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    Water Bottle and CJohn discuss threadbans on WhatsApp CJohn: Don't worry, he is threadbanned from the Avengers weekend thread (mentioning That One Guy) Water Bottle: But what if he breaks the ban? CJohn: Ok, let's go check it out Meanwhile in the Avengers weekend thread That One Guy: VALERIAN IS JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESUS CJohn: Oh Shit, you know what I am done with this Water Bottle BOX OFFICE THEORY PRESENTS --Absolute chaos reigns supreme in the Han Solo weekend thread AAbattery: How many members can we save? Grim: 11. MrPink was the last of his kind. A true Nolanite/Star Wars fanboy. He will be lost forever in the Han Solo weekend thread. AAbattery: The trolls will never capture him. Grim: I thought you may know someone who can help us... WIDE SHOT OF PORTUGAL Grim: A rescue operation. What could go wrong? CJohn: MrPink bah gawd it is you. You know me. Come with me. Lets get out of Han Solo weekend thread and create an Untitled Nolan Masterpiece 11 thread where we can survive. --A bunch of trolls show up --Grim reveals himself to be the leader of the Han Solo troll jokes and takes MrPink with him Water Bottle: Dammit it was all a lie, we lost another member. Grim: The movie that proved every franchise can implode historically, you never thought in the value of a perfect troll could have for BOT? CJohn: They are gonna turn him into a hater. Water Bottle: Not MrPink, they need him for something else. He is the punching bag of the BOFFIE Funniest Poster winners. --Coolio makes a sleazy look to all the trolling posts he can make without getting banned, as always AAbattery: What type of troll is that? Telemachos: They made the perfect one. Lordmandeep: THE LAST JEDI IS BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD AND KILLED THE BRAND CJohn: We need to shut this thread down. ON JUNE 22 CJohn: Pink, you thinking what I am thinking? MrPink: That Han Solo is awesome and we will get the 4K UHD? Hell yeah. --Trolls tear a new one on Han Solo in the weekend thread Baumer on Whatsapp: The genetic power of the trolls has been unleashed. Lordmandeep: Rey shouldn't be able to swim since she is from a desert iJack: FOX screwed Deadpool with this awful pre-Memorial day weekend release date! Baumer on Whatsapp: We can't put it back in a box. Cameron loonies: Silly Avengers is only doing like 0.7A LOL Cameron king of the world. CJohn: I threadbanned LMP but he is not stopping. AAbattery: Lets nuke this thing off the Earth's orbit. That One Guy: VALERIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIAN CJohn: If I don't make it back, remember you were the one who made me come back here. AAbattery: CJohn: I will be alright. Cameron Loonies: HAN SOLO. 0.17A Coolio: Baumer on WhatsApp: These trolls were here before us. And if we are not careful... --AAbattery and CJohn try to ban has many trolls they humanly can Baumer on WhatsApp: ...they are gonna be here after us. --AAbattery and CJohn close the thread but the trolls start to move to other threads and infect the whole forum. iJack: FUCK SNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYDER --------------- Baumer on WhatsApp: Welcome... to Box Office Theory World --Lordmandeep circles his prey... Lordmandeep: You know what old man? Both your favorite franchises, Star Wars and Mad Max, are dead forever because audiences don't see them as real movie events worthy of the big screen experience like they do with MARVEL and instead just download them illegally and watch them on their TVs --Telemachos weeps and leaves BOT forever BOX OFFICE THEORY WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM WEEKEND THREAD Official Opening June 22; Special Preview Starts June 21 After two weeks of waiting, and after literally everyone else in the world, Americans will finally be able to see JA Bayona's blockbuster masterpiece. Universal brings us the only mega franchise that doesn't belong to Disney (some DCEU shade in the weekend thread? check) in the form of JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM. The overseas rollout started 84 years ago, and by now we already have a clear idea of how this is going to perform. Either we are bored with a 150M opening or we end up together punching the movie in the face like we did with Han Solo. At least the OS numbers are way better. We are here to have fun so please, avoid personal attacks and baity posts. There is also the spoilers situation... Like I said, it has been 84 years so by the time this reaches America OS members have already forgotten about it. Either way... DO NOT POST SPOILERS. NOT EVEN SPOILERS UNDER SPOILER TAGS. This weekend, posting a spoiler will result in an immediate Box Office Discussion Forum ban. You will not be given a warning. To discuss spoilers of JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM go to our SPOILERS THREAD: This goes for all new releases but we like to remember you all of this when the biggest blockbusters of the year get released so in this way you end up fucking up with shit like Transformers 5, PotC5, Fate of the Furious or Bright. Just ask MrPink about this, he has a lot of experience. We're looking forward to a great weekend and we realize the over-excitement (or meltdowns) can cause the thread to go off topic. We will be allowing everyone to post freely as long as the off topic discussions don't go overboard. Stick to box office numbers the best you can, but we understand there are dead times where no new numbers arrive and other discussions will surge. We will do our best to keep the most recent numbers in the 2nd post of the first page ALWAYS updated to the most recent estimates. In that way, the persons who just want to check the new numbers only need to go to one place. Last, but not least we are offering a SPECIAL SALE this weekend... ? The sale will begin tomorrow (FRIDAY) and last until June 25th. The sale will be 25% off Premium Monthly. Please remember that having a paid account is a donation to keeping this forum around for a long time. Even thought all franchises are dying, I am sure Marvel will starting putting out one of those per month or something like that. Thanos to all the other franchises: By the time he ended, really only half of the franchises existed. Perfectly balanced. As all things should be. We are posting this weekend thread early to make sure everyone reads the guidelines regarding spoilers. Keep it neutral, keep it fun and don't attack others, and you'll be fine. If it becomes something other than that, you risk a temporary ban so please, tread lightly.
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    I just want to give yall a heads up, but I won't be available to post numbers tomorrow (except for numbers that are available before 11am). Since I will be in surgery to get my wisdom teeth taking out (ugh)! If all goes well, I should be back to posting by Wednesday.🀞🏽 P.s. if yall see any nutty/loopy posts from me tomorrow, I just want to apologize in advance!
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    AWiT STILL UNDER $100M, NOT YET AGAIN, WE NEED ANOTHER FUDGE WITH ANT-MAN - (-) A Wrinkle in Time Walt Disney $241,557 -65% 245 $986 $99,906,924 101
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    Thank you! And yes, everything went well!
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    Thor Ragnarok looks the same as Winter Soldier to you? Ok.
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    Thank you all for the well wishes! And I'm officially signing off for the day!πŸ™‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈ
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    Really?! You're really gonna play the race card with this shit?!!! My ppl have enough racist bullshit to deal with without you adding a crappy movie to the list! You can keep that trash!
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    15 years ago, the outcry was for anyone but Lucas to make another Star Wars film because of how "terrible" the prequels were. Now, the outcry is for him to come back because of how... "not Star Wars" the new movies are. Time's funny that way. As a huge fan of both eras, all I can say is... people need to stop taking this franchise so seriously. Enjoy it and let each generation define it in their own way. If one can't enjoy it, just let it go.
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    https://deadline.com/2018/06/incredibles-2-tag-superfly-weekend-box-office-1202411262/ Deadline now predicting 180M + 71.6M Friday, true Friday - 53.1M 4th Update, Saturday AM after midnight post: Incredibles 2 isn’t just a sequel to an animated film, it’s a sequel to an A+ four-quad movie and it’s acting like the latter pulling in everyone, largely adults with general audiences accounting for 57% of the audience. Note that parents are only repping 12% of the crowd per PostTrak with 31% kids. In the middle of the night we were spotting that Incredibles 2 was clicking to $175.3M and there’s a very good shot this all-audience pic is flying to $180M+. That figure alone is close to 70% of Incredibles’ $261.4M lifetime domestic gross. With Incredibles 2, Pixar earns its 7th A+ CinemaScore out of 20 full-length theatrical releases. Yesterday alone, including $18.5M Wed/Thurs. previews, Incredibles 2 made a stunning $71.6M.
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    just saw a wrinkle in time's weekend fudge numbers and immediately called the police. alan horn is gonna be in handcuffs by monday!
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    Let's just presume a 180M OW. Pixar multipliers for summer for the last ten years then go: Up: 774M Inside Out: 709M Toy Story 3: 677M Finding Dory: 648M Brave: 644M WALL-E: 639M Monsters University: 586M Cars 2: 521M Cars 3: 513M this is gonna be a monster
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    Pretty sure it will collapse on Sunday once people realize it's not that great of a movie, and the brainwashing serum wears off.
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    Reading the last few pages... OMG! Forget Solo, I'm having Justice League flashbacks with all the whining and persecution complex about people reporting data. Be more like @Porthos. Those Solo numbers broke his heart but he didn't blame the numbers or the posters reporting them (himself included) for having an agenda. This is a numbers and tracking thread. We discuss patterns and data. If it upsets you then please leave.
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    Monday Est - Holiday Jurassic World FK : 205M/936.5M, -21.5% The Way of the Bug: 27m/92.5M. +5% The Leaker : 11.8M/46M, -8% How Long Will I Love U : 5.3M/883M -11% Infinity War: 3.22M/2379,4 M +3.5% FK is first imported movie to have 4 days grossing more than 200M yuan
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    Not tolerating abusive behavior β‰  creating an echo chamber. We value discussion and even disagreement on these forums. New opinions and perspectives are possible to share without being a bully.


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