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    If you value such things as story, characters, and originality in films, then the answer is easily Jurassic Park. If you think that a movie merely needs to "look cool and unique" to be a good movie, then go with Avatar.
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    Hello to all of you again! My reviewing process for Y7 will begin soon! For my first night, I will have a review gala where I take a look at Risk Management, Chuck Norris & Liam Neeson Vs. Santa Claus: Ultimate Badass, and The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer. The next day, I will begin to take requests. You must request two films: One made by you and one made by someone else. If you make your request today, it will not be counted! Have fun, and best of luck!
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    Baumer and Gopher sometimes remind me of an elderly married couple for some reason.
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    HBP is one of the worst films I've ever seen...not Potter films, but films. Period.
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    A very rare thing happened when I walked out of my Oblivion screening: I realised I was given exactly what I had been promised from the trailers. Nothing more. Nothing less.Overall I really enjoyed the film and I felt as if it had a really good pace to it. There were some points which I really didn't find necessary (and thought they were somewhat strange) - did JH really need to be cloned 432billion quadrillion times? But I went with it.Definitely recommend seeing it.7.5/10
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    Here is my schedule for the week.. Monday: Thread Begins! (I won't have time for reviews, sorry.) Tuesday: Post Your Requests Wednesday: SK Review - Chuck Norris & Liam Neeson Vs. Santa Claus: Ultimate Badass & Risk Management Thursday: SK Review - The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer & The Wanders
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    I hope he can find a way to get George Clooney and Lily Tomlin in this somehow.
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    What are you guys talking about, this is easily passing $800M DOM and $3B worldwide. You guys know it, you're just hating on it.
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    End of Discussion! Plus there is no Jeff Goldblum in Avatar!
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    Not 100% finished tinkering with my domestic list.
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    INSANE! It's monday! How many people go to movies on monday and GIJoe is doing incredibly well! Monday 5.5+ Tuesday 6.5+Wed 3.5+ Thur3.5+ Fri 7.5+ Sat 8.5+ Sun 7= est 40m+ OW is it possible?
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    You bring the French Kiss, Ill bring the Down under kiss and Jessie can bring his friend.
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    I like posts I agree with, Dash just happens to be a very agreeable person lol.
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    You mean I wasn't your first??? *Looks crestfallen* And come-on, just how stereotypical is it for two people who have just met have a fierce argument only to wind up hooking up later on Do you watch these romantic comedies!
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    You're wrong about me and Jessie. Actually, the first heated argument I had on this forum was with Jessie. So...
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    The kids were essential to the making Jurassic Park good imo. They gave sam neil a character arc (i.e. disliking kids at the start and cuddling them by the end) which helped us identify with his character and hence we give a shit when dinosaurs are trying to eat him.
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    I think Jessie and Dash need to find a room. Cameron has made better films than Jurassic Park. None of them star Blue people.
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    Had Avatar been released first, people would most likely say Avatar.
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    April 11 Weekend Actuals1. Oblivion - $1,024,266 (weekend actual)2. Conspirators - $497,316 (weekend actual)3. Finding Mr. Right - $986,9034. Saving General Yang - $662,2295. The Croods - $2,538,1186. G.I. Joe: Retaliation - $3,174,580I Give It A Year - $81,168 (weekend actual)Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? - $34,786 (weekend actual)The Hunt - $15,460 (weekend actual)Seven Psychopaths - $15,460 (weekend actual)Oblivion drops from estimates. I see Oblivion making 2.3m. Good for Conspirators. It'll be the first in the series to reach 1m. Finding Mr. Right will go away with about 1.2-1.3m. After that sluggish start, it's a good total. Saving General Yang had the 2nd best hold of the top 10. The Croods passed 2.5m and it is $225,000 away from Wreck-It Ralph. I don't think it will get there after this weekend. Lots of theaters will dump it next week. GI Joe sputtered. Terrible hold this week. It'll gross 3.25m before leaving. I Give It A Year did bad but not as disgustingly bad as Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?. Tomorrow will have one of the worst PTA's of the year. The Hunt was solid. $7,600 PTA from 2 theaters. Seven Psychopaths scared off people making only a $2,576 PTA from 6 theaters.
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    If you think this is a great action film, I would say you're just easily impressed.
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    so you changed your mind, since in a previous post you said you preferred Avatar
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    Wonder what trailers are premiering tonight...
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    In honor of tonight's 2012 MTV movie awards, here are the nominees for Y6. AVARICE CAREFUL LAID PLANS CYBER SOCIETY TO THE MOON
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    My favourite performance in the movie is Andre Braugher's and it feels like he always gets overlooked when people talk about this. Freeman and Washington are excellent also, but there's something a little off about Broderick to me. All in all a very fine war film that can got me emotional at points. Great cinematography too.
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    Tyler Perry is dragging the "A+" Cinemascore rate through the mud.
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    Oblivion's legs would be better than Battleship.
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    Well, neither life, nor movies work this way, sorry.
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    There's a really nice documentary about the MPAA, it's called This Film Is Not Yet Rated. It shows a number of directors who had a really hard time cutting scenes from their movies in order to get a R rating, because a NC-17 just kills your marketing opportunities and most cinema chains won't even show it. There are other issues discussed in the movie: The MPAA members are anonymous, sometimes members of the church help deciding the ratings, gay sex scenes and female sexual depictions usually get higher ratings... Even Blue Valentine almost got a NC-17. And this part (Careful, NSFW http://youtu.be/ZT5l_mGIcTA?t=26s)of the movie shows different ratings given to movies with gay sex scenes. Also, the Fuck rule is retarded.
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    Avatar. Talk about pure novelty and nothing else.
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    It is very sad that MTV is giving TDKR and Avengers more respect then the Oscars. (Kids choice awards are pretty good for movies also this year...)
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    Avatar. Watch JP again. I think it's another case of nostalgia overriding the truth. It's a decent film, but the sense of wonder it once held is gone. Beneath the amazing VFX (for the time), it's really not that great of a movie at the filmmaking level. Same applies for Avatar, but it at least still blows my mind with the ridiculous visuals presented. I actually tried watching JP a week ago...couldn't get through more than an hour. Differing tastes, I guess.
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    This.I hate annoying kids.
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    Avatar. JP effects are iconic but characters were awful and kids so freakin annoying I wished Rex ate them. I was bored by that movie to be honest. It`s a classic but, yeah, kids really grated and I`ve never been a fan of R Kelly Goldblum.
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    JP is one of my fav Spielberg films ever, but Avatar wins easily. It just stands on a whole new level above that.
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    A 10/10J 9/10So, Avatar easily.
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