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    7th - The Incredibles: 33 Votes, 5 top 5, 5 top 10 793 points Previous List - 4th Up until Coco turned up, this was my number 1 Pixar film. And I think the reason for that was that it is the most consistent film Pixar made up until that point. Other films like Up, Wall E, the Toy Stories, they have massive iconic moments, moments better than any single moment in The Incredibles. However, when those films' quality drops, I also think they fall just below The Incredibles also. Its also a pretty common observation to also quasi-consider this to be the good Fantastic Four film that Fox seem unable to make. Fun fact, this film once had quite a lead at the top of this table before falling away near the end. It seemed guaranteed to be top 3, but ended up a 'mere' 7th.
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    8th - Toy Story: 33 Votes, 6 top 5, 6 top 10 787 points Previous List - 7th It is rare that a film is revolutionary both technically and artistically, but Toy Story may well have accomplished that. As the first ever feature length CGI animation, Toy Story's place in history was sealed whether the film turned out decent or not. That it turned out to be one of the premier animations of a generation, meant that not only did it turn the world's attention to the animation style, it also introduced the general audience to Pixar and began a love affair that lasts to this day. Personally I consider this to be the second best of the Toy Story films, I won't say which over is where just yet though.
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    6th - Toy Story 2: 33 Votes, 2 First, 5 top 5, 6 top 10 829 points Previous List - 11th And this is the best Toy Story film. It is funnier than Toy Story 3, and it is more emotional than Toy Story 1. It is the most complete Toy Story film in the Trilogy, and if every Toy Story film was at this level, then it could in fact challenge Kung Fu Panda as the best animated trilogy. However as great as this one is, the slight drop from 1 and 2 down to the upcoming 3rd, means that it still has to settle for second place on that list (Unless HTTYD3 bumps it down even further). Regardless of my unpopular opinion above, there are no bad films at this point (the last one of those came back at 11th place), and this is one film that I am happy to see break into the top 10. It means that there are maybe one or two folks out there that share my view of the one true Toy Story Quality order: Toy Story 2 Toy Story Toy Story 3
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    Fandango App Monday Tues Wed Thursday A Wrinke In Time 4,864 15,601 A Quiet Place 2,177 4,003 10,665 Blockers 504 1,106 2,931 Rampage 705 1,508 4,109 Truth Or Dare 385 760 2,133 Super Troopers 2,825 3,447 6,881 I Feel Pretty 871 1,610 4,423 Avengers: Infinity War 49,836 54,892 68,826 206,000 Overboard 84 409 1,044 Breaking In 727 1204 2,899 Life Of The Party 587 1,310 3,010 Deadpool 2 23,134 28,896 41,212 Show Dogs 6 128 369 Book Club 836 1,599 3,283 SW: Solo 13,688 15,855 28,533 Action Point 17 48 197 Upgrade 9 119 522 Adrift 63 308 1,268 Oceans 8 3,009 4,372 11,114 Hereditary 659 1,178 3,181 Hotel Artemis 26 166 520 Incredibles 2 20,872 23,430 39,337 Tag 314 660 1,448 Jurassic World 2 9,310 12,761 23,266 Sicario 2 788 1282 3,403 Uncle Drew 274 473 1,201 Antman & The Wasp 6,613 5,990 11,108 Purge (Wed) 2,885 8,308 Hotel Transylvania 3 1,753 2,674 6,605 14,754 Skyscraper 586 1,019 2,868 7,134 Mamma Mia 2 4,427 5,099 12,117 17,226 Equalizer 1,418 2,297 6,073 11,875 Unfriended 71 240 975 MI6 *3328 13,575 27,261 Teen Titans *462 2,125 4,526 Christopher Robin 1,560 2,442 5,355 11,509 The Spy Who Dumped Me 234 542 1,561 4,222 The Darkest Minds 130 244 579 1,777 Eighth Grade 494 508 720 936 Death of A Nation 148 194 375 1,239 The Meg 1,539 2,944 6,723 16,202 Slender Man 177 418 1,091 3,737 BlackkKlansman 432 682 1,934 5,017 Dog Days (Wed) 115 631 1,536 1,212 Crazy Rich Asians (Wed) 3,651 5,742 20,173 20,102 Alpha 181 283 943 2,069 Mile 22 282 519 1,833 5,200 Happytime Murders 382 *488 1,954 5,602 A.X.L. 32 *60 310 911 Kin 21 141 263 741 Operation Finale (Wed) 415 2,083 4,879 3,915 Searching 303 588 1,194 2,862 The Nun 2,082 5,938 13,806 28,881 Peppermint 286 863 2,508 4,441 God Bless The Broken Road 6 33 152 282 Predator 1,295 2,476 4,545 13,063 A Simple Favor 564 2,126 4,410 10,381 White Boy Rick 136 567 1,458 4,587 Unbroken 2 88 180 360 659 House With Clocks 897 1469 3607 8,074 Fahrenheit 11/9 164 281 713 1,715 Life Itself 79 162 394 953 Assassination Nation 36 94 382 Night School 1,045 1,756 3,566 Small Foot 734 1,261 2,448 Hellfest 195 304 661 Little Women 65 134 Venom 13,602 13,818 20,867 31,569 A Star Is Born 9,115 11,383 22,641 21,501 First Man 654 909 3,610 7,586 Goosebumps 2 300 631 1,733 3,615 Bad Times at the El Royale 264 481 1,257 3,350 Halloween 9,563 12,980 21,600 36,126 The Hate U Give (2k expansion) 1,026 1,542 1,559 2,055 Hunter Killer 91 368 1,062 2,726 Indivisible 33 89 204 440 Bohemian Rhapsody 7,255 The Nutcracker & the Four Realms 1,659 Nobody's Fool 436 *4pm-12am Nov 9th Grinch 437 Girl In The Spider's Web 29 Overlord 28 Nov 16th Fantastic Beasts 2 1,299
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    28. The Omen (1976) (50 points) Director: Richard Donner Screenwriter: David Seltzer Starring: Gregory Peck, Lee Remick, David Warner, and Billie Whitelaw Synopsis: Mysterious deaths surround an American ambassador. Could the child that he is raising actually be the Antichrist? The Devil's own son? Box Office: 60.9M 86% on Rotten Tomatoes, 62 on Metacritic Nominated for 2 Academy Awards, winning one for Best Original Score Submissions Received: 8 Average Position: 17th Top 5 Placements: 1 The Omen was one of the most popular horror movies in the 1970s. This was Richard Donner’s breakout film and landed him Superman two years later. Something The Omen is notable for is that it was one of the first mainstream films to heavily feature the Antichrist concept. Rosemary’s Baby toyed around with this idea seven years earlier, but that film portrays the Antichrist as the mere result of a cult tampering with a child. In The Omen, Damien is definitively the Antichrist, and chaos ensues. This is a film audiences loved back when it first released, and to this day, it is still extremely popular among horror fans. The Omen got a nice boost on the countdown thanks to a second place submission. Additionally, 7/8 votes were 22nd or higher, showing off a fair amount of passion for this film.
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    27. The VVitch: A New-England Folktale (2016) (53 points) Director and Screenwriter: Robert Eggers Starring: Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Ineson, Kate Dickie, Harvey Scrimshaw, Ellie Grainger, and Lucas Dawson Synopsis: A family in 1630s New England is torn apart by the forces of witchcraft, black magic and possession. Box Office: 40.4M 91% on Rotten Tomatoes, 83 on Metacritic 16th on Box Office Theory’s Top 25 of 2016 Submissions Received: 9 Average Position: 19th Top 5 Placements: 1 I have slowly been coming to the conclusion since its release that The Witch is in the top 3 horror films released over the past three years. It is a film that relishes so much in its environment, and even though there is only one “jumpscare” in the entire film (Black Phillip is bae), the movie’s sense of dread is enough to terrify you. Anya Taylor-Joy gives a breakout performance as Thomasin, a teenager who must deal with being looked down upon by her parents in her family’s time of peril. This makes The Witch a close, tight-knit drama in additional to the supernatural horror film it already is because you sympathize so much with Thomasin’s unfortunate position. This is a film that has an instantly recognizable air to it, and I do not think any other horror film has done what Robert Eggers did with The Witch. It truly is a modern day horror masterpiece. The Witch received tons of love from users. There were two top ten placements (one of which was in the top 3), and most other users tended to stick it in the upper half of their lists. It shares the same number of points as our next film, but like other instances on the countdown, it had the advantage with one extra list.
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    CHAPTER 12: KINGDOM COME December 4-6: Time for 'Sir Thymes Rhyme' to Shine Taking advantage of its frontloaded rival, 'Sir Thymes Rhyme' rushed to first place on the post-Thanksgiving weekend, managing a drop under 55% to boot. It should play fairly well into the holiday season without any other "just for kids" options. 'Home Invasion' opened along expectations, but with the C+ Cinemascore, it may not last too long, especially with a little film coming later this month. 'Food Wars' continues its healthy run, while 'A Black Man, A White Man' struggles in its expansion. Sir Thymes Rhyme - $22,035,879 (2nd week) (-54.7%) Silent Hill: Restless Dreams - $20,515,430 (2nd week) (-62.5%) Home Invasion - $17,680,973 (NEW) Food Wars - $14,694,320 (3rd week) (-46.7%) Santa Claus: Ultimate Badass - $8,540,075 (3rd week) (-48.3%) Guys and Dolls - $7,111,683 (5th week) (-49.4%) Crysis - $5,830,112 (4th week) (-52.4%) A Wish for Wings that Work - $4,729,950 (5th week) (-45.9%) The Square Mile - $3,136,057 (7th week) (-43.7%) Starlit Highway - $2,066,314 (6th week) (-44.8%) A Black Man, A White Man - $235,011 (2nd week) (+26.6%) December 11-13: 'Dogs' Bark Softly, 'Thymes' Performs Second Encore at #1 'Sir Thymes Rhyme' easily repeated at the box office, thanks to the underwhelming performance of 'The Dogs of Babel'. With mixed reviews and a B- Cinemascore, the film didn't play completely well with its unorthodox premise that turned off some audiences. Perhaps the lack of smaller scale adult dramas could help it over the holiday season. 'Food Wars' continues to creep up, while 'Silent Hill 2''s crossing of $200m becomes more and more on an uncertainty. Sir Thymes Rhyme - $14,914,086 (3rd week) (-32.3%) The Dogs of Babel - $13,897,240 (NEW) Silent Hill: Restless Dreams - $10,674,538 (3rd week) (-48.0%) Food Wars - $9,376,950 (4th week) (-36.2%) Home Invasion - $8,086,770 (2nd week) (-54.3%) Santa Claus: Ultimate Badass - $5,367,965 (4th week) (-37.1%) Guys and Dolls - $4,679,883 (6th week) (-34.2%) A Wish for Wings that Work - $3,551,324 (6th week) (-24.9%) Crysis - $3,458,150 (5th week) (-40.7%) The Square Mile - $2,258,630 (8th week) (-28.0%) A Black Man, A White Man - $142,670 (3rd week) (-39.3%) December 18-20: 'Spark' Lights Up The Holiday The most wonderful time of the year indeed. The $112.7m 3-day opening may not seem like much for the wildly anticipated 'Spark: Beyond the Sky', but you can blame the film's early numbers ($70m on Wednesday and $33m on Thursday) for rushing demand to the threequel. The film played across all races, genders, and age groups perfectly and scored an A Cineamscore, back to the level of 'Rising' after 'Homeward' got an A-. The film is the biggest of the season so far, and we're super excited to see how it plays out. While it didn't score 'Rise of Lotor' numbers, at least it isn't projected to, the studio is beyond ecstatic with these numbers. As expected, a lot of films took a big hit by it, but 'A Black Man, A White Man' made it to a wide release with 1k screens exactly. Audiences weren't big fans, giving it a C- Cinemascore. We expect it to crash and burn after the holidays, while most theaters are already putting it on their smallest screen. Spark: Beyond the Sky - $112,713,659/$215,637,201 (NEW) Sir Thymes Rhyme - $8,737,490 (4th week) (-41.4%) The Dogs of Babel - $7,339,842 (2nd week) (-47.2%) Food Wars - $5,401,263 (5th week) (-42.4%) Silent Hill: Restless Dreams - $5,389,751 (4th week) (-49.5%) Home Invasion - $3,322,859 (3rd week) (-58.9%) Santa Claus: Ultimate Badass - $2,992,356 (5th week) (-44.3%) Guys and Dolls - $2,866,579 (7th week) (-38.7%) A Wish for Wings that Work - $2,253,774 (7th week) (-36.5%) A Black Man, A White Man - $1,925,537 (4th week) (+1249.7%) December 25-27: 'Kingdom' Shines; 'Fortnight' Revolutionary, 'Spark' Survives While 'Spark: Beyond the Sky' didn't struggle to repeat itself over the weekend (despite being #2 on Wednesday), the openers fared quite well. 'Kingdom of the Sun' managed a $90m 5-day and will play well for audiences wanting a more light hearted piece of fun over the holidays. The film earned an A Cinemascore. 'Fortnight', a Spielberg directed film on the American Revolution, drew in older audiences and even families in its exciting adaptation of history. The film also earned an impressive A+ Cineamscore. While these three films drove much of the traffic over the Holiday weekend, we saw strong holds for 'Sir Thymes Rhyme' and 'Food Wars' either way. A very fun way to end the year! Spark: Beyond the Sky - $70,943,865 (2nd week) (-37.1%) Kingdom of the Sun - $62,750,541/$89,454,763 (NEW) Fortnight - $42,682,915 (NEW) Sir Thymes Rhyme - $8,400,534 (5th week) (-3.9%) The Dogs of Babel - $6,566,002 (3rd week) (-10.5%) Food Wars - $5,495,023 (5th week) (+1.8%) Silent Hill: Restless Dreams - $4,879,377 (5th week) (-9.7%) A Black Man, A White Man - $2,600,873 (5th week) (+35.1%) Home Invasion - $2,552,873 (4th week) (-23.2%) Guys and Dolls - $2,514,361 (8th week) (-12.3%) Welp, that's actuals everyone! Totals next week!
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    (C)2018 映画HUGっと!プリキュア製作委員会Weekend Actuals (10/27-28)01 (---) ¥353,577,300 ($3.2 million), 0, ¥353,577,300 ($3.2 million), Hugtto! Pretty Cure: All Stars Memories (Toei) NEW02 (---) ¥103,000,000 ($920,000), 0, ¥133,000,000 ($1.2 million), The Traveling Cat Chronicles (Shochiku) NEW 03 (02) ¥x84,853,000 ($758,000), -29%, ¥379,793,000 ($3.3 million), Million Dollar Man (Toho) WK2 04 (01) ¥x83,277,058 ($744,000), -38%, ¥565,355,408 ($5.1 million), The Laws of the Universe - Part 1 (Nikkatsu) WK3 05 (04) ¥x61,464,250 ($549,000), -19%, ¥647,499,650 ($5.8 million), Every Day, A Good Day (Tokyo Theaters, Co.) WK3 06 (03) ¥x61,209,300 ($547,000), -35%, ¥9,004,878,800 ($82.2 million), Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer (Toho) WK29 07 (06) ¥x45,344,300 ($405,000), -24%, ¥2,317,818,700 ($20.6 million), Christopher Robin (Disney) WK7 08 (08) ¥x40,480,900 ($362,000), -20%, ¥775,061,200 ($6.9 million), A Quiet Place (Toho-Towa) WK5 09 (07) ¥x39,063,500 ($349,000), -31%, ¥331,863,900 ($2.9 million), The House with a Clock in Its Walls (Toho-Towa) WK3 10 (05) ¥x37,281,700 ($333,000), -43%, ¥168,156,500 ($1.5 million), Magical Girl Lyrical: Nanoha - Detonation (Shochiku) WK2>Hugtto! Pretty Cure: All Stars Memories saved the October box office from having no strong openers, and earned the biggest debut at the box office since August. The 25th film in the Precure film franchise which celebrates the franchise's 15th Anniversary sold an impressive 309,781 admissions over the weekend across 230 screens. This is the biggest debut in the long-running franchise by a considerable margin, besting the previous record held by, interestingly, the most recent film in the series from this past March by 56%. All the films in this franchise are very frontloaded, so expect a total near ¥1.5 billion (~$15 million). >The Cat Traveling Chronicle debuted in second place, selling 82,000 admissions over the weekend frame on 321 screens; and 107,000 admissions since opening on Friday. Again, nothing to really say here except that it's the standard low opening this time of the year. >Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer continues to play very well in its 4D expansion, achieving its 17th non-consecutive weekend in the Top 10 in its 29th weekend of release. It also exceeded the ¥9 billion milestone over the weekend, becoming the thirteenth animated film in history to reach the mark. The 4D expansion is scheduled to end next week, so I don't think it has enough in it to overtake Code Blue for the 2018 Yearly Crown, but let's see if Toho extends it given how successful the expansion has been. Thankfully, October is about to come to a close, and while November isn't much stronger than October at the box office in Japan, it usually has one or two films that keep things interesting until December (one of the strongest months) arrives.
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    Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Greater Sacramento Area Premiere Night Seat Report: T-17 Days and counting [Includes Limited Showings for Tuesday] Sellouts Showings Seats left Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 0 94 11937 13377 10.76% Total Seats Sold Today: 26 .1960x as many tickets sold as Infinity War 17 days before release. (IW had 11 more days of pre-sales) .6394x as many tickets sold as Black Panther 17 days before release (BP had 8 more days of pre-sales) .6967x as many tickets sold as Deadpool 2 17 days before release (DP2 had 29 days of pre-sales compared to FB2's 30 days of pre-sales) .4754x as many tickets sold as Solo 17 days before release (Solo had 20 days of pre-sales compared to FB2's 30 days of pre-sales) 1.2511x as many tickets sold as JW:FK 17 days before release (JW:FK had 22 days of pre-sales compared to FB2's 30 days of pre-sales) === Tue/Thr Breakdown: Tuesday Night Limited Engagement Seat Report: T-17 Days and counting: Sellouts Showings Seats left Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 0 6 902 1399 35.53% Total Seats Sold Today: 13 Thursday Night Seat Report: T-17 Days and counting: Sellouts Showings Seats left Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 0 88 11035 11978 7.87% Total Seats Sold Today: 13
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    9th - BEauty and the Beast: 31 Votes, 2 First, 1 top 5, 11 top 10 762 points Previous List - 5th To my young pre-teen mind, this was always the 'girl' Disney film to Aladdin's 'boy' Disney film. That's a more outdated view to have come 2018, when everybody is allowed to like everything, but that remnant of an idea will likely forever stay slightly in my mind. It is probably why I have Aladdin as an all time top 5 animation, but BATB languishes around 30th. On a wider scale, the two films are hard to split. 31 votes to 30, 14 top 10 votes to 12. only 16 points apart after all the lists. Both the films have big fan bases and maybe just maybe some of that fan base made a choice of one over the over depending on what type of story you prefer to get behind. Kind of puts them as 3.75 quadrant films, and not 4 quadrants that many of what is to come reached...
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    https://www.empireonline.com/movies/news/empire-review-year-avengers-infinity-war-covers-revealed/ Empire’s Review Of The Year Avengers: Infinity War Covers Revealed Oh, snap. The dust is beginning to settle on 2018, and Empire’s December 2018 issue is about to make its way into the world – our Review of The Year edition, taking a look back at an incredible 12 months of movies. As part of that you’ll find our list of the Best Films of 2018 – take a look at the full list that we’ve revealed over here – with Empire’s contributors submitting their personal Top 10s, all crunched and quantified through a spreadsheet into one mega-list. And at the top? Coming in way ahead of even its closest competitor was Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel’s astonishingly epic blockbuster delivering spectacle, character, and huge emotional beats. So when it came to the cover slot, it was only right that Infinity War got star billing – and with our subscriber’s cover, designed by Jacey, there was only one thing to be done. Mr. Stark, we don’t feel so good… For non-subscribers, you can pick up the issue when it hits the shelves on Thursday 1 November – and you’ll find the likes of Thanos, Cap, Iron Man, Black Panther, Thor, Black Widow and Shuri on the cover. https://www.empireonline.com/movies/features/best-movies-2018/ 1. Avengers: Infinity War It had to be, didn’t it? No, not just because it’s a Marvel movie – but because it’s the Marvel-est Marvel movie Marvel could have Marvelled. And it’s marvellous. For all the MCU’s previous successes, Infinity War was a huge risk – how do you combine that many characters, that many plot threads, plus an untested CGI mega-villain into one film that, to an extent, stands alone, while also paying off on ten years of previous movies? Frankly, it’s a miracle that it’s not a complete mess – that it’s as incredible as it is is god-level stuff. Infinity War is a blockbuster working at maximum capacity for 150 minutes – constantly delivering on character, on spectacle, on drama, on emotion, even on laughs for its entire runtime. The action sequences are fluid, propulsive and edge-of-your-seat exciting, it’s packed with instantly-iconic images, and everything about Thanos – Josh Brolin’s performance, the incredibly nuanced rendering, the empathetic storytelling – is a triumph. No matter what Avengers 4 brings, Infinity War is a success beyond even our own mountainous expectations. Oh snap, indeed. Edit: Grrrrr. Photos won't embed so click the links for new covers
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    Will overtake FF8 this week for the 15th WW rank. Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $607,899,050 49.2% + Foreign: $627,411,070 50.8% = Worldwide: $1,235,310,120
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    @cayommagazine Earth Day Never Came
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    1 Bohemian Rhapsody 2018/10/26 £ 9,530,463 £ 9,530,463 Fox Int'l 2 Star Is Born, A 2018/10/5 £ 2,150,987 £ 19,238,711 Warner Bros Int'l 3 Halloween 2018/10/19 £ 1,678,162 £ 5,854,328 Universal Int'l 4 Smallfoot 2018/10/12 £ 1,577,531 £ 7,691,245 Warner Bros Int'l 5 Johnny English Strikes Again 2018/10/5 £ 1,544,459 £ 14,172,794 Universal Int'l 6 Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween 2018/10/19 £ 1,377,680 £ 4,918,129 Sony Int'l 7 Hate U Give, The 2018/10/26 £ 911,309 £ 911,309 Fox Int'l 8 Venom 2018/10/5 £ 855,826 £ 18,452,016 Sony Int'l 9 First Man 2018/10/12 £ 605,032 £ 6,559,818 Universal Int'l 10 MET Opera: La Fanciulla Del West 2018/10/26 £ 186,620 £ 186,620 Trafalgar Releasing
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    Weekend Placement's, October 25th to 28th Venom Halloween Smallfoot Contra el Demonio Peppermint A quiet and very weak weekend. The local horror movie Contra el Demonio joined the long list of local flops this year. Despite having basically the widest release available for horror movies, it still debuted behind Smallfoot fifth weekend... Honestly, the fact that it took this long to get a local horror movie (despite being cheap to produce and a very popular genre in the country) and it ended up being a generic exorcist story that has been done a billion times by Hollywood illustrates perfectly why local films fare so badly at the box office. The weekly data is late yet again and I have given up on getting them at regular intervals, I will just post them whenever they are published. On another hand, the top movie this weekend likely grossed at most 250k USD (probably less) which is very very low. November is usually one of the worst months for the Box Office but I have faith in Fantastic Beast and Wreck-It Ralph 2 (also the combination of Bohemian Rhapsody + Nutcracker should be decent enough this next weekend)
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    Potter movies are such a holiday season institution at this point that these spinoff movies are becoming kinda nostalgic for me. Looking forward to this, the first one was a nice surprise. I wasn't expecting it to have both whimsy and darkness, not to mention depth. Fingers crossed the sequel does the same.
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    30. Frankenstein (1931) (44.5 points) Director: James Whale Screenwriters: Screenplay by Francis Edward Faragoh, Garrett Fort, Robert Florey, and John Russell, Story by John L. Balderston and Richard Schayer Synopsis: An obsessed scientist assembles a living being from parts of exhumed corpses. Box Office: 12M 100% on Rotten Tomatoes Submissions Received: 8 Average Position: 18th Top 5 Placements: 1 IT’S ALIVE! Frankenstein is the last classic monster movie to make our countdown. Generally considered to be the best of the classic monster films along with its first sequel (which already appeared on the list), Frankenstein contains revolutionary makeup design and lighting. It was a massive hit with audiences and critics and adjusts to over 200M in 2018. This also kickstarted Boris Karloff’s rise to becoming a horror icon that included several characters in the franchise including the Monster and Imhotep in The Mummy. Frankenstein had lots of support on lists. 7/8 lists had this in the top 25, and there were three top 10 placements.
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    Weekend 25–28/10/2018 Ranking Title Weekend admissions % change from last weekend Total admissions Week 1 Halloween 26,321 – 26,321 1 2 Hunter Killer 10,291 – 10,291 1 3 Zimna wojna (Cold War) [Polish–French–British] 9,315 – 10,483 1 4 First Man 9,039 -53.5% 35,923 2 5 A Wizard's Tale (aka Here Comes the Grump) 8,351 – 8,351 1 6 Venom 6,816 -52.8% 193,744 4 7 Smallfoot 5,863 -32.7% 73,510 5 8 King of Thieves 5,627 – 5,627 1 9 A Star Is Born 5,151 -36.8% 77,278 4 10 Peppermint 3,356 -59.8% 18,271 2 Source: http://flix.gr/news/box-office-25102018.html In Greece, 'Halloween' was far from the sizzling success it achieved in American cinemas. It opened far worse than any film of the 'Conjuring' franchise but it was on par with 'The Meg' from earlier this year. It also opened better than previous instalments of the 'Halloween' franchise, such as 'Halloween' (2007), which sold 6,700 admissions in Athens, and 'Halloween II' (2009), which sold 5,500 admissions in Athens. 'Hunter Killer' was the only other film to open above 10K admissions, although 'Cold War' made it past said mark when including last weekend's previews. 'Venom' will devour 200K admissions as early as next weekend. 'Smallfoot' scored the best hold of the Top 10. Overall, it was another very quiet weekend, despite the national holiday. October tanked and so 2018 has fallen further behind 2017, 2016 and 2015. It is now trailing 2012 too, by 1.3%, and, without a 'Bond' sequel, a 'Hobbit' film or a 'Star Wars' film, 2018 is on a trajectory that will most likely miss 10 million admissions.
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    OCTOBER 26-28 WEEKEND. HALLOWEEN REPEATS ON TOP AS IT BECOMES BLUMHOUSE’S HIGHEST GROSSER; HOUSE WITH A CLOCK HAS A MEH OPENING AND COCO RETURNS FOR A WEEK. Halloween -Already topped titles such as Split and A Quiet Place. Is going to cross $200M by Thursday and should finish with $220M+ The House With a Clock in its Walls -A little behind Goosebumps 2 which came out three weeks ago, with a crowded market probably won’t pass further $60M-$70M Coco -It keeps playing until Thursday, but Disney has decided to down ticket prices for all shows of the week, it needs about $27M to take back the all-time crown. # MOVIE WEEKEND % CHANGE TOTAL (MXN) TOTAL (USD) ADM. TOTAL ADM. 1 Halloween $45.67 -53,05% $181.93 $9.39 858.44K 3.5 2 The House With a Clock In Its Walls $19.6 $19.6 $1.00 388.6K 388.6K 3 Coco $18.8 $1120.24 $58.88 370K 23.8 4 Venom $17.9 -52,64% $434.08 $22.81 329.80K 8.3 5 Museo $10.02 $10.03 $515K 157.13K 157.14K 6 Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween $8.61 -51,62% $74.38 $3.88 183.3K 1.6 7 Replicas $8.05 $8.05 $414K 139.2K 139.2K 8 A Star Is Born $7.9 -39,46% $63.5 $3.30 102.5K 953.3K 9 Smallfoot $4.8 -50,31% $167.9 $8.86 101.1K 3.6 10 Si Yo Fuera Tú $3.09 -71,49% $19.63 $1.01 57.5K 379.8K This Friday opens: Bohemian Rhapsody, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, Hunter Killer, Inquilinos, Silencio, Jusqu’à La Garde, Anna Karenina; Istoriya Vronskogo and Cygnus.
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    Romania box office update (October 28th): "Smallfoot" opens at no.1 and scores an impressive haul of $205K / 843K RON on OW. "Hunter Killer" opens and makes $121K / 497K RON on the first weekend in theatres. "Venom" has passed the $2M-mark and has already become the second highest grossing superhero-movie of all time AND the second highest-grossing movie of 2018, sitting now at $2.07M. "A Star Is Born" shows impressive legs. The movie has grossed $330K to date. "Halloween" struggles to pass the $200K-mark, as the movie currently sits at $197K. Other holdovers: Johnny English Strikes Again $682K, First Man $121K, Mile 22 $250K. Next weekend sees the release date of "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "Goosebumps 2:Haunted Halloween".
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    10th - Aladdin: 30 Votes, 2 First, 4 top 5, 6 top 10 746 points Previous List - 9th Aladdin is my personal number 2 Disney animation. And there are a number of reasons for this. Be it the great soundtrack, the fun story, or the OG wonderful Robin Williams performance, Aladdin is a gem and deserving of its place in the top 10. It was a tough ask to hope it finished much higher than this as there are some serious support waves for everything still to come. It will be interesting to see how much this love for the animation translates into goodwill to potentially see the live action version next year...


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