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    Yes - it was a repeat of the SM:HC arguments. It was also the only one to open in the middle of summer. Bigger w/e drops, much bigger weekdays. That's the way summer generally plays out. It's 2nd w/e drop was commensurate with SM:HC and CA:TFA
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    MCU Sequel (domestic unadjusted – multiplier) Day 24 Multiplier (Final Gross ÷ First Weekend) 90% of Domestic Gross On Day Ant-Man and the Wasp* 2.42 TBD 18 Captain America: The Winter Soldier 2.37 2.73 30 Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 2.28 2.66 30 Avengers: Infinity War* 2.31 2.63 30 Thor: Ragnarok 2.26 2.57 29 Iron Man 2 2.15 2.44 27 Thor: The Dark World 2.18 2.41 24 Avengers: Age of Ultron 2.12 2.40 26 Iron Man 3 2.11 2.35 25 Captain America: Civil War 2.08 2.28 23 all MCU sequels average 2.21 2.50 27 1st MCU sequels average 2.22 2.53 27 2nd MCU sequels average 2.19 2.46 27 Ant-Man 2.58 3.15 37 Spider-Man: Homecoming 2.38 2.86 36 * numbers are not final / still in theaters; Ant-Man and the Wasp currently excluded from averages
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    It's a sixth film in a 22 year old franchise. It's the highest opening of the series and it made 153 mill WW OW. It did better than tracking suggested. Nothing wrong with the gross at all.
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    Disney must be desperate with this news, they have to hire him back now, I don't know how the world will survive without Selma Blair's tweets
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    Unless it's a F4 level of disaster, no way Disney aint releasing New Mutants to theaters. DP could be 90s' Captain America level of bad and it will still make $400M worldwide. As rich as Disney are, they are not going to write off $300 million if they have the chance to reduce that figure or even make some money off of that investment.
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    Come on man, you know that "It's ok when we do it" is the left's favourite policy.
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    I've been an AMC Stubs Premiere member for a couple years now but today I upgraded to A-List. I'm ideal for this, I see about 10 movies a month and most of those at one of the two big AMC multiplexes that are within 10 minutes of my house. Still, I'd been on the fence about it for the past few weeks. Was I motivated by the collapse of Moviepass to pull the trigger? Partially. I never had Moviepass but I figure that once its demise is official, AMC might jack up the price of A-List so I wanted to lock in for a year at the $19.95 price point. Saw "Mama Mia 2" a couple hours after getting A-List. It's a little cumbersome because I see films with my wife and we figured only one of us needs to have A-List. So I used the AMC app to get my "free" ticket first (easy as pie), then just bought hers separately for the regular price. But crucially, I do get points credit for her ticket price as well. That's nice, because with premiere we'd get about 5 free movies each accumulating those points. Can still do that with A-List, at least that's what I was told. We'll see.
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    I'm starting to doubt my earlier thoughts that this is going to decline big from the first. Technically we haven't seen any official promotional material other than tweets etc from cast and crew. But I really think this is going to be another event status film. 130/300
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    No but I think he said he returns from deployment on July 31st, so maybe August?
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    Now the 3rd trend is up, and the top movies all drop. The only movie to rise a bit is The First Purge: #1 Ant-Man 205k with previews #2 Mamma Mia 2 195k (-43% / -55% with previews) #3 HT3 190k (-47% / -68% counting Mon-Wed as previews) #4 Catch Me 40k #5 JW2 37.5k (-49%) #6 The First Purge 37.5k (-52%) #7 Skyscraper 32.5k (-59%) #8 Adrift 25k
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    I kind of want this to come out in 2020 so it can be Hobbs and Shaw vs. Bloodshot
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    Saw a guy wearing a Mortdecai shirt today. It was weird
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    It still sold 2 ticket on fandago today: http://akvalley.pythonanywhere.com/static/Fandango_track.txt 2018-07-30 11:00:00 2 Rampage (2018) I imagine movies run in dollar theater and other ways for a long time after their tracking is over, but with marginal sales.
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    New Mutants will be fine, they have a whole year to work on it as much as they need to.
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    Best of luck. I’m eagerly trying to get out of my current area. I intend on transferring to FSU in January, and Tally has quite a few theaters to choose from.
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    I know it's Cruise, but I don't see any need to make this a 150 million dollar film. There shouldn't be a lot of CGI in it and Cruise should have a back end deal. So to me, this shouldn't be an more than 100 million. Look at Sicario 2. That had a budget of 35 million. If you have a bigger scale film, with the military co-operation, and even taking into account Cruise's huge salary, 100-125 mill seems right, at least in my mind.
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    why RIP? One major release every weekend is very normal, not staturated at all.
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    The first was based on a widely successful theater musical that played WW for a decade, had most all of the top ABBA songs, starred Meryl Streep as the lead, and had crazy legs in most markets. It's difficult to re-create a phenomenon - most sequels to one decrease.
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    theater counts next weekend should see at least a net gain of +2,000. Death of a Nation going over 1,000 and Eighth Grade going over 600 predix - New - 3,300 - Darkest Minds - New - 3,700 - Christopher Robin - New - 3,500 - Spy Who Dumped Me - New - 1,200 - Death of a Nation +500 - 658 - Eighth Grade -100 - 432 - Blindspotting -100 - 333 - Three Identical Strangers -25 - 241 - Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot -50 - 239 - Leave No Trace -200 - 264 - Won't You Be My Neighbor -400 - 402 - Sorry to Bother You -1200 - 347 - Unfriended: Dark Web -50 - 77 - Hereditary -50 - 115 - Solo: Star Wars -67 - 200 - Deadpool -108 - 200 - Tag -50 - 242 - Avengers -300 - 232 - Uncle Drew -300 - 274 - Sicario -800 - 600 - Purge 4 -1200 - 1,573 - Skyscraper -900 - 1,785 - Jurassic World -700 - 1,916 - Incredibles -800 - 2,213 - Ant-Man -800 - 3,205 - Hotel Tran 3 -400 - 2,988 - Equalizer -400 - 3,114 - Mamma Mia - 3,188 - Teen Titans - 4,386 - Mission: Impossible
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    The totally legit leaker should probably inform IMAX about the hole in their schedule that they confirmed features New Mutants then... Both of these films will see a theatrical release. I can’t believe people are seriously entertaining the idea that they wouldn’t. Apocalypse may have been underwhelming, but it still made money, and both of these will too. Fox wouldn’t have spent the money for reshoots on New Mutants if they thought they had an unsalvageable turkey, they’d have God Particle’d it by now if that were the case.
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    I surprisingly found the trailer to be quite decent. Surprising because I was not a fan of the first one/teaser. Reminded me a little bit of Ghost in the Shell. I am not sure if thats a good thing or bad but I liked what I saw. I still cannot get over the looks and the eyes of the lead though. Would have been so much better if they had gone with a normal look. But yeah overall way better than the teaser
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    Solid result. Should land at $210M+ in the end, on par with Mummy unfortunately. Just passed HT2 total, still 30% ahead of it so $500M are more and more doable.
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    I rewatched Ghost Protocol last night and didn't remember how bad Paula Patton's character was. It's not only her acting, it's the character. She makes a sad face every time she's reminded her boyfriend was killed, and suddenly becomes emotionally unstable and puts the mission at risk.
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    A remake to the 1985 Richard Pryor/John Candy film, Brewsters' Millions, made 129.5 million in China this weekend.
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    RPO is one of the better comparisons to Alita! While RPO easier competition it wasn't released during a holiday. Bumblebee & Aquaman will most likely be almost done after 3 weeks which gives Alita the rest of Jan to make some nice cash with low competition.
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    Never heard of Hill loosing or gaining weight for a role before, isn't not just real life weight gain/loss without any shenanigans ?
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    I can see why some peole might not like X-Men going to Marvel. A lot of people love the cast of the Fox X-Men movies and they understandably will wonder if Disney will make movies like Deadpool and Logan
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    374m on a 150m budget is not “doing amazingly well” whatsoever. Its simply good 880m on a 175m budget is amazingly well.
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    "Diapers are a pseudo-science" is my favourite Alicia silverstone parenting quote. She wrote a book all full of her crazy shit.
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    If you think about it NYC and LA are the most competitive markets with privately owned/indie theaters and a multitude of other chains: Alamo, Pacific, Regal, Cinemark, arc light, etc all competing with each other. AMC now has an advantage by offering this deal and possibly enticing people that usually frequented the other theater chains. Now those customers will most likely stick with AMC since the sub only is for that. That increase in foot traffic will most certainly lead to sales increasing in concessions. Also, I have seen various AMC employees posting on different forums saying that usually the premium showings of the movies were empty besides for MCU opening weekend. Now those will be filled and leave the regular 2D showtimes that people not on A*list are willing to pay for.
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    Now that I’ve officially seen the trailer for this movie on the big screen, I can safely say that I still have absolutely no idea what the complaints here about the CGI are about.
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    Do you guys know any recent data about the share of IMAX and other premium screens on the overall domestic box office? Any idea where I can find this type of info?
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    These guys take care of their skin, eat the right foods, get the right amount of rest and use the right beauty and anti-ageing products. I can guarantee you he is not using Oil of Olay.
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    Thousands of people will lose jobs and diversity in the film industry will be limited even further but it's all fine because we get to see an even more ambitious crossover event
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    I would DEFINITELY cancel and notify your credit card company. I think those unfamiliar with equities don't fully realize just how shady this company was. Imagine being fooled into buying their stock at $35 a few months ago and it now being 2 cents. $100,000 would turn into about $50. The CEO of this company meanwhile paid himself millions and has done this before with several other companies he started. Protect yourself. I have no doubt they will keep billing even when you can't use it
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    found another one. Adjuster: Actuals Est. Tckts 2018, $9.27 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 1992 1991 1990 1989 1988 1987 1986 1985 1984 1983 1982 1981 1980 1979 1978 1977 1976 1975 1974 1973 1972 1971 1970 1969 1968 1967 1966 1965 1964 1963 1962 1961 1960 1959 1958 1957 1956 1955 1954 1953 1952 1951 1950 1949 1948 1947 1946 1945 1944 1943 1942 1941 1940 1939 1938 1937 1936 1935 1934 1933 1929 1924 1910 The King and I (1999) Domestic Total Adj. Gross: $21,884,900 Distributor: Warner Bros. Release Date: March 19, 1999 Genre: Animation Runtime: 1 hrs. 30 min. MPAA Rating: G Production Budget: $25 million Summary Weekend Weekly 1999 Date (click to view chart) Rank Weekend Adj. Gross % Change Theaters Change / Avg. Adjusted Gross-to-Date Week # Mar 19–21 6 $7,313,000 - 2,352 - $3,100 $7,313,000 1
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    i think i'm the best at this since no one seems to have figured out that 80% of the accounts on this forum are mine yet.
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    Yeah, I haven't really had any creative juices. Most of the movies I'd make would butcher these "classics", but in most cases, no one else cares about them, so I might as well use them if I want.

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