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    Congratulations Ethan! Not only do you not know what 'character development' means, now you don't know what 'tone' means either!
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    I thought the teaser was incredibly mediocre. I was disappointed.
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    Ethan's sig perfectly sums up the intellectual value of his posting.
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    All films are gonna drop 20-30% tomorrow, which will be normal. So let's get the doom-n-gloom out of the way now.
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    In the 1950s it would have been shot in 1.85:1, but Jeff Wells would mistakenly bitch about it being supposed to be in 4:3
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    Day Frozen BH6 YoHW 0-Fri 49.224 1-Sat 58.491 46.753 133.455 2-Sun 64.414 47.611 137.103 W1-ADM 854.620 463.556 1.484.916 Gr.MYen 986,4 600,4 1629,0 3-Mon 19.967 16.834 45.005 4-Tue 21.651 47.073 107.265 5-Wed 43.281 32.637 43.836 6-Trh 26.963 28.705 35.850 7-Fri 68.297 25.265 49.472 8-Sat 67.663 31.272 43.782 9-Sun 72.506 41.083 55.686 W2 Tot 320.328 222.869 380.896 10-Mon 28.363 48.697 64.826 11-Tue 34.679 44.206 44.795 12-Wed 83.675 35.066 32.642 13-Thr 40.795 49.665 28.162 14-Fri 37.218 40.730 30.669 15-Sat 58.906 52.774 38.745 16-Sun 80.440 46.501 34.188 Tot W3 364.076 317.639 274.027 Cume Adm 4,91M 3,26M Cume Gross 4,15BYen 5,424Byen 17-Mon 40.807 28.042 26.011 18-Tue 69.958 23.602 19.779 19-Wed 74.515 33.158 22.078 Tot 1.041.813 719.674 993.349 Est Adm 3.691.928 5.274.683 Est Gross M$ 39,222 48,406
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    hey guys, please leave the alpha/ethan crap out of this thread thanks
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    What equals cool? Scary? Dangerous? An under educated populace only sees ants as the nuisance at their picnic, this seems the issue. Lack of knowledge. Like, not knowing some ants can fly. Fire Ants (US) Jack Jumper Ant (Australia) Bullet Ant (Amazon/S.Am) Driver Ants (Africa) Deadly Ants 101 now concludes. Luckily for us these guys don't seek out prey much bigger than moths, locusts, earthworms...but if provoked they can attack smaller animals and a small % of the human population can react badly to their venom.
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    No one knows or cares what hipster means. they just say it to people they don't like.
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    Yeah DOFP had Holocaust imagery(literally), mutants being stabbed through the chest, ripped in half, and heads ripped off(poor ice-man). "Serious" superhero movies can be done real well as Nolan and Singer have shown, you just need a lot more talent than somebody like Zack Snyder.
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    All that matters is that he shoots as much as can in IMAX without regard for visual consistency or thematic purpose.
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    Only for the ones who do not like the advertising wait: it's about $31m VOD for The Interview and mentiones also these numbers
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    Like Paul Rudd, like Michael Douglas, like Evangeline Lilly, but this film sadly looks Green Lantern level bad if that teaser is anything to go by. Can't say I know much about the comic book Ant-Man, but Marvel seem to be scraping the bottom of the barrel with this. What other obscure superheros can they make a film of now. The excitement level with Marvel film's for me has gone down since Iron Man 3. I'll still no doubt watch it though. Kicking off Edgar Wright so close to production stunk, considering the film seemed to be his love project for a few years.
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    maybe little off topic, but wow, finaly specs for Blu-ray 4K, please point me to correct thread if not here http://thedigitalbits.com/columns/my-two-cents/010615_1530
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    Being wrong is a very kind word for what you are 99% of the times here
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    How was TASM 2 fun and the first serious? didn't his GF die in the second movie? that had a far more serious tone
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    The awesome fun of Agent Carter made the Ant-Man trailer seem even more blah in comparison. I'm going to wait until tomorrow to give it another chance but I can't recall another Marvel trailer I was so eh about.
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    I thought the first avengers film was okay but AOU trailer was really good.
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    why are some people busting a nut over "One question. Is it too late to change the name?" it's so whitty lol
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    Dress up this trailer with Live Your Life and it's already 10x better
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    I think Ant-Man could have benefited for Edgar Wright's visual style. I am sure the next trailer will look better. Marvel and Disney know how to market a movie to the mass.
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    The one thing I did like is that it looks like Cassie is going to be an important part of the movie and the motivation.
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    He directed First Class though and that movie takes itself a lot more seriously than something like The Avengers. If his goal was "fun escapism," I'd say he failed. That movie featured the Holocaust and the Cold War with a pretty serious tone and two main characters that took themselves very seriously. I happen to love the movie but that's because I DON'T want every single superhero movie to be a bunch fluff.
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    Jack ShouldaMadeOver100MDomestic Reacher is a great and solid movie. Loved Tom, consistently great, as the lead. I love him. 8.5/10. BLESS.
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    Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack has sold more than 900K copies in the US and will definitely cross 1 million sales soon. Very impressive considering the album is pretty much a compilation of old songs
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    Sadly, I went into this knowing the basic premise of this, which I heard was a spoiler. The only thing ruined for me was the first twenty minutes though really. Loved the movie, great idea with solid execution. A-
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    Good teaser, it looks like it could be very entertaining. I think if done right, the heist aspect of the film could be quite interesting. The quote "Is it too late to change the name" at the end, made me laugh as well.
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    Meh. Pretty much my thoughts on this. Can we skip ahead to Marvel's 2016 year after Age of Ultron.
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    I'll do one. Gotta finish up a couple movies, then boom.
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    Hobbit increase don't look so crap now, 2nd best % increase of the top 10, stranglely enough Exodus of all film's had the best increase.
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    It really is quite amazing. Their focus on big budget franchise films has them beating some of the other big studios that are releasing more films.
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    Went from 2008 to 2013 with no movies now doing one for 2015 and 2017. Had gaps from 1993 to 1997 as well as 1997 to 2001. I hope he keeps this up.
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