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    “Is this DC or Marvel?” ”Probably DC.” Discussion amongst some kids behind me. After the movie ended.
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    I haven't really been paying attention all that much to the box office lately but here's my quick two cents. Aquaman is having a really nice run and as we all know and others have pointed out everyday over the holidays is like a Friday or a Saturday so the numbers are going to stay nice and steady. And hands up as to who would have thought Aquaman would be the highest grossing post Dark Knight rises DC movie worldwide. That's pretty insane that actually has a shot at making a billion dollars. I guess if those of us here didn't wildly over predict Mary Poppins the numbers would be somewhat okay but I can't help but feel that Disney was expecting this to be much much bigger than it is. I saw it last night with my brother and his two daughters. The youngest one, fell asleep, and the oldest one thought it was good. Me and my brother both hated it and thought it was one of the stupidest movies we've ever seen LOL. So go figure. I personally have no desire to see a Transformers film outside of Michael Bay's vision but if bumblebee is being well received perhaps they can hit 140 - 150 in North America. I would just personally love to see Paramount throw caution to the wind and get bring back Michael Bay and Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox and John Turturro and make a new Kick-Ass Transformers film. I didn't really care for spider verse either so don't really care about its numbers. I'd like to go see the mule and vice I think both of them will be pretty good regardless of what the cinemascore is. As for Holmes and Watson, that movie just looked like a disaster waiting to happen at the box office. The trailers were some of the stupidest trailers I've ever seen in my life. I hope everyone here had a wonderful Christmas and I'm looking forward to catching up on all the movies that I have not seen yet.
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    TFW Sherlock Gnomes isn't the worst Sherlock Holmes parody out this year.
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    Per ASGARD AM 21.8 MPR 11.3 BB 8.8 SM:ISV 5.7 L E G G S S S S
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    4 million tickets sold for Aquaman http://www.exibidor.com.br/rankings/top-10-brasil/1343
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    Sigh...well, guess I'll get it over with. February 15 Alita: Battle Angel: Ho boy, can't wait to be hounded by a bunch of weirdos who have a fetish for 10 ft. tall blue people. Exclusively Jimgang, I will be attacked by in this thread? Let's see what happens. Perhaps Marvelites or TLJ haters might be even worse. Anyways, the second delay for the project, this has sacrificed Christmas legs for a Valentine’s Day opening and weaker competition. So where does this go box office wise? I’ll admit I had no idea how the film would do in July. I had no idea how the film would do in December. And guess what? Still have no idea how the film will do in February. The delays certainly don’t help the film’s buzz, and it seems like a film that only Cameron die-hards care about and nobody else. But the marketplace won’t have any action films available, and James Cameron still has enough pull and a passionate fanbase. I’m going to say this will cross the century mark, even if by a slight amount. It's not anything good, but it won't be anything terrible, especially if it's a hit overseas. (btw if you Cameron fans are gonna be pissy at me over this, go step on a Lego) 35/50/110 (3.14x, 2.2x) Happy Death Day 2U: Happy Death Day was a modest hit when it came out last year, and this seems like it will see a slight increase. The first film has likely found a new audience in the ancillary market, and the trailers make the movie seem pretty fun. It also seems like a good date night option for teens. Won't set the box office on fire like the Blumhouse films surrounding it, but it'll find mild success. 20/30/65 (3.25x, 2.17x) Isn’t It Romantic: Not really sure what to do multiplier wise for this, because of it having a six-day weekend, but I guess I'll try? What matters is the total anyways. Okay, so Rebel Wilson? Aight. The director of Harold and Kumar 3 and The Final Girls? Okay. Adam Devine? Ugh. But the premise seems enjoyable enough, the trailer has a couple laughs, and it should be a good date night option for this coming Valentine’s Day/President’s Day weekend, especially since this will have a PG-13 rating. It'll definitely be successful, but expect What Men Want to be the bigger hit, in spite of its R rating. 15/30/75 (5x, 2.5x)
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    Audiences loved Gotti but critics don’t want you to see it… The question is why??? Trust the people and see it for yourself!
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    556+ through Tuesday ~ 620 end of Thursday Hmm, thinking at this pace should be well over 725 million by next Tuesday.
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    Media and bloggers keep saying Reeves don't want Affleck so who knows. This might be an upopular opinion but DC can have 10 straight hits at the box office and they will never take it to the next level until they course correct Batman and Superman. Those two are the pillars of DC. I'm glad Aquaman and Wonder Woman are succesful but DC needs their big boys.
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    About 8,228 words into Squirrel Girl now, this will likely eclipse the record Amulet II has for longest animated film in terms of word count (mainly cause of the action sequences).
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    Well, Heat is great. Michael Mann is a talented dude.
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    I haven't seen an animated movie in theaters since Zootopia and most know I'm not some huge superhero fan....and I still have Spider-Verse in my top three or four of the year. That shit rocked so fucking hard.
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    This is not a defence for Spiderverse 95% of your posts are just plain dumb and often a try to get a reaction out of people. Well here is my reaction. Post less and more productive. Just a holiday advice from someone who is close to trying that ingnore feature
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    And that exact circumstance is the main reason why i see less and less movies each year at the cinema. I hate 3D, it offers nothing, makes the film darker and is more expensive. And im sure most people think the same. I dont understand why our cinemas dont get that.
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    https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/christmas-box-office-aquaman-hits-106m-1171632?utm_source=twitter&utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral From Disney, Mary Poppins Returns stayed at No. 2 with $11.6 million from 4,090 cinemas for a seven-day total of $50.3 million (the musical opened last Wednesday). The sequel to the 1964 film stars Emily Blunt as the eponymous nanny.
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    It must survive this weekend first - Thugs of Hindostan opening on Friday - Mo Jin: Worm Valley opening on Sat - The Morning After opening on Sat - Long Day's Journey into the Night opening next Monday (presales already over 100m) And then Bumblebee opens the following Friday on Jan 4th... If any of these 2 films break out - will be a big threat to Aquaman's run in its extension. Plus the screen counts will become pathetic by then with so many openers. Honestly, i don't think the impact will be huge with the extension. But i hope to be proven wrong.
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    https://deadline.com/2018/12/aquaman-bumblebee-spider-man-into-the-spider-verse-mary-poppins-returns-china-global-international-box-office-1202525382/ Overall, the webslinger snared $38M this weekend from 29,000+ screens in 53 markets. The international cume is now $64.8M. The Bob Persichetti/Peter Ramsey/Rodney Rothman-helmed pic that’s co-scripted by Phil Lord saw some great holds heading into the holidays including: the Philippines (+21%), Portugal (+6%), Israel (-11%), Australia (-20%), Malaysia (-24%), the UK (-25%), Switzerland (-29%), Germany (-32%) and Vietnam (-32%). Upcoming major markets are Mexico and Italy this week, followed by Brazil in January and Japan (where Spidey overindexes) on March 28.
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    They also had some of the better Monday drops. It all balances out.
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    @CayomMagazine Ahead of the announcement Cookie Pictures has set for 11 P.M EST, the studio confirmed to Cayom Magazine that one Y5 project will be pushed back to accommodate for what they call a "huge schedule change".
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    William Dafoe has the worst performance in the entire film. not even kidding - he looks so out of place, and his smile looks like he is a villain waiting to stab Aquaman in the back anytime in the movie...
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    Just take another look at it.
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    lol i'd google his name all the time searching for nudes back in the day and always get it wrong. matthe mcouasgdhnfgdsaye I see HDD2 doing 45m or so, escape room 52m and alita 70m
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    Plus shm is really a versatile 'genre' (if it can even be considered a genre at all). While the current movies are mostly action/ action-comedy, there are so much more they could do: Watchmen is neo noir and The Joker looks more like a thriller than the "traditional" shm. Western style films can be made with characters like Jonah Hex and with horror we have John Constantine, Swamp Thing and other magic users. Even Batman himself can be used in a murder mystery film. I think in the next decade we will see DC and Marvel be more experimental with their movies.
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    Looking at 2007, Poppins, Spider-Verse, and Ralph should see an increase. Aquaman and Bumblebee will probably drop around 10%
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    My guess Wednesday (26th Dec) to Tuesday (1st Jan) 14.0 (-37%) // 26th DEC - Wed 12.5 (-11%) // 27th DEC - Thu 13.0 (+4%) // 28th DEC - Fri 14.5 (+11%) // 29th DEC - Sat 12.5 (-14%) // 30th DEC - Sun; 40 2nd weekend 8.5 (-32%) // 31st DEC - Mon 12.5 (+47%) // 1st JAN - Tue = 87.5 In 2012 Hobbit1 added 65 more after a 48.3 5-day (28th DEC Fri - 1st JAN Tue). Here have figured a 61 5-day for AQM and Hobbit1's legs (adding 1.35x the 5-day) would give it 82 more. However it was Hobbit1's 3rd weekend opposed to AQM's 2nd weekend and multipliers off subsequent weekends tend to be better. So using 70 more (1.15x the 5-day) after 1st Jan for a total of, 106 cume as of 25th DEC + 87.5 7-day cume (26th DEC to 1st JAN) calculated above 70 after 1st JAN = 263.5 dom Using only Hobbit1 as a comparison does not embolden one's case but it's still something. Have been conservative but feel 275 is a pragmatic target for Aquaman and a very pleasing one. 300 would be exhilarating.
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    probably there could have been some previews but today is the first official day of release.
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    Yeah, Austin is nearly Washington DC level of liberal if you look at how strong Beto performed there. People hear Texas and think conservative, red hat cowboys. But our cities are very liberal and diverse, and it’s trending blue. It’s all the rural farm counties that the conservative votes come from. Even FW, the once major conservative city, has turned blue.
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    More Gavin Feng‏ @gavinfeng9735 minutes ago More China Box Office Preview: Thugs of Hindostan - $9-10M(Dec.28-Jan.1) Mojin the Worm Valley - $15-20M(Dec.29-Jan.1) The Morning After - $9-10M(Dec.29-Jan.1) Kill Mobile - $12-14M(Dec.29-Jan.1)
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    Not even SW. TFA was about eight weeks or so (mid/late Oct), and TLJ was 7 weeks IIRC (late Oct). R1 was about three-plus weeks (late Nov) and Solo was also three weeks (Early May). So, yeah. Pretty strange to see it this far out.
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    That Christmas Day should lock 150m for Poppins barring a collapse from here. The 1/2 of Monday and Tuesday took my long range way up (another reason that daily fluctuations cant really be used to guesstimate.) Will be curious to see where it goes (and AQM) over the next 7 days of holiday play.
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    And it would still be a great result. Matching Split is a taller order than many seem to think, though.
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    Yeah, nevermind. I went back and had a look and realized that when tickets went on sale for AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR and stuff like that it was more like a month and a half or two. Either way, you're right. For a movie like US, 3 months in advance is unprecedented. Universal must be projecting this to be a huge event!
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    Speaking of promotion, I've seen that it's a common theme among the Crowd Reports Thread, and I've aeen evidence of it myself: Sony made an absolute genius marketing choice by attaching this film's trailer to Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse. This eliminates the potential issue of the film not being visible enough to reach the attention of the faith-based audience--a lot of people will be seeing Spider-Man over the Holiday break. So kudos to Sony for seeing this film's potential to connect with the faith audience. This'll easily gross around War Room's total if not more than that with Sony fully committed.
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    Finally settled on a title for the One Missed Call reboot - it's now called Voicemail.
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    It seems to me like a very effective horror trailer (creepy, disturbing, strikingly bizarre) that doesn't spell out every plot point. The trailer continues the posters' usage of potentially iconic imagery (bunnies, the scissors with the sorta faces-shaped handles, the "clone" family standing in the driveway, etc.) If someone had told me that the black chubby dude from MAD TV and the Key and Peel comedy team would end up being an Oscar-winning director of horror thrillers that explore complex social issues, I would have laughed them out of the room. This is one of my five most anticipated films of 2019 (with Captain Marvel, Shazam, Gemini Man, and the Aladdin live action remake).
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    Coming Y6... Daron Nefcy (Aera Rising, Squirrel Girl) will direct a stop motion Bounty Hamster spin-off called A VERY BOUNTIFUL CHRISTMAS! It will be animated entirely in the style of Rankin Bass Christmas specials and feature the entire returning voice cast of the series. The film will fall before a Y8 finale to the franchise, and it will also feature Jeff Goldblum as Santa Claus and Tilda Swinton as Mrs. Claus. A VERY BOUNTIFUL CHRISTMAS drops November Y6.
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    And can I just say... I am constantly impressed with the information provided in this subforum. Top notch - the Chinese box office can be such a mystery box at times, it’s great to have people shed light on it like this. Thank you all.
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    🙄 Honestly please try and explain how this is a flop when it’ll likely top £40m and has a good shot at £50m. Please.
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    All official numbers for Warner Bros, movies in CIS include only Russia and Belorussia. So Aquaman grossed around 27.2 mln RUB on Thursday in Russia and Belorussia (official numbers) and 34,2 mln including other CIS countries (unofficial).
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    I thought it was fine though could've been better when I saw it earlier this week. Mortal Engines was my Star Wars substitute this December and I had a better time than I did with the real McCoy from a year ago. Genre fans should consider giving it a shot but it won't turn anyone else into believers. Directed by a first time director and VFX guy and that shows a lot in the visuals in the movie which resemble concept art. The trailer is pretty representative of the movie (if you disliked the trailer the movie won't do anything to change people's minds I think and vice versa) though the characters of Tom, Valentine, and Katherine are the other major POV characters besides Hester that aren't as represented in the marketing as they are in the actual movie. It's obviously not going to be a box office success story but I'm glad stuff like this still gets made.
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    Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper deserve all the good in the universe. A-
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    my favourite is matt damon inviting a bunch of friends over to his house to watch the first 90 minutes of bourne identity and then turning to them and saying "so... how do you think it should end?"

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