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    4/23 Friday BO Mortal Kombat(T-3) MTC1 - 55390/620452 764534.00 3252 shows(429 Theatres) +9959 // 135 sellouts MTC2 - 50029/452759 610898.53 2965 shows(294 Theatres) +8283 Demon Slayer Friday MTC1 - 63495/535221 818630.00 3609 shows(407 Theatres) +7476// 326 sellouts MTC2 - 50679/324794 686766.07 2717 shows(276 theatres) +6853 As I posted above, dramatic increase in show counts for DS. I expect the BO to increase at faster pace in next few days. For MK the PS is chugging along very well and it has caught up at MTC2 at least in ticket sales. But I expect DS PS to also increase at better rate soon with increased showcount. Overall BO should see a big boost. MK seem to have few shows on thursday at MTC2(none at MTC1). Its at 647/17075 6158.22 103 shows(19 theatres). Almost no impact to overall OD BO.
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    people dragging Feige for being impressed by how Chloe Zhao made the film look on real locations just sounds like they're trying to undermine her work, as if anyone could make a film look great on practical locations.
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    4 deaths recorded today in UK. It's always low on a monday, but hopefully in a few weeks, might see a zero.
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    Since I ran my data on a desktop, I was able to get more data that usual. 4/24 Saturday BO Mortal Kombat MTC1 - 29139/675254 373666.00 3544 shows(420 Theatres) MTC2 - 29418/527567 347920.26 3488 shows(294 Theatres) Demon Slayer MTC1 - 60301/591297 779539.00 3914 shows(398 Theatres) MTC2 - 51464/394560 699913.28 3145 shows(275 Theatres) No competition at all. DS > 2x MK on saturday. Also DS saturday PS is not that far off from Friday numbers while MK is way below. Let us see how things go. Edit: Looking at all 3 Days PS I am thinking 4x thursday BO can happen. Saturday will be lot higher than thursday for sure looking at show counts and PS.
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    CM was 80% of FFH in trailer views, but ended up being ahead of it in domestic OW and gross. You can't make such a precise prediction based on trailer views.
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    Demon Slayer (T-3) MTC1 - 58883/338825 869260.00 1997 shows (322 theatres) +12445 // 201 sellouts MTC2 - 61991/304361 861013.10 2327 shows(275 theatres) +10829 // 240 sellouts I did not update yesterday but its definitely slowing down relative to GVK. Especially at MTC1. Good thing is its still slightly ahead in $ value due to higher ticket prices but GVK will overtake there as well as final push wont be that strong. GVK did 395K between the 2 MTC. I think somewhere between 250-300K would be a good range. I think that will translate to 6.5-7m OD. But this movie would be hard to project as it has a niche. I could still be overestimating it big time.
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    It's very unlikely that any of the non-medical ingredients in the AZ or J&J vaccines could be causing the blood clots. They're basically all fairly generic small molecules that are used in plenty of other vaccines/medicines as stabilizers/emulsifiers etc. It does indeed seem that in a very small proportion of individuals (1 in 250,000 to 1 in 100,000) the AZ vaccine and now presumably the J&J vaccine cause anti-PF4 (platelet factor 4) antibodies to be generated, causing what is being referred to as "vaccine-induced (pro)thrombotic (immune) thrombocytopenia" - VITT or VIPIT for short. In some portion of those individuals, blood clots form in places they otherwise very, very rarely occur. (For example, the brain clots known as cerebral venous sinus thrombosis - which was what was first identified as having an unusually high frequency after AZ vaccination.) In the aforementioned link that was posted, three possibilities are proposed for why the anti-PF4 antibodies are being generated in the affected individuals: 1) Some number of the adenovirus particles are breaking up and releasing free DNA. Free DNA is negatively charged, helping it to bind to the positively charged platelet factor. Free DNA is also immunogenic (our own DNA is always bound to proteins inside the nucleus), so the complexing with PF4 ends up (rarely) causing anti-PF4 antibodies to be generated. 2) Anti-PF4 antibodies are pre-existing and the immune response to vaccination is causing them to be boosted. (The article doesn't mention this, but this fails to explain why we see this for the AZ vaccine and not other vaccines. Not impossible, if it were a dosing issue, but with J&J also now having an issue I think this is less likely as a primary cause.) 3) Some antibodies generated against the RBD of the coronavirus are cross-reactive with PF4. This would mean any COVID vaccine would cause the clotting disorder, and so far no cases have been seen with the tens of millions of Pfizer/Moderna vaccinations. (The article doesn't say this explicitly but I think this possibility can essentially be excluded now.) There is another possibility (which I'll number "4") not explicitly mentioned in the article (somewhat implied, I've seen it explicitly stated in other sources): 4) Some antibodies generated against the ad5/ad26 adenoviral vector are cross-reactive with PF4. Like 1) above, this explanation would be consistent with the AZ and J&J vaccines causing VITT but not Pfizer/Moderna. Unlike 1) it would suggest the problem could be specific to the adenoviral vectors rather than any DNA-based viral vector vaccine. No other viral vector vaccine has been administered to hundreds of thousands of people before, so it's difficult to resolve between 1) and 4) at this time. Late edit: As pointed out below, Sputnik uses both the ad5 and ad26 viral vectors being used by AZ and J&J, respectively. Amended post above to include ad26 (originally only mentioned ad5).
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    Wrath of Man Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report T-1 and Counting (Thu+Fri) Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 1 95 256 9007 2.84% Total Shows Added Today: 8 Total Seats Added Today: 1,402 Total Sellouts Added Today: 1 Total Seats Sold Today: 90 Comps 1.954x of Chaos Walking T-1 Before Release (2.59M) 1.463x of Nobody T-1 Before Release (3.67M)
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    It's down about 28k tickets at MTC1 and 19k at MTC2. I expect it will gain well over 10k at each just from tomorrow's PS. Walk-ins will be much stronger as well for MK. I think it will comfortably surpass DS on Saturday as well.
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    You're comparing sub-10 mil openers to a movie that opened over 30 mil. It's been holding up fine so far.
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    Mortal Kombat Friday Showings Denver AMC Westminster 24 Total 186 2768 6.72% AMC Highlands Ranch 24 Total 101 2100 4.81% SEATS SOLD SOLD PAST DAY TOTAL SEATS PERCENT SOLD THEATERS SHOWINGS 734 89 13655 5.38% 9 68 $150 PWPs: 20 $200 PWPs: 1 $250 PWPs: 7 $300 PWPs: 13 Total 41 GvK comp: 4.89M
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    Mortal Kombat Friday Showings Denver AMC Westminster 24 Total 139 2768 5.02% AMC Highlands Ranch 24 Total 79 2100 3.76% SEATS SOLD SOLD PAST DAY TOTAL SEATS PERCENT SOLD THEATERS SHOWINGS 531 111 13655 3.89% 9 68 $150 PWPs: 17 $200 PWPs: 1 $250 PWPs: 6 $300 PWPs: 11 Total 35 GvK comp: 4.66M
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    Godzilla KoTM got 386M worldwide, getting up to the same level during a freaking pandemic while offering it on streaming is just amazing. Not a particular fan of the franchise, but I'll root for anything to do well at this point.
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    Mortal Kombat Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report Final Count (Fri) Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 36 125 3300 10968 30.09% Total Showings Added Today: 7 Total Seats Added Today: 650 Total Sellouts Added Today: 11 Total Seats Sold Today: 952 Comp 0.851x of Godzilla vs. Kong's Final Count (8.3M) Bah gawd! I feel like this might be an overperformance tho
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    Demon Slayer Thursday Showings Denver AMC Westminster 24 Total 450 1675 26.87% AMC Highlands Ranch 24 Total 402 1813 22.17% SEATS SOLD SOLD PAST DAY TOTAL SEATS PERCENT SOLD THEATERS SHOWINGS 2464 181 13055 18.87% 9 81 Showings added: 17 Seats added: 1488 The pace has been really flat for the past few days. Let's see if these new showings will help it pick up Demon Slayer Friday Showings Denver AMC Westminster 24 Total 402 1678 23.96% AMC Highlands Ranch 24 Total 251 1321 19.00% SEATS SOLD SOLD PAST DAY TOTAL SEATS PERCENT SOLD THEATERS SHOWINGS 1763 185 9195 19.17% 9 79 Showings added: 29 Seats added: 2155 Seems yesterday was a weird blip. This pace is on track with the other days.
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    Most countries in EU have individiual relief packages. Here in Denmark we have a fantastic safety net where 99% of all people get full salery under lockdown just sitting on their ass doing nothing and buisnesses get 80-90% compensation. We actually have fewer buisness closings than other years
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    With this back-to-back success of Hi Mom, and My Sister, I guess a bunch of family-centric heart warming movies perhaps like, Bye Dad, See you again brother, Hello Grandma, Our Grandfather, My aunt and I are all on their way to Chinese theaters.
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    Showtimes revealed today for one of my local cinemas: from Monday 17th May: Wonder Woman 1984 Mortal Kombat Godzilla vs Kong Tom & Jerry Raya and the Last Dragon (once a day) Those Who Wish Me Dead Nomadland Spiral: from the book of Saw Peter Rabbit 2
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    4/30 BO Mortal Kombat MTC1 - 30424/432697 337291.00 2523 shows(427 Theatres) MTC2 - 34075/350654 376478.51 2585 shows(294 Theatres) Demon Slayer MTC1 - 42519/413652 482688.00 2586 shows(415 Theatres) MTC2 -30375/305218 393421.18 2332 shows(277 Theatres) One word YAWN. I guess BO is going to be boring until next big release.
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    DEMON SLAYER: KIMETSU NO YAIBA - MUGEN TRAIN PRE-SALES (D-0) CINESA MANOTERAS CINESA EQUINOCCIO CINESA MORALEJA CINESA LORANCA TOTAL DEMON SLAYER 171/412 93/265 18/188 110/239 392/1104 (35,50%) MORTAL KOMBAT 69/1043 30/318 38/281 65/332 202/1974 (10,23%) WW84 169/1802 132/511 86/354 146/446 533/3113 (17.12%) GVK 185/892 216/273 65/113 114/192 580/1470 (39,46%) Demon Slayer pre-sales are pretty great. One of the theatres is underperforming (Moraleja) but that's because that cinema is more for elder people so you don't expect that demographic to watch Kimetsu. Problem here will be capacity. Seeing the other anime films and comparing pre-sales, I think Demon Slayer could outgross Mortal Kombat and go for €550-650K with breakout possibility. I've talked to another Spanish Box Office enthusiast and he is predicting a bigger range of €700K-1M. List of Anime films' OW in Spain I tried to search for more but it was impossible to find data without ComScore (I don't have access), so a lot of Ghibli films, Doraemon, Pokemon and Detective Conan films are missing.
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    Demon Slayer Thursday Showings Denver AMC Westminster 24 Total 406 1135 35.77% AMC Highlands Ranch 24 Total 388 1813 21.40% SEATS SOLD SOLD PAST DAY TOTAL SEATS PERCENT SOLD THEATERS SHOWINGS 2283 182 11567 19.74% 8 64 Showings added: 3 Seats added: 288 Demon Slayer Friday Showings Denver AMC Westminster 24 Total 393 1030 38.16% AMC Highlands Ranch 24 Total 203 806 25.19% SEATS SOLD SOLD PAST DAY TOTAL SEATS PERCENT SOLD THEATERS SHOWINGS 1578 60 7040 22.41% 8 50 Showings added: 3 Seats added: 273 One of my theaters glitched out and is suddenly showing a bunch of sell-outs. I was able to get the data for Thursday, but not Friday. It probably wouldn't add more than 10-15 seats sold though, so it's not that much of a deal.
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    If she changes her mind, I'd suggest the 2nd trimester. That's when you definitely feel your best, and the pregnancy has "settled in." And if she waits a few months, she'll see the studies from pregnant women now (I think they are occurring while the children's studies are occurring)... And if I haven't said before...Congratulations!:)
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    WB just posted all their pandemic dailies to Mojo, so looks like daily reporting is back on.
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    Cool. Give it a shot. I will take a break from DS tracking tomorrow and take a look at MK at least in MTC1. Is there an expectation of big numbers for MK as well. 2 big openers seem crazy in these times. DS seem to have good sales even for Friday despite MK opening. I am expecting 25-30m over 4 day weekend looking at the trend.
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    A more organised. Demon Slayer Sellout count T-7 days (morning) NYC - 48/152 LA - 4/158 Chicago - 4/27 Houston - 4/152 Phoenix - 4/80 Philadelphia - 7/22 San Antonio - 2/46 San Diego - 3/66 Dallas - 2/44 Boston - 1/33 Sacramento - 29/64 (this is strongest I suppose. TIL Sacramento is CA capital, always thought it must be LA) New Jersey - 24/87 Total of these - 132/931
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    The Arclight and Pacific theaters are a substantial percentage of the “better” theaters in LA. This is really rough.
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    March Y8 Review Scores Fable @4815162342 The first half of the film comes across as overstuffed, but the film more than makes up for that with its strong cast, grandiose sense of scale, and the production values that Numerator Pictures’ genre films are known for. 7.5/10 Flightless Bird: The Downfall of the BOEING 737 Max @cookie Revelatory and suspenseful. A gripping piece of work, and a very well researched one at that. 9/10 MEG @YourMother the Edgelord A well-executed concert film that’s sure to make the fans happy. 6.25/10 Far Cry @MCKillswitch123 A high-stakes thriller with unforgettable action; its depth and meaning manage to honor the source material. Diego Luna is a brilliant casting choice for Vaas Montenegro. 8.75/10 Kings of the 6 @Reddroast A relevant, ambitious, and well-told sports documentary that will make your spirit soar! 8/10 Tyler Perry’s 2 Big Families The cast is fun, but I wish they had better material. Schlocky and repetitive comedy that I found hard to enjoy. 3/10
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    The Mitchells vs the Machines (2021) - 9/10 - Thought this was great and the animation was top tier. Love and Monsters (2020) - 8/10 - Really fun and upbeat movie. I liked the setting and characters alot so would love a sequel if they decide to make one. Yasuke (2021) - 6/10 - Some cool ideas but everything felt rushed and all over the place. The voice acting was subpar too. Best part of the show was the music. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2021) - 7.5/10 - Solid MCU show that touches on some timely topics but felt uneven and rushed. Definitely some memorable moments in it though. Tom Clancy's Without Remorse (2021) - 5/10 - Pretty disappointing. Some decent action but the military plot was boring and Michael B Jordan kinda just phoned it in.
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    All that shows is they that they don't make films like Titanic or ROTK anymore. Those films blew the competition out of the water in most of the categories they were nominated for. These films are rare events and would have sweeped the awards with this years competition too.
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    To everybody here upset over Boseman's loss, feel free to do so. Though this tweet is also something you should put into perspective
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    Ah, okay. Interesting. For purposes of the fantasy movie league it will be quite important whether the official weekend figure is FSS or TFSS — though I guess I can just make it one way or the other by fiat if there’s any uncertainty. Anything north of 5 for previews would be pretty great imo. I mean even 4M previews*3.3 prev:wknd would get it a figure that would be really strong for anime films even under normal conditions, and far above what I expected 10 days ago. Edit: Hah, jinx 😉
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    Demon Slayer NY Sellouts Thu - 54/180 Fri - 51/211 Sat - 55/225 Sun - 33/215 Really good sellouts during FSS.
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    AMC and Cinemark aren’t offering DS PWPs(at least in Denver but I assume it’s chainwide). Only Harkins is
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    Actually it was "Stupidity Count - 1" as I didn't think to check Thr, It was only when I was checking a local indie theater at the very end of my count to see if they had reserved seating that I noticed "Opens April 22nd" on their web page. Needless to say, I was.... displeased at "wasting" so much time on a Friday seat count. But since I had already collated the data, might as well post it, I figured.
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    Mortal Kombat will have the walkup factor. But as I also check the weekend locally, the local Studio Movie Grill (which is one of the A-tier theaters in the region) is already selling out on Saturday when it comes to Demon Slayer. ... I mean, DS DOES have all of Thursday Night to itself comparatively speaking, as Mortal Kombat isn't doing previews.
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    <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">GODZILLA VS. KONG<br>$288.3M Overseas Total / 39 Markets<br>$357.8M Global Total <a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#Godzilla</a> <a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#Kong</a> <a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#GodzillaVsKong</a> <a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#BoxOffice</a></p>&mdash; Boxoffice Pro (@BoxOffice) <a href="">April 11, 2021</a></blockquote> <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>

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