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    Biggest story of Friday is that THESE TWO GUYS ARE NECK AND NECK AGAIN IO 500k JW 450k Also War Room 2.25, Walk 2.15 Compton 2.1 Transporter 2.1 MI5 1.75
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    Mission:Impossible. Rogue Nation Fri: 1.75 Sat: 2.71 (+55%) Sun: 2.84 (+5%) Mon: 2.13 (-25%) 3-day: 7.30 (-10%) 4-day: 9.43 (+15%) It will be at 182-183m by Monday coming from a 7.3m weekend. 200m are happening. Fantastic legs carried by WOM and light competition. The franchise has an excelent health. Edit: Sat jump could be bigger looking at last year, so i consider this the low end.
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    In a rather shocking turn of events, I've decided to extend the deadline a week. I know, I know, this comes completely out of left field, but you'll have to live with your surprise.
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    The fact that Fox isn't trying to treat this franchise any differently in terms of marketing and public image because it happens to have a Twilight-esque "fandom" following that's typical of YA properties is a stroke of genius. I'm not seeing anything "typically" YA from Fox in the marketing and their decisions regarding the film - no pop artist soundtrack, no romantic pandering that's a total disconnect from the central story, no split of the third book - in short they're not perpetuating the "Twilight" stereotypes...they're making a YA film that's going against the grain of YA films, maybe that will help the genre not have as much stigma as it does. The first film's breakout and the fact that I'm seeing people who despise Twilight/Divergent (and even THG) excited for this is a good sign. On the other hand Lionsgate did damage to The Hunger Games from the beginning...quite a big disconnect between the films' public image and the end product. They're improving, but damage was already done. (And the film makers didn't actually intend for THG to be "YA" anyway)
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    There will be a lot of scoring done over the next three days. There's a lot that has to wait until the game is over, but the ones that can be scored, will be.
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    the top 7 movies of the year sf go like uni/disney/uni/disney/uni/disney/uni so that's fun.
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    Seeing this Monday, will report back here what it's like. For the record - haven't read the books, enjoyed the first film, interested about where the story goes here.
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    9 movies with over $300 mln DOM within a year!! 15 years ago there was only 9 movies with $300 mln ever!
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    It's following Guardians of the Galaxy's labor day pattern already as I suspected it would. That had a 145% Friday jump, MI5 a 155% one. If its holds are the same as GOTG it will do aorund 7.8m for the 3 day and 10.5m for the 4 day. But maybe even higher than that since its Friday increase was already a little better than GOTG's. At any rate, 200 is completely locked now. GP is the goal.
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    Didn't see a thread for this. THR has the scoop: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/marvel-shake-up-film-chief-819205 Perlmutter will still be in charge of comics publishing and television productions though. Interesting, I never knew Feige was this dissatisfied under Perlmutter. So, what does this mean for Marvel Studios? More creative risks and bigger budgets? What exactly did Perlmutter place restrictions on? Salaries?
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    I guess so. Kevin Feige says it as a combination of things but clearly the rewrites that altered the film, where his input wasn't needed was a large part. What's also admirable is being allowed an 8yr delay to work on another project with your sick friend. Then when necessary changes are needed you don't accept the fact that the movie you signed on for isn't solely yours. What would be an admirable quid pro quo is to roll with that. Realizing this isn't your pet project but a piece in a larger puzzle you agreed to.
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    There are so many interesting/good-looking "Oscar movies" this year. It's unfortunate half of them are crammed into December.
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    Welcome to the Forums! As for that weekend, I am pretty sure Scorch Trials wins by a healthy amount. For now, I'm expecting low to mid 40's for it, and low twenties for Black Mass. However, Black Mass overperforming is certainly a possibility, and I wouldn't be too surprised with $27-$30M.
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    You're taarrring me apart academy
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    Saturday September 5 Rank Movie LW TW WKD % chg QD % chg 1 No Escape -- 20,734 -- +70.0% 2 Love Detective -- 8,278 -- +61.8% 3 Inside Out 13,046 6,362 -51.2% +132.7% 4 A Tale of Three Cities -- 5,393 -- +23.1% 5 Pixels 16,760 4,979 -70.3% +69.0% 6 Undercover Duet 10,107 3,991 -60.5% +45.7% 7 Hero 2015 6,182 3,405 -44.9% +93.5% 8 Hitman: Agent 47 10,379 2,974 -71.3% +59.1% 9 Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation 5,975 2,962 -50.4% +112.3% 10 PK -- 2,845 -- +96.5% Superb for No Escape. Decent for Love Detective. Not great for Inside Out. 9m looks to be a stretch now. The only consolation that it can take away from today is that it held 10% better than yesterday (% wise) where it is tracking the best of the holdovers. While Hero had the best hold, it seems to be slowing down, dropping 6% more on Saturday than Friday. Terrible increase for Three Cities but that was expected. Pixels had another disaster. Bad hold for Undercover Duet. Love Detective is affecting its hold this weekend. Good hold overall for Hero. Yikes for Hitman. Good for Mission Impossible 5. PK is doing really well. Sunday adm. (so far) September 6 Rank Movie LW TW WKD % chg QD % chg 1 No Escape -- 4,835 -- +2.1% 2 Love Detective -- 2,234 -- +14.5% 3 Inside Out 5,764 2,048 -64.5% +15.1% 4 A Tale of Three Cities -- 1,939 -- -1.6% 5 PK -- 1,718 -- +38.2% 6 Pixels 7,463 1,712 -77.1% -0.5% 7 Hero 2015 3,524 1,344 -61.9% -3.9% 8 Undercover Duet 3,088 1,135 -63.2% +3.1% 9 Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation 1,727 721 -58.3% +17.6% 10 Assassination Classroom -- 620 -- -- Good for No Escape. Surprised that Inside Out did not overtake Love Detective in pre-sales. Inside Out should be able to hold better than 50% today even with that bad hold in pre-sales. Wow PK. It might have its best day today instead of the Thursday holiday. Weekend Projections September 3 Rank Movie TW % chg Total 1 No Escape $790,000 $826,000 2 Love Detective $310,000 $314,000 3 Inside Out $290,000 -29.3% $8,270,000 4 A Tale of Three Cities $213,000 $218,000 5 Pixels $208,000 -64.1% $1,943,000 Marvelous opening for No Escape. Playing in just 31 theaters, this will garner a possible $25,000+ PTA. Love Detective opened to nearly the same number as Undercover Duet. When you look at the weekend number for Inside Out, it is pretty good but of course the holiday inflated its weekend number and the trend does not look particularly rosy for it. It will have to play well on Sunday/Monday to restore theaters' confidence in it. While I think most theaters were being particularly generous this weekend, they won't be come next Thursday if it continues to have virtually non-existant weekdays and mild weekends. A Tale of Three Cities opened to the 2nd highest of most theaters but it did not register with moviegoers. Period dramas never ever do well on holiday weekends...just ask The Flowers of War. Pixels got off to a poor start on the Thursday holiday and dropped like on a rock this weekend. Huge crash for it and the chance of making 3m is gone.
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    At this moment, The Little Prince will open against direct competition in the form of Peanuts and Yo-Kai Watch (Japanese anime) while contending with the 2nd weekend of Star Wars on December 24 in Hong Kong. I do not have high hopes for it.
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    This and maybe Joy are the only “Oscar flicks" that have my full interest at this point
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    My predictions: The Maze Runner 2:$15M Hotel Transylvania:$17M(It's the only animated title and the first one did $15.3M) Peter Pan:$10M 007 Sprectre:$16M MJ2:$34M Star Wars VII:$18M
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    Yeah, the reviews are overall good, but not outstanding. Between this and Suffragette it'll be interesting to see how Focus will handle two mid-tier contenders that probably don't have much commercial potential (Suffragette probably has more mainstream appeal but if it even makes $30M at the box office, it'll be considered a huge success). At least Redmayne isn't winning back-to-back, but with how baity his role is combined with the afterglow of his Oscar glory, he shouldn't have any difficulty scoring a "keep up the good work" nomination.
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    4 200m+ movies this summer compared to 7 last year. Seems it had the opposite issue in that there weren't as many mid-size hits. Disney and Uni are raking everything in while the rest of the studios are begging for scraps.
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    It is at 173.2m after Thursday. It needs 26.8m. Let's assume that will be the total run. It will make 9.4m this weekend. Let's assume that to be OW. So the multiplier would be 26.8m/9.4m = 2.85x. (Similar to the 30/10 example I just gave). multiplier doesn't mean "extra", it means "including".
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    Finally some good news for SW7 in Brazil : on Adorocinema SW7 was the 23rd most anticipated movie, a very worrying fact for such a big franchise that will be available in 3 month and half! But now it is 11th so there is a strong progression, if we take the global hype and the strong marketing from Disney into account them ovie could be more successful than expected here, let's hope this upward trend won't stop.
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    Your calculation is right, but when talking about multipliers you include the weekend( and give it a value of 1). For example, if a movie opened with 10M and finished with 30M, you would say it got a 3x multiplier (though it made 20M more after the OW, i.e. 2x)
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    Yeah, this really looks like the most surefire record breaking Fall season ever. Usually we're lucky if we have two movies with true hit potential in the September/October period. We have literally about 10 this year. None until 9/18 weekend, but then it's all green light from there (Scorch Trials, Everest, Black Mass, The Walk, Steve Jobs, The Martian, Bridge of Spies, Hotel Transylvania, Pan, Witch Hunter). Not that that necessarily means they all will be hits, but worst case scenario I'd say at least half will be 100m-ers. Hell even stuff like Goosebumps and Paranormal Activity have mild hit potential.
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    How does Pixels lose 75 mil? It has made 180M worldwide, and more with China. 200M marketing? lol
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    I just love how people are making their own fairy tales a reality about the whole Edgar Wright thing, it s quite hilarious to read. It s like they know what happened better than the people involved themselves. Riveting stuff.
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    Star Wars: The Force Awakens $780,000,000 Jurassic World $650,000,000 Avengers: Age of Ultron $458,000,000 The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 2 $375,000,000 Furious 7 $351,000,000 Inside Out $350,000,000 Minions $335,000,000 SPECTRE $285,000,000 The Good Dinosaur $250,000,000 Cinderella $201,000,000 The Martian $200,000,000
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    Probably around $15-$20M more. No way is it getting anywhere close to FF7's $1,160B. But 3 movies over $1billion WW, and 2 movies over $1billion OS in one year. And from one studio is just mind boggling. Especially when said studio never had a billion movie (Jurassic Park was re released when it grossed $1B) before.
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    Sep 04, 2015 (Friday) 1. Ant-Man: $1,583,306 ($2,810,440) / 218,538 (394,905) 2. Veteran: $747,897 ($74,830,240) / 111,217 (11,390,918) 3. Office: $307,074 ($694,848) / 45,886 (105,514) 4. The Beauty Inside: $285,926 ($10,708,653) / 41,529 (1,630,427) 5. Assassination: $201,760 ($80,493,586) / 30,756 (12,372,491) 6. The Gallows: $93,469 ($170,851) / 14,082 (26,082) 7. Hitman: Agent 47: $59,463 ($116,343) / 8,868 (17,777)
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    Totally forgot to do the make up questions. If you can't accept I totally understand B, but I'll give it a shot anyways. No worries either way and I haven't read anything yet. 1) Will No Escape have a Friday increase of more than 110%? 1000 Yes 2) Will Sinister 2 drop on Sunday? 1000 Yes 3) Will MI5 increase on Thursday? 1000 Yes 4) Will Transporter do more than 750K for previews? 1000 Yes 5) Will The Gift make more than Ant Man? 1000 No 6) Will Transporter be number one on Monday? 1000 No 7) Will Gopher and Tele still strongly dislike Jurassic World? 1000 ? Yes 8) Will Compton drop less than 0% on Sunday? 1000 Yes 7/8 2000 8/8 4000 What finishes in spots 3 Walk in the Woods 7 No Escape 9 Hit-Man: Agent 47 11 Ant-Man 1000 each 2000 bonus for all 4 spots right And one final bonus worth 5000 points: What will be the best percentage increase on Sunday? I don't want the film, just the number....to three decimal points. 13.729%
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    Best surprise of the year so far (to me) is San Andreas and its US$30M cum!
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    New OS total: Ant-Man has amassed $200.5m and opens in South Korea. http://www.screendaily.com/box-office/minions-reaches-700m-intl/5092490.article?blocktitle=INTERNATIONAL-BOX-OFFICE-NEWS&contentID=40079
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    Good number for Minions! Zamor, does it have a shot at 24m euro?
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    8.30 Est Est Est Est w/o/w proj proj proj 9.06 9.06 ProjWk w/o/w 9.13 Proj Wknd M (m) T W Th %Ch F S Su Wknd %Chg Total Total %Ch ProjTot Finish xOW Ted2 3.63 0.82 0.99 0.80 0.48 0.58 1.16 1.21 2.37 -34.7% 10.8 6.04 15.3 20.0 5.9 JW 3.88 0.78 0.85 0.68 0.41 -49.4% 0.49 1.23 1.45 2.68 -30.9% 64.0 5.89 -38.5% 68.0 76.0 11.2 MI5 2.16 0.37 0.57 0.45 0.30 -37.5% 0.38 0.69 0.71 1.40 -35.2% 36.7 3.47 -34.2% 39.2 41.5 8.2 Min 1.78 0.53 0.26 0.19 0.06 -88.0% 0.07 0.56 0.85 1.41 -20.8% 39.6 2.52 -49.7% 41.5 44.0 10.0 IO 0.73 0.18 0.11 0.08 0.02 -90.9% 0.02 0.22 0.31 0.53 -27.4% 32.9 0.94 -58.0% 33.7 35.0 10.6
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    The main issue with Oscar bait movies is that they tend to take interesting, distinctive stories and people and then give them the bland, broad, formulaic treatment that makes all of them feel virtually the same. It's not ambitious or creative filmmaking, it's cinematic tap water, just checking off boxes and making viewers feel good about themselves.
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    CA had 3D but it was a knee-capped 3D with Paramount undercutting it and giving most of it's 3D showings to Transformers. Add that to their underwhelming O/S marketing and push of the movie because they didn't think it would appeal and it's surprising it did as well at it did. Ant-Man does have the benefit of Disney marketing and a now much bigger Marvel brand. Still, ww it's going to make more than the Wolverines, at least half the X-Men movies, both Hulks, maybe Thor, and all other non MCU Marvel properties not named Spider-man, as well as Batman Begins and Superman (2006). So - not too shabby.
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    I'm totally up for another Terminator film! Genisys wasn't anything amazing, but it was entertaining. I wouldn't mind spending another 2 hours in the movie theater!
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    26. Release Date: June 27, 2008. Director: Andrew Stanton. Starring: Ben Burtt, Elissa Knight, and Jeff Garlin. Adjusted Domestic Box Office: 253.109M RottenTomatoes: 96% Average BOT Reviews: 93% (47 votes) First off, that lunch teaser is so gutsy in a kinda stupid way haha. Alright, now let me talk about why I love WALL-E. The first half hour is some of the best Pixar has ever made, with clever visual storytelling and an overall great sense of character between WALL-E and EVE. Everything else in the film pales in comparison, but it’s still good material. The stuff on the Axiom is exciting; it’s just not as focused on romance except for a few moments. It’s still a gripping tale though, and the ending brings it back down to Earth and to the romance that makes this film absolutely lovely. Thomas Newman’s score is gorgeous, and Stanton has a great visual eye for what makes space in this movie absolutely beautiful. WALL-E is a flawed Pixar masterpiece, but it is still a masterpiece.
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    Liked it a good bit. Very easygoing and and a smooth ride. Definitely felt like something that could have shown up in the 1960s/early 1970s, Ritchie's modern sensibilities aside.
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    Why do you assume that? Infinitiy Wars concludes Phase 3, Inhumans starts Phase 4 To release Inhumans considerable before that would IMHO not be logical time-line wise (one or... movie release dates moved a bit it doable). Plus Inhumans adds 'changed' ~ humans into the mix, I think it is not a bad idea to establish lots of other charcters... in other movies beforehand. Their (Marvel) goal seem to be to satisfy the fans of rather differing genres, hold together by movies nearly all of those can enjoy too. The timeline for to be relased MCU movies in Feige's bureau is according to interviews with him going up to the year 2029 in case you didn't know that
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    This is one of Disney's classics. A great movie, throughout the entire film I loved it. A great message for kids, and Christina's song for this (reflection) is one of my favs still. I really love this movie. A+++ for me, 10/10.

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