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    Deadline agrees with the Box office pro forecast, Thor 3 looking at 100-110 opening as it comes on tracking
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    I am dying DYING to see anything from this film!!!! This is my most anticipated film of the next few years (not starring or co-starring Gal Gadot)...
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    @Fancyarcher vs @BourneFan #1 41.22 (1) vs 40.00 (0) 87.28 (2) vs 82.25 (1) 61.69 (0) vs 89.50 (2) 02.71 (1) vs 00.00 (0) 4 - 3 after 4 questions. Bournefan needs a big win to take it on question 5, or at least some kind of win to take it to tiebreaker. What will it be...
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    Exactly! And isn't it a time to honour people like first responders? That's what people want to celebrate. I don't think this film is glorifying the fire, quite the opposite. And it looks like a good film at least from the trailer. This is the film (and The Foreigner) I'm most excited for before JL.
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    Electric has been pretty AWOL as of late, so I could potentially start tiebreakers once Numbers submits his ballot.
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    Reading done. I may put my review thread (just a countdown) up later tonight
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    God damn I love Scorsese. There are so many gems in this article... " And as film criticism written by passionately engaged people with actual knowledge of film history has gradually faded from the scene, it seems like there are more and more voices out there engaged in pure judgmentalism, people who seem to take pleasure in seeing films and filmmakers rejected, dismissed and in some cases ripped to shreds." YEAH YOUTUBE CRITICS. YOU SUCK AND DON'T KNOW ANYTHING. "And many seemed to take joy in the fact that it received an F grade from Cinemascore. This actually became a news story — mother! had been "slapped" with the "dreaded" Cinemascore F rating, a terrible distinction that it shares with pictures directed by Robert Altman, Jane Campion, William Friedkin and Steven Soderbergh." THANK YOU. Cinemascore can eat my balls. "When I was young, box office reports were confined to industry journals like The Hollywood Reporter. Now, I'm afraid that they've become … everything. Box office is the undercurrent in almost all discussions of cinema, and frequently it's more than just an undercurrent. The brutal judgmentalism that has made opening-weekend grosses into a bloodthirsty spectator sport seems to have encouraged an even more brutal approach to film reviewing." This entire paragraph actually made me feel a little guilty for posting here... and not watching mother! lol
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    Through 5 of the 8 pages. Hope to be done reading by the end of tomorrow.
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    If the allegations (and remember these are only allegations) are true then Affleck did the wrong thing. But the his is not like Weinstein (who has systematically raped and abused people) or even like Singer who was accused of raping minors. Don't think this will have any effect on the movie
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    Despite me liking Batfleck(and looking forward to JL), I certainly hope there is a HUGE backlash. This kind of behavior must not be tolerated. Hopefully not just weinstein but any person involved in such behavior must be held responsible for their actions.
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    If this is a publicity stunt, I am not even sure what this stunt is supposed to be promoting.
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    I just saw this with @Dexter of Suburbia at an advanced free screening. It's fantastic guys. Like I could see it being overlooked come awards season but I could also see it having some success.
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    "The Disaster Artist. My god, James Franco made a worse film than Tommy Wiseau"
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    To be fair I thought the scene here was much more effective here than the similar one in her
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    In all shortness: The new releases look pretty weak but American Assassin is at least not doing totally bad with estimated 7k admissions today. Very positive are the holds of It (58k admissions estimated for today, actuals last Thursday 75k) and especially Blade Runner could surprise: actuals last Thursday were 40k, estimated admissions today are 41k! Even if the estimates are not completely exact BR should have a nice hold.
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    Moderation: Guys, we've drifted far astray from the point of this thread. Worthwhile posts to be sure, but let's take it to the appropriate thread for this topic (in The Real World).
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    Hilarious ... "Tyrese Is Basically Just Feuding With Himself Now, Right?" - An update to the #FastFeud and a careful examination of an odd video from 2015
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    Dracula Untold is a totla guilty pleasure that I don't feel guilty about enjoying either. Luke Evans rocks.
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    With all the reshoot and long post-production hell it probably shifted quit a bit, but it was a planned 80m movie initially. Estimated Total Budget: $81,927,423 That sheet is unusual (like I said it probably moved quite a bit), the line Estimated Louisiana Expenditures: $81,927,423 Make little sense with the total budget, it is usually a smaller amount. With a 23m tax credit, so I imagine they planned an around 60m net movie.
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    well you are comparing with Dracula Untold. What's the similarity there? Both GOtT and BR are R-rated while DU is PG-13 leading to bigger Fri bumps. You are not even taking the same rating, while I am!
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    Tracking I saw on twitter from THR was $90-100m, not $110m.
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    If it follows Dracula Untold: Thur - $2.26M Fri - $5.17M Sat - $7.62M Sun - $4.77M ($17.56M Weekend) Just an example.
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    Yes.....yes you did. In fact, parts of the new Spark reminded me a bit of... I'll let you decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing.
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    Director, author and star probably have a sufficiently large following between them to make The Snowman into a commercial hit.
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    I still haven't seen Get Out but with the overall amount of talk about it re: Oscars I find it a little surprising that no one around here has namedropped Daniel Kaluuya at all. I thought it was supposed to be really solid work, and if the film proves to be popular at the end of the year, maybe he could sneak in? I seriously want Harry Dean Stanton to be nominated. The chances of it right now are slim to none but c'mon Magnolia at least send out a bunch of screeners all over the place so they don't have an excuse if they snub him.
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    Oct 10, 2017 - TUESDAY Rank Film Release Date Daily Gross (Total) Admissions (Total) Number of Screens Revenue Share 1 THE OUTLAWS Oct 03, 2017 $1,176,621 ($17,464,906) 177,433 (2,387,210) 1,019 56.72% 2 The Fortress Oct 03, 2017 $352,179 ($23,920,745) 56,498 (3,310,720) 1,007 16.97% 3 Kingsman: The Golden Circle Sep 27, 2017 $309,872 ($33,539,110) 45,373 (4,588,126) 723 14.93% 4 I Can Speak Sep 21, 2017 $129,411 ($20,748,712) 20,736 (3,001,732) 611 6.23% 5 RV: Resurrected Victims Oct 12, 2017 $20,178 ($20,178) 2,895 (2,895) 9 0.97% 6 20th Century Women Sep 27, 2017 $8,904 ($193,368) 1,523 (26,993) 61 0.42% 7 The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature Oct 03, 2017 $8,645 ($2,077,387) 1,454 (313,070) 236 0.41% 8 Deep Oct 03, 2017 $6,245 ($1,380,575) 1,169 (201,869) 167 0.3% 9 Gifted Oct 04, 2017 $6,665 ($154,940) 1,074 (21,216) 56 0.32% 10 The Hitman's Bodyguard Aug 30, 2017 $5,187 ($12,319,100) 993 (1,715,262) 93 0.25% 11 Becoming Who I Was Sep 27, 2017 $5,174 ($132,021) 818 (19,576) 37 0.24% 12 King of prism Jun 10, 2017 $4,526 ($739,120) 669 (101,478) 4 0.21% 13 Blade Runner 2049 Oct 12, 2017 $8,247 ($237,074) 624 (30,360) 1 0.39% 14 Young at Heart $615 ($7,994) 349 (4,305) 1 0.02% 15 Miss You Already Oct 03, 2017 $2,028 ($23,609) 337 (3,548) 61 0.09% 16 The Invisible Guest Sep 21, 2017 $2,105 ($662,457) 332 (93,497) 22 0.1% 17 Suicide Made Aug 30, 2017 $1,984 ($669,025) 324 (96,332) 61 0.09% 18 MEMOIR OF A MURDERER Sep 06, 2017 $1,536 ($18,821,982) 287 (2,656,258) 38 0.07% 19 Mulholland Drive Nov 30, 2001 $1,708 ($57,617) 263 (8,000) 13 0.08% 20 Baby Driver Sep 14, 2017 $1,695 ($5,895,129) 258 (821,727) 17 0.08%
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    It's a small point but I wish there had been a lot more street level scenes. That's what made the original come to life, and they had such a great playground to explore in this one but went for almost entirely big landscape shots. Good-looking ones, no doubt, but in a world where absolutely no-one is impressed by CGI anymore they really should have gone lower more often.
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    aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhahaha I respect his hustle though. He's already out there, trying to cash in on this madness.
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    there were a lot of rumors before he died that paul didn't actually like working with vin. so it's pretty wild that vin now gets to drag his name out whenever he wants to win points.
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    Chris reading Even Superheroes Have Bad Days
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    Inexplicable Except that it may not be out yet for him
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