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    can't think of a duller trailer for a marvel movie. feels generic as it could possibly be. even the dig at the name at the end is lazy.
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    I love Ethan posts because they make me feel smarter. If I'm ever feeling low, or feel uneducated I just read Ethan posts and my morale as a human being shoots right up.
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    He's like the Dos Equis guy of the forums, he doesn't stan for every movie, but when he does, he stans for gold.
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    72. LES MISERABLES "Oh, life has killed the dream, I dream." Yes, Russell Crowe isn't a good singer. Yes, the camera angles are often way too close. Yes, the movie is often very hammy. But what can I say, it's Les Miserables. Tom Hooper simply lets the show be the show in this beautifully captured yet quite flawed movie. The passion covers up many of the cracks and stays true to the ultimate heart of the movie and the music that really lets the show do its thing. Like Into The Woods, it's an adaption that rides along just how good its source material is, and with the epic and bombastic feel of the whole thing, it feels fresh and magical with each viewing. The cast (even Crowe) ultimately brings the dramatic depth necessary for their roles, and it all works out in creating something truly special. Plus, let Anne Hathaway have her cake for this movie. She really was all that and a bag of chips. 71. SPRING BREAKERS "Spring break, forever" Imagine MTV through an art house filter and you've got this wild ride of a movie. Harmony Korine's fly on the wall direction allows us to stand by these girls as they willingly enter a world of violence, darkness, and a void of morality, but it captures everything in a distorted (at times, literally) lens that glamorizes everything that these girls do, even though one can see that these are hardly acts worthy of such valor. It plays out to become a sharp and scathing look at the emptiness of the youth culture of wild parties, swag, and the #YOLO mentality in a way that doesn't ignore what makes it so alluring in the first place. Korine brilliantly plays with the contrast between what we see and what's really going on the confuse us and ultimately find solace outside of this truly fucked-up world. It's seriously one of the most brilliantly directed films of the decade, one that basically only allows for gradual appreciation.
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    The movie has Stellar Stellan though. So it'll be more than fine. Now, AoU, with both Stellan and Sean B, that will be one strong force.
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    74. BERNIE "Ms. Nugent is in a deep freezer headed for Dallas!" Most people are singing Richard Linklater's praises on accounted of Before Midnight and Boyhood, (myself included) but his 2012 black comedy also deserves plenty of love. Jack Black shines as Bernie, a friendly, Ned Flanders-esque mortician who marries a local widow, but does something shocking after becoming gradually and quietly infuriated by her. The mockumentary style for the film works surprisingly well, giving a local touch and a strong distinction for the love that the people of Carthage, TX have for Bernie, while also giving surprising light to the controversy of the situation. It avoids Hollywood pitfalls and works in a subtle enough manner that makes us still root for Bernie, yet question why we're doing so. A sharp and underrated character study indeed. 73. NIGHTCRAWLER "If you want to win the lottery, you have to make the money to buy a ticket." Living near Detroit, I often see countless shocking stories on the local news, and it somewhat bores me that the focus is on this rather than important global news. Dan Gilroy feels the same way in this slickly made, relentlessly entertaining satire of the contemporary news industry. The heart of the movie lies in Jake Gyllenhaal's Lou Bloom, a shady man seeking to make himself live up to the American Dream and finds a dubious way of doing so. It's a brilliantly dark, and darkly brilliant, tale that encompasses more than just media satire in its body and blood: How much empathy are you willing to throw away to make some big bucks? Bloom turns into a vulture of the night, preying on tragedy for his own gain. It's a brilliant film that proves to be not just thought provoking, but really fun as well.
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    Congratulations Ethan! Not only do you not know what 'character development' means, now you don't know what 'tone' means either!
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    You guys, he's riding on an ant. A flying ant Not a bee, not a wasp
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    I thought the teaser was incredibly mediocre. I was disappointed.
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    Ethan's sig perfectly sums up the intellectual value of his posting.
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    All films are gonna drop 20-30% tomorrow, which will be normal. So let's get the doom-n-gloom out of the way now.
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    Yeah The Winter Soldier was such a riot. I was in stitches when Steve Rodgers was visiting Peggy Carter telling her fart jokes. Or that moment when Cap let himself being beaten by Bucky, it was so hilarious to see two friends beating the shit out of each other, I was pissing my pants.
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    This is hilarious. I see a lot of online scoffing (not just here) at this trailer, and I see a lot of this: —Looks like crap and the premise and character is lame. Who's gonna get into that? —That's what people said about GOTG's first trailer —Nah, GOTG was an easier sell, because this, that, blahblahblah So after lots of skeptical people laughed at GOTG and thought that people would never get into it, the film was a smash, and now, suddenly everybody KNEW that GOTG would be a hit? Really? BS. I cannot wait until Marvel makes another “weird” film and people then say «Well, but The ANT MAN premise was easier to digest...”
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    BH6 should pass 5.5B yen after holiday Monday. or more than $46M
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    Trailer didn't look like...omg this movie is bad. It was just...a boring trailer though. You can cut a boring trailer from a good movie like that, but...I dunno.
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    In the 1950s it would have been shot in 1.85:1, but Jeff Wells would mistakenly bitch about it being supposed to be in 4:3
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    Nope it isn't even close to being as good as AOU Trailer. That trailer was great, this trailer was incredibly boring. That is even worse than it being a bad trailer because at least that would generate more buzz.
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    The Hollywood reporter French Box Office 2014: Hollywood Films Lose Market Share to Homegrown Hits Homegrown hits boosted theater attendance in France, with ticket sales up 7.7 percent in the year-end numbers reported by the National Cinema Center (CNC). Overall, 208.4 million tickets to theaters were sold in France in 2014, the highest since 2011, which was buoyed by France's biggest global box office success ever, The Intouchables. Last year also handily topped the 10-year average of 196.5 million entries. Much of the success can be attributed to homegrown films, including the latest French breakout film Serial (Bad) Weddings, which sold 12.3 million tickets and stayed on the box office charts for more than 20 weeks, comedy Supercondriaque and Luc Besson’s global juggernaut Lucy. The year was off to a strong start, with theatergoing in both January and February up 21 percent over 2013. While January benefited from residual holiday hits Wolf of Wall Street, released Dec. 25, and the film version of the classic tale Belle et Sebastien, released Dec. 18, and The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, released Dec. 11, beloved comedian Dany Boon was a boon to the February box office with the release of his Supercondriaque, which went on to be the second-highest-grossing film in France last year. The homegrown comedy sequel 3 Brothers, The Return also boosted the box office in the second month. August was up a staggering 31.5 percent over 2013 on the strength of the Scarlett Johansson-starrer Lucy, released Aug. 6. Lucy went on to become the third-ranked film last year with 5.2 million tickets sold. June was down 17 percent, with underperformers Transcendence and Edge of Tomorrow dragging down the box office enough that Serial (Bad) Weddings regained the top spot 11 weeks after its release. With Weddings, Supercondriaque and Lucy taking the top three spots at the box office, as well as other homegrown hits including Belle, 3 Brothers and Jalil Lespert's Yves Saint Laurent biopic being big box office hits through the year, French films took 44 percent of the box office share, the highest level since 1984. As a result, Hollywood films were down 9 percent from 2013, with American films taking 45 percent of the market share, down from 54 percent last year. Foreign films from other territories were down by 4.7 percent last year in the wake of the latest French wave. September, November and December all saw declines, even with the releases of hits like Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1 and the final Hobbit film along with family-friendly French fare like StudioCanal's Paddington and feel-good drama The Blier Family.
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    you're not supposed to accept anything but calling people who like it 'hipsters' just makes you sound like a snob.
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    Unbroken $1,658,800 17% 3,190 59 $520 $90,730,345 2 Universal Dumb and Dumber To $24,685 -7% 331 -63 $75 $85,443,855 8 Universal Nightcrawler $12,814 -2% 105 0 $122 $32,009,076 10 Open Road http://pro.boxoffice.com/statistics/bo_numbers/daily/2015-01-07?force_kind=true
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    Surprised they didn't stick "unusual behavior" in this one's rating, too
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    It was hilarious and all but I think it's true. Let's get back on track. I'm going to put all those posts in the Classic Thread, so Alpha if you'd like you can post your hilarious comic there.
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    There are jokes in all of the Marvel movies, therefore they're tonally indistinguishable from each other Is that the gist of the last page?
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    This is a movie starring Paul Rudd, directed by a guy who's done only comedies, with a script by the guy who's directed a bunch of will ferrell movies (not to mention he's working off a draft written by Edgar Wright). Y'know, I think I'm just gonna make the assumption there's gonna be a bit of comedy in there.
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    South Korea Daily Box Office (January 7) -Admissions (Total Adm) Daily% Gross (weekly%) [sC] <Title> 1. 187,487 (8,361,445) -10.8% $1.263M (-60.7%) [834] <Ode to my father> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. 65,537 (1,340,885) -19.2% $461K (-54.7%) [461] <Taken 3> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. 47,814 (1,018,393) -18.0% $309K (-67.1%) [448] <Penguins of Madagascar> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. 29,527 (4,478,384) -28.2% $195K (-74.1%) [424] <My love don't cross that river> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. 26,372 (26,698) -- $179K (--) [363] <Unbroken> NEW --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9. 8,652 (2,763,769) -50.2% $66K (-86.0%) [336] <The Battle of the five armies> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11. 5,023 (10,195,990) -30.6% $44K (-67.1%) [68] <Interstellar> Total admissions: 458,281 Total Gross: $3,109,414 January Total: $52,115,781 Cumulative gross Taken 3: $9.641 million Interstellar: $74.850 million Ode to my father: $58.721 million Penguins of Madagascar: $7.046 million The Battle of the five armies: $21.494 million Current presales (Midnight) 01. 38.3% (79,357) Ode to my father 02. 15.2% (31,560) Penguins of Madagascar 03. 6.8% (14,061) Taken 3 04. 6.6% (13,687) Paddington 05. 4.8% (9,891) My love don't cross that river
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    Day Frozen BH6 YoHW 0-Fri 49.224 1-Sat 58.491 46.753 133.455 2-Sun 64.414 47.611 137.103 W1-ADM 854.620 463.556 1.484.916 Gr.MYen 986,4 600,4 1629,0 3-Mon 19.967 16.834 45.005 4-Tue 21.651 47.073 107.265 5-Wed 43.281 32.637 43.836 6-Trh 26.963 28.705 35.850 7-Fri 68.297 25.265 49.472 8-Sat 67.663 31.272 43.782 9-Sun 72.506 41.083 55.686 W2 Tot 320.328 222.869 380.896 10-Mon 28.363 48.697 64.826 11-Tue 34.679 44.206 44.795 12-Wed 83.675 35.066 32.642 13-Thr 40.795 49.665 28.162 14-Fri 37.218 40.730 30.669 15-Sat 58.906 52.774 38.745 16-Sun 80.440 46.501 34.188 Tot W3 364.076 317.639 274.027 Cume Adm 4,91M 3,26M Cume Gross 4,15BYen 5,424Byen 17-Mon 40.807 28.042 26.011 18-Tue 69.958 23.602 19.779 19-Wed 74.515 33.158 22.078 Tot 1.041.813 719.674 993.349 Est Adm 3.691.928 5.274.683 Est Gross M$ 39,222 48,406
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    It makes me laugh that you two who are usually negative or haters are actually being positive about this trailer.
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    Wonderful. Lots of talent in front of and behind the camera on display/ Hayley is just fantastic, James D'Arcy as Javis is also wonderful and it was great seeing Dominic Cooper as Stark 1.0 again. It also looks and sounds great - love the 1940s setting. Oh and the running gag of the Captain America radio show is just ,
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    What was that? The money shot of this trailer is him as an ant flying on a wasp? You have to sell me that Ant-Man can fuck shit up, this trailer sucked.
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    Sean won't stan for CinderStella no matter how much I ask. He's rather unpredictable.
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    No one knows or cares what hipster means. they just say it to people they don't like.
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    All that matters is that he shoots as much as can in IMAX without regard for visual consistency or thematic purpose.
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    Nothing teaches you that anything is okay. If you read a book about rape and assume rape is okay, that says more about you than it does the art. Seriously, you make it sound like people don't have a mind of their own.

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