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    dude clocking in everytime a horror movie comes out like it's his job. lol you're really weird.
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    Us if it doesn't hit 29 it's be close, it's higher than DL number, CM 9.1
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    Grown ass people sending death threats to critics, spending hours trolling female and POC led movies, sports fans rioting and chanting racist slogans. These are the people that need handlers. Fans getting excited for something they are looking forward to is harmless. This is bullshit
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    Update: Got kicked out of the queue on Fandango Saw my theater is sold out for most of the night. I pray but I am lost. Am I only praying to silence
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    US F 28,923,540 S 25,378,665 S 16,815,420 We 71,117,625 CM F 9,120,858 -52 S 15,125,497 -49 S 10,025,438 -49 WE 34,271,793 -50 Cume 320,749,628
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    THEY KEPT ADDING SHOWS!!! I COULDN'T KEEP UP!!! to be fair, I had to leave for an hour on business ==== This is NOWHERE NEAR an accurate count for right now, as seats are flying everywhere. But I think the madness has cooled just enough to take a breather. IW Day One Total: 4,662 tickets sold. EG Day One SO FAR: 12,261 tickets sold EG Day One Adjusted for New Sources of Tracking Info: 10,954 tickets sold The Greater Sacramento area has something like 174 showings and counting and it's STILL at around 64% capacity!!!
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    From the 1st April [EDIT:FROM MONDAY 8 APRIL] should we assume that everyone has seen Captain Marvel for the purposes of this thread and allow CM spoilers? Thoughts? Agree:Like Disagree:Not Cool
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