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    What were the options? There have been zero films released aimed at that PG-13 major demographic since August 5th. Florence Foster Jenkins - geriatric crowd Pete's Dragon - kids and families Sausage Party - hard R comedy Ben-Hur - Religious epic with even worse reviews Kubo - kids War Dogs - rated R and historically poor performing Middle East War category Hell or High Water - rated R slow burn aimed at adults Don't Breathe - rated R thriller/horror Hands of Stone - lol Mechanic: Resurrection - complete bomb Southside with You - love story with political slant The Light Between the Oceans - very dull adult drama Morgan - might be the biggest bomb of the year except for The Disappointments Room Sully - geriatirc Oscar bait The Disappointments Room - horror and huge bomb When the Bough Breaks - thriller/horror aimed at African-American audience The Wild Life - kids Blair Witch - rated R horror Bridget Jones' Baby - adult themed aimed at older females Hillsong - documentary Snowden - rated R adult themed thriller Not trying to be too argumentative, but I am not seeing a single viable options for the demographic that Suicide Squad is aimed at. Again, this isn't me saying that on a lot of levels the core audience likes the movie, but I think it is a mistake to say the legs are what they are without taking into account the release date. For example, I think if you put Batman vs. Superman in the same release date then it has better legs than it did in late March when it faced a lot more competition over the same time period.
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    I like how people are not even supposed to celebrate a movie having a good run anymore. After the 2nd weekend, a lot of users here said 280-290 would be where it would end up, exceeding that by 30-40M or more is now expected? In hindsight, it is always easy to make up reasons for why a movie has managed to keep going at the box office - where were you when the second weekend drop happened? Did you come out at that time and say it would have good late legs and breach the 320M barrier? Everyone in this thread pretty much being Captain Hindsight with respect to Suicide Squad's run "It was always going to have good late legs"
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    Two assumptions here: one, that they aren't interested in "improving" (however you choose to define that), and two, that they should "improve" by adjusting to your specific tastes. I don't have much interest in the DCEU at large (and Snyder does nothing for me), but the universe has been through many cinematic interpretations before and it'll go through a great deal more throughout the rest of our lives.
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    Did the movie touch in you inappropriately? Kill your family? Why such hostility? It's a movie that is honestly just ok at best with a nice run after it. You can turn down fanboyism, it's okay that SS is doing well, it's not the end of the world, and it doesn't mean the MCU isn't going to exist tomorrow. You don't have to respect anything to give it credit. Credit is just acknowledgement it did something. It's okay, the world isn't ending because a movie you didn't like made money.
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    Weekend Box Office(Sep.16-18/2016) (million) Rank Movie Weekend¥ Wknd $ Change +/- Total¥ Total $ 1 A Chinese Odyssey: Part 3 (China) 121.21 $18.15 NEW 250.44 $37.49 2 Z Strom II (China) 65.28 $9.77 NEW 119.13 $17.83 3 Soul Mate (China) 43.79 $6.56 NEW 72.35 $10.83 4 Cock and Bull (China) 41.48 $6.21 NEW 78.45 $11.74 5 Star Trek Beyond (US) 23.08 $3.46 -70% 417.07 $62.44 6 Nine Lives (US) 16.00 $2.40 -71% 94.88 $14.20 7 My War (China) 15.17 $2.27 NEW 25.23 $3.78 8 Ice Age 5 (US) 9.82 $1.47 -44% 443.71 $66.42 9 The Shallows (US) 8.82 $1.32 -84% 89.36 $13.38 10 Mc Dull 2016 (China/HK) 7.98 $1.19 69% 17.62 $2.64
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    Estimates: 1.BJB:€1.4M 2.Cuerpo de Élite:€0.4M 3.Don't Breathe:€0.3M 4.SLOP:€0.3M 5.War Dogs:€0.3M
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    Purge III 217,5/230 SMS 172,5/210Nerve 160 Pets 132,5 Tschick 125 Don't Breathe 105 Squad 75
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    I realized that DCeU could be like the Transformers movie when it got 55% on RT which is very close to the first Transformers RT score as well. At that time when BvS was announced I said that it would get a similar score to the 2nd Transformers movie on RT 19% and lo and behold it was quite similar as well. SS also was very close in RT score to Transformers 3 which had 35%. So far the DCeU at least from the critical point of view is going lockstep with the TF movies.
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    Helps there is really awesome content elsewhere and the films aren't the end all be all of the Transformers.
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    There were still plenty of options. There's been a ton of horrors out which is the same demographic. There was Bourne and Star Trek out. We aren't talking about one solid hold. SS has been holding very well for weeks and will wind up with a multiplier considerably higher than CW and BVS. Also, these days people are more likely to stay home if they aren't feeling it. Netflix and chill isn't just a meme. It's reality. OR these people would go on Tuesday when it's dirt cheap. Nobody is going out to a movie they don't want to see on a Summer/early Fall weekend when the weather is still beautiful. People are going to see SS because they want to see it.
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    Actuals in black Movie Distributor Gross Change Thtrs. Per Thtr. Total Gross Days 1 (1) Sully Warner Bros. $21,653,017 -38% 3,525 $6,143 $70,194,368 10 2 new Blair Witch Lionsgate $9,650,000 3,121 $3,092 $9,650,000 3 3 new Bridget Jones’s Baby Universal $8,571,785 2,927 $2,929 $8,571,785 3 4 (3) Don’t Breathe Sony Pictures $5,640,232 -32% 3,208 $1,758 $75,369,013 24 5 (2) When the Bough Breaks Sony Pictures $5,483,126 -61% 2,246 $2,441 $22,655,858 10 6 new Snowden Open Road $4,953,389 2,443 $2,028 $8,000,058 3 7 (4) Suicide Squad Warner Bros. $4,701,834 -18% 2,740 $1,716 $313,774,166 45 8 (5) The Wild Life Lionsgate $2,650,000 -21% 2,493 $1,063 $6,664,269 10 9 (6) Kubo and the Two Strings Focus Features $2,540,031 -23% 1,757 $1,446 $44,272,005 31 10 (7) Pete’s Dragon Walt Disney $2,041,000 -34% 1,948 $1,048 $72,805,525 38 11 (9) Hell or High Water Lionsgate $1,925,000 -22% 1,505 $1,279 $22,725,531 38 12 (8) Bad Moms STX Entertainment $1,794,615 -31% 1,486 $1,208 $110,039,543 52 13 new Hillsong: Let Hope Rise Pure Flix Entertain… $1,300,000 816 $1,593 $1,300,000 3 14 (11) No Manches Frida Lionsgate $1,250,000 -41% 456 $2,741 $9,154,109 17 15 (16) The Secret Life of Pets Universal $1,231,895 -20% 1,005 $1,226 $363,388,255 73 16 (10) Sausage Party Sony Pictures $1,203,151 -49% 1,181 $1,019 $95,338,012 38 17 (14) Jason Bourne Universal $1,098,085 -37% 1,008 $1,089 $160,408,000 52 18 (12) War Dogs Warner Bros. $1,025,050 -49% 902 $1,136 $41,675,235 31 19 (15) Mechanic: Resurrection Lionsgate $850,000 -50% 958 $887 $20,190,569 24 20 new The Beatles: Eight Days a W… Abramorama Films $772,467 165 $4,682 $772,467 3 21 (13) The Light Between Oceans Walt Disney $769,000 -58% 1,133 $679 $11,169,776 17 22 (18) Star Trek Beyond Paramount Pictures $618,720 -34% 508 $1,218 $157,552,406 59 23 (19) Florence Foster Jenkins Paramount Pictures $392,863 -54% 567 $693 $26,555,545 38 24 (17) The Disappointments Room Relativity $377,322 -73% 1,554 $243 $2,218,097 10 25 new Mr. Church Cinelou Releasing $338,378 354 $956 $338,378 3 26 (23) Finding Dory Walt Disney $317,000 -24% 292 $1,086 $483,956,392 94 27 (28) Ice Age: Collision Course 20th Century Fox $238,035 -13% 239 $996 $63,463,371 59 28 (21) Ben-Hur Paramount Pictures $231,766 -59% 438 $529 $26,041,585 31 29 (24) Lights Out Warner Bros. $210,401 -33% 282 $746 $67,056,461 59
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    25/82-surprise hit. Thriller about a man who believes that he has found out how long everyone will live. Pass the Syrup
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    Chris Stuckmann gave M7 a very positive review. pretty much guarantees my enjoyment of the film. I'm not really surprised by the soft critic reception. looks like it's going to stay at 60/65% still think this will do over $45m OW. and be a hit.
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    No it doesn't, and no it isn't. It doesn't have the best legs because Deadpool has much (MUCH) better legs (that was phenomenal, if you want a performance that actually merits that praise). Right now X Men Apocalypse actually still has better legs than SS (OW making up 42.3% vs 42.6% for SS). That will naturally change very soon and SS will end up with better legs, but funny how I don't remember anyone calling X Men's legs phenomenal around here.
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    I don't get why this conversation keep coming up. Nobody is gonna make me believe people are going to see a movie they hate. I dont remember SS twitter Ratio ever being lower than a 6:1.Sure that's not great wom but it's not even close to being bad.
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    Great, one post has nothing to do with the other. At this stage of the game, cookie, I shouldn't have to explain box office to you. But if you need me to, just say the word.
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    Summer Game FAQ/Nitpick I will endeavor to use this post to answer any queries or specifics about the game or a particular question. Any pertinent point that is of significant importance to the game will be answered and pasted into the first post here so that there will always be a record for my stance on any particular question or issue. I have started this off myself with answers to most of the questions I expect people to have about the game/scoring. Q. The film I predicted in my top 15/7/10/5 got moved out of the release window of the game. What happens to that prediction? If the schedule changes before the start of the game, then you are free to change this prediction to a new film. If it happens after the game begins, or you do not notice in time, then it is just hard luck Points wise you would only score the negative 10,000 for having an incorrect placement and would not lose extra for your gross being 40M more than $0. Q. I forgot to predict a dollar total for film / section X, what will happen to me score wise? If you don't enter a gross for a particular film in the top 15 and you've put that film in your top 14, the gross will be assumed to be the same as the film in the position you predicted below it and will be scored accordingly. If you don't enter a gross for the 15th film, the gross used will be that of the 14th placed film you predicted. If you DO NOT enter any grosses, you are assumed to ABSTAIN from entering the gross for the top 15 and you will lose a score equal to worst score for grosses - 10k. If the lowest score is +ve then you will lose 10k for grosses. (you will still receive all points associated with the positions of course) Q. I forgot to post a prediction for weekly questions on at least one occasion, what happens to me? You will score zero points for that week. Near the end of the game there will be a set of makeup questions that anyone missing at least one week of questions can answer in order to claw some points back. Q. Can a foreign film end up in the Worldwide top 10 totals list? No it cannot, (Unless it gets wide domestic release) Q. Can you please make the SOTM Questions more complicated and with bigger risks than the Winter Game ones please, they were far too tame for my liking? I will see what I can do J
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    The story is devastating, horrible, extremely sad and, I fear, very realistic. I saw it 3 weeks ago and I still think about it. Fortunately, I have never lived in a country in war, but my grandparents, for example, did (Spanish Civil War, during 1936-1939). They told me some stories about living under bombs, the misery generated and how horrible it was. They always cried when they remembered those stories. If they were still alive, I would try to prevent them to not see this film. It is one of the most frightening films ever. I do not remember to have experienced this fear and anxiety with a film. But in the same way, it is a mandatory film. Everybody should see it.
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    I have my list (54 films for the moment), but I want to see some more films before deadline. I will post it later. I had not seen Grave of the fireflies. Such a great film. It is already in my top 10. But it is the most depressing film I have ever seen. I do not want to see it again for a long time.
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    17 / 52 - The real family affair. Sports comedy about a former football player trying to recapture his glory days, by signing to be coach for a high-school football team, which results in some hilarious shenanigans. Forward Thinking
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    I'd like to revive this only to see you all slowly go insane while watching this Note: Not the one with the rapping dog.
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    Just one thing: if the TC is under 2500 theaters the bet doesn't count. Paramount might pull a Ghost Dimension/Scout Zombies.
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    Pets was still on top this weekend, reaching $15.8m
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    Was annoyed when obituary of Pete's Dragon was written in haste. Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $72,805,525 64.4% + Foreign: $40,200,000 35.6% = Worldwide: $113,005,525 Still has a lot of room OS I think. Dom it had a 2m weekend so should do 77-78m. Has a 65m budget.
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    £8.5m opening for Bridget Jones, biggest ever for September!
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    How weird is it that just seeing the poster of Your Name made me instantly remember The Place Promised In Our Early Days, a film I had completely forgotten watching about six years back. And turns out they are from the same director! Looks like I should visit the rest of Makoto Shinkai's filmography.
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    I've heard from someone who's seen a cut of the trailer about some really cool visual stuff they do here. Let's hope whatever was left of this 120M budget didn't go to waste.
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    #26 Coming up soon, THE TOP 10 WORST FILMS IN CAYOM 2.0. And after that, the Top 25 begins!
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    BEST PICTURE Arrival Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk Fences Jackie La La Land Manchester By-The-Sea Moonlight Nocturnal Animals BEST DIRECTOR Damien Chazelle (La La Land) Barry Jenkins (Moonlight) Ang Lee (Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk) Denis Villeneuve (Arrival) Denzel Washington (Fences) BEST ACTOR Casey Affleck (Manchester By-The-Sea) Ryan Gosling (La La Land) Tom Hanks (Sully) Matthew McConaughey (Gold) Denzel Washington (Fences) BEST ACTRESS Amy Adams (Nocturnal Animals) Viola Davis (Fences) Ruth Negga (Loving) Natalie Portman (Jackie) Emma Stone (La La Land) BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR Mareshala Ali (Moonlight) Jeff Bridges (Hell or High Water) Warren Beatty (Rules Don't Apply) Steve Martin (Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk) Michael Shannon (Nocturnal Animals) BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS Greta Gerwig (20th Century Women) Naomie Harris (Moonlight) Laura Linney (Nocturnal Animals) Kristen Stewart (Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk) Michelle Williams (Manchester By-The Sea) BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY 20th Century Women La La Land The Lobster Manchester By-The-Sea Moonlight BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY Arrival Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk Fences Love & Friendship Nocturnal Animals BEST ANIMATED FEATURE Kubo and the Two Strings Moana My Life as a Zucchini The Red Turtle Zootopia
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    I'm so ready for another acclaimed performance from the Queen.
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    I think Warner Bros moving it up by almost a year, they must be confident of its awards potential.
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    This looks like the kinda thing that woulda been a huge hit around Christmas in the late 90s. I... have no idea how it's gonna fare sandwiched between Star Wars and TJ Miller. I don't think there are any other weepy sappy dramas out around then so who knows
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    He meant it's been #1 or #2 for 31 days. I know people are losing it I guess.. that's the only reason I can begin to understand some of these posts but the DCEU had a very successful year. You could argue that Batman v. Superman underperformed but it will turn a profit. I'd say it underperformed too but it doesn't matter. No issue there. SS is going to be a major win. Already is. The studio is extremely happy with that BO performance. Now this is where someone says "but they need to start making better movies!". Well, I would agree if everyone felt the same. I didn't love SS. In fact, I had a lot of issues with it. That said, it's having strong holds. The WOM is solid. Not great, but solid. The reviews didn't impact it's performance at all. The target audience (under 25) was very happy with it. In the end, that's all that matters. Wonder Woman is going to have a big OW also. People are going crazy over 'The Batman' rumors. DCEU is here to stay. Some will have to come to terms with that. The rest of us are looking forward to what they do with it.
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    Yep. Maybe they should've casted both Alex and Nat and then we could've had the Naked Brothers Bombers.
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    Two Peter Berg/Mark Wahlberg movies in one year and both are based on recent true stories (the other is September 30's Deepwater Horizon, about the 2010 BP oil spill). Interesting.
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