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    In that case I have some bad news to tell you about James Cameron...
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    WOM from press screenings for MI6 is incredible.
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    https://deadline.com/2018/08/melissa-mccarthy-happytime-murders-crazy-rich-asians-meg-weekend-box-office-1202451694/ 3RD UPDATE, Friday 11:46PM: Refresh for chart Warner Bros.’ Crazy Rich Asians is flat out doing amazing this weekend with an unprecedented $25.5M, which is an unbelievable -4% dip from its first weekend’s $26.5M. Which brings us to STX Entertainment’s raunchy R-rated Melissa McCarthy-puppet comedy The Happytime Murders which is dead, wrapped in plastic with a $10.2M start, repping the Groundling alum’s lowest wide opening ever for one of her solo films, not counting St. Vincent which was a platform release. Rela
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    CRA OFF THE CHART, MI6 VERY NICE DROP, thumb rank film dis. screens (chg) fri 3-day (-%) total wk 1 Crazy Rich Asians WB 3,526 (+142) $7M (-4%) $25.5M (-4%) $77.4M 2 2 The Meg WB 4,031 (-87) $3.2M (-44%) $11.6M (-45%) $103.8M 3 3 The Happytime Murders STX 3,256 $3.95M $10.2M $10.2M 1 4 M:I – Fallout Par/Sky 3,052 (-430) $2.2M (-27%) $8.2M (-23%) $194.1M 5 5 Alpha S8/Sony 2,719 $1.6M (-52%) $5.7M (-45%) $20.2M 2 6 Mile 22 STX 3,520 $1.6M (-70%) $5.6M (-59%) $24.7M 2 7 Christopher Robin Dis 3,394 (-208) $1.55M (-42%) $5.5M (-38%) $76.7M 4 8 BlacKkKlansman Foc 1,914 (+126) $1.4M (-29%) $5M (-32%) $31.7M 3 9 slender Man Sony 2,065 (-293) $775K (-45%) $2.5M (-47%) $25.1M 3 10 A.X.L. GR 1,710 $792K $2.35M $2.35M 1
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    your only other two posts were over three years ago and they were these do you have a google alert set up for this or something?
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    Saturday Estimates Ant-man 2 160M/324.3M, +4% Big Brother 28.3m/63.24m,-18% The Meg 18.1M/964m, +58% The Island 17.6M/1266m, +51% Go Brother! 17.1M/45.5M, -+62% Hotel Transylvania 3 7.95M/169.55m, +148% Hello Mr. Billionaire 5.3M/2498.4M ,+99%
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    Rewatched 12 Angry Men and who woulda thunk, it's still the best.
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    So happy for Crazy Rich Asian's success. As an immigrant Asian living in Australia I do yearn for more representation in Hollywood films so it's good to see how great its commercial success has been so far. And of course the film was very fun to watch from start to finish. Give me more Awkwafina and of course more Ken Jeong is welcome.
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    A.X.L. reportedly carries a budget of $70M. That's like half of what fellow E.T. rip-off Monster Trucks cost and still far too much for such a bargain-basement project.
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    the boy is big mad whenever a smaller movie is a big hit because he can't ad nauseam repeat the old "people don't go to the cinema to see these movies they only wanna pay for spectacle" line.
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    lol even when a movie's a surprise smash he still tries to discredit it. There is no making him happy, really.
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    Amazing figure for Crazy Rich Asians; the best second weekend hold for a film in 3,000+ theaters that was not aided by a holiday, I believe. And with Labor Day next weekend, it has a great chance to have a third weekend bigger than its first.
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    china is the most amazing market. It rejected all new SW movies, not just one kind or the other but all, it recognizes Ant Man awesomeness, it turned Fast&Furious franchise into 1B grossing rival to franchises that were better positioned for such success. Incredible.
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    I saw the Canadian movie today called Little Italy. It's got a fantastic cast which includes Emma Roberts Hayden Christensen Andrea Martin Danny Aiello and Jane Seymour. It was such an awesome movie and a wonderful experience. It's the best time I've had at the theater so far this year and it's too bad it didn't have an American backer behind it because it really could have had a good run in North America. As it is I think it will do very very well in Canada and will have good legs here. The audience seemed to laugh at everything and there was lots of good remarks coming out of the theater. Maybe you guys should look for it on Netflix somewhere down the road. It's an awesome funny terrific Beautiful film about love and friendship and family.
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    He complained in the CRA thread about how romcoms are still dead because nobody sees small movies or whatever the heck, and this is just a lucky break. Just ignore him and let him go off on his silly rant.
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    It'll be interesting to see if Crazy Rich Asians can turn its surprise immense box office success into any kind of awards attention (beyond that Popular Movie category lol). FWIW My Big Fat Greek Wedding did nab a Screenplay nomination.
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    https://www.boxofficemojo.com/alltime/weekends/smallestdrops.htm?page=DROP3000&p=.htm Looking at the all-time smallest second-weekend drops, at least for 3,000+ theaters, CRA's hold is unprecedented. Everything above it was helped by virtue of having its second weekend being a holiday, like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Memorial Day in Shrek's case. The only arguable exceptions are Puss in Boots, which had its first weekend deflated due to opening on Halloween weekend, and Brother Bear, which opened on a Saturday. The closest examples when it comes to CRA's case (3,000+ theaters, not opened on a poorly-attended box office holiday, nor had a holiday to boost its hold), there's The Santa Clause 2, Elf, and Argo, and those only dropped around 15%. Insanity. I guess Jon Chu was right that moving this to Netflix wasn't best for this film.
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    M:I – Fallout $8.2M (-23%) $194.1M About 20 away from a 3.5x multi. Should get there as LD 4-day will show a bump and end up close to 10. Coming Mon-Thu should add 3.5 (last week was just under 5). So by LD Monday will be aorund 194+3.5+10 = 207.5 and then 10+ more for 217.5-220 seems likely.
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    AM2 running at 12m per hour. 175-185m incoming 500m/$73m still looking good with a -10% hold tomorrow. $70m with -20%
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    Hey, its perfectly fine if one doesnt like Black Panther or Crazy Rich Asians. I for one found BP to be mostly entertaining, but ultimately a bit forgettable. Does my opinion matter though? Well, for me i guess. And thats probably it lol. Both BP and now CRA have insanely good WOM. Thats just the matter of fact. That means that the vast majority of people who have seen these movies either liked or loved them. End of discussion. Lets move on.
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    The problem with the internet is that there's always someone out there who isn't yet tired of making arguments like these.
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    The Greatest Showman and Jumanji 2 not even a year ago. Yes they were released in the holidays but their holds were still extraordinary.
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    Amazing hold for Crazy Rich Asians the likes of which we rarely see anymore. The Meg's big opening and CRA have turned what looked like a boring August into one of the most exciting months of the year.
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    the 2nd weekend hold is better that A+ cinemascore received by Wonder last year when its 2nd weekend was in fact, Thanksgiving weekend
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    Deadline is saying that Searching is looking at $300K for the weekend from 9 theaters while Papillon is looking at $1M from 544. That seems pretty good for the former (though that means nothing for its wide release next week) and expected for the latter given the meh reviews.
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    God help all the mods when Alita comes out around Christmastime even though he didn't direct it.
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    2nd trend has EQ2 dropping to 120k (-38%) while MI6, HT3, Sauerkrautkoma and MM2 remain in the 100k range.
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    Number of tickets sold on the weekend of August 17th to August 19th: 01.- HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3 - 12.792 (-57,3%) (598.337). 02.- THE MEG - 11.596 (-53,1%) (57.458). 03.- THE INCREDIBLES 2 - 5.662 (-56,7%) (1.113.324). 04.- THE HURRICANE HEIST - 4.980 (NEW). 05.- MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: FALLOUT - 3.937 (-57,0%) (101.110). 06.- MAMMA MIA! HERE WE GO AGAIN - 3.915 (NEW). 07.- CHRISTOPHER ROBIN - 3.020 (-67,6%) (47.707). 08.- SKYSCRAPER - 2.966 (-59,2%) (143.445). 09.- JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM - 2.014 (-61,7%) (470.527). 10.- ANT-MAN & THE WASP - 1.977 (-58,4%) (227.244).
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    Friday Estimates Ant-man 2 153M/163.3M, 4th biggest SH OD behind IW, AOU and CW Big Brother 34.5M including previews The Island 11.65M/1248.3m, -52% The Meg 11.3M/945.6m, -58% Go Brother! 10.6M/228.6M, -48% Hotel Transylvania 3 3.2M/161.6m, -65% Hello Mr. Billionaire 2.66M/2493M ,-67% Huge drops for holdovers. Maoyan predicts 200M Sat for AM2, I think 180M more likely
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    CRA is a fucking behemoth. You were right about that drop, @WrathOfHan MI6 holding excellently as well. Meg capitalizing on Happytime's terrible start for a pretty good hold too. THM is budgeted at 40-47M.... ouch. I was an idiot for thinking it would be the next Sausage Party. Ben Falcone (producer in this film, I believe) might be her husband, but he is a cancer in McCarthy's career. No surprise at Mile 22's poor drop (though it might be slightly better as the weekend rolls), but its budget is pretty small so it might be in the black through WW/OS if it pulls a Den Of Thieves in foreign markets. Alpha might leg it to 40-45M, which is a lot more than anyone thought it was going to have before reviews dropped. However, that 50M budget equals an inevitable money loss for Sony, unless OS really surprises. A shame, as it's apparently a good movie after all is said and done. And for what's worth, Sony has been having a great year regardless, and the profit on Hotel Transylvania 3 alone will probably offshoot the Alpha loss. They only have themselves to blame for the awful marketing campaign, though. Christopher Robin might be getting lowballed (depends on the Saturday increase), but alas, it's still a total question mark on whether can it leg it to 100M or not. I think it has a chance, depending on how much it does next week. BlacKkKlansman is gonna challenge 50M. Pretty great run and well earned success. Slender Man is likely going to get a big OS run (almost every horror movie this year has, including Truth Or Dare and even Hereditary), so even if it just slightly edges its 28M budget DOM, it'll still be safe. But Sony is only gonna barely walk away with this one, though. Don't Breathe, this was not. RIP Global Road. You certainly didn't last long, but then again, making choices like releasing a movie that wants to be ET but looks more like Max Steel really put the nail in your coffin. To be fair, according to what I found, AXL only cost 10M to make... but if it makes the minimum requirement of 20M WW total, that's lucky as all hell.
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    Finally watched CRA. It was wonderful. The female lead character was so good and extremely relatable. Michelle Yeoh was also good, but the person who stole the movie was female lead’s best friend. Absolutely hysterical! One of the better romantic comedies I’ve seen in a long time. Such heart!
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    The only movie available on my MoviePass app right now is The Happytime Murders lol. Nice try MoviePass but no, not even for "free."

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