennedy screwed up there. I had problems with TLJ, but, with all it flaws, it was a better film then the first two of the prequels,and the franchise survived those.
  24. charlie have already said domestic $325 to $330 M ... lets see ..
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