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    The current 2019 IMAX release schedule Confirms Avengers for April
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    Yes - it was a repeat of the SM:HC arguments. It was also the only one to open in the middle of summer. Bigger w/e drops, much bigger weekdays. That's the way summer generally plays out. It's 2nd w/e drop was commensurate with SM:HC and CA:TFA
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    And yet its probably gonna have the 10th best leg (out of 44 movies) of any SH movie released since 2000. I swear understanding BO runs is not this difficult
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    MCU Sequel (domestic unadjusted – multiplier) Day 24 Multiplier (Final Gross ÷ First Weekend) 90% of Domestic Gross On Day Ant-Man and the Wasp* 2.42 TBD 18 Captain America: The Winter Soldier 2.37 2.73 30 Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 2.28 2.66 30 Avengers: Infinity War* 2.31 2.63 30 Thor: Ragnarok 2.26 2.57 29 Iron Man 2 2.15 2.44 27 Thor: The Dark World 2.18 2.41 24 Avengers: Age of Ultron 2.12 2.40 26 Iron Man 3 2.11 2.35 25 Captain America: Civil War 2.08 2.28 23 all MCU sequels average 2.21 2.50 27 1st MCU sequels average 2.22 2.53 27 2nd MCU sequels average 2.19 2.46 27 Ant-Man 2.58 3.15 37 Spider-Man: Homecoming 2.38 2.86 36 * numbers are not final / still in theaters; Ant-Man and the Wasp currently excluded from averages
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    Great Sunday holds due to the arrival of the rain. Fallout lit the UK fuse with a 5-day tally slightly over £7m.
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    Highest grossing Sam Worthington movies (domestic): 1. Avatar - $760million 2. Clash of the Titans - $163 million 3. Terminator Salvation - $125 million Highest grossing Denzel Washington (domestic): 1. American Gangster - $130 million 2. Safehouse - $126 million 3. Remember the Titans - $115 million Sam Worthington is more talented y’all than Denzel Washington* * - according to Napolean school of BO logic
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    Arlborn: I'm so homesick.....I miss Eevin so much. And I HATE ETHAN. I won't predict this week, so send me home! I'm out of here! Spaghetti: So yeah....Arlborn didn't predict twice in a row. He's out. Anyways....the remaining 15 will send one person home. Time to get the ball rolling. Your goal is to complete this city top obstacle course to get to the very end of the course. Keanu: So I made it halfway through the team, and....it's a mess. Please let the merger come soon. Slambros: I'll be honest. I've made it even further than I ever imagined. Honestly, I really want to thank you for your support all the way, and definitely not... Ethan Hunt: So...are we doing this challenge, or what? Slambros: ...Him. We need to make a plan of attack. I'll do the Tightrope. Ethan's an energetic fool, he'll do parkour. Ethan Hunt: Hmph. I'll show you. Slambros: Keanu, can you do the climb down? Keanu: Can? Or want to? DAJK: So let's see.....a parkour course. A tightrope walk. Finally....scaling a building downward. And it's the biggest skyscraper in the planet. That One Guy: Galaxy. DAJK: What? That One Guy: I had the little alien dudes as my friends, remember? I bet I could summon them easily if I wanted to. ZeeSoh: I got the parkour, but heights freak me out. Rorscach: I can handle it a bit more. Leave the climbing to me. Empire: I guess I've got the climb down too. DAJK: TOG, go with ZeeSoh. I'll do the tightrope with YourMother, and Rorschach and Empire have the climb down. YourMother: But I'm scared of heights.....even so, I'm doing it with you? I can do it! Sheikh: I think I've got the hang of this. It's two people per challenge, so should be a piece of cake. Chasmmi and Claire should take the parkour challenge. Claire: Of course darling, I'll have to change shoes, though. These are more for show. Sheikh: I'll do the tightrope with WrathOfHan. WrathOfHan: Are you serious? CaptainWondyful: That leaves...no. Reorganized, Sheikh. I'm not working with him. Baumer: Come on, now. I don't bite. Sheikh: If we want to keep winning, we need to find a way to work together. That includes all of us. CaptainWondyful: Fair enough. Let's start. PART 1: THE PARKOUR COURSE - Navigate through a wild course of machinery, walls, and traps. Think Ninja Warrior Ethan Hunt: I got this. This is actually quite fun and freeing. Nothing can stop - *He gets whacked by a moving foam pillar, falling to the ground.* That One Guy: Hey, I may need some help with this. *Whistles, and a group of tiny cute aliens comes toward his help.* ZeeSoh: What the...? That One Guy: Season 1, bitches! Claire: Excuse me. You're the bitch here. I'm not playin' unless you're here to win fair and square. That One Guy: Then you should have been on my tea - *He gets whacked by a moving foam pillar, falling to the ground.* Claire: Those Extra jerks got what they deserved. Come on, Chas. Let's move. Chasmmi: I suppose so. But I do want to see how my competitors are faring. Just to be fair. You'll cross the finish line just fine, Claire. Claire: And I just did. These wings were made to fly. Chasmmi: So....you doing okay? ZeeSoh: I'm holding up fine, thank you very much. Is this going to be a pattern? Chasmmi: Just as long as you need help. ZeeSoh: You're overcompensating for being an ass last season. You can cut it. Chasmmi: I'm doing what I can. *ZeeSoh almost falls, but Chasmmi catches him.* Just like that. ZeeSoh: Well I do appreciate it, I suppose. PART 2: THE TIGHTROPE - Time to channel your inner Joseph Gordon Levitt/Janelle Monae. Slambros: Easy....does....it. *He crawls on it like a sloth, moving slowly but surely.* YourMother: I don't like this. At all. Help!!! *YourMother is grabbing DAJK's back. DAJK: Easy. I'm moving slowly but surely. Sheikh: Okay...here goes nothing. *He runs across the tightrope with ease.* WrathOfHan: Seriously?! Sheikh: I don;t know, it just kind of happened? WrathOfHan: Fine. I'll catch up to you. Slowly but surely. *He sullenly stomps on the line.* DAJK: Dude, don't shake it so much! WrathOfHan: You're almost there. Stop complaining. DAJK: You're....you're not jealous, are you? WrathOfHan: Augh! PART 3: THE CLIMB DOWN - It's only a 4,000ft drop. Rorschach: We really got the short end of the stick, huh. Empire: At least we have the supports. And if you don't mind me asking....I am actually curious about what's going on with your and YourMother. Rorscach: Do we have to get into this? I just know he isn't the only one I feel that way about. Empire: I'm sure DAJK is relieved. Rorscach: It's not just...nevermind. Let's move. Keanu: Pardon me, boys. Trying to get to the bottom as quickly as possible. Frankly, I can't let us get in last again. Wondyful: And we need to get in first, right Baumer? Baumer: What's actually you're issue with me? What did I do to you? Wondyful: We're near death and NOW you want to know? Baumer: Who said we were? Wondyful: You know what I mean. We just have to keep moving down, and the less we talk, and the more we work together, the quicker this will go. Keanu: Uhhh....guys? Wondyful: And gal. Keanu: Why...is there a ticking inside? Spaghetti: Oh god....get down, now!!! *A wire is cut, and the five begin to freefall. An inflatable bouncy castle is waiting at the bottom, and everyone manages to reach it safely. Suddenly, a bomb goes off in the middle of the building, as Baumer looks on in glee. "It's like that one movie with the wrestler!" Everyone else looks in horror." Spaghetti: That was NOT supposed to happen....expect a lighter challenge next week. ---- Spaghetti: First off, due to low Flash Fight participation, the score is null and void. Let's instead look right at the weekend scores:
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    I got that obnoxious 20 minute intro for it when I went to watch Sorry to Bother You yesterday. I appreciate the comfy reclining seats but those endless "WHOOSH! VROOM! POPCORN! BATHROOMS! AMC AMAZING PEW PEW PEW" intros are a fucking drag and make me not want to watch movies there.
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    It's a sixth film in a 22 year old franchise. It's the highest opening of the series and it made 153 mill WW OW. It did better than tracking suggested. Nothing wrong with the gross at all.
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    I am here to spread the word that I just rewatched Carnahan's A-Team and it is still good and fun.
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    TOTAL AFTER WEEK 12 Rank Name Week 12 Total Previous rank 1 Sheikh 82,000 1,038,000 1 2 WrathOfHan 91,000 1,030,000 2 3 Simionski 69,000 978,000 3 4 ZeeSoh 80,000 959,000 4 5 Jake Gittes 90,000 933,000 6 6 Wrath 85,000 919,000 7 7 Deja23 66,000 913,000 5 8 aabattery 119,000 908,000 12 9 kayumanggi 107,000 898,000 11 10 chasmmi 75,000 895,000 8 11 Infernus 90,000 885,000 10 12 glassfairy 71,000 876,000 9 13 MrPink 81,000 857,000 13 14 JJ-8 93,000 857,000 14 15 24Lost 41,000 801,000 15 16 Fancyarcher 86,000 784,000 18 17 That One Guy 45,000 765,000 16 18 Baumer 52,000 765,000 17 19 MovieMan89 114,000 749,000 20 20 Empire 53,000 705,000 19 21 Panda 0 629,000 21 22 bcf26 70,000 626,000 22 23 captainwondyful 75,000 571,000 24 24 Chewy 0 509,000 23 25 grey ghost 95,000 491,000 26 26 Kalo 0 403,000 25 27 George 0 353,000 27 28 The Dark Alfred 0 290,000 28 29 Tree 0 216,000 29 30 Slambros 0 196,000 30 31 pasta 0 76,000 31 32 tele 0 70,000 32 33 mike hunt 0 64,000 33 34 andyll 0 59,000 34 35 schumacherftw 0 53,000 35
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    The Monday update (yes, MM2 wins but it's much closer than in the third trend): #1 MM2 205k/820k #2 HT3 200k/935k #3 Ant-Man and the Wasp 200k/225k #4 First Purge 40k/485k #5 JW2 37.5k/2.235M #6 Catch Me! 35k/40k #7 Skyscraper 35k/285k #8 Adrift 25k/205k #9 Sicario2 20k/115k
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    Disney must be desperate with this news, they have to hire him back now, I don't know how the world will survive without Selma Blair's tweets
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    Fandango App Sunday #s for next w/e openers Christopher Robin: 644 The Spy Who Dumped Me: 65
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    I don't think anyone thought MoviePass was a guaranteed success. Their business plan was literally selling you tickets for a fraction of what they paid for them. It was never, ever gonna be sustainable at that price point. Definitely was worth putting money into as a consumer though; nothing but upside for the period it survived.
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    Yeah. It only made $120m more than the last movie and cost $100m less.
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    I must point out that I am not afraid of heights. I have done skydiving, bungee jumping, paragliding as well as cliff jumping. But perhaps.....all of it was a ruse from my character so that I am on the parkour mission where chasmmi was too. Hmm 🤔 But thanks @chasmmi for saving me. Guess I owe you one. Also how convenient @DAJK divided our team so he would get @YourMother the Edgelord Sneaky very sneaky 😂 And claire I agree with ya. Cheater jerks like TOG and Ethan deserve to get whacked!
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    Gonna repost this from the other thread. If you're like me and see a decent amount of movies per month, a similar strategy could work out for you
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    JULY 26-29 WEEKEND. SOLID RESULT FOR FALLOUT; BEST FOR THE FRANCHISE. LOCAL OPENERS FLOP AND FALLEN KINGDOM ABOUT TO PASS JURASSIC WORLD. Mission: Impossible – Fallout -3-Day is 13% ahead of Rogue Nation and 4-Day is 15% ahead of the same title topping it as the best start for the franchise. Also above Fury Road (67.20%+) but behind last year’s Mummy (-15.28%). - Competition comes in two weeks with The Meg so shouldn’t have any issue to pass $200M and become franchise’s highest grosser, might even top $220M Hotel Transylvania 3 -Is continuing its run at the same pace over HT2, actually, it increased this weekend going from 27%+ to 29%+, that’s thanks to stunning retentions on weekdays. - Still tracking to finish with $500M+ if Christopher Robin doesn’t destroy it this weekend, although with three more weeks of holidays both can perfectly co-exist. The First Purge -Incredible drop considering its huge opening, after this is only grossing for sport, should finish over/under $10M USD. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom -Locked to pass Jurassic World! Excellent run, should finish with $690M; ahead of JW’s $685M becoming 10th highest grosser of all time. # MOVIE WEEKEND % CHANGE TOTAL (MXN) TOTAL (USD) ADM. TOTAL ADM. 1 Mission: Impossible - Fallout $75.76 $91.69 $4.93 1.2 1.5 2 Hotel Transylvania 3 $40.9 -45,68% $406.6 $21.52 844.04K 8.7 3 The First Purge $28.98 -53,18% $147.9 $7.80 540.6K 2.9 4 Más Sabe el Diablo por Viejo $19.84 $23.42 $1.25 360.01K 431.27K 5 Skyscraper $10.11 -66,74% $172.48 $9.12 200.64K 3.3 6 Ahí Viene Cascarrabias $7.71 $8.99 $483K 153.5K 180.73K 7 Ant-Man and the Wasp $6.8 -61,58% $275.14 $14.42 131.49K 5.4 8 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom $6.61 -54,09% $682.55 $34.46 133.96K 13.5 9 Adrift $3.29 -65,72% $22.01 $1.16 44.6K 342.08K 10 Wildling $2.16 $2.56 $137K 42.03K 50.51K This Thursday opens: Christopher Robin, Darkest Minds, Ya Veremos, Cold Skin, Submergence, Chavela and Loveling
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    Well caring about box office is really strange and amazing that people (without any link with the movies) care so much about it. It is not like any of this (talking about box office) is not just a giant waste of time for all of us doing it.
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    Romania box office update (July 29th): "The Incredibles 2" out-opens "Finding Dory" with $210K. FD managed to make $107K on its opening weekend back in 2016. "Adrift" opens with a good haul of $107K. "Hotel Transylvania 3" has already made it past the $1M mark, currently sitting at $1.002M. The movie could become the third, if not the second highest grossing animated movie in Romania. The top 3 include "Minions" at $2.03M, "Frozen" at $1.6M and "Despicable Me 3" at $1.3M. "Ant-Man and the Wasp", with its $632K to date, has made it past the final haul of "Ant-Man" ( $595K ) Other holdovers: Equalizer2 $388K, Mamma Mia! $199K, Tag $305K, O8 $739K. Next weekend sees the release date of "Mission:Impossible - Fallout" and "Christopher Robin".
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    Unless it's a F4 level of disaster, no way Disney aint releasing New Mutants to theaters. DP could be 90s' Captain America level of bad and it will still make $400M worldwide. As rich as Disney are, they are not going to write off $300 million if they have the chance to reduce that figure or even make some money off of that investment.
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    WEEK 12 # NAME PART A PART B PART C TOTAL 1 aabattery 57,000 12,000 50,000 119,000 2 MovieMan89 54,000 10,000 50,000 114,000 3 kayumanggi 57,000 0 50,000 107,000 4 grey ghost 52,000 7,000 36,000 95,000 5 JJ-8 53,000 4,000 36,000 93,000 6 WrathOfHan 55,000 0 36,000 91,000 7 Infernus 53,000 1,000 36,000 90,000 8 Jake Gittes 56,000 9,000 25,000 90,000 9 Fancyarcher 50,000 0 36,000 86,000 10 Wrath 49,000 0 36,000 85,000 11 Sheikh 57,000 0 25,000 82,000 12 MrPink 55,000 8,000 18,000 81,000 13 ZeeSoh 55,000 0 25,000 80,000 14 captainwondyful 50,000 0 25,000 75,000 15 chasmmi 57,000 0 18,000 75,000 16 glassfairy 53,000 0 18,000 71,000 17 bcf26 50,000 2,000 18,000 70,000 18 Simionski 51,000 0 18,000 69,000 19 Deja23 41,000 0 25,000 66,000 20 Empire 43,000 0 10,000 53,000 21 Baumer 34,000 0 18,000 52,000 22 That One Guy 35,000 0 10,000 45,000 23 24Lost 25,000 12,000 4,000 41,000 24 Panda 0 0 0 0 25 The Dark Alfred 0 0 0 0 26 Chewy 0 0 0 0 27 George 0 0 0 0 28 Kalo 0 0 0 0 29 Tree 0 0 0 0 30 Slambros 0 0 0 0 31 pasta 0 0 0 0 32 tele 0 0 0 0 33 mike hunt 0 0 0 0 34 schumacherftw 0 0 0 0 35 andyll 0 0 0 0
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    Strip Metroid of its IMAX for now. I'm thinking of handing it to something else.
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    I was hopeful for cinema for just a moment
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    I'm considering it. I was never on the MoviePass is a guaranteed success train by the way. No way was I putting any money into that company until I saw whether it was going to survive.
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    "hey you guys like beauty and the beast right?? anyway here's the same movie that you guys liked but it's not a cartoon! wow we're doing something new."
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    actually not so fun fact he added the "gun that doesn't want to be a gun" stuff to the story because his sister was shot and killed by her husband. so i'd guess that's a no.
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    There are people who don't like Fury Road AND Gravity? That's properly messed up. What a sad life it would be to hate two such wonderful films.
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    The Rock reveals he has no idea if he’ll be in Fast 9 Also he has not spoken to Tyrese and simply doesn’t want to

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