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    Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a good day. We are proud to announce that we have hired three new moderators to the staff. We were looking for one or two but we had so many excellent candidates that we decided to hire three moderators-one of them in the US, two of them internationally. With three new moderators, we will be able to continue to make Box Office Theory the best box office forum on the internet. The new hires are: @DamienRoc @aabattery @DeeCee We are also proud to announce @grim22, one of our most fantastic moderators, has been promoted to become a Junior Admin. We thank everyone who sent in their nominations and their applications! We had many high quality people we wanted to hire and hopefully they try again the next time we decide to hire new moderators!
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    Yeah, that isn't true at all. They aren't happy with a roughly 50% less than expected opening that caused other good movies to abandon ship from release dates leaving a way too empty slate leading up to Dec. 15th. Theaters are like any other business and have to budget for training new seasonal employees, staffing of all positions, extra product orders in anticipation of a busy date, extra managers on duty to cover shifts, projection help, longer hours, etc..... When a movie like Justice League goes from a $150m/$400m anticipated movie to to a $93m/$225m actual, that costs theater owners real money. Many of them had likely staffed in anticipation of being busy all day and subsequently lost money on labor and excess product that was prepared in hopes of a certain number of customers. The industry is already down from last year and many were hoping for a late recovery, but Justice League killed a solid month of expected gains.
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    Just watched it, was grinning like a little kid from start to finish. Absolutely loved it, was everything I ever wanted a JL movie to be. Been waiting like forever to see one and this did not disappoint. Worth it completely. Now to get some sleep before my client meeting in 5 hours’ time
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    Well, I seen it. Still kind of nuts that I just saw Justice League in a movie form. Just some quick impressions. Was alright overall. Cool action scenes, some really nice crowdpleasing moments. Some of the editing is almost atrocious. You can tell the film was chopped up like crazy. EDIT: Lemme expand on this, more like I feel like some stuff got left out for movie length reasons. The soundtrack had some memorable bits but honestly I found it pretty meh. CGI seemed okay overall. The dialogue...not sure what I really feel about it. Going to sleep on it.
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    My dad died this morning of a sudden heart attack. I just....I can't believe it. We had a fun night last night, we were all good....and this fucking happens. While I'm at work. jesus fucking christ man. I don't even know what to do or say or try
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    Before you stands the symbol of oppression -- the JL thread!... where a thousand men have languished under the name of this man, @Water Bottle, who has been held up to you as the shining example of justice! You have been supplied with a false idol to stop you tearing down this CORRUPT FORUM! Let me tell you the truth about Water Bottle from the words of BOT's creator, founder @Shawn: "@grim22 didn't destroy Water Bottle. He saved my friend @Christmas baumer, then took the blame for WB's appalling crimes so I could, to my shame, build a lie around this fallen idol. I praised the madman who tried to ban my friend. But I can no longer live with my lie. It is time to trust the people of BOT with the truth, and it is time for me to resign." And do you accept this man's resignation? And do you accept the resignation of all of these liars?! Of all the corrupt?!? We take BOT from the corrupt, the rich, the oppressors of generations who have kept you down with myths of opportunity -- and we give it back to you...the people. Gotham is yours. None shall interfere, do as you please. But start by storming the Franchise Wars and freeing the oppressed! Step forward, those who would serve, for an army will be raised. The powerful will be ripped from their decadent nests, and cast out into the cold world that we know and endure. Courts will be convened. Spoils will be enjoyed. Blood will be shed. The mods will survive, as they learn to serve true justice. This great forum... it will endure. BOT will survive.
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    Deep Wang updates: - Jigsaw picked up big and is about 40% higher than what Happy Death Day ended with - Suburbicon is half of Snowman - TYFYS is boosted by the free ticket giveaway and is at 100k - Will have a better comp tomorrow but Thor on Thursday before release week is at 60% of where Guardians 2 was at Friday before release week, depending on sales today, it might get to 65-75% at the same point in time. - JL sold well, no comps readily available but its the best first 16 hours for any movie not named Star Wars among the comps we know (for BvS and Civil War we didn’t get the first day sales figures). The first day numbers should end up being close to where WW was on Monday of release and SS was on Friday before release - Star Wars still selling steadily post the initial deluge, should have a better comp on release week since we don’t have TFA numbers to compare to and Rogue One was a different sales cycle
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    How do I know that JL isn't going to get good wom from the average Joe? The wife's OB (had our 3rd kid today) at the start of the day saw my JL tee shirt and asked if I saw the film and then proceeded to rip into how terrible it was, particularly when compared to Thor.... I laughed.
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    Still not seeing the uptick in sales and tracking. Can't believe this is really looking like closer to $130m than $150m
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    face/off with sam worthington and jai courtney. the twist at the end is that they didn't even switch faces. no one cared enough to notice.
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    I've been duped. The reviews from WSJ, GQ, etc. were all fake. Someone was claming to work in print business on Reddit and was posting early excerpts from reviews. But turns out he was taking Fantastic Four reviews and changing a few keywords to make it seem like JL reviews.
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    I feel like if I explained to my wife who, on BOT, liked Ragnarok I'd end up in a "who's on first" scenario Wife: "So who liked the movie." Me: "YourMother." Wife: "So you're going to be rude? Did anyone dislike the movie?" Me: "That One Guy." Wife: "Okay this isn't funny. You won't tell me who liked or disliked the movie." Me: "Your Mother and That One Guy." Wife: "Fuck you and your weirdo hobby, nerd." Me: "Your mother."
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    Deep Wang updates: - Thor number is at about 68% of Guardians 2 at the same point in time - JL doubled since the last update - Bad Moms still doing well for a comedy - Daddy’s Home 2 has sold less than 150 tickets so far - MOTOE is fine I guess, hard to judge till release week
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    So yeah...Justice League... I loved it.Before someone accuses me of being a fanboy,i want to make clear that a film like JL is my cup of tea.I love sci-fi/fantasy and i guess Superhero films are part of this genre. Anyway,yes the story was very basic and brings nothing new to the table but it is well handled and very straight forward.But honestly the characters are so great and so well written that at one point i found myself not caring about anything else.I just wanted to see their stories and who they are and getting to know them.I could honestly watch an entire film of these characters just interacting with each other and the film does such an incredible job developing them that i think,because of that,moving forward the universe is in great shape.My favorites were Wonder Woman,Supes and Flash but if i had to choose the MVP i think Diana has a slight edge over the others. The action scenes are great and spectacular but i didn't expected nothing else from Snyder.Wagner's cinematography as always is top notch.Elfman does good with some great beats but i prefer Zimmer's work.Editing was indeed the weak link but didn't took me out of it.
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    There's way too many assumptions here. Really, if you're a fan the best thing to do is get away from any and all JL discussion, don't go to RT, don't check Twitter about it... just do something else with your lives until next Thursday, and then go see the damn thing.
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    Posting during my vacation as Deep Wang provided an update today: - JL is ahead of BvS and about 25% ahead of where Thor was at the same point in time - Orient Express is fine I guess, higher than American Assassin - Daddy's Home 2 is bad, about a fourth of Bad Moms 2 and less than half of Orient Express - Wonder is the same gross number as Orient Express but has a week to go - Roman Israel has sold 1 ticket Alright, back to the pool. See you guys Thursday.
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    A two hour hug from your funny, best friend. Might have unseated Iron Man 3 for me - a glorious ode to Jack Kirby ala Chris Lilley.
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