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    IT come it at bit higher 18.7,AA 5.8-9,mother about right 3.2,see what est come out at
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    Friend of mine whom I trust (he was the one who told me months beforehand that Wonder Woman was a straightforward origin story, Alien was more of Prometheus and Apes was very dark all of which I mentioned here early as well) got a chance to watch this today. He enjoyed it, said that there are some issues they can still fix but he came out of the movie happy. Said he would give it a 7.5/10 or so. I didn't ask him for plot spoilers and won't either. But he feels it will play well with audiences and be an entertaining time at the movies even if it isn't considered groundbreaking or anything.
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    The bigger critics like the movie as well. It should end up in the 75% range or higher. Sales are massive already over 2 weeks out. This one is heading towards $180m with a possibility at $200m+ domestic. If the scores are high enough, the insane thought of a $100m weekend is at least no longer laughable. I am on the $70m+ opening weekend for sure right now to be safe, but think $80m is growing more likely by the day.
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    If anyone scrolls past this, I hope you have a lovely day. You are awesome and you have so much to contribute to this world
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    In this 20 years I've been following box office, IT has to make the short list of most stunning performances I've witnessed. Good riddance, box office slump.
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    13.5 mln http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/weekend-box-office-it-scares-up-record-135m-thursday-night-1036714
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    Me and @Spaghetti of 1000 Planets went to TIFF tonight and saw Five Fingers of Marseilles. I really hope it gets a distribution deal. It was outstanding. It had a little bit of spaghetti westerm, some Tarantino and some Unforgiven. All three of us loved it and we got to stick around for some Q&A and to meet the actors. Great night all around. Jeremy (Spagehtti's bro), Spaghetti, baumer
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    If [any of] you are annoyed about some people hoping that mother! flops/happy about mother! flopping, but you acted gleeful and happy about The Mummy, Valerian, or the latest Trnsfrms, Pirates, or Cars underperforming...well, then you are a hypocrite. Whether the film is seen as a masterpiece or as a "piece of crap," there is nothing gained from the floppage of a movie that you are not interested in to begin with. Just don't watch the film; problem solved.
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    It's really not great to take all of this so personally. Like what you like; people who don't like the franchise aren't personally insulting you.
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    Firstly, sorry for what I said. Sometimes I couldn't catch the language environment, and I didn't know what really happened. I have a bad temper, and I always do some rash things. I make an apology for the unpleasant and unreasonable memories. Secondly, I don't really know about marveldcfox or how your impressions about this person. But I do not like those words about wrong predictions, because it's not fair. I don't mean to blame someone, I just want to make this clear. I was struggling with myself when someone asked me how much this or that will earn, because that is a difficult question. The best CBO experts and trackers like Olive, firedeep and many of you are here, BOT. And none of us can accurately answer those kind of questions, let alone other persons. So we should show gentleness to all reasonable predictions, instead of dredging it up.
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    Guys, IT has opened at $3m in Mexico. Let me repeat, IT had an OD of $3m. - It had the second biggest OD of year there. - It almost DOUBLED Annabelle: Creation's numbers. - IT is tracking to an OW around $14m (only behind F8). - IT may gross $30m in Mexico alone. HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!
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    http://deadline.com/2017/09/stephen-king-it-home-again-box-office-1202163667/ Updated Saturday PM: With a strong hold from Friday to Saturday, Stephen King’s It is looking to pass $120M by the end of its three-day weekend, just as our tracking experts predicted earlier todday. Current estimates have the Andy Muschietti-directed horror film floating around $123.5M right now, down only 8% from last night. Today pulled in around $46.5M after Friday night’s $51M (which included that $13.5M preview).
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    Me and @Spaghetti of 1000 Planets just chatted with @Rth TIFF in a bar in downtown Toronto and he said that as of around 6 p.m. Eastern it was tracking at around the same as the Friday number but without the previews so around 37 or 38 million. He also said that he's not sure if the hurricane is going to affect it that much and he also said that the late-night business could increase substantially. But as of right now 38 million is where it was headed before the evening shows.
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    I hate clowns 🤡 Bye PS Molly's Game excellent Call me by your name good
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    Sun all over shop, let say in general most aren't down, and of the few that are slight variation to est. Like for eg HM & Dunkirk are up, A:C dwn but not as much
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    There was a guy who stared at me at Coffee Bean today for a long time. I thought he was high on drugs and was a little scared of him-I made sure he left way before I did. But now reading this post I realized maybe he was just into me.
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    You aren't getting this. Justice League is going to get its theater count in November, but it won't get nearly the screen count it would have in a time like March or August. Think of theaters like a hotel. They have a set number of rooms In the slow times people can book 10 or even 20 rooms if they want. In the busy times everyone can still book the hotel, but they might only be able to get 2 rooms. Same thing with movie theaters. It doesn't matter if a 10 screen theater thinks Justice League is the best movie ever and they want to book it on 8 screens. The reality is they have many business clients that book and need rooms that time of year and 7 of the 10 screens are spoken for so they can only give up 3 screens no matter how much they like the movie. After a week, they have other valued clients needing screens so they can only give 1 screen to Justice League. If it was March, maybe only 5 of the 10 screens are spoken for and they don't give a shit about the clients in April so they can give Justice League 4 or 5 rooms as long as they want. This is how theaters work. This is how studios work. You might want to keep a movie on 4 screens in your theater, but Disney walks in the door and says that you are going to give one of those to Thor and another one to Coco and you agree, because if you don't then a month later you might only get 2 screens instead of 4 screens of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and they will walk down the block and give your competitor 5 screens instead of 3 screens because fuck you. Welcome to the movie business.
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    I love DCEU fans throwing shade on MCU villains forgetting they had Juggalo Joker, Belly dancing model, a cgi mess monster, LotR cave troll doomsday and Jesse Eisenbergs Luthor as villains.
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    Just saw Mother. F isnt a low enough grade Down there with Citizen Kane as one of the biggest pieces of shit ever made.
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    Hahahaha oh wow Good odds you're overthinking it
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    We definitely hit a lull almost two years ago after a big shakeup in the company, but statistically speaking, you're wrong -- or you just haven't paid attention this year. Our new release accuracy has either remained flat or improved in 2017 compared to previous years. Not sure where you're getting your information from. Check your facts...er, sorry, "statistics". If you're talking about mother!, I've actually been told by people I trust that we may very well be on the high-ish end. We'll see. Either way, check your comments in the future, bud. You don't have to agree, but "fucking morons" is excessive given you clearly know my association with the site (not to imply that I "run" it, which I certainly don't). Our track record isn't as perfect as I'd like it to be because I set very high standards, but frankly, it's at least as good as any other outlet's.
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    Prepared to lose my childhood home and all possessions. Under evacuation order with no place to go and two cats (so no shelter).
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    LOL! Just watch as Aquaman becomes the latest DC property to become a huge fan favorite for the GA. Goes to show that for the longest time WB was truly idiotic in not seeing the potential that their characters not named Superman or Batman had. Cannot wait to see what Wan does with Aquaman.
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    Actually, I wish studios would do more re-releases, and not just this puny 600-800 theater shit. This is the perfect time to roll out some famous classics from the last 30 years.
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    You know what a desperately bad weekend needs? LEGS. And with Summer pretty much over now........ SUMMER 2017 RECAP TIME Wonder Woman's legs: Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2's legs: Spider-Man: Homecoming's legs: Dunkirk's WINGS: Despicable Me 3's legs: Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planet's legs: Alien: Covenant's legs: The reaction Tupac gave when he heard about All Eyez On Me's "legs":
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    Guardians was a full month before. Aliens was 2 weeks earlier and had burned out by June 2nd. Pirates was down to 1 screen after the first week and Baywatch was a bomb. Mummy tanked. Megan Leavey tanked. It Comes At Night tanked. All Eyez was a 3 day movie. Rough Night tanked. Wonder Woman had a great run because it was well reviewed and the public loved it, but it took a whole lot of films tanking around it to run like it did. Nearly everything 3 weeks before and 3 weeks after performed like shit or was terribly reviewed. It didn't get real competition until Baby Driver and Spider-Man. Justice League won't have the same luxury.
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    let's talk versus. matthew vaughn has never directed movies as good as Usual Suspects or X2. matthew vaughn has never directed movies as bad as Jack the Giant Slayer or X-Men Apocalypse.
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    So the plan had always been to replace the reaction emojis with our face emojis but we didn't have the time to resize them. Yesterday when I joke replaced them with Pikachu, I learned you didn't need to resize them.
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    and you will have to change to That Was One Guy
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    Word of mouth on this is outstanding which means that it should pass 300. But nothing is guaranteed yet. A normal multiplier of around 2.6 might be in the cards. Then again it really could get a 3.5 multiplier also. At this point who knows. Let's just celebrate a monster opening weekend.
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    Deep Wang updates: - IT presales are ahead of where Doctor Strange was at the same point in time before release. Already exceeded the final presales of Apes, Dunkirk, Power Rangers etc. Only behind the CBMs in terms of presales - American Assassin is about 50% higher than Mother
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    Holy shit, you should propose RIGHT NOW. These are definitely the strongest signs ever, I don't see how anyone can deny her clear indications that she wants you. Make a huge show of it as well.
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    This is pure FALSE though. The theater didn't ban the movie. The PEOPLE DID. They Said hey, this is a film I have NO desire to watch and don't want too, but I'm a whinny little fuck and I don't think ANYBODY else should have the right to see it..... Im going to stop going here if you play this. You're going to loose a valued costumer. Im sorry but in what world is nobody saying Gone with the Wind should be ban?!? How do you think it got BANNED!
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    Statues and confederate flags should all be moved to museums and have no place in public or in parks, universities, etc..., but banning GWTW from theaters? Doesn't seem so right to me.
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    I'm the admin BOT deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So you'll mock my clubs. Because I can take it. Because I'm not your hero. I'm a silent guardian, a watchful protector. Or something.

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