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    Rampage has suddenly jumped from 99m to 100m domestic https://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?page=main&id=newlinetentpole2018.htm
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    #6: Out of Sight (55 pts, 9 lists) dir. Steven Soderbergh Awards: Two Academy Award Nominations Before Steven Soderbergh hit it big with Traffic and his three "Ocean's" movies, he had this action film on his resume. The film played an important part in propelling George Clooney's eccentric career forward; not only that, but it's a great film, too. Fun fact: the screenwriter who wrote this film also wrote the fan-favorite X-Men film, Logan!
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    #10: Shakespeare in Love (45 pts, 9 lists) dir. John Madden Awards: Best Picture and six other Oscar wins While this film may be infamous for stealing Best Picture from Saving Private Ryan, the fact of the matter is that the Shakespeare in Love would've have gotten anywhere close to the top Academy prize if it wasn't an effective piece of cinema. The film boasts an exciting ensemble cast and a moving central romance, which moviegoers no doubt craved a second helping of just one year after the cultural phenomenon that was Titanic.
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    #9: Pleasantville (48 pts, 8 lists) dir. Gary Ross Awards: Three Academy Award Nominations Before directing The Hunger Games, Gary Ross would write and direct this brilliant fantastical dramedy about two teenage siblings who find themselves within a 1950s sitcom. This film is notable for is brave ability to shift between color and black-and-white filmmaking, especially at a time when color filmmaking had been established as the go-to staple!
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    #8: Rushmore (51 pts, 8 lists) dir. Wes Anderson Awards: Winner of the Independent Spirit Award for Best Director Wes Anderson's debut feature may have been Bottle Rocket, but as far as the solidification of his trademark style goes, cinephiles look towards this dramedy as the starting point. Jason Schwartzman, in his breakout role, plays a preparatory school student that gets caught up in a love triangle and experiences expulsion. Wes Anderson may be celebrated today, but he's gotten where he is today because of critical successes such as this.
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    Moderation Just a friendly reminder from your friendly BOT moderating team. It’s a bit quiet but let’s keep things civil. If you’ve said something once there’s no need to repeat it ad nauseum. Please don’t make posts simply in an attempt to trigger others. If you feel triggered you don’t need to respond all the time. Regards BOT Staff
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    Lol, what a classy first post. Its normal for December tentpoles like Aquaman to open the weekend before Christmas. It happened with LOTR, Avatar, The Hobbit and the new SW movies. The reason is that you have a big Opening weekend (altough somewhat deflated) and then cash in on the sweet holiday legs. Its not dumb at all.
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    It was my theory: Aquaman and Bumblebee would have moved along with Alita, and of course MPR wouldn't be there either. People were used to the SW juggernaut in December. My Solo>R1 club would have succeeded, domestically at least (nothing would have saved Solo overseas). It is all hypothetical, so nobody can prove me wrong.
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    After seeing some posts on here about all the rotten reviews today I went and read a few of the blurbs on there for this movie and tbh I don’t even know how people can take that site seriously with some of the comments. Not only do they not judge the movies on its own merits but some of the comments are just so unprofessional, it’s almost like having the fanboys war thread on RT. Each person trying to one up the next with some “witty” comment. I’m sure my comments come off as some bitter fanboy but honestly I’m not. I just feel bad for the people who make these movies, they deserve better.
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    #7: American History X (54 pts, 8 lists) dir. Tony Kaye Awards: One Academy Award Nomination for Best Actor (Edward Norton) One user who sent in a list commented that this film, for them, has been raised in stature due to recent events in modern history. And they're right. There are many times when filmmakers prove to be prophetic through the messages they convey through their films, and, for better or worse, we can now feasibly regard American History X as one of those films, which details a Neo-Nazi's frantic search for a course-correction from the life of hatred he's pledged to.
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    2nd trend: Aquaman: 400k Grinch: 310k MPR: 210k 100 Dinge: 160k Bumblebee: 150k FB2: 140k
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    https://deadline.com/2018/12/aquaman-bumblebee-christmas-thursday-night-previews-weekend-box-office-1202524462/ Aquaman is coming in lower from its Friday midday projections with a $27.7M first day (vs. $30M including $13.7M previews) and a $68.8M 3-day (compared to the $70M-$75M we were seeing). That’s still in the range of tracking ($65M-$70M) and the question remains how much will Christmas spike the pic up. Many were predicting a $120M 5-day, and now it might be lower, possibly $100M+. Bumblebee made more than the Emily Blunt British nanny tonight, $8.3M to $6.9M. The yellow VW-robot is eyeing a $22.6M weekend in the range where we saw it, while Poppins is eyeing $22.3M. Frankly it’s a coin-toss who comes out ahead after five days. Some are betting it’s Poppins over Bumblebee, $37M+ to $33M+. Even though Mary Poppins Returns is filing below what we thought was originally a $35M 3-day, remember, she’s a musical and she’ll be singing for weeks to come. Poppins Wednesday through Sunday haul of $31M is poised to be running as much as 131% ahead of Greatest Showman‘s $13.4M five-day launch a year ago. In fourth is Sony’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse with a second Friday of $5.1M, -61% because of last Friday’s previews, and a second weekend between $17.9M, -49% for a 10-day take of $66M. Universal is grateful for Illumination’s The Grinch in the wake of Mortal Engines and Welcome to Marwen breaking down. He’s set to make a seventh weekend of $9M, -23% for a running take of $254M, just $6M shy of the domestic B.O. for Ron Howard’s 2000 live-action version of the green guy. STX’s Second Act is eyeing $2.5M today for a $7.1M weekend. Universal/DreamWorks’ Welcome to Marwen at 1,911 theaters is on course to crash with $927K today and $3Mover FSS.
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    I agree with that, my point is some of these critics have gone too far off the deep end with their clickbait blurbs and eventually the attention they seek will dissipate.
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    I don't think you understand. If the general consensus and collective of critics is constantly aligned against what the public perceives as a good time.. the public STOPS CARING about these "opinions". 87% of users on RT like Aquaman. Poppins is already down to 71%. Yet, the critics consensus is the complete opposite. Aquaman is going to do #'s. Poppins will underwhelm. No matter what you say about this.. it's a bad look. The collective shit on Venom too. Not just "oh it wasn't great". It was over the top "GRR WORST MOVIE EVER" hyperbole. Venom went on to over what $850M now? Hey, I like it. The sooner these "Fresh on RT" ads die off, the better.
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    Part of the problem is that everyone is a fucking critic now days on RT. I mean good lord, who ARE some of these people that are expected to be the bastion of film criticism. I remember when I was younger, you'd have a few critics who you'd look to because they sort of earned your trust (for me it was Roger Ebert, Richard Roeper & Peter Travers) ... now because of how we are simply about 'one number' ... their opinion is the same as some dude with a blog that no one cares about. Oh well, the truth is that after this weekend no one will likely look at the RT score again (at least NORMAL people ... unlike me ) and it will be about word of mouth for this film (just like it was with Venom).
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    The Homecoming hate train schtick of BOT is a bit tiring.
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    Looking at my theater...I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if Bumblebee was #2 today, even if they don’t add the $700k. Hell, Spiderverse is holding quite well with some of the late night shows. It’s definitely surviving the new openers.
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    I saw Mary Poppins Returns today. It was a fun and adorable little musical with a fantastic lead performance from Emily Blunt. I think it will have strong legs over the holidays.
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