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    It's no different to all the wack shit you say about movies and actresses all the time. Actually, your stuff is worse. Don't think you're really in a position to get all high and mighty about someone taking a playful dig at another movie.
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    @terrestrialnailed it. To clarify, these numbers are not "guesses" but are derived from Boxoffice's tracking models. Granted, interpretation of any variable data is up to mere mortals (like all forms of tracking you read about, no matter how definitive it comes across). If you read the report, Aquaman's range extends up to as much as $60 million based on what we're seeing -- which would be a pretty big start for a December release that won't be as front-loaded as most comic book movies tend to be when opening at other points in the year. Our goal is only to report what the data shows up to that point with as little bias as possible. I generally like to err on the side of caution with movies that show any signs of vulnerability or marketplace disadvantage because businesses make decisions based on those figures, and it's always better to under-project than the alternative. That's why we add written analysis for fuller context. (Still love you though, @Krissykins)
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    14th - Coco: 29 Votes, 1 First, 1 top 5, 6 top 10 637 points Previous List - New And after a few months to reflect on my opinion, I have decided that this was in fact Pixar's best ever film. Now don't get me wrong, I am still pissed that this film may have contributed in another great Day of the Dead animation dropping 62 places and out of the top 100 in The Book of Life (A fantastic animated musical that almost killed this film's production by existing). However, Coco is a film that I never knew I needed and is a testament to the fact that two near identical concepts can become great films in completely different ways and themes. Book of Life is a love story, this is a family story. BOL blends contemporary and modern music while COCO is pure original music. Coco has the classic Pixar villain, BOL... well the way it deals with heroes and villains of the story is one of my favourite in any animation. Book of Life has the amazing apology song. Coco has the somehow even better Remember Me. This has kind of turned into a slight reflection on how much I like Book of Life, but in returning to Coco, this is a film that doesn't have the common Pixar issue of there been one or two scenes that steal the spotlight from the rest of the film. It is consistently strong from start to finish and that results in a film that is able to build and build to a magnificent emotional crescendo at the end, instead of having one feel that the film was great and all, but kind of missed the landing at the end when compared to the scenes at the beginning.
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    Baumer, I don't really think you're being fair towards the people who have issues with the film. You're basically playing the same song and dance you did with the ScarJo trans movie, and it's really disheartening to see you act like this. I'm not gonna speak for everyone who is upset over this, but at least when it comes to Claire, who is in fact a Latina, I think she has the right to be upset. This is her culture, and she doesn't experience her culture through a lot of mainstream Hollywood films, so the idea that a movie based on a folklore legend from her own country has a Caucasian main character is a little bit disheartening for her, and she has the right to be upset about that. Now it's true that the film isn't required to have a Hispanic lead as its character, but for a film based on a Mexican legend, wouldn't it make sense for the film to try and represent that side and have a Hispanic lead playing off of the monster? Just as an example, imagine if Black Panther, a film that seeped in African culture, Afrofuturism, and prided itself on black representation, did not have Chadwick Boseman as its lead, but a character played by Tom Hanks. Sure, the elements that made the film popular would be there, but the idea that a movie all about African culture would not have an actor of African descent be the leading part not only pushes back representation for black actors in being leads in their own movie, but also is disrespectful to the overall culture and would probably make many people of African descent unhappy and angry over the film. And before you get into the whole "Well actors are just playing characters, they're just acting. Renee Zellwegger isn't British, so why is nobody upset over her playing Bridget Jones?" argument, let me tell you something about Latinos. They face oppression not just in political systems, but also in the film industry. White Europeans, or people of a European nationality do not face oppression. Latinos do, largely on the fact they have been marginalized for decades and because of systemic racism that holds them back from getting a lot of the same opportunities as white people do. As an example, nowadays, there are several white actors that continuously get headline roles, from Leo to Pitt to Cooper to Bullock to Streep to Hanks to Cruise to McCarthy to Damon. When it comes to Latinos getting headline roles...well, Jennifer Lopez can still get some starring roles...Eugenio Derbez produces and stars in his own movies and has a niche fanbase that goes to see his movies a lot...and that's about it. If you want to be generous, there are actors like Benjamin Bratt, Salma Hayek and Edward James Olmos, but you don't see them in the front of the movie poster or get top billing all that much, at least in 2018. Hispanic representation in film is a major problem, to the point where a film about Mexican culture isn't having Mexican or at the very least Latino actors being the lead in these stories. And before you go off about how "Well, there's not a lot of Latino actors that can lead a film" there in lies the problem. The Hollywood system, as much as it has tried to make up for its lack of diversity in the past, still hasn't offered a lot of opportunities for Latino actors, and this film would have been a great opportunity. Disregarding the cultural authenticity, this isn't a film that really needed a major actor headlining the film. The film's main pull is the titular monster, as well as James Wan as a producer. This already has so much going for it, so why not give the lead role to a woman who is a part of a historically underrepresented group, and have her represent a significant part of her own culture? And don't even bother trying to argue that Linda Cardellini is any big name. If the producers were able to give the lead role to an actress whose most famous film roles are Velma from Scooby-Doo and Mrs. Jeremy Renner in Age of Ultron, I think they can pass the same role to someone like Gina Rodriguez. I'm not trying to say that this movie would automatically be better with a Latina replacing Cardellini. I don't even care about this movie whatsoever, and I probably wouldn't care about this movie regardless of who was cast. But if you're seriously gonna ignore the systemic racism Hollywood has, particularly with Hispanic actors, and think that chastising people for having issues with this film's casting is okay, especially when some of the people complaining are people who grew up with this culture, then quite honestly, you're being exceedingly disrespectful, pretty insensitive, and a little bit racist. I'm sure you didn't mean to come off that way, but that's how you're acting right now. Sorry.
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    JLC: I'm gonna celebrate my movie's success and take a goofy, harmless little crack at Venom. BOT: HOW DARE SHE BE MEAN TO VENOM. THE MEDIA IS TRYING TO KILL VENOM. CRITICS ARE EVIL. JLC SHOULD NEVER MAKE FUN OF FAMED AUTEUR RUBEN FLEISCHER'S VENOM ALKSDJF ALSKDHFGKGLHALSDKHG I mean for God's sake, it's not like she wrote a five-page essay about how Tom Hardy is the devil. It was just her doing some goofy alliteration, having fun, and celebrating a movie she really likes in her own way. The insecurities people have here are really something.
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    7th - The Incredibles: 33 Votes, 5 top 5, 5 top 10 793 points Previous List - 4th Up until Coco turned up, this was my number 1 Pixar film. And I think the reason for that was that it is the most consistent film Pixar made up until that point. Other films like Up, Wall E, the Toy Stories, they have massive iconic moments, moments better than any single moment in The Incredibles. However, when those films' quality drops, I also think they fall just below The Incredibles also. Its also a pretty common observation to also quasi-consider this to be the good Fantastic Four film that Fox seem unable to make. Fun fact, this film once had quite a lead at the top of this table before falling away near the end. It seemed guaranteed to be top 3, but ended up a 'mere' 7th.
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    9th - BEauty and the Beast: 31 Votes, 2 First, 1 top 5, 11 top 10 762 points Previous List - 5th To my young pre-teen mind, this was always the 'girl' Disney film to Aladdin's 'boy' Disney film. That's a more outdated view to have come 2018, when everybody is allowed to like everything, but that remnant of an idea will likely forever stay slightly in my mind. It is probably why I have Aladdin as an all time top 5 animation, but BATB languishes around 30th. On a wider scale, the two films are hard to split. 31 votes to 30, 14 top 10 votes to 12. only 16 points apart after all the lists. Both the films have big fan bases and maybe just maybe some of that fan base made a choice of one over the over depending on what type of story you prefer to get behind. Kind of puts them as 3.75 quadrant films, and not 4 quadrants that many of what is to come reached...
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    10th - Aladdin: 30 Votes, 2 First, 4 top 5, 6 top 10 746 points Previous List - 9th Aladdin is my personal number 2 Disney animation. And there are a number of reasons for this. Be it the great soundtrack, the fun story, or the OG wonderful Robin Williams performance, Aladdin is a gem and deserving of its place in the top 10. It was a tough ask to hope it finished much higher than this as there are some serious support waves for everything still to come. It will be interesting to see how much this love for the animation translates into goodwill to potentially see the live action version next year...
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    6th - Toy Story 2: 33 Votes, 2 First, 5 top 5, 6 top 10 829 points Previous List - 11th And this is the best Toy Story film. It is funnier than Toy Story 3, and it is more emotional than Toy Story 1. It is the most complete Toy Story film in the Trilogy, and if every Toy Story film was at this level, then it could in fact challenge Kung Fu Panda as the best animated trilogy. However as great as this one is, the slight drop from 1 and 2 down to the upcoming 3rd, means that it still has to settle for second place on that list (Unless HTTYD3 bumps it down even further). Regardless of my unpopular opinion above, there are no bad films at this point (the last one of those came back at 11th place), and this is one film that I am happy to see break into the top 10. It means that there are maybe one or two folks out there that share my view of the one true Toy Story Quality order: Toy Story 2 Toy Story Toy Story 3
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    8th - Toy Story: 33 Votes, 6 top 5, 6 top 10 787 points Previous List - 7th It is rare that a film is revolutionary both technically and artistically, but Toy Story may well have accomplished that. As the first ever feature length CGI animation, Toy Story's place in history was sealed whether the film turned out decent or not. That it turned out to be one of the premier animations of a generation, meant that not only did it turn the world's attention to the animation style, it also introduced the general audience to Pixar and began a love affair that lasts to this day. Personally I consider this to be the second best of the Toy Story films, I won't say which over is where just yet though.
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    Her! But this is more my reaction...😂
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    https://deadline.com/2018/10/halloween-record-opening-weekend-box-office-1202485871/ Remember the rules. No spoilers, don't be a dick, have fun.
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    28th - Shrek: 24 Votes, 1 Top 5, 1 top 10 407 points Previous List - 23rd I also never expected a petty attack on Disney studios by a bitter exec that wanted to take out his anger on Lord Fuckwad would ever be one of my favourite animated films. But here we are. Shrek. A franchise with 2 of the best films out there and one of the worst, but let's not mention that again. Shrek is a fun quasi-princess parody and also good standalone story. It has Mike Myers' best character as well as Eddie Murphy's... definitely top 5, maybe top 3 performances to boot. This was the film that put Dreamworks on the map as the only real competition to Pixar and Disney, and if it wasn't for Pixar being unholy levels of great from 2000 - 2010, they could have potentially ended up being THE animation studio in the US. It's a shame that they are where they are right now as when Dreamworks is on form, they still provide thematically and stylistically different alternatives to the Disney/Pixar formula that Universal, Blue Sky et still can only dream of pulling off. Hell, even bloody trolls and Captain Underpants ended up being good. How did that happen?
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    50. Hereditary (2018) (28.5 points) Director and Screenwriter: Ari Aster Starring: Toni Collette, Alex Wolff, Milly Shapiro, Ann Dowd, and Gabriel Byrne Synopsis: After the family matriarch passes away, a grieving family is haunted by tragic and disturbing occurrences, and begin to unravel dark secrets. Box Office: 79.3M 89% on Rotten Tomatoes, 87 on Metacritic Submissions Received: 8 Average Position: 28th A surprise box office hit, Hereditary is the most recent release to appear on this list (yes, that means no The First Purge or Unfriended: Dark Web). The film shocked audiences at Sundance back when it premiered in January, and it was one of the most talked about films of the festival. Solid buzz kept building up to its June release, and Hereditary became A24’s second highest grossing movie and achieved a multiplier over 3x despite having a D+ CinemaScore. It is not hard to see why so many audiences gave this movie a low score. Hereditary is a slow burn, and although it is not afraid to show graphic imagery early on (see the end of the first act), all the movie’s disturbing moments are well earned and properly built up. I picked up the Blu-Ray last week and rewatched it a couple days before the countdown’s deadline, and my opinion on it changed quite a bit from when I saw it in theaters. On my first viewing (well, my full viewing; some of you may know my first showing was interrupted by a baby being in the theater), I thought the film was strong but didn’t *quite* transition well between the drama and horror elements. Knowing what happens on a rewatch helped me enjoy the film a lot more, and I no longer thought there was a divide between the two halves of the film. Hereditary is a film that grows on you, and if you were left a little disappointed by it in theaters earlier this year, I encourage you to revisit it. As I mentioned in the introduction, this film BARELY made it onto the list. If anyone had voted this in a lower position (myself included), it would not have made it. This tended to be higher on lists that did not meet the full 25 film requirement for points, but the lower half rankings are what got Hereditary onto the list.
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    Can they just Spider-Man 3 this, and have James Cromwell explain that the real culprit of all that dust was....Tobey Maguire?
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    Fandango App Monday Tues Wed Thursday A Wrinke In Time 4,864 15,601 A Quiet Place 2,177 4,003 10,665 Blockers 504 1,106 2,931 Rampage 705 1,508 4,109 Truth Or Dare 385 760 2,133 Super Troopers 2,825 3,447 6,881 I Feel Pretty 871 1,610 4,423 Avengers: Infinity War 49,836 54,892 68,826 206,000 Overboard 84 409 1,044 Breaking In 727 1204 2,899 Life Of The Party 587 1,310 3,010 Deadpool 2 23,134 28,896 41,212 Show Dogs 6 128 369 Book Club 836 1,599 3,283 SW: Solo 13,688 15,855 28,533 Action Point 17 48 197 Upgrade 9 119 522 Adrift 63 308 1,268 Oceans 8 3,009 4,372 11,114 Hereditary 659 1,178 3,181 Hotel Artemis 26 166 520 Incredibles 2 20,872 23,430 39,337 Tag 314 660 1,448 Jurassic World 2 9,310 12,761 23,266 Sicario 2 788 1282 3,403 Uncle Drew 274 473 1,201 Antman & The Wasp 6,613 5,990 11,108 Purge (Wed) 2,885 8,308 Hotel Transylvania 3 1,753 2,674 6,605 14,754 Skyscraper 586 1,019 2,868 7,134 Mamma Mia 2 4,427 5,099 12,117 17,226 Equalizer 1,418 2,297 6,073 11,875 Unfriended 71 240 975 MI6 *3328 13,575 27,261 Teen Titans *462 2,125 4,526 Christopher Robin 1,560 2,442 5,355 11,509 The Spy Who Dumped Me 234 542 1,561 4,222 The Darkest Minds 130 244 579 1,777 Eighth Grade 494 508 720 936 Death of A Nation 148 194 375 1,239 The Meg 1,539 2,944 6,723 16,202 Slender Man 177 418 1,091 3,737 BlackkKlansman 432 682 1,934 5,017 Dog Days (Wed) 115 631 1,536 1,212 Crazy Rich Asians (Wed) 3,651 5,742 20,173 20,102 Alpha 181 283 943 2,069 Mile 22 282 519 1,833 5,200 Happytime Murders 382 *488 1,954 5,602 A.X.L. 32 *60 310 911 Kin 21 141 263 741 Operation Finale (Wed) 415 2,083 4,879 3,915 Searching 303 588 1,194 2,862 The Nun 2,082 5,938 13,806 28,881 Peppermint 286 863 2,508 4,441 God Bless The Broken Road 6 33 152 282 Predator 1,295 2,476 4,545 13,063 A Simple Favor 564 2,126 4,410 10,381 White Boy Rick 136 567 1,458 4,587 Unbroken 2 88 180 360 659 House With Clocks 897 1469 3607 8,074 Fahrenheit 11/9 164 281 713 1,715 Life Itself 79 162 394 953 Assassination Nation 36 94 382 Night School 1,045 1,756 3,566 Small Foot 734 1,261 2,448 Hellfest 195 304 661 Little Women 65 134 Venom 13,602 13,818 20,867 31,569 A Star Is Born 9,115 11,383 22,641 21,501 First Man 654 909 3,610 7,586 Goosebumps 2 300 631 1,733 3,615 Bad Times at the El Royale 264 481 1,257 3,350 Halloween 9,563 12,980 21,600 The Hate U Give (2k expansion) 1,026 1,542 1,559 *4pm-12am October 26th Hunter Killer 9 10 7 Indivisible 3 8 Johnny English Strikes Again November 2nd Bohemian Rhapsody 453 438 477 The Nutcracker and the Four Realms 81 102 99 Nobody's Fool 2 Nov 9th Grinch 123 117 Nov 16th Fantastic Beasts 2 359 3,395 2,128
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    29th - Lilo and Stitch: 23 Votes, 1 Top 5, 1 top 10 402 points Previous List - 27th Weird to think this film has to be reanimated quite dramatically because of 9/11. Yeah if you look up the original 3rd act, it is really unfortunate how inappropriate it suddenly became. As for the film, I think along with Emperor's NEw Groove, it was the one I was least enthused about giving a chance to. And while it isn't the top 5 greatness of Groove, it is still a really really good film that surprised me a lot in the directions is took and how it got there. Essentially an adaptation of The Ugly Duckling, this film achieves a lot of unexpected feats. It has a child character who is actually great and not an annoyance to the whole film. It has a cute alien thing that is able to do both slapstick and emotional scenes easily, and it has an overall story that manages to juggle being emotive and preposterous at the same time. This film is great, and I really next expected Lilo to turn out to be one of my favourite Disney characters.


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