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    We're are going to see the start of the anti-critic revolution right here. I hated them before and now I hate them more than ever.
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    Complaining that Black Panther only made the BP nomination because it was about race is like complaining that Roma only made the BP nomination because it had excellent direction. I mean, it's technically true, but it's also kind of missing the point. To be clear, yes, Black Panther is a superhero movie about race and that's a large part of why it was nominated. But it's not getting a nom just because it casually namedrops race and does nothing else with it. It's getting a nom because it makes race one of the central themes for the movie and does a damn good job of exploring it to boot, containing a lot of complex and subtextual themes and ideas about racial dynamics which compliment the story being told, make it all the more effective and add an extra layer of depth to the movie that helps set it apart from most other comic book movies. And it also lets it appeal to the types of critics and people who usually aren't into comic book movies and are more often inclined to dismiss them, like they did with Infinity War. Hence why that movie didn't come within sniffing distance of a nom in spite of arguably being more beloved among comic book fans. So yeah, just dismissing Black Panther's nom as 'because it was about race' isn't doing it justice. Lots of movies are 'about race' and didn't even come close to its success. It got that nom just because it was a damn good movie that did a damn good job exploring race as one of its primary themes.
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    CP - 23k LM2 - 346k WMW - 121k HDD2U - 10k IIR - 17k A - 253k HTTYD - 142k CM - 2.9m(+410k in last 12 days)
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    Theyre evolving! Edgar Wright’s film is gonna have a female as the lead! For Nolan however we gotta take baby steps. The wife will be alive this time
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    Also can confirm that without a shade of sarcasm that was me the woman was complaining about, I shouted "Jim did it not once, but twice." and was threatened with removal by the ushers.
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    Live look at Alita Battle Angel: Someone check in on JamesCameronScholar and IronJimbo to make sure they're not going down with the ship.
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    I'm not familiar with the manga at all, but I really enjoyed the movie overall (some crazy shit towards the end especially story wise). If you're wondering if its coherent to a person with no knowledge of the anime then you'll be fine, the movie does a decent job of explaining the world. The 3D and effects was absolutely insane and might I dare say revolutionary. I want to see it again but this time in IMAX when it comes out. This is definitely something you want to experience in a theater, especially with the creative action. After all the complaints about the CGI eyes (I was initially turned off by the first trailers and some preview footage I saw ages ago) I had zero issues with it. Salazar gives a great performance and there's plenty of emotional beats to show it off.
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    https://www.forbes.com/sites/robsalkowitz/2019/02/04/marvels-teaser-ads-put-the-super-in-sbliiis-social-metrics/#2ad395c65cbf Marvel's Teaser Ads Put The 'Super' In SBLIII's Social Metrics
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    I'm one year sober next Tuesday and it's been a helluva journey. From '14-'17, there were countless blackouts and plenty of relapses but I kept gaining a little more knowledge and confidence every time. Eventually, you know you can do it. It's hard work but incredibly rewarding.
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    Hm... KWWBK - 66k S - 31k MB - 23k WMW - 21k HTTYD - 40k CM - 2.5m As I stated before, I was hoping for about 3m for CM, but it fell short. We know that's the trend, sales slow down like this especially with a 2 month window. Though to be fair 700k in a two week span six weeks from release is still A LOT. More than most movies to in presales period! If it only does 350k/ week until release, it will end between It and SMH in presales, and we know it's not going to stop there.
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    HDD2U - 124k IIR - 282k A - 1m HTTYD3 - 286k CM - 3.4m
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    @IronJimbo @JamesCameronScholar Alita's presales are actually pretty good! Since presales double the week of, lets just assume this is going to do at least 500k - that means that of the films I have data for, this would put it right between Emoji Movie and Orient Express. Those opened to 24m and 28m respectively. Next up would be Jumanji's 569k/36m opening weekend. HOWEVER - the funny thing is that those aren't great comps in terms of films, just that they had similar presale/OW numbers. The best comp to Alita on my list is Valerian which was right above Jumanji with 630k in presales but only scored a 17m OW. 😬
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    All jokes aside guys, and im now speaking to everyone here that was/is excited to see this film: The only opinion about this movie that should matter to you is yours! Critics are not saints, they are only people who give their opinions about a movie, they neither right nor wrong, they just have their subjective opinions as we all have one. If you wanted to see this film and are now disappointed by these mediocre-to bad reviews, that shoudnt be a reason to not have an open mind going into the cinema. I love some movies that have under 40% scores on RT. I hate some that have 90%+ scores. You never know until you do it yourself.
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    Ahh, we're at the tedious juncture of the release cycle where every not-spectacular review results in furious searches of past reviews by the same author as evidence their opinion doesn't count...
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    Maybe because of the thematic elements it touched upon. Maybe because of its evocative narrative. Maybe because people were excited to see something different and see a new character in the MCU. Maybe because the word-of-mouth and critical acclaim that praised the writing, acting, production and design intrigued them. Maybe because Hollywood has never been progressive enough to take a chance on a film depicting AfroFuturism in an authentic and intriguing way. Maybe because it showed that Black Panther could elevate a genre that in the past has been prone to antiquated stigmas? Maybe because a film that became a cultural touchstone actually had depth and presence behind it instead of pandering. You know, the racist undertones are clearly obvious to me and many others here when tons of people come into this thread and shout from the rooftops about Black Panther only getting the critical acclaim and nominations it's received due to "political correctness" or "identity politics". Or that Infinity War (and others) were better. Or that Black Panther wasn't that good but congrats nonetheless even though the vast majority of the general audiences and critics vehemently disagree. It's backhanded and disingenuous congratulations that doesn't even try veiling itself. You can say that those who are calling it out are the problem or more vocal but on many corners of the internet, people who don't like Black Panther (which is fine in and of itself, every medium of entertainment is subjective and not everybody will like everything) are the ones posting 'overrated' gifs and saying that this is simply token appreciation for a shitty film that doesn't deserve any of the accolades it's received. Very rarely do I see people critiquing its artistic elements (other than CGI) or its thematic inferences/discussion, or its characterization and production etc. Black Panther is a great film to me. Is it the best comic book movie ever? I can't say that definitively, but personally speaking it's near the top in my book. What is so disheartening, and telling, is that comic book fans who are more well versed in the genre than I will ever be have been clamoring forever for representation on the biggest stages. Now that a film has come along whose achieved so much of what they wanted, there's not only disappointment, there's virulent hostility and hatred towards it. Because they can't identify with a hero and people who look and talk differently than them. Because it's a movie that tackles uncomfortable thematic elements that requires some intellectual honesty. Because it's a film that brought excitement and hope to an underrepresented portion of the movie-going population that has been ignored by Hollywood for too long or has only seen their existence through the lens of suffrage in films dealing with servitude. Black Panther is a Best Picture nominee. It's accomplished things the vast majority of people never thought it had a chance of accomplishing. Let's celebrate that. It doesn't mean we can't hope for even better movies in the future from the genre or compare it to others. Just appreciate it without adding the qualifications that it's only achieved what it achieved due to the basis of its thematic message and the representation there with-in. This shouldn't be hard. Be better. ------ edit - just wanted to add that I don't post that often and usually only lurk these fantastic boards. Used up my like quota the past couple days wading through the excellent posts other members of the forum have contributed. Shows just how great this community is compared to most other places on the internet.
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    If you’re in this thread bitching about Black Panther getting a best picture nomination because of its quality then I hope you’re putting the same time and effort into bitching about movies like Vice, Greenbook and Bohemian Rhapsody getting best picture nominations. I have nothing against those movies mind you but they’re three movies with far inferior critics scores yet are nominated. But I have a feeling Black Panther’s nomination getting people butt hurt has very little to do with quality (since it has a 97% RT score and 88 MC score) and more to do with something else but I can’t quwhite put my finger on it


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