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    72. LES MISERABLES "Oh, life has killed the dream, I dream." Yes, Russell Crowe isn't a good singer. Yes, the camera angles are often way too close. Yes, the movie is often very hammy. But what can I say, it's Les Miserables. Tom Hooper simply lets the show be the show in this beautifully captured yet quite flawed movie. The passion covers up many of the cracks and stays true to the ultimate heart of the movie and the music that really lets the show do its thing. Like Into The Woods, it's an adaption that rides along just how good its source material is, and with the epic and bombastic feel of the whole thing, it feels fresh and magical with each viewing. The cast (even Crowe) ultimately brings the dramatic depth necessary for their roles, and it all works out in creating something truly special. Plus, let Anne Hathaway have her cake for this movie. She really was all that and a bag of chips. 71. SPRING BREAKERS "Spring break, forever" Imagine MTV through an art house filter and you've got this wild ride of a movie. Harmony Korine's fly on the wall direction allows us to stand by these girls as they willingly enter a world of violence, darkness, and a void of morality, but it captures everything in a distorted (at times, literally) lens that glamorizes everything that these girls do, even though one can see that these are hardly acts worthy of such valor. It plays out to become a sharp and scathing look at the emptiness of the youth culture of wild parties, swag, and the #YOLO mentality in a way that doesn't ignore what makes it so alluring in the first place. Korine brilliantly plays with the contrast between what we see and what's really going on the confuse us and ultimately find solace outside of this truly fucked-up world. It's seriously one of the most brilliantly directed films of the decade, one that basically only allows for gradual appreciation.
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    74. BERNIE "Ms. Nugent is in a deep freezer headed for Dallas!" Most people are singing Richard Linklater's praises on accounted of Before Midnight and Boyhood, (myself included) but his 2012 black comedy also deserves plenty of love. Jack Black shines as Bernie, a friendly, Ned Flanders-esque mortician who marries a local widow, but does something shocking after becoming gradually and quietly infuriated by her. The mockumentary style for the film works surprisingly well, giving a local touch and a strong distinction for the love that the people of Carthage, TX have for Bernie, while also giving surprising light to the controversy of the situation. It avoids Hollywood pitfalls and works in a subtle enough manner that makes us still root for Bernie, yet question why we're doing so. A sharp and underrated character study indeed. 73. NIGHTCRAWLER "If you want to win the lottery, you have to make the money to buy a ticket." Living near Detroit, I often see countless shocking stories on the local news, and it somewhat bores me that the focus is on this rather than important global news. Dan Gilroy feels the same way in this slickly made, relentlessly entertaining satire of the contemporary news industry. The heart of the movie lies in Jake Gyllenhaal's Lou Bloom, a shady man seeking to make himself live up to the American Dream and finds a dubious way of doing so. It's a brilliantly dark, and darkly brilliant, tale that encompasses more than just media satire in its body and blood: How much empathy are you willing to throw away to make some big bucks? Bloom turns into a vulture of the night, preying on tragedy for his own gain. It's a brilliant film that proves to be not just thought provoking, but really fun as well.
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    All films are gonna drop 20-30% tomorrow, which will be normal. So let's get the doom-n-gloom out of the way now.
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    BH6 should pass 5.5B yen after holiday Monday. or more than $46M
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    you're not supposed to accept anything but calling people who like it 'hipsters' just makes you sound like a snob.
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    Unbroken $1,658,800 17% 3,190 59 $520 $90,730,345 2 Universal Dumb and Dumber To $24,685 -7% 331 -63 $75 $85,443,855 8 Universal Nightcrawler $12,814 -2% 105 0 $122 $32,009,076 10 Open Road http://pro.boxoffice.com/statistics/bo_numbers/daily/2015-01-07?force_kind=true
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    Day Frozen BH6 YoHW 0-Fri 49.224 1-Sat 58.491 46.753 133.455 2-Sun 64.414 47.611 137.103 W1-ADM 854.620 463.556 1.484.916 Gr.MYen 986,4 600,4 1629,0 3-Mon 19.967 16.834 45.005 4-Tue 21.651 47.073 107.265 5-Wed 43.281 32.637 43.836 6-Trh 26.963 28.705 35.850 7-Fri 68.297 25.265 49.472 8-Sat 67.663 31.272 43.782 9-Sun 72.506 41.083 55.686 W2 Tot 320.328 222.869 380.896 10-Mon 28.363 48.697 64.826 11-Tue 34.679 44.206 44.795 12-Wed 83.675 35.066 32.642 13-Thr 40.795 49.665 28.162 14-Fri 37.218 40.730 30.669 15-Sat 58.906 52.774 38.745 16-Sun 80.440 46.501 34.188 Tot W3 364.076 317.639 274.027 Cume Adm 4,91M 3,26M Cume Gross 4,15BYen 5,424Byen 17-Mon 40.807 28.042 26.011 18-Tue 69.958 23.602 19.779 19-Wed 74.515 33.158 22.078 Tot 1.041.813 719.674 993.349 Est Adm 3.691.928 5.274.683 Est Gross M$ 39,222 48,406
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    That's a terrible number for the Hobbit. Ha take that John Marston
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    No one knows or cares what hipster means. they just say it to people they don't like.
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    If we're FYCing best song nominees then....
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    Rewatched it WOW its actually really damn good. Does the 60's thriller McQueen like stuff is great. I LOVE the action, no fact cut action music bull shit. Lots of wide shots, the shots tell the story, lack of music. It was like a grounded real life realistic superhero movie in a way. B+ (87)
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    Only for the ones who do not like the advertising wait: it's about $31m VOD for The Interview and mentiones also these numbers
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    It will happen either way. Just wait and see.
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    maybe little off topic, but wow, finaly specs for Blu-ray 4K, please point me to correct thread if not here http://thedigitalbits.com/columns/my-two-cents/010615_1530
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    The phrase is tired and worn out. We need more specific extensions for it. Made more sense in the early 2000s when it was fresh. Now, the style's so pervasive that it's far too general a term.
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    "You did the right thing. I don't blame you." [Gives thumbs up with a crooked smile.] I was already on board after You're Next. Now, I'll be watching Adam Wingard very, very closely. This is my kind of genre flick, hemorrhaging all over the screen while sporting a Cheshire cat grin. Jogged fond memories of staying up late with the little bro to watch movies like The Hitcher. A
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    Wednesday est NATM3 16.6M, 83.8M/$13.5M Tiger Mountain 12.6M, 727M/$117M Love on the Cloud 3.9M, 276M/$44.5M Bad Jokes 3.3M, 94.3M/$15.2M
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    Spaghetti is doing his right now. It's just taking place in a sperate thread which will enup being combined with this one.
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    Tuesday Top 5: 1- Si Accettano Miracoli, €1.24m ($1.5m) 2- American Sniper, €1.10m ($1.3m) 3- The Imitation Game, €0.38m ($0.45m) 4- Big Hero 6, €0.35m ($0.42m) 5- Paddington, €0.27m ($0.32m) Cumulatives as of yesterday: The Hobbit 3, €13.06m ($15.6m) Il Ricco, il Povero e il Maggiordomo, €12.69m ($15.2m) Si Accettano Miracoli, €9.35m ($11.2m) Big Hero 6, €8.28m ($9.9m) American Sniper €7.89m ($9.4m) Yesterday Big Hero 6 passed HTTYD2 (€8.21m) and Penguins of Madagascar (€7.92m) to became the number one animated movie of 2014 (in euros)
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    You can say you personally don't like the Beatles, but what you can't dismiss is their complexity (in terms of pop and rock music), range, and influence.
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    Really interesting movie. Couldn't get it out of my mind long after the credits rolled. Really simple and effective premise and great execution. Both Duplass and Moss were very good, especially Moss. A
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    Jack ShouldaMadeOver100MDomestic Reacher is a great and solid movie. Loved Tom, consistently great, as the lead. I love him. 8.5/10. BLESS.
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    1,034 dollars Thriller about 2 gunman who must go against each other! What a Leat
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    18 / 53 Comedy about a man disturbed by the strange music coming from next door. Don't Sock Me
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    Cinematography guild nominees: Birdman The Grand Budapest Hotel The Imitation Game Mr. Turner Unbroken. What in fresh fuck? Imitation Game best not get an oscar nomination here. jesus christ.
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    Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack has sold more than 900K copies in the US and will definitely cross 1 million sales soon. Very impressive considering the album is pretty much a compilation of old songs
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    Movie - Rating-Votes Hobbit 1 - 8.1 163083 Hobbit 2 - 8.1 132312 Hobbit 3 - 8.5 7541 FOTR - 8.9 212546 TTT - 8.9 191295 ROTK - 9.0 200366
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    One of my faves. Just finished watching the TV series this was edited from. I could listen to Rob Brydon doing Al Pacino forever. Michael Winterbottom is a genius. A
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    Sadly, I went into this knowing the basic premise of this, which I heard was a spoiler. The only thing ruined for me was the first twenty minutes though really. Loved the movie, great idea with solid execution. A-
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    9 / 25 Action film about a cop who faces off against a criminal who hides his identity behind various masks. Ripping Into It
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    He can feel a lot of thrusting between his legs, and I am talking about the scooter motor.
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    http://twitchfilm.com/2015/01/asano-replaces-watanabe-in-scorseses-silence.html#ixzz3O5CnwxKw Asano Tadanobu replaces Ken Watanabe.
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    Watched the ending for a second time, and it's really more disturbing outside of an electrified theater auditorium. That moment when all the rest of the band stops playing "Caravan" and Andrew just keeps pounding the drums like a maniac, you know he just crossed the line and he ain't going back. Even Fletcher's "What the hell are you doing, man?" sounds like he's genuinely worried for the guy, although afterwards he visibly gets high on what Andrew is doing.
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    Yes, this film scared the crap out of me and Goodman is awesome in it.
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    Frequently hilarious, but with a melancholic undercurrent. I could watch Coogan and Brydon do their thing all day.
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    Hobbit increase don't look so crap now, 2nd best % increase of the top 10, stranglely enough Exodus of all film's had the best increase.
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    Well when New Year's is on the same day in previous years usually the jumps are bigger
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    Marley & Me increased around 46% in 2008.
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    It really is quite amazing. Their focus on big budget franchise films has them beating some of the other big studios that are releasing more films.
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    Hector and the Search for Happiness, Beyond the Lights, and Fury are gone. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 - 33 (debut) Exodus: Gods and Kings - 22/10 (2D/3D) total 32 (down 14) The Penguins of Madagascar - 22/8 (2D/3D) total 30 (down 2) Big Hero 6 - 15/5 (2D/3D) total 20 (up 1) Horrible Bosses 2 - 18 (down 10) Dumb and Dumber To - 16 (down 2) Interstellar - 7/1/4 (2D/4K/IMAX) total 12 (down 5) Nightcrawler - 7 (no change) The Pyramid - 6 (no change) St. Vincent - 5 (down 3) The Theory of Everything - 5 (debut) Gone Girl - 3 (down 7)
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    Reissues is a tough thing I've had to bring up so many times like Gone with the Wind DID NOT make that much in its first run. (BOM use to add older films as well as look around for more data back with Brandon and Sean were in charge but that's another story)
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    I just finished watching and I liked it. Interesting movie and both leads gave good performances. It was trippy and I was sure what was going on till it was revealed. If people are on the fence, they should just give it a chance and watch it. I would give it a.... B(86)

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