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    mid 70's been thrown around safe beat atm , business is off the charts (there's only two films higher :)), however huge amount pre-sales which skew things a lot , see how it goes into eve.
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    No updates for a while had me all Then it finally happened.
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    There should be an immediate thread ban for whoever quote a video/review from Grace whatsherface here. I consider it an offense toward sensible folks here.
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    Besides some iffy CGI and villain motivations, I thought the movie was excellent overall. The world building was absolutely awesome. Feels like an actual place with its own unique culture and politics. I wish I could pay it a visit. Also the ending credits... wow
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    Lemme just expand on this. What is great about this movie TO ME: this isn't some hood shit, this ain't no ghetto drama, this isn't about how a kid needs to rap/sing/dance/play ball well enough to escape poverty, this isn't gangsta, this isn't some goddamn fucking slave shit, this isn't about the the civil rights struggle, this isn't about being the sidekick, this isn't about the first black man to invent some shit or do some shit, this isn't coonery, this isn't about the loud comedian acting like a fool. This movie is about culture, it's about professionalism, it's about strength, its about family, its about tradition, it's about presenting us in positions of regality whilst preserving our identity (there's none of white-guy-just-played-by-a-black-guy shit going on here. These characters are black, these characters are African). I came out of this fucking movie feeling PRIDE. Let me tell you something: THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN TO ME!!!!! I've never watched a superhero movie and feel like I feel right now. I'm fucking shocked. This movie said theres 2 billion black people on this planet. I'm still thinking about what we could do and where we could be if we were united. If we looked out for each other like we should, like we used to. Wakanda feels like the goal.
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    BLACK PANTHER (2018) First Marvel movie to get an A+ since The Avengers, I believe.
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    Panther is a dream come true for me. All of my life, I have wanted a major superhero movie where the hero looks like me. The cherry on top is it might top Avengers OW. I will see Panther tomorrow and am extremely excited.
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    There will be no crumble of any sort for desert tonight
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    Some sad news, Deep Wang will not provide any updates going forward as he quit his job recently. He might post here later as a farewell. Just letting everyone know that the era of actual presale numbers is over.
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    next time reread what you wrote and think about whether you really want to hit submit
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    1..) Black Panther (DIS), 4,020 theaters / $76.6M Fri (includes $25.2M in previews) /3-day: $187.6M /4-day: $216M/Wk 1 2..) Peter Rabbit (SONY), 3,725 theaters / $4.2M Fri (-26%) /3-day: $17.7M (-29%) /4-day: $23M /Total: $54M/Wk 2 3..) Fifty Shades Freed (UNI), 3,768 theaters / $5.7M Fri (-69%)/3-day: $17.75M(-54%)/4-day: $20.2M/Total: $79.4M Wk 2 4..) Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (SONY), 2,800 theaters (-336) / $1.85M Fri /3-day: $8M (-20%)/4-day: $10.5M /Total:$380.2M/ Wk 9 5..) The 15:17 to Paris (WB), 3042 theaters / $2.1M Fri (-43%)/3-day: $8.5M(-32%)/4-day: $9.95M/Total: $27.7M/ Wk 2 6..) The Greatest Showman (FOX), 1,936 theaters (-437) / $1.3m Fri / 3-day: $5.7M (-11%)/4-day: $7M /Total: $156.4M/Wk 9 7..) Early Man (LG), 2,494 theaters / $858K Fri /3-day: $3.5M /4-day: $4.8M/Wk 1 8..) Maze Runner: Death Cure (FOX), 1,892 theaters (-1,031) / $659K Fri /3-day: $2.7M (-56%) /4-day: $3.3M/ Total: $54.8M/Wk 4 9..) The Post (FOX/DW), 1,050 theaters (-815) / $464K Fri /3-day:$1.96M (-46%)/4-day: $2.45M/Total: $77M/Wk 9 10..) Samson (PURE), 1,249 theaters / $642K Fri /3-day: $1.95M /4-day: $2.3M/Wk 1
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    http://deadline.com/2018/02/black-panther-thursday-night-preview-box-office-1202291093/ Big opening post about black panther *poster here* *insert joke about @WrathOfHan here* Don’t get crazy folks. ========================================= From the staff DO NOT POST SPOILERS. NOT EVEN SPOILERS UNDER SPOILER TAGS. The This weekend, posting a spoiler will result in an immediate Box Office Discussion Forum ban. You will not be given a warning. Please take all plot talk to the Spoiler thread.
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    Enjoy this weekend because this is why we follow. True event openings like this are what you remember. Markers in time.
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    I don't know if everyone is joking about Black Panther opening and not going to go back through everything, but the tracking and pre-sales are off the charts good. It won't shock me if it does $170m+ for the 4 day.
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    TFA, TLJ, its above both Avengers at this point (but so was R1) depends how rest day plays out and with presales
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    In my experience people who complain about political correctness aren't worried about the legit concerns of censorship of ideas it can carry but rather they just want to say offensive shit and get away with it. Let's just say MrWick constantly flirted with extreme opinions that belonged more in the Old South than in today's world.
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    Ok, my apologies to @WrathOfHan, but Mother didn't make the list. Couldn't keep dragging you along waiting for longer. Will post the real #12 now.
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    Couple: Hi, could we get two for Fifty Shades please? We know Valentines Day was yesterday, but it's actually our anniversary, so we're celebrating tonight! Arclight: Lmao, no. That'll be two for Black Panther. Couple: We came to see Fifty Shades. Arclight: You're seeing Black Panther. Couple: Okay, fair enough.
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    I've had the same feelings as AJG. I have said over and over and over and over, if you make a movie like this for black people, this would happen! I said it. This is all we wanted. We're tired of the slavery and Jim Crow oppression. We're tired of paying $13 to watch ourselves get whipped in a cotton field, beaten by police, chased by angry mobs, sell drugs, etc, etc. It's exhausting. And we're tired of Madea being the "reliable" comedy option every year. When you make movies that we can actually kick back, relax, and relate too, you get rewarded at the box office. Look at Get Out. Surprise of the year. Look at what Hidden Figures and Girls Trip did after showcasing strong black women. Look at Ride Along and Think Like A Man after they let us unplug. And now go back and look at Selma, Birth of the Nation, Free State of Jones, Detroit, Fruitvale, Butler, etc. Who's rewatching 12 Slaves and Django? Yes they may be good, even great movies, but it's time to flip the switch. We just want more positive movies with positive figures. Where's the Arthur Ashe movie? The Michael Jordan movie? The Soul Train movie? The Family Matters movie? The Michael Jackson moonwalk movie? Friday 4? Bring back Eddie Murphy. Let's fast track that Lebron House Party movie. These are what we want to see. We just want to have a good time like everyone else. I don't want to hear ignorant "so this movie is only for black people?", "why does race still matter it's 2018?", you know that's not what I'm saying. Regardless, Spider Man completely changed my life when I saw it as an 8 year old, but that was a different climate back then. 9/11 was fresh so racial tension was low and national pride was high. We all related to Spider Man. I still run around the house shooting air webs. That's how much that film has impacted me. Unfortunately that's not the case anymore. 2018 America is not 2002 America. Racial tension is high, national pride is low, all we see on a daily basis is partisan negativity. We see black athletes demonized, we're told "what the hell do you have to lose?", and we're told that our countries are shitholes. Yet, thanks to that, black pride is at a feverish high. The fact that kids, but mainly black kids today will be getting to feel what I felt back then, especially in this current climate, it is an elated feeling. They will be seeing a character that finally looks like them, that they can run around the house and pretend to be, and BP will show them that no matter how awful the world may seem, you can be the bright spot. And the fact that Africa has been shown in a positive, cultural, celebrated way is very important, even if Wakanda is fictional - or is it. My South African friend (who lives in America) saw Panther yesterday, and she loved it, and loved the fact that they even included Zulu, which is her native language. Finally a movie for her to have pride in. And the fact that other races are celebrating this movie with us, and are celebrating the cultural aspect is very humbling and appreciative, and it makes me very happy. I knew this movie was going to be a phenomenon after I saw that video of the kids dancing in the classroom. All I see is people of all races vibing to BP videos, the soundtrack, etc on on social media. It has brought a unity to the black community. These positive movies can have a greater impact than you think. Make more positive movies, Hollywood.
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    Thanks @grim22 and @aabattery for cleaning up the mess and likely spoiling themselves in the process. Normally I would have seen the reports but I was in a meeting at the time. And as a PSA... intentionally spoiling a movie is an immediate lengthy ban no matter how provoked.
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    None of us get to define racism as trivial, least of all white dudes like us. It’s not a zero-sum game either: we can be passionate about ending racism *and* be passionate about serious environmental issues as well.


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