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    Looks great. I'm all in for Gyllenhaal alone. Here's hoping I'm not disappointed like I was with Black Panther and Infinity War.
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    Trailer views 24 Hours. 1. YouTube: 45 million Approx (Top Channels) 2. Twitter: 20 million (15 million @Spidermanmovie and 2 million @SpidermanfilmJP) 3. Facebook: 18 million Approx (14 million main channel) 4. Instagram: 32 million Approx (11 million plus Tom Holland, 7.5 million Zendaya, 6 million Marvel Entertainment and rest) Total: 115 million plus on these four platforms. Shall be close to 125-150 million views 24 hours all included.
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    Courtesy of Corpse. Bohemian Rhapsody Officially top of 2018 in Japan! And that 19% weekend increase thanks to Holiday on Monday! (C)TYPE-MOON・ufotable・FSNPCWeekend "Actuals*" (01/12-13/14)01 (---) ¥490,506,195 ($4.5 million), 0, ¥602,841,741 ($5.6 million), Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel II - Lost Butterfly (Aniplex) NEW 02 (01) ¥397,850,000 ($3.7 million), +19%, ¥9,437,390,000 ($84.3 million), Bohemian Rhapsody (Fox) WK10 03 (02) ¥232,000,000 ($2.2 million), -21%, ¥3,258,312,800 ($29.9 million), Ralph Breaks the Internet (Disney) WK4 04 (03) ¥112,000,000* ($1.0 million), -33%, ¥3,638,122,200 ($32.8 million), Dragon Ball Super: Broly (Toei) WK505 (---) ¥x90,000,000* ($830,000), 0, ¥156,358,100 ($1.4 million), Creed II (Warner Bros.) NEW 06 (05) ¥x86,000,000* ($795,000), -30%, ¥835,000,000 ($7.7 million), A Banana? At This Time of Night? (Toho) WK3 07 (04) ¥x85,000,000* ($785,000), -33%, ¥6,388,740,400 ($57.1 million), Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (Warner Bros.) WK8 08 (07) ¥x84,000,000* ($775,000), -15%, ¥450,000,000 ($4.1 million), Love! Live Sunshine!! Over the Rainbow (Shochiku) WK2 09 (08) ¥x76,000,000* ($700,000), -21%, ¥1,225,035,900 ($11.1 million), A Star is Born (Warner Bros.) WK4 10 (06) ¥x66,000,000* ($610,000), -34%, ¥1,391,039,800 ($12.3 million), Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER (Toei) WK4Alright, so Monday's national holiday has delayed some of the numbers again this week. Only the Top 3 films have had their weekend actual released, and weekend grosses for films ranked 4th-10th remain estimates (marked with an asterisk *). All the cumulative totals are actuals as of Monday, except for Love! Live Sunshine! Over the Rainbow which hasn't had any numbers released yet. Estimates will be replaced with Actuals when available. >Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel II - Lost Butterfly debuts atop the box office in a big way, nearly reaching ¥500 million over the weekend frame. The second film in the series sold 276,795 admissions over the weekend on only 131 screens, achieving an incredible average ticket price of ¥1,772 ($16.34). After Monday, it has sold 363,080 admissions. The sequel came in 18.8% higher than its predecessor, and it should finish above the ¥1.5 billion ($15 million) mark and has a shot at reaching ¥2 billion ($20 million) as well. >Bohemian Rhapsody holds... well, increases, in its tenth weekend of release, selling a further 272,344 admissions over the weekend frame. It achieved the third biggest tenth weekend gross ever recorded, and its ten week multiplier has now reached 26.63, the fifth highest multiplier ever recorded. It has sold 6,836,433 admissions after 67 days in release. There's still no sign of it showing any signs of slowing down, at least noticeably, so the sky continues to be the limit. At the very least, it'll probably exceed ¥12 billion (~$110 million), but don't be surprised if it goes higher. >Ralph Breaks the Internet is still performing pretty well, and outgrossed the original over the weekend. It has sold 2,641,967 admissions after 25 days in release. Expect it to finish right around the ¥4 billion ($36/37 million). >Dragon Ball Super: Broly also keeps doing very well at the box office, and it's now just over ¥100 million away from outgrossing Resurrection F to become the highest grossing film in the franchise. It has sold 2,823,219 admissions after 32 days in release. I expect a bit of a free fall from this point forward, and still expect it to fall barely shy of ¥4 billion, around ¥3.9 billion ($35/36 million), but it's doable if Toei keeps it going. >Creed II's weekend gross remains an estimate, but its four-day cumulative total is posted above. Overall, a bit of a disappointing debut, but it's much higher then the first film due to a wider release, and if it can reach ¥500 million ($4.5 million), I'd consider it a modest success.And finally, very importantly: the editor of the MovieWalker film website is saying that Bohemian Rhapsody is going to remain a 2018 release, while Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald was released close enough to the end of the Japan Box Office fiscal year that it'll be counted as a 2019 release. Sooooo... Congratulations to Bohemian Rhapsody on becoming 2018's Highest Grossing Film!
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    Pulse on Monday always 8:35-8:49 EST: Glass: 16/15 minutes - e.g. Bohemian Rhapsody (not the same genre of course but a bigger film which was also very anticipated) had at that time 57/15 minutes, Halloween had 71/15 - that seems low for Glass but it had so far even before the reviews no great presales and on Monday it gained a little bit speed for the first time. Pulse on Monday always 11:05-11:19 EST: Glass: 41/15 minutes - BR had at that time 82/15 minutes, Glass came a bit closer. Pulse on Tuesday always 8:35-8:49 EST: Glass: 31/15 - so Glass increased ca. 100% compared to yesterday but OTOH that wasn't difficult. Pulse today always 8:35-8:49 EST: Glass: 113/15 minutes - BR had 142/15 one hour later (which means that counting was in favor of BR), Halloween 158/15, The Mule had 43/15, Widows 27/15; increase compared to Tuesday 362% And Pulse today always 10:50-11:04 EST: Glass: 136/only 13 minutes - BR had 201/15 at that time, The Mule had 48/15, Widows 34/15, I have no numbers for Halloween. Glass improved a lot today but no idea where it would be with good reviews... Anecdotal: In Germany „Unbreakable“ was broadcasted in the prime time on Sunday and had good TV ratings for one of the smaller (and with a younger target group) but still main TV-stations. Directly after the film (I mean without advertisement in between) they showed 2 or 3 minutes out of „Glass“ which looked really interesting and had more viewers than „Unbreakable“ before. That's what I call intelligent marketing!
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    Currently on Fandango, Glass is selling more tickets for Friday shows than for Thursday ones. It's not as frontloaded as other horror entries (The Nun, Halloween).
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    Sorry, it's just so odd for someone to come at Shawn like that when he is always to open and honest with their approaches to the data.
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    09.01. - 13.01. 1 735.298 --- 735.298 1 Creed2 2 302.969 --- 302.969 1 Les Invisibles 3 231.827 -62 2.870.062 4 AQM 4 199.491 --- 199.491 1 Edmond 5 138.257 -63 1.102.711 3 Mia et le lion blanc 6 134.137 -74 3.603.101 6 Asterix 2 7 106.905 -29 4.033.305 11 BR 8 99.745 -68 1.010.691 3 Bumblebee 9 99.182 -72 1.410.960 4 MPR 10 65.701 - 640.783 5 Shoplifters Creed2 opens 30% above the first part (561k) the WE after holidays. The first had a multipler of x2,9 to reach 1,63M. The second will top that and may reach 2M, however, safely I predict 1,8M. Aquaman had steep drop as expected. However, its multipler is now the biggest of the DCEU. AQM 0,766M / 2,87M (x3,75) BvS 1,001M / 2,5M (x2,5) MoS 0,867M / 2,3M (x2,65) SSquad 0,923M / 2,28M (x2,47) WW 0,643M / 2,17M (x3,37) JL 0,741M / 1,72M (x2,32)  It's still looking to get somewhere around 3,25M+. BR had the best drop of all movies (according to numbers from cine-directors) and exceeded 4M as the 7th movie in 2018. It's safe to say now that it'll become the 5th biggest title of the year as it already passed FB2. It already got a x4,3 multipler and still has some steam. It may get close to 4,5M. FB2 had a huge drop (~70%) but managed to pass FB1 (4M) after all. It may be able to get to 4,05M up a tiny 1% from its predecessor. TOP10 2018: 1 5.845.365 I2 2 5.687.098 Les Tuche 3 3 5.623.906 La ch'tite famille 4 5.141.500 AIW 5 4.162.550 Le grand bain 6 4.033.305 BR 7 4.014.928 FB2 8 3.688.070 BP 9 3.653.933 Taxi 5 10 3.641.125 JW2 The yearly TOP10 will see some movement as BR is going to become 5th and the local Asterix will become 9th or 10th. http://www.insidekino.de/BO/F2019.htm http://www.cine-directors.net/
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    Waiting for Glass to get into MT... 2019-01-16 20:00:27.255934 UTC 1 15.7% The Upside 2 11.2% Dragon Ball Super: Broly 3 11.1% Aquaman 4 7.5% F2: Fun and Frustration 5 5.1% Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
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    Another summer another visit to the Australian Open. Weather was much better than it was last year.
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    Trailer views 16.5 Hours. 1. YouTube: 30 million Approx https://www.youtube.com/results?sp=CAMSBAgCEAE%3D&search_query=far+from+home+trailer+spiderman 2. Twitter: 16 million (13.6 million @Spidermanmovie and 1.22 million @SpidermanfilmJP) 3. Facebook: 16 million Approx (13.2 million main channel) 4. Instagram: 20 million Approx (10 million plus Tom Holland, 6 million Marvel Entertainment and rest) Total: 82 million plus on these four platforms. Shall be close to 125-150 million views 24 hours all included.
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    Not to get too excited, but this is going to be the best movie of the century.
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    Trailer look quite good imo, the humors between the kids part in the first movie was what worked best for me and they got it while maybe hopefully stepping up the visual of the final fight, better handling of the theme would be nice (seriously in homecoming the working men attempt felt so little committed and not being able to do it).
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    lmao, the gif wasn't working at the time which is why I just put that emoji.
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    Will Officially be counted as a 2018 film in Japan despite the guidelines! Bohemian Rhapsody is #1 film in Japan 2018 Edit: I should mention it's not finished! Corpse confirms that $25m more is very doable, with no upper limit. So another $25m is 99% locked, and could still reach up to $50m more
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    The Mule’s legs have now grown to 5.27x. It needs about $12.8M to reach 6.00x.
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    Yes, they’re doing an amazing job so far. I must not get hyped. Hype is the mind-killer. Hype is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face the hype. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the hype has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain. 😬
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    The poster makes me feel sick when I look at it. I think it’s cause of the backwards writing? Lol
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    I hope she isnt. we'd have no new movie from her apart from TRS in like 3 years 😕 And I think she really needs to be cast in a superhero movie. Mera would have been PERFECT for her. She cant get cast in marvel because of scarlett johansson btw missed you.
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    No. It's just that we want nominations/awards to be given on merit. BP, for all its greatness, had some pretty mediocre visual effects and probably doesn't deserve strong accolades in that area. It's still a fantastic film that I want to see recognized in other areas! It's okay to be objective.
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    That’s because it’s a part 1 so it’s story didn't end.
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    Eh. Kinda looks like a 2000's superhero movie. It's pretty ugly on the eyes, and there's better CGI in the Raimi films, for God's sake. Jon Watts excels at the smaller moments and the comedy (the things that made Homecoming good, besides the cast), but he suuuuucks at bringing spectacle to the screen and making his films feel like films and not just high budget TV specials. Fishbowl was cool, but Gyllenhaal in the Mysterio suit looked kinda dumb. And it feels completely unimportant... at least it made sense with Homecoming, but this is the 1st post-Endgame movie and it has such a so non-chalantly Ant-Man And The Wasp-esque vibe to it. I thought AMATW was okay, but shouldn't we be going for something slightly more striking than that? At least they didn't flat out spoil Endgame, and the Fury reveal was funny. And I'm sure the movie will be fine and entertaining, but it really could be a lot more than that. So, yay? Marvel Studios, just hire Lord and Miller to do the next Spider-Man movie.
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    She shouldn't have to say anything regarding her own casting. She's a black woman who took a black role. Because some people don't think she's "black enough" is such bullshit. Should she turn down the role? This isn't a situation where they're "whitewashing" a character. She's not some shitty actress. She's great. They wanted a young actress, and got one. The black community is usually great and supportive. But they also don't acknowledge their own downfalls (can be very anti-LGBTQ, questioning someone's blackness, etc). This is crazy to me. Let the girl live.
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    Not only is it quite weak I think they also use it too much.
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    The trailer was alright apart from some god moments with Fishbowl and the theme, still thinking this might decrease both DOM and WW from Homecoming as Lion King will bite into its legs and I think Iron Man was a big draw. Hopefully it’ll be better than Homecoming, as in my opinion was good, it was probably the second worst Spider-Man Movie (counting Venom)
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    It looks worse than Homecoming. Which was already the worst Spider-man movie ever made. I hope I'm wrong, but yikes.
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    I'm on the fence. Like Parker, new MJ who isn't MJ, Nick and Jakesterio. HATE school buddies. Story seems so...unimportant? Wait for Netflix? I dunno.
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    If Aquaman and Black panther are in that list than Avengers will be too. Avatar, Titanic and Frozen are the only one. The thing is expectations. Few predicted that Aquaman will do a billion. There are 10-12 movies that surprised by doing billion. It's completely subjective, where they rank it in most impressive performance but it is impressive.
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    That's only the cost of the ticket though, I don't know his circumstances, he might need to get there, I remember being poor. 40 Euros is pocket change to me at this stage of my life, I'd prefer to know he can actually see the movie stress free without any extra costs!
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    I said before.I say it now.Aquaman-Shazam-WW88 triple kill for DC success!Few people believe in this last summer When Aquaman and shazam first trailer came out.After huge success of Aquaman,more exciting for shazam.1BN is loading for Aquaman and Then drop 2nd trailer for Shazam.It's Amazing Start for DC this year.
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    I can say that the marketing for the movie SUCKS. I praised it intially but man it's just been horrible. Like I watch the ads for it and I'm like this is NOT the movie I watched. There are many parts to the film that are very sellable that they're keeping out of the marketing and including the parts of the film that were meh in the marketing. Another poster on BOT who watched it feels the same way about the marketing. Its a movie that is very easy to sell and the contents of the film are there for it to be marketed. But it's like Lionsgate just enjoys losing or something
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    They saw the poster parody of The Bodyguard and became excited at the thought it was a same-sex remake.
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    The reserved. LL is going into 2,400+ theaters, so whether it hits that theater depends on what they have right now and their overall history of movies with that TC.
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    Thor Ragnarok was miles better than this film, and it isn’t really close. Not to disparage AM, but it didn’t have the fun and excitement of TR.

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