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    As per Deadline: http://deadline.com/2016/03/miracles-from-heaven-opening-day-box-office-1201721886/
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    Thursday ZOO 28.6M/878.5M GOE 12.2M/189M IPM3 8.7M/774M MERMAID 2.9M/3376M KFP3 1.1M/991M
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    Walt Disney Animated Studio productions (Admissions: 2002~) 1. 10,296,101 Frozen (2014) 2. 2,801,949 Big Hero 6 (2015) 3. 2,455,214 Zootopia (2016) 4. 1,011,163 Tangled (2010) 5. 918,299 Wreck-it-Ralph (2012) 6. 757,337 Bolt (2008) 7. 584,706 Chicken Little (2005) 8. 352,691 Brother Bear (2003) 9. 235,724 Treasure Planet (2002) 10. 110,963 Meet the Robinsons (2007) 11. 105,654 The Princess and the Frog (2009) 12. 14,396 Home on the Range (2004)
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    If it holds well on Monday to Thursday, it could remain 20% showtimes. Presales and current buzz are on par with SW7.
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    $4.75 million would great for Zootopia! only a 21% drop from Tuesday and an amazing 28% increase from last Wednesday! $4.5 million would be good as well, but $4.75 would put in on track for a $40 million weekend IMO. $4.5 million would keep it on track for $37 million. It's having a great run!
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    I can make a CGI animated movie on my Lenovo. Don't worry, it's got Intel Core i7. I project it'll take me about 12 years, but I guess that means Oscar buzz.
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    Today is Derby Day. Don't forget to pick. This week starts the new Derby tournament. A Fandango gift card to the winner. If you do not pick you will not be in the tournament.
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    5/13 cult classic Horror comedy, all the animal fur rugs of their aristocratic owners coming to life and strangling them. Hillary V Donald: Trump of Clinton
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    As pointed out in a recently linked to article, LEGO and Minions avoided the most expensive things to animate - hair and water. Overall, the variety and detail in terms of animation of Zootopia is also more complex and time and labor extensive. These films take 3-4 years to produce and Disney hasn't shipped all their animator jobs overseas to cut costs. (yet)
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    @zackzack It should comfortably pass Incredibles Unadjusted # (thinking Minimum 270m gross right now which would be about 70m needed coming from an aprx 35m weekend which seems really doable.) @mahnamahna You cannot use a winter film as a comparison for summer when discussing legs / gross to day # in release etc cause the patterns play out differently. You've been around long enough to know that by now (or should) I have no doubts in Zoo's ability to pass BH6 and by a large margin (probably close to 35-40%) but the Christmas "legs" that BH6 got helped it out at a point in the run that Zoo won't be able to replicate. Higher grosses on Zoo's part will help the staying power but yeah.... The fact that BH6 got a 4x which Zoo will need 300m to hit should say something about legs and how the release date helps. All the other recent new members / followers: the week to week increases are not out of the ordinary nor was the Monday-Tuesday increase this week (springbreak+voting in heavily populated states makes a difference.) This is all standard and typical of the time of year and the springbreak pattern. Zoo opened at a much higher number than most animated films this time of year so its grosses do seem much larger than would be ordinary (+31% from 1m is very different looking than from 4.5m.) This is not taking away from the film's performance (or any other film currently in release) but box office patterns are patterns for a reason and we have a wonderful resource on MOJO to look at for comparison's sake. If I am coming across as grumpy to grouchy to some that is not my intent - rather to educate and show you how to put your enthusiasm into actual extrapolation instead of excited numbers flinging / guessing. I too was excited about my new(ish) love to follow box office and I learned a lot by "listening" to the more experienced group that was already around (which would make some of them feel old if I called them out lol @Baumer @Telemachos @filmlover and many others from the early days at Mojo.)
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    I know right? The whole film is made inside a computer, a good computer is around $1000, so how does the movie cost more than $1000? It doesn't make any sense.
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    I can't see BVS OW less than 400M yuan. It could go as high as $70M if the movie is not too bad.
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    Hello, people. So believe it or not, even though I've been super busy lately, I've been doing Back to the Past for a year now. I've seen dozens of great classics and before-my-time movies. Maybe not as many 30's and 40's as I've wanted, and more 2000's than planned, but I'm still doing this so don't fret. Since it's been a year, I've decided to do a top 25 and bottom 5 on what I've seen so far. As a reminder, this is pretty much everything I've seen, but I took away the grades: So I'll be counting down my top 25 so far. First time I've done a countdown so yeah, show some love. Here is a link to the original thread. You can see what I remember watching before I started this, but don't cheat and look at the grades or my reviews: http://forums.boxofficetheory.com/topic/18101-back-to-the-past-jandrew-gets-cultured-the-new-years-cram-begins/?page=1
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    Its at 480m right now. For a 210m final total in china we add 75m to that. For 290m In US we add 130m more. Lets add 65m for japan. 30 for Brazil. 20 for Australia. 45 for UK. 45m from remaining markets (made 26.5m this weekend). Thats 890m with very reasonable numbers. I'd say thats the very low end.
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    KFP3 is leading the presales for Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday... Fudging,fudging everywhere!
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    Great Wed drop, showing strength. Weekend will probably play out Thu: 4.8m Fri: 9.4m Sat: 15m Sun: 10.8m Wknd: 35.2m (-32%)
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    I think it's worth noting that Zootopia's Wednesday is higher than Monday.
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    Listen to yourself. You sound like a pretentious tool. He innocently asked a question on a movie website. It's not being ignorant, stop being so rude. It's not like anyone openly calls you a dumbass for your questionable posts.
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    If BvS isn’t worse than MoS,there is no difficultly that it will earn $70M+ OW($20M-$27M-$23M).
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    Deadpool has cracked AUD40m. It's in the top 20 all time and the only comic book films to have grossed more are The Avengers, TDK and the TDKR. It has a good shot of passing TDKR. Most Popular Films For Period Weekend, March 10 - 16, 2016 WIR = Weeks In Release No WIR Title $ % Total $ 1 2 THE LADY IN THE VAN (M), SONY PICTURES [290/ $8,702] 2,523,713 -25% 5,998,537 2 5 DEADPOOL (MA15+), FOX [327/ $6,718] 2,196,922 -34% 40,209,967 3 1 GRIMSBY (MA15+), ROADSHOW [323/ $6,752] 2,180,835 N/A 2,205,163 4 1 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE (M), PARAMOUNT [232/ $8,655] 2,008,052 N/A 2,020,250 5 4 HOW TO BE SINGLE (M), WARNER BROS [272/ $4,583] 1,246,640 -27% 9,749,898 6 1 LOVE PUNJAB (PG), MINDBLOWING FILMS [27/ $22,037] 594,992 N/A 594,992 7 3 HAIL, CAESAR! (PG), UNIVERSAL [213/ $2,647] 563,820 -38% 3,348,566 8 PR ZOOTOPIA (PG), WALT DISNEY [164/ $3,316] 543,755 N/A 548,766 9 5 BROOKLYN (M), TRANSMISSION [216/ $2,406] 519,610 -15% 5,328,110 10 7 SPOTLIGHT (M), ENTERTAINMENT ONE [169/ $2,990] 505,327 -17% 5,019,066 11 3 GODS OF EGYPT (M), ENTERTAINMENT ONE [177/ $2,461] 435,638 -41% 2,353,436 12 1 ARDAAS (M), SIPPY GREWAL PRODUCTIONS [15/ $22,697] 340,454 N/A 341,123 13 10 THE REVENANT (MA15+), FOX [116/ $2,591] 300,546 -28% 19,950,416 14 2 TRIPLE 9 (MA15+), ROADSHOW [142/ $1,925] 273,334 -57% 915,618 15 4 RIDE ALONG 2 (M), UNIVERSAL [97/ $1,944] 188,579 -53% 2,872,645 16 5 ZOOLANDER 2 (M), PARAMOUNT [89/ $1,513] 134,659 -53% 7,032,942 17 13 STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS (M), WALT DISNEY [55/ $2,340] 128,683 -23% 96,801,696 18 116 FROZEN (PG), WALT DISNEY [70/ $1,687] 118,121 N/A 35,276,607 19 3 13 HOURS: THE SECRET SOLDIERS OF BENGHAZI (MA15+), PARAMOUNT [107/ $1,039] 111,179 -68% 1,304,163 20 2 THE FINEST HOURS (PG), WALT DISNEY [121/ $891] 107,764 -68% 459,864
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    All holidays vary, depending on the state in question. Only for christmas and a few days in late July / early August does the whole country have holidays at the same time. When it comes to the holidays over the first few months of the year, things get spread out a lot. Generally, there are three places the holiday gets spread out over, early February, easter and Pentecost/Whitsun. The more holidays you have on one of these options, the less you have on others. In some cases there is only one day or no holiday at all, if all the days are used for the other options. There is another exception, as Hamburg always has a two-week holiday in March that is independent from easter. In this particular case, Hamburg's holidays end this Friday, which means it is the only state that does not have any real easter holidays this year and only gets Friday-Monday off. Well, Saxony only has one extra day as well (Thursday), so that isn't a true holiday either. The big six week summer holidays rotate over the years. A state that starts the holiday early in this year, will start it a bit later next year and continue to do so until it starts very late. Afterwards it goes back to early holidays again. Bavaria is an exception here, as it never gets the early holidays. You have some states start in late June and go to early August, followed by some that start around mid July and go to the end of August and some that start in late July and go to early September. The same thing happens with the autumn holidays, which usually are spread out over October, with most states getting two weeks. There is once again a weekly delay between the starts, which leads to no more than half the country having holidays at the same time at any time during that period.
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    91k total Comedy about a man trying to get his life back on track by spending a year in the wild. It ends as well as you might expect. Fear What They Show Lol, I had written a completely different plot involving Clinton and Trump turning into giants and duking it out, but you beat me by a second Impact. Typical!
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    15 / 43 - A TV stars attempt to break into movies, didn't go other well. I wonder why? The drama continues!! Comedy about three students trying to pass college through the means of cheating and breaking in the system, and it's ha-ha-hilarious!!! In One Word
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    ZOO PS at 6.5m close to flat again but the daily drops have been 11-12% The Rev at 19m in PS for friday. Shows now listed at(still adjusting) T-Rev 40% ZOO 24% last Friday 24% Eagle. 6.3%
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    Okay, seems fine to me (600 theatres seems a high number that most films will drop below in about 3-4 weeks but I believe that my brain is lying to me with that opinion ). Questions that pop into mind: 1. If I am over the limit, am I still allowed to invest in say 10% of Civil War, so long as that film doesn't end up releasing in 6000 theatres or am I banned from any investment of any kind? 2a. If I am currently at 290%, am I able to invest in 100% of civil war still because I am under 300% when I make the investment, or am I limited to just 10%? 2b. 10% of Civil War would only be about 360 theatres and thus count for zero. As 600 is about 17% of the theatre count is my limit of investment a) 17% (so it still remains a 0% wide investment), b ) 27% (that 17% that is free plus my 10% I have left to add, or c) 100% because I am at less than 300% when I invest/when it releases. 3. When we get to Expansion season, how will this work for films like say The Revenant, that opened in 4 theatres but then explode wide a month later?
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    March 11-13 Top 20 (bold titles are local films): 1. Divergent: Allegiant: €1,477,070 (NEW) 2. Kung Fu Panda 3: €1,464,855 (NEW) 3. Cien años de perdón: €3,314,301 (2nd) 4. Zootopia: €9,720,910 (5th) 5. Deadpool: €9,072,434 (4th) 6. The Revenant: €13,415,991 (6th) 7. Spotlight: €3,199,195 (7th) 8. Room: €1,318,098 (3rd) 9. Brooklyn: €1,271,361 (3rd) 10. Mustang: €192,456 (NEW) 11. The Forest: €1,478,396 (3rd) 12. Tenemos que hablar: €1,238,369 (3rd) 13. Hail, Cesar!: €1,957,138 (4th) 14. How to be single: €1,493,550 (5th) 15. Carol: €1,610,588 (6th) 16. La corona partida: €794,020 (4th) 17. Goosebumps: €2,808,339 (7th) 18. Alvin and the Chipmunks: €4,068,280 (8th) 19. 13 hours: the secret soldiers of Bengazhi: €492,158 (3rd) 20. The Danish girl: €4,934,334 (9th)
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    Alright, here we go again - maybe my golf clubs can stay in the closet a little longer this time. Everyone dust yourself off and bring your A-game...we have a defending champion to track down!
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    March 11-13 (provisional - Rentrak data) 1. Divergent: Allegiant: €1.4m 2. Kung Fu Panda 3: €1.4m 3. Cien años de perdón: €1.1m 4. Zootopia: €0.7m 5. Deadpool: €0.5m KFP3 opening is disappointing. KFP1 OW: €3.96m KFP2 OW: €2.153m Relative to Divergent, it is better than expected, or at least, better than precedents, since it has opened to the same amount than both previous films but in 3 days instead 5: Divergent: €1.435m (5-day opening) Insurgent: €1.434m (5-day opening) Good drop for local film Cien años de perdón (about 30%) Zootopia falls a 42%, logical with KFP opening. Deadpool falls a 50%.
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    The film does a great job creating a claustrophobic atmosphere and fully taking advantage of it, letting the tension build-up without revealing its hand too quickly. However, it's the performances that really end up elevating it above most films of this sort, with John Goodman being especially strong in a unique role for him (to say the least.) A-
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    Goodman was insane. What a performance. Also that bullet. Winstead was fantastic. Cooper was okay, felt like he kind of phoned it in. The last ten minutes, sheesh. The soundtrack was lovely. B+
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    March 4-6 weekend (provisional): 1. Cien años de perdón: €1.5m (NEW - Local film) 2. Zootopia: €1.2m - 4th week (-33%) 3. Deadpool: €1.0m - 3rd week (-46%) 4. The Revenant: €0.8m - 5th week (-22%) 5. Spotlight: €0.5m - 6th week (+667%)
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    You should probably familiarize yourself with his work. I think you'll really enjoy it
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    So...is it a good stupid as shit but entertaining as hell 90s action flick? The first one sure was.
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    Deadpool drops a bit less than 50% (€3.5m opening). Zootopia just drops 7% (€1.95m 2nd weekend after a €2.76m opening). Great legs. The revenant drops 23%. It should already be over €11m.
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