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    Aquaman open on Wednesday.WoM in Taiwan is also Very strong. 4.8/5 Aquaman should be Huge in Asian.China is just the first ride.Tide is coming
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    It's near the end of 2018 and people STILL don't understand what a Rotten Tomatoes score is. Call me an eternal optimist, but maybe by the time 2024 or 2028 rolls around, it'll finally sink in just what RT measures and what it doesn't.
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    already happening. For whatever reason WW and JL both have made around 320m os without China. For most buzzy mcu standalones that mark reaches around ~420-430m ala Suicide Squad. keeping that and the christmas-ny period 320M os-china is the floor so this doing a 570M OS thanks to China's 250M cume is not that improbable and that would be enough to dethrone BvS OS. But I think mid 600M OS is on the menu if it does what I think it should do, a venom like 370 os-china run.
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    Thanks It's in the upper average for a comicbook movie. You're talking like there were no DC movies before they started the DCU...What about The Batman Trilogy? Superman Returns? DC didn't suddenly start existing a few years ago in theaters...I'm not even talking about the 90s and cartoons/ TV shows... And you seem irritated, judging by your "Right? " and there's no reason for that, I'm not attacking you you know so you need to relax..
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    You speak a lot of idiotic things, but this takes the cake. The adveristy newer generations in the west face compared to the adversity their progenitors (or people in non advanced countries) have faced is minimum. You think you are oppressed because not enough superheroes in movies share the same gender with you? Meanwhile, everyone and their grandmother in Europe/US/West have an iphone/samsung etc that someone in Phillipines works 18 hours per day for peanuts to make, half the countries that had the "luck" to have oil/natural resources have been invaded by our precious leaders, and I could go on for ages but you get the point. Join the rest of us in reality please.
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    Well, judging by how much you trashtalk about Disney’s MCU & Star Wars and most recent Disney animated are indeed a hater.
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    This film is the 2010s equivalent of Star Wars. Decades from now, people will be talking about Pecan Pies the way people talk about the Force.
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    The only sane person among crazies is perceived as crazy. when Avatar 2 makes 4 billies in 2020 you'll see the light, that Jimbo guy.. knows his stuff! How could I have been so stupid to ignore his pearls of wisdom!!
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    your so called lesser companies are all owned by giant multinational conglomerates that could destroy your life faster than the mouse.
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    Calling an animated film with a 90M budget that opens before the most lucrative period of the whole year a flop before we even have a Preview number. Edit: And btw, Harry Potter doesnt have a flop yet. Crimes of Grindelwald for sure is underperforming, but a 600M+ worldwide total on a 200M budget is still not that bad on a purely financial basis.
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    not that I know of but to be honest I never thought of asking them
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    My point is that they ran that success into the ground. Paramount wouldn’t be canning TF6 and openly talking about rebooting the whole thing after this one if it weren’t for the last one on that list. Bay absolutely deserves all the credit for the success but he and Paramount also deserve the blame for the state the series is now in.
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    MOONIE!!! I cast Sunny Suljic in something and well make the A24 kids shine in CAYOM.
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    According to this article ( it has worse presales than Aquaman and Bumblebee. It's expected to make about 4.5 m dollars total.
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    That part is hilarious and so revealing: "Visionary" film-making at its finest.
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    That's one of my bold predictions for 2018 coming true - I didn't have many, but this was one of my top ones, so yeah me!
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    A little perspective, please. Rank Title (click to view) Studio Worldwide Domestic / % Overseas / % Year 1 Transformers: Dark of the Moon P/DW $1,123.8 $352.4 31.4% $771.4 68.6% 2011 2 Transformers: Age of Extinction Par. $1,104.1 $245.4 22.2% $858.6 77.8% 2014 3 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen P/DW $836.3 $402.1 48.1% $434.2 51.9% 2009 4 Transformers P/DW $709.7 $319.2 45% $390.5 55% 2007 5 Transformers: The Last Knight Par. $605.4 $130.2 21.5% $475.3 78.5% 2017 There wouldn't be a Bumblebee or possibly any Transformer movie any time soon without the success of Bay movies.
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    Because most of the theaters it is playing in are not ticketed through Fandango
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    ok, now this is the first point or quote that has made me think about seeing this in theater
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    Megan Mullally has been announced as the host btw. That moment when the previously hostless until recent years Golden Globes and SAG awards have cool hosts and the Oscars are looking to be without one at all.
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    at ;least emglish is your firsty language try understanding it as a second xD
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    Remember when everyone thought TGS was doomed with that 8M OW? Not saying Bumblebee will have those kind of legs, but it’ll pass 100M with ease and be an OS monster.
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    The Transformers franchise collapsed completely with its last movie. This movie is all about fixing that brand. And yes, it is about legs at this time of year. Even Passengers, a movie that wasn’t particularly well-received, had a great multiplier from a mediocre opening two years ago.
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    It's important to remember that Bumblebee has a lot going against it. Movies like Aquaman and Spider-Verse have a lot more buzz and things going for them, and this is going off several divisive features, The Last Knight in particular. And true, Aquaman is coming off of Justice League, but at least the film's advertising itself as its own thing separate and unique from the other DCEU movies. To the GA, this just looks like any other Transformers movie. Should still be very leggy tho, and I'd consider it passing TLK as a success.
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    And as expected Bohemian Rhapsody took the top spot from Fantastic Beasts 2 on Wednesday. 12.87M vs 12.50M. Grindelwald held the crown for just a few days. This weekend holds may be a little harsh due to last weekend being inflated, but the lack of competition will limit the damage. The only "notable" new releases are A Simple Favor and Il Testimone Silenzioso (Italian thriller). Bohemian Rhapsody and The Grinch should remain on top, both with a drop in the 40's.
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    This is all out of the air don't worry about it and just wait for real numbers. Most markets are not like China where you get minute by minute presales, so it's all educated guesses.
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    I think releasing this on/around Christmas was a huge mistake tbh. Nobody really wants to see a movie like this, that mainly serves as a reminder of a black mark on history, at this time of year (especially in a year like this where there looks to be no shortage of more broadly-appealing titles).
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    It's difficult to predict the final gross because Mary Poppins is coming soon plus Bumblebee. I think £6m for the opening similar to Wonder Woman.
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    MT 1. Spiderverse - 9.9% 2. The Grinch - 9.6% 3. RBTI - 7.6% 4. Dragon Ball - 6.3% 5. Creed II - 5.5% BROOKLYN!
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    Looks like Spiderman ITTS will have previews on Sunday before opening friday after. Presales around 500k atm
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    When it rains, it pours for the Eagles:(...
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    DragonBorns (trailer #1) Dec 13, 2018 2:30 Cookie Pictures Voltron: Reunion (trailer #1) Dec 14, 2018 2:25 Cookie Pictures SkyRiders (trailer #1) Dec 17, 2018 2:50 Cookie Pictures The Eternal Storm: The Scavenger Wars Part II (Trailer #3) Dec 21, 2018 2:40 Cookie Pictures
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    Aquaman seems to be selling quite well, more than Spider-Verse which is surprising. Spider-Verse will likely be number 1 due to previews but Aquaman should put up a strong fight
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    one possibility to read through the freshly announced SAG-award nomination list for the others is
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    Pretty sure Amy Adams has an agent and a manager and she doesn't get her future project information from twitter or
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    Still only the lasr weekend's numbers, but as I always forget them, here the whole year can be checked ( seems like 7 to 9 titles per weekend, not sure about the standings)
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    First of all, international and global totals went up from $423.3M and $568.5M to $425.1M and $570.5M, respectively. After 4 weeks: FB2 vs FB1 (FB2 difference) China - $57.1M vs $83.8 (-26,7m) 4 weeks U.K. - $37.5M vs $53.3 (-15.8m) 4 wks Japan - $34.6M vs $36.3 (-1.7m) 3 wks Germany - $33.3M vs $27.2 (+6.1m) 4 wks France - $27.0M vs $22.0 (+5m) 4 wks Russia - $23.1M vs $22.2 (+0.9m) 4 wks S. Korea - $18.3M vs $32.4 (-14.1m) 4 wks Australia - $15.2M vs $19.9 (-4.7m) 4 wks Brazil - $15.0M vs $17.1 (-2.1m) 4 wks Italy - $14.3M vs $15.1 (-0,8m) 4 wks Mexico - $13.3M vs $14.0 (-0.7m) 4 wks Spain - $10.8M vs $12.3 (-1.5m) 4 wks Internationally, after four weeks of release FB2 is behind by 58m (425 OS for FB2 vs 483 for FB1). Globally, FB2 is now 112m behind the first installment (570 WW for FB2 vs 682 WW for FB1). Germany and France, two happy islands playing their own sports. For the next one they need to cast a Chinese superstar ASAP 😆
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