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    Sunday Estimates Aquaman 221M/652m , -16.5% (Venom -26%) Biggest OW for a DC movie Biggest Sunday in DEC Biggest OW in DEC biggest opening Sat increase for Comicbook movies, usually around 35-40% A Cool Fish 15.6M/746M, -20% Ralph 2 7.4M/266.5M,-4%(will beat Finding Dory) Einstein & Einstein 5.4M/20.2M, -4% Venom 3.45M/1858M,-26.6% Johnny English 3 1.7M/168M, -14% Adrift 1.6M/8M, -36% FB2 420k/398.1m
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    And some naughty to go along with the sweet: Good lawd above.
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    Will inevitably bust these babies out when Bumblebee turns out to be a leggy-ass film:
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    Regardless of execution, seems like for most franchises these days, the creators are big fans of the material and are trying to create something that really speaks to the fan base. Which certainly wasn’t always the case.
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    TONIGHT Tamara (Letitia Wright)* stands before the same burning field we saw her at at the end of the last film. ARES (Andy Serkis)* (V.O): I don't think I've made myself clear. AT We hover over a shattered picture frame of Commander Barks (Harry Lennix) together with his two adopted children Joel (Daniel Henney) and Kira (Naomi Scott). ARES (V.O): The universe is in a state of great disorder... THE ACADEMY AWARDS ARES (V.O): And it needs someone like me... Helms (Laurence Fishburne) and Hemphill (Holly Hunter) stare out a window in shock and horror. ARES (V.O): ...To correct it. Hundreds of thousands of warships suddenly appear before the five H.F.F ships. #TSW2
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    Just come back from seeing this. Loads of really, really good things about it, hampered by the fact that it was one film trying to do the job of at least two. That's the issue with these Properties that are less known to the public: they need time to tell the story, but they can't say it will be two films when there's no guarantee the second one would get green lit. Mostly everyone did well given the circumstance, though the male lead is a bit bland. No chance box office wise in the US, but thought it would have had a chance WW. Seems like it isn't the case.
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    SW9 thread is locked. The children are having a tantrum again.
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    I'm actually so pissed at the university now. Ever since reading break which was like beginning of November, I stopped eating food with my roommates because they literally dumpster dive and that's completely disgusting IMO especially when they don't have boundaries and will take loose food not just sealed, packaged stuff. Anywho, so this is about a month ago, my parents pay $1200 to get me an on-campus meal plan. My dad has said that the money has left his bank account weeks ago, but I still don't have access to it. I've went in and talked to the Food Services lady and she literally just dodged my question and said "we're very busy at this time of year, if you come in another day we can resolve this". And my parents have called them multiple times and they've said "we're getting to it" or "we're busy right now" blah blah blah and I've been a month now without money that my family fuckin paid for. Like, so what you're busy! Shouldn't take that long to be like "oh! We have over a thousand dollars we're sitting on, might as well place the balance on this kid's university card"
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    In six hours, the awards start. If needed, I will allow an extension on any preview material you guys wish to submit. If not, then submission to those will be officially closed. In the meantime, what films do you think will win in each category? Start predicting away!
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    Seems like my idea was used TLJ for me isnt as grandiose anymore as the first time ive seen it but its still either my 2nd or 3rd favourite Star Wars Film. I love Lukes character and ark in it, i love the way Johnson plays with the expectations of the viewer, i love its core theme of failure and what we can learn from our mistakes and i love how stunning it is visually. Also, Godzilla 2014 is Top 5 blockbuster of the decade material.
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    also no spoilers but the post credits scene is one of my favourites ever.
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    This was fucking legit. One of my favorites of the year. More on that later, though.
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    Sorry, I should perhaps have been clearer as to what I meant by 'overwhelming' visually: I don't really mean that it's confusing plot-wise or that the story moves too quickly, rather that there will be some for whom the literal visual information presented in terms of colour and light will be a little nausea inducing for those who are prone to that. I should also add that while I was on the cusp of this response, I was generally ok, and everything other than this about the movie was absolutely fantastic.
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    it's hard to see anyone really being overwhelmed by this. It's got Lord/Miller humor but it's much more a smartly paced superhero origin movie that feels fresh thanks to the medium and the multiverse aspects
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    Ok, thats it. True Grit Edge of Seventeen. Enders Game or PP2. Tomorrow ill make a Hailee Marathon.
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    So...the final gross will be $650M more or less? Oh well..i hope the third movie will be able to fix the problems of this one but i don't see some US critics "forgiving" JK and Johnny Depp also a part of the audience really hate both of them now
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    Dang, slambros, that's the most creative slam I've read in awhile...and it's more amusing b/c you're always so upbeat about most things:). That video must be a disaster!
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    All these positive reactions make me so happy *wipes away tears of joy*
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    It’s good for that reason, and also because the story features more imagination than the 6 live action Spider-Man movies combined (and I say that having enjoyed those films...okay, maybe not SM3 or TASM2). The characters are all excellent too, particularly Miles and his dad. There’s some really heartfelt and emotional moments. I genuinely can’t recommend it enough.
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    Just a friendly reminder that any trailer, marketing material, or acceptance speeches that you wish to submit for the Oscars tomorrow is due by 12:00 pm CST.
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    I watched this without the sound while listening to rap songs by Drake. Very interesting pairing.
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    IMO, War of the Worlds is vastly underrated. It's among the scariest movies of the past 20 years. Sadly, it came out when Tom Cruise had become a media punchline for Scientology, Katie Holmes, and all that fodder. Much in the same way that Mel Gibson's jaw-dropping Apocalypto is underrated because of repulsion at his antisemitic outbursts around that time. I'd have it easily inside the top 10, well ahead of Lincoln (very overrated, really a dull film IMO), probably at #6. Of course, opinions vary, I'm not saying mine is better than yours.
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    127M @ 3PM Yesterday midpoint was around 4PM... so today should be around 3-3:15PM. so heading for 250M+. Just crazy!!
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    Umm, $100M - Arctic Dogs Total Means $100M minus the domestic total of arctic Dogs. For people that have split this up, or not written it as that phrase, I think we'll likely just void that one value from their predictions
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    (C)2018 Warner Bros. Ent. All Rights Reserved Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts Publishing Rights (C)J.K. RowlingWeekend Actuals (12/01-02)01 (01) ¥744,322,800 ($6.6 million), -13%, ¥2,891,371,400 ($25.6 million), Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (Warner Bros.) WK2 02 (02) ¥496,048,900 ($4.4 million), +26%, ¥3,323,581,780 ($29.4 million), Bohemian Rhapsody (Fox) WK403 (---) ¥161,333,300 ($1.4 million), 0, ¥203,667,400 ($1.8 million), The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (Disney) NEW04 (---) ¥120,562,800 ($1.1 million), 0, ¥177,859,300 ($1.6 million), Mobile Suit Gundam NT (Shochiku) NEW 05 (03) ¥x83,622,800 ($736,000), -28%, ¥1,619,882,900 ($14.3 million), Stolen Identity (Toho) WK4 06 (04) ¥x71,989,600 ($634,000), -28%, ¥720,071,000 ($6.4 million), The House Where the Mermaid Sleeps (Shochiku) WK3 07 (07) ¥x56,529,700 ($498,000), -09%, ¥438,335,300 ($3.9 million), BTS - Burn the Stage: The Movie (Toho Video Division) WK3 08 (05) ¥x52,630,400 ($463,000), -48%, ¥2,055,372,700 ($18.2 million), Venom (Sony) WK5 09 (06) ¥x47,907,100 ($422,000), -31%, ¥699,425,600 ($6.2 million), You, I Love (Asmik Ace) WK410 (---) ¥x40,109,000 ($353,000), 0, ¥x64,855,900 ($571,000), Our Departures (Shochiku) NEWAnd so begins the 2019 Box Office Year! And quite the strong weekend. For those unfamiliar with how the Japanese Box Office works, Eiren (Japanese Producers Association of Japan) determine the rules and regulations of the box office industry in the market, and the box office year begins on December 1st. Any film released in December is considered a release in the forthcoming year (e.g. a December 2018 film is technically a 2019 film in Japan). Also: If a film released before December 1st doesn't gross at least ¥1 billion before that day, but would after that day, it's then moved to the forthcoming year. >Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald held very well in its sophomore frame, dropping just 13% over the weekend and remaining flat in admissions due to discount boost from Saturday. Its second weekend is 10% above that of the original, and it's particularly impressive since it actually achieved the biggest second weekend for a film in the overall Wizarding World film series since Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Fantastic Beasts 2 is on track for a total above ¥6 billion ($55 million), and has a good shot at reaching the ¥7 billion ($60-65 million) milestone. A ¥7 billion total would put it on par with the original Fantastic Beasts (¥7.34 billion), as well as the lowest grossing Harry Potter film, Deathly Hallows - Part 1 (¥6.86 billion). >Bohemian Rhapsody enjoyed a significant increase in its fourth weekend due to the discount day on Saturday, and achieved its third-consecutive weekend increase. I'll be tracking the film very closely from this point on given how it hasn't slowed down in the slightest, with its opening week still being its weakest. It'll easily exceed the ¥5 billion ($45 million) blockbuster milestone. A ¥5 billion (~$45 million) total would have been an excellent finish here after a near phenomenal run (that'd be a 14+ multiplier!), but I'm confident it's going to blow past that milestone and potentially climb as high as ¥7 billion ($60-65 million), or maybe even higher. This is one of those rare films that just connects with Japanese moviegoers, and we'll have to enjoy the ride for several more weeks/months before projecting a possible finish. >The Nutcracker and the Four Realms settles for an expected third place start, selling 142,046 admissions over the weekend frame across 439 screens; and selling 176,212 admissions since opening on Friday. Not much to say here; the film wasn't expected to do well, and it didn't. >Mobile Suit Gundam NT comes in fourth place, selling an impressive 89,919 admissions over the weekend frame in limited release on just 89 screens. This is up 27% compared to the last Mobile Suit Gundam release. >Venom exceeds the ¥2 billion milestone, becoming the eleventh Marvel/DC film to reach this mark, and only the fourth non-Spider-Man/Avengers release to do so. While the film has been pretty frontoaded, it's done enough to be considered a mini-breakout.

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