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    Fuck, first covid case in my family (at least that we know of). Just found out earlier that my grandad got covid.
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    France on lockdown on Friday at midnight. The President said this second wave will probably be deadlier than the 1st one. I won't be here with you to comment it, I in tend to use this lockdown to improve my personal well-being through entertaining activities, that's my last comment here as I must protect my mental health from now on as numbers become horrible. Wish you luck everyone, be safe during these last weeks of 2020.
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    Yeah, I am - thanks for checking:). I made a few life changes this summer (thanks to some CLL experts) on top of those I'd made in 2019 for food allergies and for now, while my genetic markers at diagnosis in July should have indicated a really, really rapid disease progression, it seems I've slowed it down (although not stopped it). And slow is what one wants a lot with CLL:). My goal is to stay untreated through 2021, so I'm thinking ahead and longer term:). PS - For those who do leukemia, on top of my crappy deletions and rearrangements, my CD38 positivity at diagnosis was 65% - that's normally the sign it's all going rapid and badly quickly...it's how I earned 6 week blood tests, when most folks at diagnosis get 3 month ones:)...and how I earned getting approved for every old person vaccine now, but one at a time (to not overload my immune system). I just got done the pneumonia series, and next up will probably be Shingles before Covid, b/c my sis has had shingles (so it's in the family), b/c you can't take the shingles one once you need treatment, and b/c I don't know which Covid vaccine is gonna work for my protein deletions (so, that's gonna wait on the doc getting up to speed - we're gonna chat in Dec at my next appt, but I think he'll want Shingles series 1st, then Covid one)...
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    As of Tuesday 2PM, the first holiday the film has had, it's aiming for around 800,000 admissions at the usual locations, and accounting for the better share that rural locations have on weekdays (~33% versus ~25% on weekends), we can probably safely predict it exceeding 1.1 million admissions overall for the day. Only looking at a 300%+ increase over last Tuesday.That'll give it around ¥1.4/1.5 billion ($13/14 million+) today if it holds steady. Higher than its opening day, and higher than either this past Saturday or Sunday.
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    It’s all a bit surreal watching this play out from a place where we have returned to normal or as near can be without a vaccine. I mean here if u look at the second wave here, it really only hit Victoria which after heavy lockdowns has managed to stop the spread. (17+ days of 0 new cases). At its peak it reached close to 1000/day. That is in a city of over 4m. This virus can be controlled. It may look like overreactions but that little of pain can return quicker to normal instead of a never ending battle. rn there is small cluster in Adelaide (up 20 or so atm) but nearly all states have shut borders and Adelaide has returned to restrictions (not fully but u get the idea) anyway as a result it means in QLD at least cinemas and restaurants are allowed to fill again. Major football match tomorrow will be allowed 100% capacity. The list goes on. With some sense this can be controlled and we can live it as a result. sad to see how other counties are dealing. Wishing everyone good health.
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    Evaluating an offer agains the money you've already spent is like Intro to Business wk 2 stupidity. Sunk. Cost. Fallacy. You’ve got to compare it to what you can realistically profit going forward, and if they think they’re getting a 1B+ WW gross in April seems like they’re in fantasyland. Obviously without knowing many of the particulars of the deal and behind the scenes financial situation we can’t say what a reasonable break even is, but 400 for a year seems like it’s got to be getting at least close.
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    To the US posters, have a Happy Thanksgiving today! (And to all others, have a happy Thursday!) While the year might be tough, there's always a lot to be thankful for, even through a period of relative darkness:). I'm very thankful for all of you on this board and all the communication, wide-ranging info, intelligent thoughts, humor, support, and sometimes just mindless distraction you all provide:)...while we haven't had a lot of box office numbers, we've still had a lot of discussion that's enriched my life this year:).
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    John Campea mentioned on his show yesterday (even before the WW84 news broke) that he has heard from sources that Disney will announce Black Widow's move to Disney + in their investors meeting in December. I think the days of billion dollar movies is truly over as the production companies are truly invested in streaming now. And honestly why wouldn't they be as once Disney gets their subscription numbers up to where Netflix's currently is they will earn the kind of money they did last year virtually every single year.
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    Part 1's been updated. Like others have said, would encourage players to post any schedule changes here instead of in the Telegram chat.
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    THE SECOND QUARTER (PART ONE) Totem of the Elders Year 6's Shiverin' Gulch is not seeing a direct sequel, at least not right away, but it is seeing a spin-off directed by none other than Mad Max: Fury Road's George Miller, which if nothing else should raise a few eyebrows. What should also raise a few eyebrows is that this spin-off isn't even connected to Gulch outside of being set in the same universe, which in my opinion is a bit of a bold gamble when you've only had one film to establish the "universe" thus far. Is being ahead of the curve the right move, or is Blankments Productions risking confusing audiences or saturating them before the franchise even really gets to take off? As for Totem's positioning on the calendar, the mid-April release date is pretty solid as of this writing, allowing plenty of time to excavate before the Mass Effect threequel bows three weeks later, and far enough from Cookie Pictures' Zelda film that it'll be a bit of a non-factor by the time Totem arrives. Shiverin' Gulch received generally positive reviews and had solid holds for an October release, but as stated before, it's a question if it's enough to convince audiences to go for an unconnected spin-off when they might be expecting a real sequel. Increase from predecessor? LIKELY To repeat, the main thing that's holding me back on Totem of the Elders is the fact that it's not Shiverin' Gulch 2. Not even close to it. It may be rendered a moot point by the final product, but the question is if moviegoers are going to readily accept a wholly unconnected spin-off before a proper sequel, and I think if it fails to meet expectations that could hurt it exponentially. While I think Miller is more than capable of delivering a solid product, the hurdles the film have to clear with box office are a bit higher than it would've been had we've gotten a proper sequel instead. Predict: $125-$200 million ----- Mass Effect: Revelation I'm not sure how widespread this belief is, but to me, the third Mass Effect is the first real contender for being the top dog of Year 8, at least among the current crop. Yes, maybe something prior to it will surprise big time, but Mass Effect is the first on the calendar that screams "event" to me. Static Shock, Pokémon and Zelda may all be big, but the highs that the crew of Normandy are gunning for their third mission I see as closer to the likes of Green Lantern Corps and Scavenger Wars. Yes, we're in that territory. I am of the opinion that the Mass Effect saga is a lid waiting to blow, and I've held that belief for a while. Ascension was generally regarded as a substantial improvement on its predecessor and one of the best tentpole films of Y6, and I think its marginal increase at the domestic box office from the first film is going to be rectified big time with the third installment. Not just because of Ascension's reception, but because we're finally moving into iconic storylines and locales from the games with all the stellar set up from two previous films. Like Ascension the current conditions are in Revelation's favor, from a three-week monopoly on IMAX screens in addition to the coveted first weekend of May release date. These conditions could make a sharp turn for the worse should more films decide they want to challenge it, but I honestly wouldn't recommend they do that. Mass Effect's one weakness as a franchise, though, has been underwhelming legs. Revelation was slightly more frontloaded than its predecessor despite more favorable conditions, so reaching the heights I'm predicting at the moment will take a monster opening weekend. The same percentage increase from the first film to Ascension would net Revelation an opening in the mid-140s, but I think it can go a step higher than that, especially if it follows the trend of Numerator Pictures' other threequel, Pillars of Eternity: An Ancient Legacy. Increase from predecessor? HIGHLY LIKELY Sure, Revelation is not the conclusion of an ongoing story arc like An Ancient Legacy, but for me and I believe most people's money, it doesn't have to be. All of this could change if the film fails to deliver, but after Ascension I have the utmost faith in the crew of the Normandy to step up to the plate, bring all their biggest stars out on the field (go, Garrus), and aim for the fences in the next town over. Just remember to have your feet on the ground and not miss a swing. Predict: $375-$500 million ----- Sisters of Jump Street While real life continues failing to deliver the Men in Black / Jump Street crossover that's been thrown around since 2014, Endless Entertainment is hoping to work its magic with a female-led spin-off in the tight window between the Mass Effect and One Punch Man sequels. While the cast may bring flashes of the failed Charlie's Angels reboot for some, the Jump Street spin-off has a solid enough director behind the wheel and the previous films are still held in enough high regard among audiences that it should command attention during opening weekend. Will audiences go for a spin-off after all this time instead of a proper third film, though? Increase from predecessor? UNLIKELY This was very close to dropping into the bottom tier because the $191 million domestic gross of 2014's 21 Jump Street is going to be a tough act to follow, especially when it's a spinoff, but there is one factor that makes Sisters of Jump Street a bit of a dark horse in this scenario: Going off of the advance schedule, the spring to early summer window is littered with films aimed primarily at either male audiences or families, not many for women. Past May comedic hits like the first Neighbors, Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect 2 succeeded acting as counter-programming to the action-heavy tentpoles (yes, Jump Street is also an action series, but it's seen as a comedy first and foremost) should be considered as well, as their adjusted grosses put them close to the $191 million mark (I think). Close is never cigar, obviously, but it's worth considering. Just because I raise the possibility though doesn't mean I think it'll happen — the stars kinda have to align for this one to break out of its expected range, in my opinion. The point of this forecast is to explore potential angles and explain my reasonings with entirely preliminary info, not to decipher any race before it's even started. Predict: $90-150 million One Punch Man: A Monster Rises One of the least controversial predictions of Year 8 is that Lager Pictures' One Punch Man sequel is going to see a drop from its Year 5 predecessor. The only question on everyone's mind is, "how much?" From a very mixed reception to the original film to a somewhat less favorable release window — Memorial Day is Memorial Day, but A Monster Rises will have two to three weeks before summer weekdays kick in, which means the film has to surpass expectations for weekly holds to still be in a position to be seeing much benefit — there's a wide range of possibilities going from absolutely catastrophic, to disappointing, to not bad given the circumstances. It kind of comes down to if the consensus on A Monster Rises is that it's an improvement or not. The smaller and more focused plotline already promised is a good start, as I don't think there's any use going broader when the whole plot of the series is that your hero can kill anyone with one punch. The opening weekend of a sequel is often a referendum on what audiences thought of the last film, so an improved quality won't help A Monster Rises much there, but it could lead to better than expected holds in the long run. Increase from predecessor? HIGHLY UNLIKELY Some would argue One Punch Man vastly overperformed and its very mixed reception is going to bring the sequel far down to earth. I'm in agreement that there's not much use in hoping for an audience expansion, rather Lager Pictures should work on preventing the franchise from bleeding out completely. I think a much more focused, exciting sequel would do the trick, so I am optimistic for what the studio has in store. Predict: $170-$240 million
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    Studios need to release/sell all their 2020 movies on/to streaming/vod/Ppv etc and be done with it. It is unfortunate, but gotta take the hit and move on.
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    I don’t understand the “delays deflate hype” argument at all. I expect it will be the reverse. Of course people on average are less interested in this now than they were last February — it’s much farther from release and hasn’t had serious marketing for months. Same opinion goes equally for the non-MCU movies like Bond, AQP, WW84, etc
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    (in tags because this is uber long lol)
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    @CayomMagazine Cookie Pictures has just told the magazine that their upcoming Hilda sequel, directed by Over the Garden Wall and The Owl House creators Patrick McHale and Dana Terrace, is looking to bow on December 12th, Y9. The studio wishes to keep mum on plot details at least until Y8, but production is looking to ramp up as the year progresses to get a good head-start. No dates for other Y9 films have been explored openly as of yet.
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    @numeratorpictures Television director Liz Friedlander has been hired to direct Losers Weepers, the sequel to the breakout critical surprise Finders Keepers. Losers Weepers will release January Year 8.
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    From Corpse: I'm about to post the Top 100 Grossing Films list with Demon Slayer now added to it.And in addition to its current placement on the list, as of Monday, I'm going to provide a long-range forecast of sorts through next Tuesday (November 3rd). This forecast is NOT a prediction Top 100 Highest-Grossing Films of All-Time001. ¥31.66 billion ($257.0 million) - Spirited Away (2001)*_______________ 002. ¥26.20 billion ($212.0 million) - Titanic (1997) 003. ¥25.50 billion ($249.6 million) - Frozen (2014) 004. ¥25.03 billion ($236.5 million) - Your Name. (2016) 005. ¥20.30 billion ($163.7 million) - Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001) 006. ¥20.15 billion ($173.5 million) - Princess Mononoke (1997)*_______________ 007. ¥19.60 billion ($190.0 million) - Howl's Moving Castle (2004) 008. ¥17.35 billion ($164.5 million) - Bayside Shakedown: Save the Rainbow Bridge! (2003) 009. ¥17.30 billion ($147.8 million) - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)~¥17.00 billion ($162.0 million) - Demon Slayer: Mugen Train (2020) *19-Day Projection*~¥16.11 billion ($153.3 million) - Demon Slayer: Mugen Train (2020) *18-Day Projection*~¥15.66 billion ($149.0 million) - Demon Slayer: Mugen Train (2020) *17-Day Projection* 010. ¥15.60 billion ($188.7 million) - Avatar (2009) 011. ¥15.50 billion ($156.0 million) - Ponyo (2008)_______________~¥14.41 billion ($137.1 million) - Demon Slayer: Mugen Train (2020) *16-Day Projection* 012. ¥14.19 billion ($131.7 million) - Weathering With You (2019)* 013. ¥13.70 billion ($126.7 million) - The Last Samurai (2003) 014. ¥13.50 billion ($125.1 million) - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004) 014. ¥13.50 billion ($66.9 million) - E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) 016. ¥13.40 billion ($100.0 million) - Armageddon (1998) 017. ¥13.35 billion ($122.3 million) - Frozen II (2019)~¥13.21 billion ($125.7 million) - Demon Slayer: Mugen Train (2020) *15-Day Projection* 018. ¥13.11 billion ($117.3 million) - Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) 019. ¥12.85 billion ($120.6 million) - Jurassic Park (1993) 020. ¥12.70 billion ($117.6 million) - Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999)~¥12.65 billion ($120.4 million) - Demon Slayer: Mugen Train (2020) *14-Day Projection* 021. ¥12.40 billion ($109.7 million) - Beauty and the Beast (2017)~¥12.27 billion ($116.8 million) - Demon Slayer: Mugen Train (2020) *13-Day Projection* 022. ¥12.16 billion ($112.0 million) - Aladdin (2019) 023. ¥12.02 billion ($123.5 million) - The Wind Rises (2013) 024. ¥11.80 billion ($142.8 million) - Alice in Wonderland (2010)~¥11.76 billion ($112.0 million) - Demon Slayer: Mugen Train (2020) *12-Day Projection* 025. ¥11.63 billion ($96.3 million) - Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)026. ¥11.33 billion ($107.9 million) - Demon Slayer: Mugen Train (2020) *After 11-Days, Est.* 027. ¥11.00 billion ($46.0 million) - Antarctica (1983) 027. ¥11.00 billion ($88.0 million) - The Matrix Reloaded (2003) 027. ¥11.00 billion ($102.4 million) - Finding Nemo (2003) 027. ¥11.00 billion ($90.5 million) - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005) 031. ¥10.90 billion ($102.4 million) - Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007) 032. ¥10.80 billion ($130.7 million) - Toy Story 3 (2010) 033. ¥10.65 billion ($92.7 million) - Independence Day (1996) 034. ¥10.32 billion ($100.2 million) - The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2004) 035. ¥10.10 billion ($85.0 million) - Bayside Shakedown (1998) 036. ¥10.09 billion ($94.3 million) - Toy Story 4 (2019) 037. ¥10.02 billion ($82.3 million) - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006)
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    This will happen. Studios get what I tried to imply. WW84 is the first. Many more to follow.
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    Theatrical business will be depressed in most markets next year as well. WB probably thought they are better off monetizing as much as possible instead of delaying it anymore. I agree at this point there is no point producing mega budget blockbusters until there is a sense of normalcy. I dont think Disney will also postpone any of their blockbusters beyond current plans. It costs tons of money to do it. Dont forget Disney lost almost 5B last quarter(though theme park are the biggest hit and will continue to be hit next year as well). So WB and others are better off producing good content for streaming rather than investing in theatrical releases until we have conquered the beast. That will take a while. I am convinced the vaccine is going to be 100% effective and plus it will take time to vaccinate critical mass(not easy with deniers). We still have to take care for long time. I will probably subscribe HBO for a month to check this out for sure.
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    THE THIRD QUARTER (PART TWO) / THE FOURTH QUARTER (PART ONE) Fullmetal Alchemist: A Tale of Two Brothers As far as this adaptation of the iconic manga/anime series is concerned, this is the fall season’s largest wildcard. With an unconventional release date for a tentpole film (yes, the two It films made a lot of money in the post-Labor Day frame, but we’ve yet to see an action/fantasy blockbuster appear in that release slot) and the spotty track record for anime adaptations in CAYOM so far, this can go either way. Setting aside my opinions on the version I’ve pre-read, quality and timing is going to play a major factor for this film, which renders the floor pretty low in the event that it disappoints, but the ceiling isn’t too bad if it gets above average reviews. A Tale of Two Brothers’s main contention, outside of whether it’ll be good or not, isn’t audience fatigue of tentpoles from the summer prior, rather it’ll be audience attention being stolen by what’s ahead of it. Both Metroid and the Green Arrow sequel two and three weeks later are going to be huge roadblocks, and a back-to-black blow could effectively end FMA’s run before the October onslaught even kicks into gear, so it has to bank on making as much income as possible in the little window it has which, given its uncertain status, is not going to be an easy feat. Effectively, I believe the film has to break out on opening weekend to have a decent chance at the two-hundred million dollar mark, and that’s going to be a tall order, especially if it’s more Bleach than Megalo Box. Predict: $100-$180 million ----- Metroid Having been in development for quite a few years and hopped between at least two studios, Horizon Entertainment is hoping to finally bring the semi-neglected Nintendo franchise to the big screen in Year 8. The studio has found a comfortable snuggle room in the $125 to $190 million range, but whether Metroid will be able to break out of that norm is entirely dependent on if it holds up and if the fall season plays out as scheduled. For some reason, the fall season is a real doozy this year. Metroid is in a weird space (pun not intended) as far as Nintendo IPs go. Its level of recognition is closer to that of Mario and Zelda than that of, say, Chibi-Robo, but Nintendo themselves have given the series sparse treatment over the years. This has improved somewhat lately, despite the issues facing Metroid Prime 4 at the moment, but I’m not entirely sure where the series stands as of this writing. That hasn’t stopped Pillars of Eternity and Mass Effect from being big CAYOM players despite their IRL creators’ treatment of them, and I feel a decent Metroid adaptation would be successful regardless, but if I’ve taken the IRL popularities of Zelda and Animal Crossing into account thus far, I can’t entirely discount Metroid's. Much like Fullmetal Alchemist, Metroid is currently sandwiched between multiple competitors which is going to make it that much harder to develop sustainable business going forward. While I don’t think a mid-September release is going to hinder a substantial opening weekend, just how high it goes could entirely depend on the final product. Space movies are favored in the CAYOM landscape, but just how much that favorability helps it stand out from the crowd remains to be seen. Provided the situation remains as is, my prediction is going to be on the modest end. Predict: $140-$200 million ----- Green Arrow: The Ninth Circle This was not on the advance schedule, but I decided to include it since it was already posted by the time I began doing the forecast. The first Green Arrow was like Static Shock on a lower scale — skating by with decent if unremarkable reviews and a legendarily weak summer season. With the sequel going bigger in scope but also into a more crowded market (seriously, why is fall so crowded?), can Endless Entertainment recreate the moderate success of the first film or will this B-list superhero strike out on round two and have to go back to the CW channel? Increase from predecessor? UNLIKELY / LIKELY The reason this is a border case is, as mentioned with both Fullmetal Alchemist and Metroid, the competition. The Ninth Circle is in a very cramped position, and while being a sequel to a moderately successful film gives it some advantage, there’s also the 50-50 track record of Endless Entertainment sequels (for every Green Lantern there’s a Treasure Planet) and the historical comparison to the Kingsman sequel which also opened in late September after its predecessor opened elsewhere. Part of Kingsman: The Golden Circle’s failure stemmed from being a bloated rehash of what came before it, so if The Ninth Circle can avoid as many comparisons as possible besides the unfortunate title, it should be able to weather the incoming storm a little bit better. That said, I feel opening weekend has to be a substantial improvement from its predecessor’s $53 million for an increase to be possible, because competition is going to make a huge dent on its fortunes as things currently stand. Predict: $130-$185 million ----- Untitled Olive the Other Reindeer Halloween Sequel This one is in a bit of a precarious position not on basis of potential quality or any competition surrounding it (other family films have stayed well clear as of yet), but rather on its confirmed premise. This is gonna take some explaining. Olive the Other Reindeer, bowing in Year 5, was one of the best received family films of that year, even garnering Jake Gyllenhaal a Best Supporting Actor award, so naturally expectations should be pretty high going into any follow-up. As doing another Christmas storyline would’ve been understandably repetitive, Blankments Productions have taken the Dr. Suess route (see: The Grinch) and based the second entry on the spookier time of year, and from what I understand taking on a darker and potentially more divisive storyline as well. While all that is interesting, it does lead into why I’m making this predict. Increase from predecessor? UNLIKELY / LIKELY Here’s the thing: Christmas is by far the most dominant holiday of the year, and whenever a formerly Christmas-themed property moves away from the jolly old holidays and into a different time of year, the result is almost always inferior and draws less interest. Not that I believe the Olive sequel will be inferior without having seen it, but some of the built-in interest may be lesser the second time around, which is unfortunate given how well received the original was. That said, the good reception is going to mitigate a lot of the inherent disadvantage, I feel. The film brings back basically the whole cast while introducing some fresh faces, and even if some plot elements may not end up being to everyone’s taste, I don’t think it’ll be to the film’s financial detriment either unless those changes are so drastic they turn people who might have otherwise been interested off from it. Plus, as Halloween dawns at the end of the month there should be one last sweet bounce in revenue before the holiday releases start drowning it out. Predict: $195-$240 million ----- Abomination Films aimed more at older audiences and awards are a lot harder to predict, since they more or less ride or die on their reviews. That’s going to be a bit of a theme with some of the predicts in the coming months as we move into the “Oscar-bait season”, for the lack of a better term. That said, the premise of this (basically Frankenstein from the monster’s perspective) should solidify some solid interest from the get-go as long as it isn’t too cerebral or esoteric. Having seen the director’s work, I expect a fairly grounded approach to the fantastical elements, which should bode well financially if the film’s good enough. The cast is at least bound to get some attention. Predict: $40-$90 million (disclaimer: I don’t know what the budget is so I don’t know how high Lager Pictures is aiming here) ----- World of Trouble To me, both The Last Policeman and Countdown City are awesome films (despite the presence of Ansel Elgort, who thankfully has been recast with our boi Alden Erenreich), and after the latter acquired a Best Picture nomination while seeing a massive surge at the box office (going from $85 million to $170 million), expectations are undoubtedly very high for the final chapter of the trilogy. Will Hank and Nico reconcile as the end of all life on earth finally dawns? Just how deep does the government conspiracy we’ve been hearing since the beginning go? What’s gonna happen to the cute doggy, other than that it’s probably going to be vaporized with the rest of them? Increase from predecessor? LIKELY I’m only covering my bases as far as including the possibility that the final chapter could be a letdown (disclaimer: I have not read any of the books, so I don’t know how it ends) and that, unlike some other trilogy finishers like Odyssey, Pillars of Eternity and The Scavenger Wars (to an extent), I think the nature of these films being atmospheric police dramas means the ceiling is naturally going to be lower, so I don’t expect some crazy explosion at the finish line, but a perfectly solid result nonetheless. As far as competition goes, Abomination, Four Songs of the Wise and Dirty Hands all release in October, but they are more likely to be targets rather than threats, so on the adult drama scene it should be smooth sailing all the way into November. Part of what helped get Countdown City to $170 million though was strong legs well into Thanksgiving, and that’s a bit more of a question mark this time, especially since I expect a bit more frontloading with it being the last chapter. Not to the point it’ll make a huge difference, but a somewhat noticeable one. Still, I don’t think Numerator Pictures has much to worry about. Predict: $160-$215 million ----- Four Songs of the Wise Wait, Peter Bogdanavich is back directing? (Yes, he's appeared in a few stuff recently, but he hasn't directed a feature film since 2014, and it's been decades since any of his films have seen a wide release.) But yes, everything from the director choice, to the premise, to… basically all of it, suggests it won’t be very commercial. It should do a bit better than pretty much all of Bogdanovich’s films post-Mask on the basis of securing a wide enough release, maybe a little bit more if it garners any awards attention, but this is probably going to be the lowest predict I’ll make on this forecast. Not that much to dig into here. Predict: $5-$15 million ----- Panzer Dragoon New Journey Pictures hopes to cut a slice out of the fantasy market that doesn’t involve making your otherwise grounded story go bonkers halfway through (with mixed results) with this loose adaptation of a Sega Saturn cult classic. I have played Panzer Dragoon once or twice, but I’m not familiar with the lore or what NJP hopes to squeeze out of it, so I’d be interested in seeing what they come up with, especially since I do love me some dragons. The mid-October release date I don’t think is a coincidence either, as this time last year the studio had its by far biggest hit with Megalo Box grossing over a billion dollars worldwide, so the hope is for lightning to strike again, even if I wouldn’t call it especially likely. I think the fortunes of this one sort of depends on how audiences feel after the blockbuster onslaught during the five weeks prior — after Fullmetal Alchemist, Metroid, Green Arrow, Olive, and World of Trouble, it’s possible audiences might be spent for the season — and the looming Avatar: The Last Airbender adaptation dropping in early November may mean some skip Panzer Dragoon for it. I don’t think Dragoon could skirt by on being merely average (disclaimer: I don’t know what the budget is) or, worse, mediocre, but if it manages to impress I think it should be able to cling on just fine. That’s a bit of an unfair weight to put on it, perhaps, but with the fall season being surprisingly cutthroat as of this writing, I think more needs to be done to stand out. Predict: $80 - $180 million (big range, but I’m covering my bases here)
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    From Corpse: Not only is it an excellent sub-15% drop versus last Monday, it's still so high that its fifth Monday is higher than the first Monday of all the recent uber-blockbusters in the past several years. And it's higher than a lot of opening days for your standard blockbusters. _________________ Its 5th Monday is still higher than Frozen 2's 1st Monday...
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    Seems like ¥860mn Sunday and ¥1.66bn weekend (-34%). Total ¥20.28Bn ($193.6mn). Let's see what actuals are tomorrow. For now thinking ¥3Bn 4th week, which keeps it on ¥35Bn route but ¥38Bn may be tough.
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    Glen Powell and Sonoya Mizuno set to star in Island horror film Anchors from director Alex Garland
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    Demon Slayer Day Date Daily To Date % +/- YD / LW* Daily in $ To Date in $ Day Fri 16 Oct 20 ¥1,268,725,000 ¥1,268,725,000 $12,037,200 $12,037,200 1 Sat 17 Oct 20 ¥1,701,723,000 ¥2,970,448,000 $16,145,400 $28,182,600 2 Sun 18 Oct 20 ¥1,652,670,000 ¥4,623,118,000 -2.88% $15,680,000 $43,862,600 3 Mon 19 Oct 20 ¥748,400,000 ¥5,371,518,000 -54.72% $7,093,800 $50,956,400 4 Tue 20 Oct 20 ¥553,400,000 ¥5,924,918,000 -26.06% $5,240,500 $56,196,900 5 Wed 21 Oct 20 ¥630,000,000 ¥6,554,918,000 13.84% $6,034,500 $62,231,400 6 Thu 22 Oct 20 ¥472,000,000 ¥7,026,918,000 -25.08% $4,503,800 $66,735,200 7 Fri 23 Oct 20 ¥685,865,000 ¥7,712,783,000 45.31% -45.94% $6,550,800 $73,286,000 8 Sat 24 Oct 20 ¥1,500,945,000 ¥9,213,728,000 118.84% -11.80% $14,335,700 $87,621,700 9 Sun 25 Oct 20 ¥1,540,504,000 ¥10,754,232,000 2.64% -6.79% $14,713,500 $102,335,200 10 Mon 26 Oct 20 ¥612,700,000 ¥11,366,932,000 -60.23% -18.13% $5,835,200 $108,170,400 11 Tue 27 Oct 20 ¥473,300,000 ¥11,840,232,000 -22.75% -14.47% $4,520,500 $112,690,900 12 Wed 28 Oct 20 ¥521,600,000 ¥12,361,832,000 10.20% -17.21% $5,001,000 $117,691,900 13 Thu 29 Oct 20 ¥393,300,000 ¥12,755,132,000 -24.60% -16.67% $3,763,600 $121,455,500 14 Fri 30 Oct 20 ¥546,100,000 ¥13,301,232,000 38.85% -20.38% $5,230,800 $126,686,300 15 Sat 31 Oct 20 ¥1,212,313,000 ¥14,513,545,000 121.99% -19.23% $11,578,900 $138,265,200 16 Sun 01 Nov 20 ¥1,286,355,000 ¥15,799,900,000 6.11% -16.50% $12,274,400 $150,539,600 17 Mon 02 Nov 20 ¥791,000,000 ¥16,590,900,000 -38.51% 29.10% $7,547,700 $158,087,300 18 Tue 03 Nov 20 ¥1,194,000,000 ¥17,784,900,000 50.95% 152.27% $11,393,100 $169,480,400 19
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    Germany's Top20 last weekend: title admissions th. PTA total adm. total € drop week 1 Greenland 106.378 548 194 225.505 1.955.443 +25 2 2 Yakari 97.624 583 167 119.662 818.103 - 1 3 Jim Knopf 2 71.139 722 99 770.223 5.427.098 -1 5 4 Drachenreiter 48.388 643 75 237.564 1.691.490 -3 3 5 The Witches 46.644 325 144 46.644 383.164 - 1 6 Es ist zu Deinem Besten 42.078 623 68 288.374 2.399.365 +3 4 7 The Secret Garden 41.921 521 80 206.836 1.545.122 -3 3 8 Tenet 31.622 403 78 1.639.431 16.263.053 +1 10 9 Und morgen die ganze Welt 27.543 140 197 32.662 259.384 - 1 10 La Daronne 16.914 253 67 134.696 1.089.333 +31 4 11 Dawn of the Dead 14.938 336 44 15.140 129.998 - 1 12 Gott, du kannst ein Arsch sein! 14.839 427 35 228.449 1.870.252 -15 5 13 Der Hexenclub - 1 14 Antoinette dans les Cévennes 10.450 200 52 28.147 224.577 +13 2 15 Ooops! 2 10.175 366 28 236.750 1.590.705 -33 6 16 Schwesterlein 9.636 60 161 10.299 86.161 - 1 17 After We Collided 8.618 258 33 934.481 7.864.417 -30 9 18 The Mortuary Collection 8.282 264 31 20.337 173.981 -6 2 19 No Escape 8.204 156 53 179.704 1.564.412 +28 11 20 Clara und der magische Drache 7.189 137 52 8.653 55.593 - 1 Nice weekend with a lot of increases, a good opener in comic book adaption Yakari (already a TV series) and not a single release in the Top20 under 7k admissions! Remarkable numbers for the re-release of Dawn of the Dead! Sadly, cinemas are closed from now on and will stay so at least through November, usually one of the strongest months.
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    From Corpse: ! It surpassed its first Monday hours ago. Today, it's 18th day, is its biggest single weekday now and breaks the Monday record. It's going to be near 800 million ($7.5 million) and 600,000 admissions. This is nearly as high as the third Monday's for Endgame and The Force Awakens in the U.S.. And it's not a holiday. It's benefiting from being before a holiday, but it's not a holiday and even came off a discounted Sunday.
  34. 5 points
    So, it's looking to add ¥700-750 million ($6.5-7 million) / 550,000-600,000 more admissions today, Monday, unless it somehow slows down in the evening/night--which it most definitely won't since reservations are very high later on due to Tuesday bring a holiday.And Tuesday, being a holiday, is going to at least come in 50% higher than today, likely earning ¥1-1.2 billion ($9.5-11.5 million) / 800,000-900,000 admissions (probably around this past Saturday's numbers). Roughly. It's unlikely to go much lower than that range if it does.Therefore... after Tuesday, its 19th-day in release, its total will be around ¥17.5-17.8 billion ($167-170 million) / 13.2-13.4 million admissions. That pushes it up from 10th biggest film of all-time after 17-days, to 8th biggest film of all-time after 19-days.It will need a sudden and serious collapse beginning Wednesday to miss ¥20 billion ($190 million+) / 15 million admissions after next Sunday, its 24th-day in release. It's likely to be a bit higher than that to become the 5th biggest film of all-time already. Just for reference.... it took Spirited Away 61-days to reach that milestone, which is the current record. Demon Slayer is going to reach this mark almost 3x faster than the old record, a mark that only four films have ever grossed.
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    Cookie Pictures presents Coming March Y9 Coming July 1st, Y9 Coming December 12th, Y9 Coming sometime Y10 @import url('https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Amatic+SC&display=swap');
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    Yeah, I haven't posted much on my health since my diagnosis this summer...the reason - it's been good for what it could be...so, it's a "no news is good news" scenario:). Plus, I've been using the boards as an escape for movies, so fixating on health here wasn't what I wanted - but I'll always post if someone asks (or if it goes downhill - the spouse knows he can hop on my account to do that:)... And thanks for the positivity - I'll take all thoughts, positive vibes, and prayers as long as folks want to send them my way...they never hurt (and who knows - maybe they are helping b/c I'm already slightly bucking my trend:)...
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    Is this Venom 2 you're talking about here? Because, yeah I agree.
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    We obviously don’t have a crystal ball. We don’t know how the vaccine distribution will go, if people will take them, etc. And we all know that most of the theaters will not survive their current form without another six months of content. That all said, The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the Gold Star Standard when it comes to IP/Brands. It is. Full Stop. Haters to the left. Before the pandemic, they were one of the only large fandom properties that consistently got people in to the theaters, that consistently created positive buzz on social media, and that consistently turned a profit. If there is anything that will get people back to a movie theater in May, it is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They have WandaVision coming in January 15, 2021. No reason to drop Black Widow on Disney+ before May. They’re going to be able to keep the stans subbed up from Jan-March on that. The Falcon and Emo Boy are coming around June-July. That is a nice bit of content with no overlaps (which is how they normally do it). I never expected Black Widow to make like 100+ on its opening weekend. I felt that between her arc already finishing in Endgame, the movie coming out probably like five years later than it should’ve, and ScarJo being ScarJo, we were going to see some cooling off before the A Team (Eternals, Strange, Thor, BP) showed up. That said, I still think it can open strong. Particularly if Marvel does Marvel and markets it as “We’re Back and So Are The Movies” Event of 2021. But it’s not going to Disney+.
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    Cinema is dead. Endgame was the last time we will have witnessed a true theatralic box office run. Abandon all hope. Streaming will destroy everything we love.
  40. 4 points
    I should clarify, I'm talking DOM SJ 2: 325 DOM 1.25B WW SC: 215 DOM /1.6 b WW
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    This is not talked about enough My wife had Covid back in late March. She had outpatient surgery today. Shes had plenty of surgeries before and never had problems before. We are now on hour 7 in the recovery room. If shes not on oxygen her levels drop down to the low 80s. Luckily we have oxygen at home or she'd be spending the night. After the anasteologist found out she had had Covid they had to make sure there was a room available because its not unusual for former Covid patients to have issues like this
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    About goddamn time: From what I can tell, she's deserved this opportunity for a very long time and I'm just going to say I'm glad to see she's finally been given a chance to make her shot. @4815162342 @Plain Old Tele @TwoMisfits @Webslinger plus other baseball fans currently active on BOT.
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    While i personally am not an expert of the Japanese market, i can explain why Demon Slayer is the property that is posting these numbers. Demon Slayers manga debuted in 2016 on the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine and was at first succesfull, but not like a phenomenon or so. Then last year the anime series hit and became exactly that phenomenon in Japan and many other countries in the world. The anime is listed on many Top 10 lists of the decade for a reason. And when the anime ended back in September 2019, the manga sales of the series exploded. And like completely exploded. For comparison: The most succesfull manga of all time is One Piece. The most succesfull year to date for the sales of One Piece Volumes in Japan is 2011 with 37 Million. Demon Slayer so far this year alone sold over 75 Million Copies. Let that sink in. So yeah, everyone and their mum in Japan became a fan of Demon Slayer. The anime is re-aring to record viewer numbers despite the series beeing available on streaming plattforms and physical media for quite a while. Its nothing short of a total pop culture sensation in Japan and thats why the Movie exploded in tandem.
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    As expected, all theaters in the country will have to close starting tomorrow at midnight. Just as the box office was starting to get back to normal... The new lockdown is supposed to last at least until Dec.1 7 day week (21/10-28/10) top 20 1. Adieu Les Cons (Gaumont), 600 044 (632 prints), 600 044 NEW 2. 30 Jours Max (STUDIOCANAL), 515 328 (615 prints), +13 %, 1 024 143 W2 3. Trolls : World Tour (Universal), 469 045 (637 prints), +52 %, 888 619 W2 4. Poly (SND) 458 029 (686 prints), 458 029 NEW 5. Petit Vampire (STUDIOCANAL), 155 496 (424 prints), 155 496 NEW 6. Miss (WB) 113 727 (290 prints), 117 727 NEW 7. Peninsula (ARP Selection), 107 865 (414 prints), 107 865 NEW 8. Druk (Haut et Court), 89 089, -19 % 204 024 W2 9. Honest Thief (Metropolitan), 83 519 (394 prints), -28 %, 199 906 W2 10. Calamity 78 309 (342 prints) +40%, 138 309 W2 10. Parents d’élèves (UGC), 77 000 (514 prints) +1%, 264 000 W3 12. Il Peccato (UFO) 56 000 (140 prints), 56 000 NEW 13. Antoinette dans les Cévennes (Diaphana) 43 000 (435 prints) -44 %, 744 000 W6 14. La baleine et l’escargote (Les films du préau) 40 000 (180 prints) NEW 15. Tenet (WB), 38 000 (283 prints) -33 %, 2 344 000 W9 16. The war with grandpa (filmalba) 32 000 (367 prints), -7%, 118 000 W3 17. Chien pourri la vie à Paris (KMBO), 26 000 (119 prints) +47 %, 59 000 W3 18. Les Blagues de Toto (SND), 24 000 (174 prints) +9 %, 1 057 000 W11 19. Bigfoot Family (Apollo) 23 000 (193 prints), +34 %, 451 000 W11 20. Josep (Dulac), 23 000 (252 prints), -37 %, 169 000 W4 % change for last week releases is without taking previews into account 3.25 million admissions were sold this week, marking the best week since February. Not much to add since the 5 day numbers. Adieu Les Cons is still doing great and it would have become the biggest french film of the year without the lockdown. 30 Jours Max passed the 1 million admissions milestone and Trolls will probably have enough time to pass it too. DNA, which was released today, just posted the third best start of the year in Paris at 2pm and the best one for a french film all year but it will only have 2 days in release before the theaters shut down again. All of the november films will move, which will probably create a chain effect. Notable titles included The Jokers' drama/horror The Swarm, which had received raves from both critics and early audiences (it was sold to Netflix in the rest of the world minus Spain), Gaumont's Céline Dion biopic Aline, which could've become a WOM breakout (would've been Tenet's first contender for the 2020 french crown), Memento's new Quentin Dupieux flick Mandibules and StudioCanal's police thriller Bac Nord (on the same release date as Les Misérables last year) and many others... Les Tuche 4, which seemed poised to win 2020, just moved from Dec. 9 to Dec. 16, on Comment Je Suis Devenu Super Héros (a local big budget superhero film)'s current release date. We'll see what happens when the covid situation allows it.

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