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    GOTG will lose at least a third showtimes on Friday. Weekly Forecas (Oct 20-26): 1. Lucy 110M/ $17.8M NEW 2. GOTG 90M/$14.6M 515M/$83.7M 3. Hercules 88M/14.3M new
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    Monday actuals GOTG 15.4M/$2.5M, 443M/$72M Breaking Buddies 9.9M/$1.6M, 1084M/$176M
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    At the moment I'd probably call Thymes 2 and Scrooge the most secure pre-Q4 films to get a nom. Me & My Shadow and Log Horizon are both wildcards and their chances will probably depend on how good Q4's animated turnout is. At the moment, my loose predictions for nominations are... Cybernetic 7 Thymes 2 Amulet 2 (even if I hated the first) Scrooge Me & My Shadow/Log Horizon/Shadow Entities/maybe Beast of Loch Ness
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    While, I'll admit that not every effect has aged perfectly (although I'd point out that a large number of scenes used actual birds so how the 'effects' there look awful I'm not entirely sure), it's a fantastically intense film. How you can call classic scenes like the attack at the schoolhouse, Hedren going into the attic or the final scene (one of my favourite movie scenes period) 'complete shit' is beyond me.
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    Ironically Con Air was going to have a sequel that was supposed to be set on a prison bus.
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    Hancock (I'm not sure if it was development issues or what - Peter Berg should have made Hancock 2 instead of Battleship) The Karate Kid (Karate Kid 2 would have probably done well if Will had committed Jaden to that instead of f'in After Urf) Wedding Crashers (not because it needed one; I'm just surprised that studio execs didn't try to get a sequel going. Even if it was inferior, it could have had a Meet the Fockers/Hangover II sequel bump; anybody remember any rumblings about it from back when?)
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    @SPSStudios @Hunt_Pictures You may want to invest in a spell checker. @SPSStudios Full Cybernetic 7 Soundtrack to be released alongside the film. #Y9BestOriginalSoundtrack
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    I think around 95-100 yuan opening week for Hercules. 18-15-13-13-21-17. Maybe lower.
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    Drop from last Tuesday for GotG is estimated at 51% (13M vs 26.3M) - let's hope it doesn't get any lower. In my opinion, this is looking ok. With 50% drops (on average) from now on, it can still reach $100M. UPDATE: As a post lower down mentions, the Tuesday actual is 13.6M so the drop is 48% from last Tuesday.
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    Darkelf is referring to the movie's inception which was actually meant as a Commando's sequel at one point until Arnie dropped out and the script got rewritten:
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    16 days till release. The biggest November release to date is <2012> released back in 2009. No solid figure on the number of tickets pre-sold is available but the share was close to 70%. OD for <2012> was 304,862 and the 4-day opening week admissions was 1,621,656. All in all the film finished with 5,462,953 admissions. A werewolf boy, released on October 30th, had a smaller OD and OW of 128,787 and 1,289,562 respectively. It's presales were lower too with 57,479 tickets sold (42.3%) by it's OD. A werewolf boy had better legs though and finished with 6,654,842 admissions total. For a similar film type with similar release date, gravity last year opened to an OD and OW of 110,996 and 825,367 admissions. the presales for gravity by it's opening day was 81,805 tickets sold (48.6%). It finished with 3,227,647 admissions. If the currency holds, it favors the dollar much more than back in 2009 too..
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    Wait, neither Vertigo or Psycho made the list? Yet the Prestige and Batman Begins did? Do people not realize Nolan (and most modern directors) directly rip off Hitchcock's masterpieces? Sham. I mean, Rear Window is great and I am glad it made the list, but without Psycho or Vertigo you don't have modern cinema.
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    Watching Social Network was interesting, because most of my friends were like that in high school (no billionaires but a couple managed to retire while still in their 20s), and while watching it I had the sudden epiphany that about half my high school friends were probably on the autism spectrum.
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    Germany's Top20 last weekend: title admissions th. PTA total drop week 1 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 259.730 504 515 279.728 - 1 2 Maze Runner 175.668 407 432 183.243 - 1 3 Männerhort 147.359 672 219 789.189 -31 3 4 The Equalizer 136.378 460 296 429.516 -34 2 5 Gone Girl 122.767 487 252 639.737 -24 3 6 Die Vampirschwestern 2 113.806 473 241 137.810 - 1 7 Annabelle 78.178 193 405 212.084 -24 2 8 Winterkartoffelknödel 72.811 132 552 85.891 - 1 9 Dracula Untold 67.874 512 133 540.603 -48 3 10 Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au Bon Dieu? 57.065 508 112 3.189.218 -27 13 11 Who Am I - Kein System ist sicher 39.928 412 97 620.734 -57 4 12 Dolphin Tale 2 35.241 283 125 122.539 -36 2 13 Die Biene Maja 31.419 613 51 601.190 -31 6 14 Der 7bte Zwerg 31.197 526 59 250.306 -37 4 15 Love Punch 22.934 180 127 38.181 - 1 16 The Cut 22.143 93 238 22.870 - 1 17 Les Vacances du Petit Nicolas 15.021 297 51 97.880 -36 3 18 Sex Tape 14.395 233 62 1.198.815 -68 6 19 Guardians of the Galaxy 14.248 160 89 1.747.589 -58 8 20 The Judge 13.485 150 90 18.424 - 1 Overall ok weekend despite good weather; a lot of openers brought more admissions. TMNT and MR had ok openings, VS2 not so - will be hard to get to the nearly 1mil admissions of part1. "Winterkartoffelknödel" opened much higher than the first one and even managed the highest PTA! Very nice, a slight expansion might be appropriate. In contrast, "The Judge" had the lowest PTA of the openers and will be out of theaters soon I guess.
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    Indeed! We have our share of nolanites CGV could profit hugely from interstellar as they have a monopoly on IMAX screens in Korea. Potential stumbling blocks are the local films Fashion King (released the same day) and Cart (One week later).
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    Nothing interesting in the box office right now so I'll just update the presale figures Current presales 01. 26.8% (20,350) Interstellar (D-16) 02. 9.1% (6,930) Red Carpet (D-2) 03. 8.6% (6,515) My love, my bride 04. 7.0% (5,328) Gone girl (D-2) 05. 5.0% (3,773) Dracula Untold
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    I actually think Grand Budapest is going to pull in a surprise nod. I just have that feeling.
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    Bronies everywhere are excited. But why is this coming out in three years can't they do it cheaply make out in 2016.
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    Top 5 Weekend: 1- Annabelle, $3.1m. Cume: 1.6m+ admissions in 11 days 2- The Book Of Life, $1.3m 3- O Candidato Honesto, $1.2m 4- The Judge, $0.7m 5- Na Quebrada (Local movie) and The Maze Runner, both with around $0.4m
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    December 25-29 (Christmas Weekend) Atahualpa (Period Drama) (2819 Theaters) (Page 7) Dreamwalker (Spy) (dir. Duncan Jones) Happy Wheels The Light Carrier's Tale (Fantasy/Drama) (dir. Sam Mendes) Monopoly (Dramedy/Satire) (dir. David Frankel) Neverending (Sci-Fi) (3425 Theaters) (Page 7) Untitled ChD Road Trip Film (Dramedy) (dir. Alexander Payne) Because the Internet (Expansion- 94 Theaters) Suicide is Painless (Wide- 1572 Theaters) Oh My God
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    Cloverfield!! Ugh, loved it and sucks that none of the questions that it brought up were never answered.
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    The Beast of Loch Ness Genre: Animation/Adventure/Drama Cast: Ewan McGregor as Eathan; Kelly MacDonald as Sheena; Liam Neeson as Tavish among others Directed By: Dean Deblois Original Score by: John Powell Budget: $165 million Running Time: 1 hour 45 minutes MPAA Rating: PG Theaters: 3400 Date: Thanksgiving
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    I'm surprised Vertigo didn't make since it's had a such a critical surge over the last decade or so. But it doesn't make my Hitchock top 10. Visually and thematically it's complex and interesting but as a story it leaves me unmoved. Notorious and Rear Window are my two top Hitchcock movies but Psycho, Rebecca, Strangers On A Train, North by Northwest, The Lady Vanishes, 39 Steps are A level classics.
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    @EdwardNadny Don't typically talk about other studios' films but just went a test screening of Cybernetic 7... @EdwardNadny Let's just say I'm happy we delayed Area 142 to Year 10. #Year9BestAnimatedFeature
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    Thanks Henry. Gone Girl aready...gone?
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    Current Domestic Top 15 Standings As of October 19th, 2014: If your prediction is in GOLD, then you are within $2 MILLION and get 30,000 points! If your prediction is in PURPLE, then you are within $5 MILLION and get 25,000 points! If your prediction is in BRIGHT GREEN then you are within $10 MILLION and get 20,000 points! If your prediction is in BLUE then you are within $20 MILLION and get 15,000 points! If your prediction is in DARK GREEN then you are within $30 MILLION and get 10,000 points! If your prediction is in BLACK then you are SAFE! If your prediction is in RED then you are over the film's final total by at least $40 MILLION and lose at least 10,000 points! OCTOBER GONE GIRL (23/23) grim22 - $220M Alpha - $160M The Panda - $160M Mahnamahna - $155M iceroll - $155M bcf26 - $140M avi - $137M darkelf - $137M Filmovie - $136M Spaghetti - $129M Empire - $125M Blankments - $125M Geraldino - $124M Telemachos - $121M Wrath - $118M DAJK - $117M laguy03 - $111M Cmasterclay - $108M CURRENT TOTAL - $106.78M Snoopy of Suburbia - $100M chasmmi - $99M Jajang - $82M Punishment - $70M grey ghost - $68M ANNABELLE (3/23) grim22 - $110M grey ghost - $88M Alpha - $80M CURRENT TOTAL - $74.08M ALEXANDER AND THE TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, NO GOOD, VERY BAD DAY (4/23) avi - $109M mahnamahna - $106M Wrath - $87M Jajang - $86M CURRENT TOTAL - $36.29M THE JUDGE (4/23) Punishment - $115M chasmmi - $111M The Panda - $100M Wrath - $83M CURRENT TOTAL - $26.82M DRACULA UNTOLD (1/23) grim22 - $100M CURRENT TOTAL - $40.83M FURY (21/23) grim22 - $145M Darkelf - $144M The Panda - $135M Blankments - $134M Mahnamahna - $134M Empire - $118M Geraldino - $117M Cmasterclay - $115M DAJK - $113M Filmovie - $108M chasmmi - $105M Wrath - $105M grey ghost - $103M avi - $101M Telemachos - $93M Snoopy of Suburbia - $90M laguy03 - $88M Spaghetti - $87M Jajang - $85M bcf26 - $85M Punishment - $55M CURRENT TOTAL - $23.70M THE BOOK OF LIFE (3/23) The Panda - $115M Telemachos - $87M Iceroll - $77M CURRENT TOTAL - $17.00M
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    Welp. Good luck with that one Blank.
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    I know with the rating system the way it is today. almost every pre 2000 Disney Animation would have obtained a PG rating.
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    Because everything suggests that Julianne Moore, with her narrative and her reviews, is the frontrunner for the win. But I would be happy either way, Julianne Moore is an acting legend and she s long overdue.
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    hmm Batfleck??? dont get me wrong he was good but Oscar nominated?? Cucumber is a lock imo at this point
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    this is so bad, so so so bad it's actually good. The fights are awful and the score is just the theme being played again and again, I don't think this movie has any truly redeeming quality. By the way, these are my favorite scenes: The fighting looks like bad choreography, just like in Daredevil. And you never get to know who won the fight, and that's coming from a tournament in which every fight end up with someone dead. And then you have this. How did she know he was gonna fight Sub-Zero? And why there was a bucket of water right there just waiting to be used? Is she using telephathy or she just thought that her appearance would help Liu Kang remember her words? And how exactly did the water became a perfectly shaped icicle? hnngg i love this
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    I'm the same. I don't let anyone leave the cinema until they complete my own personal Cinemascore Questionaire.
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    Yeah, what Rukaio said. But I wouldn't fret about the schedule. Only 60% of films scheduled for that quarter get made anyways, and since school/college is back in session for some players (including me), they don't have as much time on their hands to get stuff done.
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    1. Interstellar 2. Birdman 3. Mad Max: Fury Road 4. Inside Out 5. Tomorrowland 6. The Interview 7. Jurassic World 8. Top Five 9. Foxcatcher 10. Horrible Bosses 2
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    1. The Avengers: Age of Ultron 2. Inside Out 3. Tomorrowland 4. The Battle of the Five Armies 5. Big Hero 6 6. Jupiter Ascending 7. Jurassic World 8. Interstellar 9. Mockingjay Part 1 10. Ant-Man
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    My example that immediately comes to mind: Tim Burton's Batman movies. I really liked them in that post-B&R era when the Schumacher movies were fresh in the mind (or rotten in the mind, as it were). They were still the DEFINITIVE Batman movies for me. Then, as I got more into reruns of the animated series, and especially in the months leading up to Batman Begins, I grew to quite dislike them (Laundry list at the time included: Batman kills people! The Prince songs! Joker shoots down the plane with one shot from a gun in his pants! Why does Bruce Wayne sleep upside down like a bat in that one scene? The Penguin is a Tim Burton freak stereotype! Selina Kyle magically resurrected by cat licks! Why did the Penguin bite that guy's nose off?! Penguins with rockets strapped to their backs! The Penguin "driving" a ride-em toy Batmobile! Batman record-scratches on a CD! They're really no less campy than the Adam West show!) There was some interview with Mark Hamill where he ripped into the Burton movies, and at the time I believed myself to be in total agreement with the stuff he said. Then, at some point after TDK, I gradually came back into realizing that flawed as they may be, I did not hate them, and was willing to enjoy them for what they were. So I've reached a happy medium.
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    James Wan's mah boy.The guy knows how to make a horror movie. Lot of people didn't like Insidious 2 but it's actually a lot of fun once you start enjoying just how stupid and OTT it is.
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    GOAT intro thanks to Techno Syndrome. 10/10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=On-aETZNRN8
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    --and the world responds...
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    No offense, but why does your opinion matter here? The Godfather films were both commercial and critical hits.

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