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  1. South Korea daily Box Office (04/26) The amazing spider-man 2 didn't surprise and pretty much did as people predicted, not good or bad just average. Admissions is down -16.3% compared to TASM's OW saturday and now stands at a total of 1.14m $9.33m cume. It should get around 450k~ admissions on sunday for a total of 1.6 million admissions. Captain America passed 3.8 million admissions on saturday. It's still ranked as the 9th highest CBM SH movie and looks unlikely to pass TDK's 4M admissions which is ranked 8. The other films aside from GBH and Han gong-ju (arthouse film) did depr
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  2. toho 2 pmfrozen 25879conan 15943roman 15627spider 9430
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