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    I'm starting to understand the 300m OW predicts after seeing it. I think TFA's record is going to be beaten. I'd say 260m OW for now. Also the marketing team did a great job of hiding and changing certain aspects. Still can't believe this movie happened on big screen. Its satisfying as hell to watch years of build up lead to some of the most classic moments in MCU movies. Definitely the most emotional Avengers yet. AND WE GOT TO WAIT A YEAR?!??!?!?!?! FFS
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    I'm not going to say locked, but pretty close to locked.
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    I don't think you guys understand. THEY FUCKING DID IT. This is going to do bonkers in box office. Just mentioning I'm more of a DC fan, but Infinity Wars (Part 1) will definitely be up there in my personal CBM favorites list. My own opinion mind you.
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    It is time to face reality, Infinity War will be not only the first movie to break the 250M OW barrier, but also the 300M OW barrier. Here is why: - 10 years build up, it all led to this moment, Thanos has been build up over the course of several MCU movies has the end game of the franchise - All movies were widely well received, this is the culmination of all the good will accumulated with all the previous movies - Every big hero is here (Captain America + Star-Lord + Iron Man + Spider-Man + Thor + Black Panther + Doctor Strange + Hulk) - The ending angle will be a giant draw for everyone (only for everyone to realize too late this is part 1 of a 2 part story lmao, but that won't matter for OW) - Marketing has been top notch, from the teaser trailer to the most recent Chant TV Spot (below) - We really have never seen something of this scale with so many big names in a single cast - It is time for the final blow in the Disney world domination, this will be it The only question remaining is... where will you be when it all ends? The Believers: CJohn - 301M MrPink MovieMan89 - " I think 300 really can happen if the WOM is great out of the gate. Put me in the nuthouse @CJohn." TheDarkKnightOfSteel nick64 " DMan7 Nova WrathOfHan StevenG SpiritComix Chewy - "305M if Hawkguy's in it" (he is in it, we know that) AndyK JamesCameronScholar Rumpot RandomCat cookieleeann AJ2K Warmaster506 McNerdy Sam Sliver Legion KJsooner Boxofficerules AABattery The Losers: That One Guy Coolio Ethan Hunt - "There's no hype lol" IronJimbo filmscholar manny1234 Panda junkshop36 Arlborn cheesypoofs MattW BoxOfficeZ grey ghost EmpireCity Zakiyyah6 a2knet Juby EarlyDeadlinePredictions casabona pepsa 75Live eddyxx FlashMaster659 narniadis CoolEric258 ChipMunky Deja23 Tree Murgatroyd tawasal --Updated until the end of page 10--
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    Hey, there, everyone... I'm not here regularly, but I've seen some chatter regarding MovieTiclets.com tracking and Fandango Pulse tracking. A couple of months ago, I created some hourly reports that track this info for a completely different purpose. Maybe it will help you out as well. Fandango Pulse Pipeline (resets on Mondays) http://akvalley.pythonanywhere.com/static/Fandango_track.txt MovieTickets.com Top 5 (the MovieTickets.com website does not update overnight from about 8 PM CST - 6 AM CST) http://akvalley.pythonanywhere.com/static/MT_track.txt
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    Hey everyone.... I was informed by @baumer of the following..... Since he is a long time mod, he must be right on something like this. It made me realize that I can get everything I need from the board by simply lurking and posting anything isn't really useful and is a joke. It has been great posting here and I will PM a few here some info from time to time, but I think I have provided the board with enough for now. Make sure you all thank Baumer for helping me see this.
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    The week we have all been anticipating is finally here. The end is here. By the time we reach Monday morning, half of the BOT community will still exist, perfectly balanced as all things should be. But until then, lets enjoy this mega weekend together. Hell, I have the entire week off until Tuesday of next week, and we all know how that is gonna turn out for most of you. Accept that you are gonna get banned at some point over the weekend, relax, and have fun! 10 years and 18 movies later, including a bastard child and a few billion of dollars added into the mix, we have reached the culmination of the biggest super franchise of all time. I was there since day one, in 2008, when Paramount unleashed Iron Man into theaters. In fact, most of us probably saw this entire lineup in theaters. The franchise will reach the 6B DOM total in the first few hours of Infinity War's run. Worldwide, the numbers are even more ridiculous, as the MCU will reach the 15B total over Infinity War's opening weekend. Iron Man, directed by Jon Favreau (2008); The Incredible Hulk, directed by Louis Leterrier (2008); Iron Man 2, directed by Jon Favreau (2010); Thor, directed by Kenneth Branagh (2011); Captain America: The First Avengers, directed by Joe Johnston (2011); The Avengers, directed by Joss Whedon (2012); Iron Man 3, directed by Shane Black (2013); Thor: The Dark World, directed by Alan Taylor (2013); Captain America: The Winter Soldier, directed by the Russo brothers (2014); Guardians of the Galaxy, directed by James Gunn (2014); Avengers: Age of Ultron, directed by Joss Whedon (2015); Ant-Man, directed by Peyton Reed (2015); Captain America: Civil War, directed by the Russo brothers (2016); Doctor Strange, directed by Scott Derrickson (2016); Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, directed by James Gunn (2017); Spider-Man: Homecoming, directed by Jon Watts (2017); Thor: Ragnarok, directed by Taika Waititi (2017); Black Panther, directed by Ryan Coogler (2018). Every one of these movies has led to Infinity War, the biggest cinematic crossover of all time. The overseas rollout officially starts Wednesday, with most countries offering Tuesday night previews at midnight. It should be an epic week leading up to one of the most exciting box office weekends of the year. There will be meltdowns. There will be anger. There will be happiness. There will be some DCEU mentions that will get the persons who mentioned it immediately banned, because lets face it, not even the box office comparisons excuse is applicable here. We are here to have fun and enjoy some records getting crushed, so please, avoid personal attacks and baity posts. There is also the spoilers situation... DO NOT POST SPOILERS. NOT EVEN SPOILERS UNDER SPOILER TAGS. This weekend, posting a spoiler will result in an immediate Box Office Discussion Forum ban. You will not be given a warning. We will ban your ass for an entire month and the person in question won't be able to be around for the DP2/Han Solo May madness. This goes for all new releases usually but this is probably the 2nd biggest weekend ever in the BOT forums history behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens' opening weekend so rules will be applied with an iron fist. If you wish to discuss the movie with spoilers, feel free to use the AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Spoiler Thread. Click HERE to go to it. We're looking forward to a great weekend and we realize the over-excitement (or meltdowns) can cause the thread to go off topic. We will be allowing everyone to post freely as long as the off topic discussions don't go overboard. Stick to box office numbers the best you can, but we understand there are dead times where no new numbers arrive and other discussions will surge. We will do our best to keep the most recent numbers in the 2nd post of the first page ALWAYS updated to the most recent estimates. In that way, the persons who just want to check the new numbers only need to go to one place. Last, but not least we are offering a SPECIAL APRIL SALE this weekend. Gold Account Monthly 50% sale Gold Account Annual 25% sale Premium Account Monthly 50% sale Beginning Thursday and ending Monday. The sale's start will also be announced at a later date. Please remember that having a paid account is a donation to keeping this forum around for a long time. We still have the rest of the MCU to go through folks. And that is gonna be a lot of time if these movies keep opening with 200M each. We are posting this weekend thread early to make sure everyone reads the guidelines regarding spoilers, and also because the international rollout starts Tuesday night. Keep it neutral, keep it fun and don't attack others, and you'll be fine. If it becomes something other than that, you risk a temporary ban that will also keep you away from the DP2 and Han Solo opening weekends so please, tread lightly.
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    It should get to 8.7m,Pub Holiday, no midnight , insane number TFA 9.452m -Sch hols, Midnights DH2 7.092m -Sch Hols, midnights TLJ 7.062m -Sch hols, midnights TA 6.003m -Pub hol, same day IW 6 years ago 25/4/12 it also had midnights AUJ 5.902m-Pub hol
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    Told ya that A Quiet Place was going to be a complete break out! $100m+ is locked and it might push towards $150m
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    I legit don't understand why people don't like Iron Man 3. It's simply a blast. Shane Black does a great job with directing the movie. The script is very solid. It has one of the best character arcs in any MCU movie. Heck, the story is one of the best ones in general with a smart, sharp twist and has some actual social commentary. It probably has the best video editing of the franchise. Not the best special effects maybe, but I mean in terms of pacing. Seriously, this is the best Iron Man movie. We probably won't get another one so it's nice that the Iron Man trilogy saved the best for last. In The Avengers, Steve Rodgers ask Tony Stark who is he without the suit. Iron Man 3 answers the question by taking the suit away from him for most of the movie. That he's able to come together and solve the mystery of the Mandarin shows he doesn't need the suit to be a hero. In a later film, he tells Peter Parker that if he's nothing with the suit, he doesn't deserve to wear it. In this movie, he shows that he deserves the Iron Man suit. I love this movie from the excellent beginning to the very end. Even the scenes in Nebraska with the kid, which could have easily become annoying with a bad child actor, work well thanks to excellent casting. Of all the Iron Man movies, this is the one I like to rewatch the most and it did not disappoint yet again. MVP: JARVIS. Paul Bettany simply does such a magnificent job with this AI and let's face it? We all want the Alexa or the Google Home or whatever to be as good as JARVIS. I mean, I'm convinced 75% of the reason those devices were made by Amazon and Google and such was because of JARVIS inspiring engineers at those companies. Best Moment: I mean anything with Trevor Slattery, the actor playing the Mandarin? But I guess if I had to pick one, it's when he nods off during Tony's interrogation of him. "You can take away my house, all my tricks and toys, but one thing you can't take away - I am Iron Man."
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    A Quiet Place is increasing tonight for all of you dorks who thought it would decrease.
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    10.8 Now, this might not sound too crazy, but this is with two weeks left to go. I was asking the guys and not including anything with Star Wars in the title, because they make everything look positively lame in comparison, this is doing VERY well. The highest I think I remember seeing on the Thursday of release was CW, which I think was right at about 10 as well. Black Panther no doubt was higher, but the last number I got was the 7m number 9 days out. This has an extra 5 days and is already almost 4m ahead of it. There's no exact science to this obviously, but I still think it can surpass TLJ's $220m, def not $300m though
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    THE AVENGERS What a movie. What a blockbuster. What an adventure. It does start a bit spotty-the attack at the SHIELD secret headquarters in the first Act is fine but not spectacular then the title card comes and everything from then on is pretty fantastic. Most of the scenes are simply loads of fun taken on their own and they create a cohesive project where you can't help but be lost in the entertainment. It's second act is really great with the attack on the helicarrier probably being it's best action piece. Of course, the battle in New York is epic and contains so many iconic moments like the circle shot, the shot of Hulk swinging Loki around, and even the tracking shot of all the heroes battling the alien invasion army. It might last a little bit too long but then again this is supposed to be an epic battle and that's what we get. It is a bit disappointing that the army shuts down when the nuclear blast wipes out the command center-why does every alien civilization make the mistake of doing this? Would have been better if there was some clean-up that had to be done? But seriously enough with the nit-picking. All of the phase one movies built up to the Avengers and this movie did not let us down. Joss Whedon delivered a spectacular movie that's simply fun to watch every single time. MVP: Nick Fury. Technically not an Avenger but Samuel L. Jackson brings so much energy to the role. He doesn't just bring Nick Fury to life. He delivers every line to the point where you wish he was in the movie more. In fact, he makes a lot of the material work with just his presence alone. Best Moment: Hard to say. So many awesome moments in this movie it's hard to nail down which is the best one. I'm going to go with the one where the old man tells Loki there's always been men like him. "Because if we can't protect the Earth, you can be damned well sure we'll avenge it!"
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    Yes, some folks (journalists and a few bloggers I believe?) got to see the 45 min screening as well. Not sure if the "Youtubers" got to see it yet (honetly the biggest change I've seen in marketing in the last few years, online influencers suddenly are super important). I'd give it a 9.5 atm. I think they loved it, but I didn't exactly go around asking producers for their opinions. Wanted to see the movie and head off right away because I've got work piled on last minute because of filming scheduling gone wrong. I could rate the hairpieces in every movie for DC and Marvel? Depends on spoilers. They want to keep it clamped, but I'd stay off the internet say from Monday. There's going to be a shitton of leaks because this is a massively hyped fan driven movie and someone overseas may see a translation or two, so everyone wants to be the first with the scoop lol. I'm amazed there hasn't been yet, Disney's done a good job and Marvel's marketing team has done a great job (the stuff with some aspects of Thor Ragnorak for example being hidden, got ramped up). I think Disney will probably stick with the embargo.
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    You are also quoting the WEEKEND thread, as in a couple days before. Take that out to a few weeks before and every one of those exceeded expectations. Either way, this movie is hitting a minimum of $225m+ and I will not post again if it doesn't. This is the definition of an event film no matter how many you have to watch leading up to this. Sales and tracking are off the charts. At a minimum it is $220m and at a max I have seen $280m My guess is it hits around $250m or so.
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    Doctor Strange "Dormammu, I've come to bargain." When I first saw this movie, I liked it but I didn't really love it. I thought it was fine, I had some problems that Dr. Strange seemed to become a master of magic a bit too fast, but otherwise enjoyed the spectacle and Benedict Cumberbatch's performance. But somehow, the more times I watch it, the more I enjoy and appreciate it. It's really a blast to watch. Does Dr. Strange become a master too fast still? Maybe, but he did struggle more than I gave him credit for so maybe not. What I can say is that this is a great origin film. The first act is pretty entertaining on it's own even after the opening bit that hints at what's to come with the shifting reality. We see Dr. Strange at the top of his doctor game before getting into a pretty well-done car crash that brings him down. We see his desperation to heal his hands and get his life back. He's a huge jerk to Christine but I think he remains sympathetic simply because we the audience understand just how much being a surgeon meant to him. He may be an egotistical arrogant ass but saving lives was important to him. That counts for something. Eventually, when western medicine fails him, he joins the Ancient One's school and it's interesting how the villain is gone for most of the movie at this point. I think he has one or two scenes to remind us he exists but otherwise, we do spend time with Stephen accepting that magic is real, that he can do magic, and then actually doing magic. And yet when the bland villain finally makes his move, from that point on, it's pretty much non-stop action scenes. We do get a little break when the Ancient One dies, but we get the first New York sanctum attack that leads into the hospital astral fight, the second New York battle that's like Inception times a million, and then the Hong Kong battle. But Dr. Strange doesn't win because he kills the bad guy. He shows a little imagination. Instead he sticks Dormammu in a time loop in probably the most entertaining sequence in the movie. It involves Dr. Strange dying multiple times, Dormammu trying to kill his way out of the problem, before just giving in to Strange's demands. It's something we hadn't seen before, it works really well, and visually it stays interesting because it literally takes place in another dimension. Seriously, it's great it wasn't just another fight with reality twisting because we had just seen that for quite a bit. It's also sad when the movie decided to kill off Tilda Swinton so early largely because she's a great actress who does a great job bringing the Ancient One to life. Say what you will about casting her in the role, she did a magnificent job with it. But her death does carry some real emotion with it and her final tragic moments as she freezes time to live those moments even more are very well done...plus the lightning slowly flashing is a great visual as well. The movie still has it's flaws. It utterly wastes Mads Mikkelsen in a role literally anybody could have played. It uses none of his talents and we get a villain with very little personality or really anything of note. I guess he has a tragic backstory but really who cares? He's just a silly man who thinks something called the "Dark Dimension" is a good thing. Here's a hint: if it was good, it would probably not have a name telling us it's bad. Rachel McAdams is also wasted but hopefully a sequel gives her more to do. And I'm looking forward to a sequel. Mordo could actually be a decent villain. We've spent time with him as a hero, we know who he is already, and I think he has an interesting foil dynamic with Dr. Strange which could lead to a good showdown between them. But until then this is a movie that keeps growing on me. MVP: Wong. Great guy who has some good lines. Hopefully the sequel actually gives him an opportunity to kick some butt because he didn't really get a chance in this one. Best Moment: The Ancient One's final moments. "No one ever is. We don't get to choose our time. Death is what gives life meaning. To know your days are numbered, your time is short."
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    Wow, this looks like the best of the disney star wars movies yet! Seems On par with the originals! Wow, this looks like trash. Kathleen Kennedy has really killed this franchise. star wars is approaching dead horse territory. Now to actually watch the trailer and then edit one of those comments out.
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    The Avengers: The Age of Ultron Are you ready for my hot take? Okay, hot take incoming: Avengers: Age of Ultron is a better movie than the first Avengers movie. Seriously, just like Iron Man 3, that people don't seem to like this movie baffles the mind. It begins with an awesome opening where the Avengers are already assembled, taking down a HYDRA base. That tracking shot got loads of love especially by critics before it opened for a reason. It's such a good way to begin the movie and gets you into this movie. The other action sequences in this movie are awesome. Whether it's the fight at the abandoned ship that turns into a city-wide battle between Iron Man under the Veronica program and a crazy confused Hulk or the excellent chase through South Korea or the final third act battle with an impressive circle shot of the Avengers fighting, this movie simply delivers on the spectacle. The movie is simply fun from beginning to end but it's more than that: there's really compelling parts of the movie too. Okay, sure it has it's weaknesses. There's the forced sequence where Thor goes to a cave so he can get a vision of the infinity stones. But I mean in return for that Joss Whedon was able to do the fantastic farm scenes so I'm cool with it. And yes, seeing Hawkeye's family life was great. Not only did we get more insight into who he is and who cares about him, but it also serves as a perfect sanctuary for the heroes to regroup after having their minds messed with. Another weakness is I don't think most people really care when Quicksilver died. But that's really because of the casting and the X-Men movies that gave us a more delightful Quicksilver. But it did give us Wanda, which I like, and Vision, which I absolutely love and fear that he might die in Infinity War. He has an infinity stone in his forehead after all! Man, would I like a Vision spin-off movie but anyways hopefully he survives Infinity War. Would suck to only get him for three movies. Yes, this movie has lots of strengths. Even the villain is a good one. Ultron might want to destroy the world like Malekith or Ronan but unlike them he actually has a *gasp* personality. You can even see him "grow" as a character as he starts off twisting Iron Man's mission for him into just discarding it completely for revenge. Ultron himself is simply a lot of fun and while he had to be destroyed at the end, like Vision, I think I'm a little sad that had to be. I just have a blast with this movie. (The only thing I really don't like is FRIDAY but this AI is such a small part of the movie.) MVP: I wanna say Vision cause come on he's Vision. He's awesome. So I'm gonna say it. Even if the rest of the movie had sucked, at least we got Vision out of it. Luckily the movie is pretty awesome. Best Moment: When Vision lifts the hammer, instantly earning the team's trust. Or maybe when he uses the hammer to attack Ultron. Two very worthy moments. A non-Vision moment is Tony's glee at discovering a secret door. I have never related to Tony Stark more than in that moment. "Humans are odd. They think order and chaos are somehow opposites and try to control what won't be. But there is grace in their failings. I think you missed that."
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    Holy shit guys. I had forgotten just how fantastic Captain America: The First Avenger is. Like seriously. Easily the best solo Phase One film. Like no competition. Chris Evans is really the perfect person for Steve Rogers. It doesn't help that he looks the part but he's able to capture the character perfectly with his performance. How is he not a bigger star? Meanwhile Hayley Atwell delivers the best romantic interest performance plus Peggy Carter just kicks ass. Let's all take a moment to mourn the cancellation of her amazing TV show. (Right @Trolltastic Tele?) But the film is just a blast. It takes it's cues from the serials of the era but also films like Indiana Jones in it's direction and it works wonders. In fact, of all the Marvel movies, this is the one that feels like a proper classic blockbuster (and just to annoy him I'm gonna tag @Jay Hollywood). It's almost a shame Steve Rodgers has to freeze for 70 years so he could be in the present. And I know I said Thor landed it's emotional beat the best but I'd say this movie matches it. It's comedic moments are also probably the best handled of any Marvel movie. Like seriously why the hell didn't they bring Joe Johnston in to do another Marvel movie? I mean I know he's not the best director out there. He did Jumanji and Jurassic Park III after all. But man did he nail this movie. MVP: I almost went with Captain America because Chris Evans is great then I almost went with Peggy Carter because Haley Atwell is great but I have to go with Col. Chester Philips because Tommy Lee Jones is the best. Plus he has the great lines. In fact, for the most part, he's the comic relief of the movie as well as the tough military leader these movies need. That he can do both at the same time only speaks to Tommy Lee Jones' amazing acting talent. Best Moment: When they are storming the final bunker and Philips kills a HYDRA soldier. The soldier claims that you kill one, two more will take it's place. Tommy Lee Jones' reply? "Let's go find two more." "I'm just a kid from Brooklyn."
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    Dread it, run from it, the 300M OW still arrives.
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    I wanted to say that this club is actually not as crazy as people would think. That is backed by some data out there. With that said, I think what will hurt it is going to be the strength of the hold over releases and running time. Ready Player One, A Quiet Place, Blockers and Rampage are going to hold up pretty well and it will be hard for some theaters to get rid of them and make the necessary space required for this type of opening.
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    in a topic that's predicting a 300 million OW this is the single most ridiculous thing in it.
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    I am guessing Quiet Place is heading towards $20m from the way it looks right now.
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    DA BERGGGGGGGGGG!!! This was Dopeeeee. Its nice to have a real proper adventure blockbuster again and not a big TV episode. I really liked it. More than expected. The music was great. Score works perfect in the movie. Good balance with the pop music. A few to many, lets pause the story for a nostalgia gag which in return makes the characters scenes feel a tad rushed and I wasn't a fan of TJ miller but other than that technically a extremely well done film no surprise from DA BERG. Khan did a fantastic job editing the movie intercutting between both worlds. The Man is 71 years old and fucking killing it making a hipster millennial movie for the masses. My theater was near full and lots of older people and they seemed to dig it.
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    Whew, after some PM's with a couple mods and many others this morning confirming that I actually do provide a lot of value to the forum and that Baumer is flat out wrong (as usual), the people have spoken and I am back folks. Not only that, but I was encouraged to be even more forward in my analysis of not only the info I provide but also of others. I can happily let everyone know that I will be stepping up my "personality" to another level and look forward to being a thorn in the side of those who already don't like my style. Should be fun and looking forward to it. Hope everyone is ready.
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    Oh boy guys this is it!!! It's finally April 13 I'm so excited to see New Mutants on the big screen tonight finally! Can't wait to see what Josh Boone and Fox cooked up for a good horror flick! And it'll be great to see Ana Taylor-Joy follow up Split with a nice hit oh wait...
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    Saw that Pacific Rim Uprising is out of the top 10 on Friday, 14 days after release. One of the fastest movies to go from #1 to outside the top 10. Devil Inside did it in 10 days. Friday the 13th 2009 also took 2 weeks.
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    The tracking has finally taken a great bounce on this and think it is going to break out.
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    when literally all you do is call people dumb with no further argument people start to get suspicious. you look like a poser asshole to everyone because all you ever say is "i know more than these dumbasses" without any expansion. that's at least 20,000 of your posts. like congrats buddy you've got like three different synonyms for stupid you can rotate between i bow to your knowledge and wisdom.
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    Comparison of those gathered sales vs actual box office now released, with "adjusted ticket sales" were I count every 3D sales as 1.2 ticket, adding an other 15% if it is IMAX 3D and 10% for regular IMAX, a quick search for the average 3D ticket surcharge didn't brought anything quickly on Google, so I went for those made up numbers, but I imagine some people would have a better idea of what the average surcharge for what type of PLF tend to be, here it tend to be 3$ on a 10.50/11$ ticket type of deal, making that 20% boost one on the reasonable side. That why you can see a fraction for the numbers of ticket sold in the Adj Sales column. With that little adjustment and by having used a long sampling of time (around 18h30 to midnight), I already upped my correlation factor from 0.89 to 0.95/.96, by sampling a complete week 10 times by hours before the days, filtering for sales for ticket showtime of the actual days we want to estimate box office and with a small correction for genre / rating how many days into the movie run we are, maybe we could get to .97-.98 or so. Peter rabbit, love simon, wrinkle, etc... played a bit more comparable and sold more before 18h30 I would imagine than the rest, love how close PR:U, BP and TR are, I Can only Imagine/Paul also seem to be playing a bit in the similar way or how closer the R-rated one like Game Night/Red Sparrow/Prey at night/Annihilation are from each other versus the rest, Death wish always played a bit more walk up heavy and below that one the sampling is getting too small to be relevant. Isles of Dogs seem to continue the tradition that very new hyped movie are over-preselling, looking at is PTA I would imagine people were reserving seat quite a beat. Sunday March 25th, 2018 Title Adj sales Box office $ by sales Pacific Rim Uprising (2018) 22567.42 7,214,895 319.7 Black Panther 14855.6 5,040,386 339.3 Tomb Raider (2018) 8297.8 2,865,143 345.3 Love Simon 7159 2,101,043 293.5 I Can Only Imagine 6891 4,292,296 622.9 A Wrinkle in Time 5082.4 2,457,156 483.5 Game Night (2018) 4711 1,078,207 228.9 Sherlock Gnomes 4576.6 3,202,603 699.8 Unsane (2018) 3354 947,792 282.6 Paul Apostle of Christ 3219 1,637,641 508.7 Isle of Dogs 2841 486,894 171.4 Midnight Sun (2018) 2573 1,091,000 424.0 Red Sparrow 2418 633,730 262.1 The Strangers Prey at Night 2156 554,614 257.2 Annihilation 1380 270,439 196.0 Peter Rabbit 1083 836,919 772.8 Death Wish (2018) 907 335,346 369.7 The Death of Stalin 480 283,049 589.7 The Greatest Showman 354 181,051 511.4 7 Days in Entebbe 284 180,175 634.4 Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle 235 241,668 1028.4 Fifty Shades Freed 154 78,615 510.5 Thoroughbreds 90 53,605 595.6 The Shape of Water (2017) 75 72,158 962.1 The Hurricane Heist 50 26,599 532.0 Getting Grace 38 33,450 880.3 Star Wars The Last Jedi (2017) 31 27,506 887.3 Gringo (2018) 26 10,512 404.3 Flower (2018) 22 23,409 1064.0 Maze Runner The Death Cure 20 23,380 1169.0 The 1517 to Paris 18 23,667 1314.8 I Tonya 17.2 16,568 963.3 Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri 17 30,257 1779.8 Lady Bird 14 9,393 670.9 12 Strong 13 10,162 781.7 Ferdinand 10 30,670 3067.0 Hostiles 10 6,059 605.9 Winchester (2018) 10 16,938 1693.8 Coco (2017) 7 37,000 5285.7 The Post 5 22,706 4541.2 Correlation 0.95755577
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    Dunno if this has been posted or not but here goes ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ on Track for Heroic Opening' One week before it hits theaters, “Avengers: Infinity War” is poised for a massive box office debut that could unseat 2015’s “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” as the biggest opening of all time in the U.S. and Canada, currently $248 million. The third “Avengers” movie has already sold more than $50 million worth of advance tickets, behind only “The Force Awakens” and December’s “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” in all-time presales, said people familiar with the matter. However, surveys of moviegoers show their interest in seeing “Infinity War” is actually higher than the “Star Wars” films and other comparable blockbusters, according to data reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. Among people surveyed in research widely used in Hollywood, 45% named “Infinity War” as their first choice to see among all upcoming films. At the same point in time before its opening, “The Force Awakens” was at 33%. Some opening night screenings for “Avengers: Infinity War” next Thursday night are already sold out and theaters are adding showings overnight at times like 2:30 a.m. Whether “Infinity War” unseats “The Force Awakens” or falls a bit short, it is good news for Walt Disney Co. , which made it both through its Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm divisions, respectively.
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    To celebrate 10 years of Marvel I've assembled a list, top 10 Marvel moments 1. Vin Diesel wearing stilts to GotG premiere and hurting himself 2. Fan meltdown over IM3 twist 3. Ike getting the boot 4. Avengers OW sploogefest 5. Jeremy Renner sent to Chinese Avengers premiere by himself 6. Feige publicly shitting on Ed Norton for no reason 7. BKB's Incredible Hulk over TDK club 8. Emily Blunt forced to drop out of IM2 to make Gulliver's Travels 9. Black Panther OW sploogefest 10. Glenn Howerton almost landing Star-Lord role HM @Trolltastic Tele joining the Avengers under IM1 club
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    Wish me luck, y'all. Up for a gig that would be very helpful for the next couple of months.
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    1.6m Monday for Black Panther. Down just 12% from last week!!! It has now overtaken Jurassic World for #4 Domestic and overtaken Frozen for #10 Worldwide. https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2018/04/03/black-panther-topped-jurassic-world-despite-a-distinct-box-office-disadvantage/amp/

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