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    Glass $7.7mn reported gross at 21:30 EST. Full day shall be around $14mn, Including previews $17.5-18mn.
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    Wait, so you guys are saying that film makers consult with each other? What a shocking revelation. Of course Wan asked for some input from Snyder. Why wouldn't he? Only us nerds think there is some kind of rivalry between different film makers or that a director's vision is solely their own. Wan of course is the brains behind AQM but him asking for advice isn't shocking. Here's just a few examples of big name directors consulting with each other. Scorsese said Spielberg visited the set of Departed and gave him some advice on one of the scenes. He essentially ended up directing one scene in the movie. Cameron also gave Bay advice on Transformers , helping him direct the base jumping scene. Lucas has similar stories with Spielberg and certain scenes in Star Wars. Bill Paxton was having trouble with a few scenes in Frailty and Cameron, while visiting him on set, helped him through the difficulties. Sean S. Cunningham helped out Wes Craven on Nightmare on Elm Street when they were behind schedule. These are the only ones off the top of my head. But I know there are dozens of examples where directors seek the help of other directors.
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    Wan is the reason that Aquaman is making a billion. Not the only reason because 100's of people are involved but more of a reason than Snyder. Snyder fanboys keep giving him credit for other director's successes. If he's so great then why couldn't he get BvS and MOS over the billion dollar mark? Anyway, it's funny that the Asian man who has directed a 1.5 billion dollar movie before and the Woman are the ones they keep trying to take credit from.
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    Captain Marvel Greater Sacramento Area Premiere Night Seat Report: T-48 Days and counting Sellouts Showings Seats left Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 0 81 8240 10608 22.32% Total Seats Sold Today: 37 .3792x as many tickets sold as Infinity War after eleven days of pre-sales. Day 11 Comp: IW: 49 tickets sold [1 sellout/114 showings | 4766/11011 seats left | 56.72% sold]
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    https://deadline.com/2019/01/glass-m-night-shyamalan-opening-weekend-box-office-1202537391/ Glass’ Currently Looking At Second-Best MLK Weekend Opening With $48M+
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    We just got a new #1 movie that's about to reach close to 50M on the 4-day, and y'all still want to talk about Aquaman? Sigh.
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    I don't buy this story.It's from same group of people shouting for Zack synder cut.they always say bvs underperform and JL flop is others fault.While wonder woman and Aquaman succeed,they urgely say It's benefit from Zack synder.Those synder fanboys are annoying.No matter this article is true or not,Aquaman is James Wan film.Wan is in charge.It's embarrassing to mention whedon and synder here.I don't believe much that whedon is still involved in Aquaman film.He was out of DC after JL flop either.DC should move on.I don't want those whedon/Synder discussion anymore.Enjoy the ride of Aquaman and wait for shazam!
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    Upside with a fantastic 18.4m 4-day (-10% from ow FSS) according to new projections. Earlier they said 13-14m. Are saying 306 by Mon for AQM which gives 12m 4-day (-31% from FSS), up from 10-11m previous projection. Am mildly optimistic that AQM will increase to 13m in the end. Spider-verse 4-day increases a bit from last weekend's FSS. Should sail past 180m dom. If Poppins can add 2x it's 4-day to the cume will get to TGS. HUMB RANK FILM DIS. SCREENS (CHG) FRIDAY 3-DAY 4-DAY TOTAL WK 1 Glass Uni/BVI/Blum 3,841 $16.3M $42.8M $48.8M $48.8M 1 2 The Upside STX/Lan 3,320 (+240) $4.2M (-40%) $15.2M (-25%) $18.4M $46.7M 2 3 Aquaman WB 3,475 (-388) $2.4M (-47%) $9.9M (-43%) $12M $306M 5 4 A Dog’s Way Home Sony/Bona 3,090 $1.7M (-46%) $7.6M (-32%) $10.2M $24.4M 2 5 …Spider-Verse Sony 2,712 (-317) $1.8M (-18%) $7.4M (-18%) $9.3M $160.3M 6 6 Dragon Ball… Fun 500 $2.1M $7M $8.4M $18.7M 1 7 Mary Poppins 2 Dis 2,810 (-443) $1.2M (-32%) $5.3M (-31%) $6.7M $160.2M 5 8 Escape Room Sony 2,709 (-8) $1.5M (-44%) $5.4M (-39%) $6.3M $41.7M 3 9 Bumblebee Par 2,711 (-592) $1.1M (-36%) $4.4M (-38%) $5.4M $116.7M 5 10 …Basis Of Sex Focus 1,957 (+34) $1.2M (-40%) $4.1M (-32%) $5M $17.9M 4
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    Good to know that. As I predicted years ago, time is proving Zack Snyder was always the right person to create this cinematic DC universe. He understands the characters and is a brilliant filmmaker. While his own movies were divisive (but commercially successful), he still established a beloved universe and characters. The talented directors that followed his ideas achieved great success, and the one who didn't, failed spectacularly. It's a great thing that Zack Snyder is back as a producer for Wonder Woman 1984 and The Flash. Future is looking good for the DCEU. Both movies will gross over $1 billion too.
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    Production start pushed. Will definitely be reconfigured to some extent with the story.
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    1 GLASS 17/01/2019 USA WALT DISNEY S.M.P. ITALIA € 332.029 48.634 2 MIA E IL LEONE BIANCO (MIA ET LE LION BLANC) 17/01/2019 FRA EAGLE PICTURES S.P.A. € 198.470 31.932 3 NON CI RESTA CHE IL CRIMINE 10/01/2019 ITA 01 DISTRIBUTION € 185.938 29.431 4 BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY 29/11/2018 USA 20TH CENTURY FOX ITALIA S.P.A. € 158.549 23.180 5 AQUAMAN 01/01/2019 USA WARNER BROS ITALIA S.P.A. € 133.386 20.126 6 L'AGENZIA DEI BUGIARDI 17/01/2019 ITA MEDUSA FILM S.P.A. € 118.517 18.692 7 MARIA REGINA DI SCOZIA (MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS) 17/01/2019 GBR UNIVERSAL S.R.L. € 100.387 16.108 8 VAN GOGH - SULLA SOGLIA DELL'ETERNITA' (AT ETERNITY'S GATE) 03/01/2019 USA LUCKY RED DISTRIB. € 81.783 12.897 9 RALPH SPACCA INTERNET (RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET) 01/01/2019 USA WALT DISNEY S.M.P. ITALIA € 74.757 12.601 10 CITY OF LIES - L'ORA DELLA VERITA' 10/01/2019 USA NOTORIOUS PICT. S.P.A. € 64.880 9.641 18/1-friday
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    The Shay thought of a funny thing: WHAT IF there was no RR in the whole scenario and Alita was marketed as director Cameron's next movie all along? Would the haters here then still keep their narrative - or would they be even more bewildered than now and not dare oppose the Cine-god? I think their heads would just burst from the opposing emotions... 1 You've got a movie you and the ones like you hate and want to die. (Why? Because it is not American or Superhero, and because it is original.) 2 But you have to bet against Cameron for that to happen, and no one on this Earth has the balls to do so. Quite the cognitive dissonance. I'm telling you, their brains would literally FRY! So what would they actually do? Well - the textbook example for a simple man dealing with cognitive dissonance. They just decide and convince themselves one of the two opposing points isn't true, even though it obviously is. And they declare Alita is NOT a Cameron's movie... ... just like they already did, here.
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    I don't disagree with you. His charisma definitely helps the movie a lot and Snyder cast him. I don't deny that Snyder is apart of the success but Snyder's problem was never casting. The casting in his movies is good and interesting 95% of the time. It's the film surrounding the casting that causes the 65-70% drops. No matter what one thinks of the film Wan is a good popcorn director. Momoa was not going to be allowed to drearily mope in his movie the way Cavill is forced to. Wan was not going to have people walk out of his movie in a depressed state.
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    THR says the budget is 80-90M with all the suits actually costing a total of 600K instead of the rumored 1M per suit https://link.hollywoodreporter.com/view/5c2a375ebec7c3265d3cf8549dkgy.9zn/ac94714d?utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral
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    Glass beat Split, which only grossed 305K on its 1st Friday. 2M+ debut possible.
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    Yeah man, thanks for making my point. These dudes are seriously fucked up. The proverbial man-children. But that's what happens when a simple mind gets indoctrinated at a very vulnerable age. The scars are for life, sometimes. And the mega-corporations are the first in line to cash in on the victims' misfortune (with a movie, in this case).
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    Not to jump into this because this is easily the most exhausting topic in general, but it was from a verified WB test screener, not something made up by the #SnyderCut weirdos.
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    Only bcs I am curious: why bother then to even read any thread about any of the MCU movies? To me that would be a waste of time, if I'd felt that way. I really do not understand
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