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    I get what your saying Baumer. Thing is to the GA when EW or USA Today or their local paper prints a list of the box office for the end of the year. They're only going to see the domestic totals for both films. Most people aren't like us where they're going to drill down and see there's more there.
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    You are all laughing now but in this moment Skydance and Paramount are discussing all these ideas and they will all become real. January 2018 release date for the final chapter to get those Chinese holidays. One week later in MURICA.
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    You are younger than me. I plan to watch all the MCU movies, including the not announced ones till 2029. If I can do that, so will you. If needed via pure stubborness
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    I've seen some other tweets from him this weekend too. he's decided to go down the "psycho got bad reviews when it came out too!!" path for a reaction. hahahahaha fuck.
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    Plus MMFR did great domestic. Studio share is better for MMFR and pay out could happen with the sequel. Terminator on the other hand will keep going down.
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    I think the key word people are missing here is "relative to expectations prior to release" Yes, revisionism does occur, and we're all guilty of it in one way or another (especially for films we're biased for or against), but I think most of the time, people had higher expectations for Ant-Man/Terminator than Mad Max/MI5, at least prior to release.
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    I know I'm the minority here, but I feel Winter Soldier for example had plenty and enough of action without there having to be a needlessly OTT climax. Imo, those climaxes are the most uninteresting part of Marvel's movies, because they are too OTT and too long. Superman Returns bucked some of those "action conventions", and is as a result one of the top CBMs of the last 10 years.
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    I really, really hope Scorch Trails breaks out. An opening between 35-40 would give us all something to root for.
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    I don't agree about Ant-Man being bad, but at least the bad films are intermixed these days. Imagine how it was for me back in 1997 when all I had was Batman and Superman and each successive movie became more and more unbearable.
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    I remember when they were promoting Takers as "The new generation's 'Heat'" It also had this hilarious poster
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    "Warner Bros’ The Man From U.N.C.L.E. opened in 23 markets with an estimated $12M off of 2M admissions on over 5,200 screens. The major plays are Russia, the UK, Spain, Australia and Germany. Russia bowed to $3.1M, for what Warner says is 60% of the Top 5 market share and double Rogue Nation’s 2nd frame with positive reaction to the Cold War-themed pic. While comps are somewhat difficult here — helmer Guy Ritchie’s last movie, Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows, was a tentpole sequel – the Russia bow did outperform that movie as well as Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol in local currency terms. UNCLE grossed an estimated 200M rubles, while Game Of Shadows came in at 188M and MIGP was 193M in 2011. The dollar figures will be skewed here given the devaluation of the ruble over the past year. In the UK, there’s a bit of a quibble since WB is reporting UNCLE’s $2.3M from 505 sites as the No. 1 for Friday-Sunday while Sony has Pixels at No. 1 with $4.2M including previews during the week. Warner did not preview UNCLE, I’m told, and had the highest per-screen average amongst newcomers. The UK is a big Ritchie market, especially based on his early breakout hits Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch. The UNCLE TV series was also popular here. Reviews have been somewhat mixed, but the film should have some room to play this week." http://deadline.com/2015/08/mission-impossible-rogue-nation-fantastic-four-brothers-the-man-from-uncle-international-box-office-results-1201499958/
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    Agree, the changes she showed in that movie... the crazyness and so on, love her in that role (also in Wolf (1994)...)
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    From Xiayun: TG in China The new number shows a higher midnight: 21.78m yuan ($3.41m), basically on par with TF4. The pre-sale for the rest of the day is already at 59.6m yuan for a total of 81.4m. Given it's opening on a Sunday comparing to TF4's Friday and Avengers 2's Tuesday, think it's on track to pass those two and be the second biggest opening day ever behind Furious 7.
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    76 / 243 - An almost better version of Brave. Drama detailing the last days in the life of a fictional dictator. Savage Telling
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    it depends on personal preference. I personally think it was a great idea to expand The Hobbit with material from the appendices. Some of the original stuff I am a little mixed on but overall I liked the trilogy approach, though it would have been a better idea if they had planned it from the beginning instead of midway.
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    This situation with North Korea is an annual tradition almost, although it did get a little more out of hand than usual this time around. Most South Koreans didn't bat an eyelid to be honest, so I doubt it affected the box office.
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    I salute you. Somebody has to care. And that person is you. And M Night. That being said, if I had to choose a director of a movie, and I had two choices, terrestrial...or M Night...I'd pick terrestrial.
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    They just raided Gene Simmons house, and Jared's perverted ass bargained a plea deal. Has someone finally ratted out the Hollywood pedophiles?
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    I'd watch it again in a second. I can't say that about most MCU movies.
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    A full list of ten seems logical to me. It just feels incomplete when you have 9 or 8 nominees. It's kind of OCD for me.
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    I don't think you can say August is a new February. If you're not going to put out any movies at anybody wants to see in August then why would anybody go spend ten to fifteen dollars at the theater? All of these releases now can be bootlegged in about a weeks time. Now when The Bourne movie comes back out in August suddenly August will be a hot month again. You just have to release stuff to people want to see. And if JW world was to come out this August it probably would have made 600 million dollars as well.
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    MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE FILMS IN FRANCE: Iron Man 3:$38.9M The Avengers:$37.7M Avengers:Age of Ultron:$34M Thor:The Dark World:$22.2M Guardians of the Galaxy:$19.9M Iron Man 2:$19.8M Iron Man:$19.2M Thor:$18.3M Captain America:The Winter Soldier:$16.9M Ant-Man:$12.7M(still in theaters though) Captain America:The First Avenger:$10.2M The Incredible Hulk:$9.5M
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    Arnold has been in China promoting T5 for a few days.
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    This is my dream: since we were all (well, a lot of us) disappointed at Wasp and Ant-Man not being part of the Avengers film, in the capacity of founding members, just like in the comics, I hope that after the events of the Infinity War films, a new Avengers team gets created, and this time, Scott and Hope are instrumental in its creation. Sure, it will probably include Thor, Cap, and the Widow, but the two bug-themed heroes will be at the core of the team. Maybe that will be a nice compromise to appease comic book fanboys and fangirls who wanted to see Ant-Man and Wasp "found" the Avengers.
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    Saw it half a dozen times. Great setting and atmosphere, great actors and a very underrated director. Beautiful fantasy movie.
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    Went rogue as fuck on a Wednesday night, and for the most part enjoyed every damn minute of it. My viewing progression with the MI films hasn't quite turned out the way I had hoped. I am still waiting on MI3 and MI4 to arrive from Netflix, so I ultimately can't make comparisons in the way I had hoped. As such, this review will simply try to convey the thoughts pertaining to my viewing last night. Specifically, this is a solid piece of popcorn entertainment from a franchise that is quickly becoming the flag-holder of popcorn cinema. It seems at this point that these films seem to center their plot around another IMF banishment. Much like Ghost Protocol, the IMF team is forced to work off the grid, but in this instance they have been discontinued and absorbed by the CIA. Naturally, Ethan doesn't give a damn, and lives life as a fugitive while trying to gather information on the syndicate. What follows is a sharp and slick spy offering that thrives on the tricks it has up its sleeve. For a big summer blockbuster, this is a franchise that attains a large part of its goodwill by way of its characters. Ethan Hunt is a household name by now, but each member of the IMF brings forth their own personality and disposition. Newcomer Isla Faust (played by Rebecca Ferguson) is able to seamlessly inject herself as the driving focal point of the entire film. In the end, even with a blockbuster such as this, the foundation lies with the characters. Assemble an appealing character base, and the story typically follows suit. Thankfully for the viewer, such is very much the case here. Outside of the first film, this has never been a story-driven franchise. As we see here, this is a franchise that uses its characters to not only drive the story, but the major plot points and details within said story. As a result, the somewhat shallow nature of the plot is easily forgiven as this is a viewing that thrives on style and character. While it is standard blockbuster fare, it differentiates itself by being clever in ways that you don't quite expect. As mentioned above, to me a MI film always has a few tricks up its sleeve, and it is ultimately those tricks that allow the franchise to remain fluid and fresh. Sit back and chow down on some popcorn. After all, nobody in this age quite does popcorn like the MI franchise.
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    Mad Max Fury Road isn't the best film of 2015 thus far.
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    I'm reading back through this and I think there's a lot of users eating crow right now.
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    I also think a few people early on were reading a bit too much into the ending, since they're assuming that the only possible way to run the train is the way Wilford says it must be run. Remember Gilliam told Curtis to kill Wilford immediately and not to listen to him, because Wilford is a human snake charmer who's good at spinning the truth and orally closing off alternative options. Just because he says the train can only be run through exploitation doesn't mean it has to be. Because the film has already told us not to listen to what Wilford is saying. The only immediate obstacle to a more equitable system (not total equality, just more equitable) is halting the front class riot going on. The discovery of the kids doing manual labor snaps Curtis out of it and his decision to suddenly blow the gate isn't some sudden realization that society must be destroyed to be rebuilt, it's just a sudden emotional response of "fuck Wilford." And that giving into a raw emotional instinct dooms essentially everyone. And as for the ending ending, it seems blissful and hopeful, but the reality is that the human race is essentially extinct and it's incredibly unlikely the two will make it. It's actually more of a statement that the Earth and nature will find a way to survive humans fucking everything up and destroying themselves.

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