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    We simpletons could not foresee the failure of Alita because we missed the devastating fact that...... [checks notes] .... the villain is played by an Oscar winner.
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    (C)2019 映画「マスカレード・ホテル」製作委員会 (C)東野圭吾/集英社Weekend Forecast (01/26-27)01 (01) ¥437,000,000 ($4.0 million), -31%, ¥1,750,000,000 ($16.0 million), Masquerade Hotel (Toho) WK2 02 (02) ¥224,000,000 ($2.0 million), -10%, ¥10,425,000,000 ($93.4 million), Bohemian Rhapsody (Fox) WK1203 (---) ¥150,000,000 ($1.4 million), 0, ¥210,000,000 ($1.9 million), 12 Suicidal Teens (Warner Bros.) NEW 04 (03) ¥115,000,000 ($1.0 million), -38%, ¥1,175,000,00 ($10.8 million), Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel II - Lost Butterfly (Aniplex) WK3 05 (04) ¥x85,000,000 ($775,000), -41%, ¥3,605,000,000 ($33.0 million), Ralph Breaks the Internet (Disney) WK606 (---) ¥x80,000,000 ($730,000), 0, ¥105,000,000 ($955,000), Psycho Pass: Case 1 - Crime & Punishment (Toho Video Division) NEW 07 (05) ¥x69,000,000 ($630,000), -43%, ¥360,000,000 ($3.3 million), Touken Ranbu: The Movie (Toho Video Division) WK2 08 (07) ¥x63,000,000 ($575,000), -05%, ¥715,000,000 ($6.6 million), Love! Live Sunshine!! Over the Rainbow (Shochiku) WK4 09 (06) ¥x42,000,000 ($380,000), -40%, ¥3,825,000,000 ($34.6 million), Dragon Ball Super: Broly (Toei) WK7 10 (08) ¥x31,000,000 ($280,000), -52%, ¥140,000,000 ($1.3 million), Taxi 5 (Asmik Ace) WK2>Masquerade Hotel will easily remain atop the box office in its sophomore frame, and should deliver a pretty impressive second weekend. So far, everything is in order for it to reach the ¥4 billion ($35 million+) milestone. Toho couldn't have hoped for a much better start to the year. >Bohemian Rhapsody seems to have benefited a bit from its Oscar nominations, as its recent weekdays were barely down versus last week, and its weekend pre-sales suggest a very small drop in its twelfth weekend of release. If its weekend actual comes in near the forecast, it'll achieve the fifth biggest twelfth weekend ever recorded. >12 Suicidal Teens, directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi (Trick, SPEC, 20th Century Boys), should see a decent debut in third place, but I can't help but think a little more was expected from this film. It had a good enough start on Friday, but its weekend pre-sales are a bit lackluster. We'll see. I think this film should be able to manage at least ¥200 million. >Psycho Pass: Case 1 - Crime & Punishment is the first film in a trilogy, where its sequels will be released just a few weeks apart (the second film opens Feb. 15th, and the third film opens March 8th), is a bit of a wildcard. I recall a prior film opening above expectations, so I wouldn't rule out a Top 5 debut and possible ¥100 million opening.
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    What a fantastic film...they could not have ended it on a more perfect note. This was exactly how the story was meant to end, and the third act is exhilarating and emotionally resonant. The visuals? Holy fuck, it's absolutely stunning beyond belief...it was like looking at a painting. Astounding work.
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    yeah Swan Song will get another boost when it's in the charts and played on the radio. I actually agree with everything you just wrote (except bold of course) However I'm pretty sure you're implying that Alita has a narrow target audience, which is completely wrong. WOM >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Critic Reviews
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    it's a fun coincidence how he hasn't made a peep since MeToo became a thing. i'm sure it's unrelated. not like he groped his niece or anything.
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    I have no idea to either. I only guessed at press because it's fairly early. I can check the review website to see if any show up. EDIT: There are some reviews, you can read them here: http://moviestory.cgv.co.kr/fanpage/mainView?movieIdx=81567&iTab=2 Just translate the page is easiest. There's less than 100 reviews though, so the web-graph thing won't be accurate
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    I agree. And more importantly, he doesn't hold back from saying whatever he wants to say about whichever movie. Him + Roth is probably my favorite pair of YouTube reviewers and I find their demeanour freshly different from the others. Not to say I agree with them all the time, but they provide real insight, a real breakdown of the storytelling and technical approach that never gets too sensible or too jaded, and they have a lot of great recommendations as well. And also, they are the only YouTube movie people who understand A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G about box office. Charting With Dan is easily the best box office show on YT that I know of, period. And about said others, well, I don't mind most of them that much anyway. I'm actually sometimes more entertained by larger than life personalities than the clichéd, boring ass demeanour of typical movie reviewers. Hell, to an extent, I envy their manbabyness: at least they get to live life in a fun way, channeling their inner children and making a living out of enjoying stuff they've loved all their life. Appreciating art doesn't mean we all have to act like the critic from Ratatouille. My problem comes from when we hear the same people say the same things about the same franchises without variation over and over again. or when the desire to bait or not bait fanboys overshadows honest opinions with reason and subjectivity (Campea and Collider being kind of not bait examples, while Randolph is the opposite). And yeah, sometimes they're too cringey and dumb even for my senses.
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    That's really broken logic, mate, don't use it in real life, could harm you. But yeah, nobody expects is to open "very high". It's all about the WoM and legs.
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    Nolan about to join Emma Stone among people who have been named Oscar winners for both a personal award and Best Picture. No envelope fuck up required.
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    1957, Crawley, England. I want 147 minutes of 15/70 IMAX of Tom Hardy gardening his yard in his slacks, button-down dress shirt (sleeves rolled up, of course), and wool waistcoat. Pipe in mouth, of cawrse.
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    Yes, $130M would represent a sizable increase over the second film's $92M (which itself more than doubled up the original), but I think there's a few reasons to be optimistic: 1) Chapter 2, despite opening 111% higher, had better legs than the first film and got higher audience scores. This suggests word of mouth was even stronger and Chapter 3 can benefit from it. 2) John Wick 1 felt like a self-contained story, whereas the sequel concludes with a great cliffhanger. I and I think others are more excited to see the continuation of the story because of that. The online reaction to the trailer feels a lot bigger than for 2 to me as well. 3) The trailer promises even more action and more varied set pieces than we've seen before from the series. I mean, John Wick headshots a guy on a horse and Halle Berry has attack German Shepherds. What more do you want?!
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    Christopher Nolan might just be the biggest brand in Hollywood that's not a franchise.
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    I hope this is a big hit for Jared Leto. Nice guy and talented actor. Don't deserve to be harassed online because creeps didn't like one of his works.
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    Those movies were obviously exceptions, not the rules. Pretty sure Hidden Figures was originally supposed to be a wide January 2017 release with no awards ambitions until less than two months before opening when Fox realized they had a winner on their hands.
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    He's going to come and tell you that he has top 5% IQ (and as we all know by now, IQ means nothing) and has written "bestselling novels" and stroke his ego to tell you that he is right. He literally has done that before.
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    He's a kid that turns into a superhero in a movie where they're going to easter egg/name drop the heck out of this established universe. He'll have his clique of kids. He'll have a nerdier than him sidekick. He'll also have a bald villain in a fur collared jacket. Cameo from another hero...tbd.
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    Doms of non-sequels in last 5 years I think Alita has overlaps with, 2014 Lucy 126.7 2013 Pacific Rim 101.8 2015 Tomorrowland 93.4 2013 Oblivion 89.1 2013 After Earth 60.5 2014 Robocop 58.6 2018 Tomb Raider 58.3 2017 Atomic Blonde 51.7 2015 Jupiter Ascending 47.4 2017 Valerian 41.2 2017 GITS 40.6 2015 Chappie 31.6 2015 Ex Machina 25.4 Average Dom 63.6 (Debated on including Fury Road's 154.1 dom from 2015. That pushes up the average to 70.0)
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    I'm not even the kind of person who cries foul for no reason at anything movies-related. But I don't care if anyone disagrees: the director of the Oscar nominated James Bulger short is a fucking piece of scumbag shit. Not only for making that film and purposefully not asking for the Bulger family's permission (I don't care if he did it for artistic reasons or not, this is just not something you do and then submit for awards consideration without telling the people who were the most hurt by this tragedy), but also for saying that withdrawing from Oscar race would be defeating the purpose of making the film, which basically says that he made the film for Oscar attention, aka he only made the film to boost himself professionally. And honestly, partly just for the mere concept of this film itself and the fact that the reason why he dodged the Bulgers is because he wanted to make the movie the way he did, and because he feels that he's correct in that this is too black and white of a case and there should be shades of grey.... yeah, sure, let's judge and try to re-educate people for having irrational hatred of a pair of boys who, independent of their age, had full conscious notion and probably felt and still feel zero remorse about the idea and execution of literally torturing to death a 2 year old child in cold, deliberate, ruthless blood. I get that it's his point of view and he's allowed to have it, but.... he was begging for the backlash, and that's to not say he was begging for attention. Sorry, but I cannot sympathize with this subject at all. Go fuck yourself, mate. (Asterisk: I've not seen the film itself, and for what's worth, it might actually be very good. Reviews sure seem highly positive. And I'll give him this: it is important to denote that whether or not can children be truly evil is a concept that deserves studying. Doesn't change that everything around it, including the person who made it, sucks balls.)
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    Near the end, global pop star and fashion icon and up-and-coming actress, Rita Ora talks about Detective Pikachu.
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    No, no, no, you got that wrong. Redmayne was an Oscar nominee when Jupiter Ascending crashed and burned. So it is not that Ali has won an Oscar. It is because he is nominated for another one
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    Me too. Over $2.2 billion is also in play as high end given this is a farewell to some original Avengers. I also want this for #2 DOM spot as bonus.
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    Maybe it’s a Roger Stone biopic. Christian Bale goes all in with a Nixon tattoo on his back.
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    *nolan casting dead spouse sees thirty something brunette actress who looks sorta like his wife* this is the girl.
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    82. Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel Part 1- presage flower (~this movie has too many subtitles~) Boy, there sure seem to be a lot of animated films at the bottom of my list this year, don’t there? This is what, the fourth? And it’s not even the last to make the bottom ten. Plus I never even bothered watching Sherlock Gnomes or the Grinch, so they're not going to be making the list at all. To get back on subject though, for those unaware, Fate Stay Night is a fairly popular franchise/waifu simulator in Japan about famous mythological figures being summoned by wizards to fight and kill each other to claim the Holy Grail. Originally starting as a visual novel, it has since gotten sequels(ish), a fantastic prequel series (Fate/Zero), comedic spinoffs, alternate universe stories, video games, numerous anime series (I count at least 6 offhand, 7 if you count Carnival Phantasm) and much much more. All fairly impressive for a series about making King Arthur your waifu. Speaking of anime though, the series got new interest a few years ago when animation studio Ufotable decided to adapt the Unlimited Blade Works path of the original light novel and made it look fucking amazing in the process. Say whatever you want about the actual story, there are legit criticisms to be had, but the fights were almost univerally top notch and looked outstanding. So when I heard that the same studio, Ufotable, was going to adapt the third path of the light novel and cover it through three movies I was naturally kinda hyped. Turns out I really shouldn’t have been. Because as film adaptations go, this is less Lord of the Rings and more ‘The Hobbit’. I mean Jesus, everything feels almost ridiiiiculously drawn out in this movie. I’ll confess to never actually have read/played the original visual novel (although I picked up a lot of the plot beats via osmosis), but I struggle to think that it was this dull. I barely even remember what happened in half of it aside from two of the mains making googly eyes at each other and a lot of emphasis on archery. Now, on the positive side, I will say that are quite a few things in this movie to compliment. Ufotable’s animation is gorgeous, the villains have great designs and looks and, like Unlimited Blade Works, the fights in this movie were genuinely really good. It’s just a shame that it barely feels like there are any in there. Seriously, there’s maybe what, 2 or 3 battles of any actual note (which look great) and 90% drawn out boring lifeless ‘drama’ between the two mains? Seriously Ufotable, I get that battles probably cost more budget-wise, but you could’ve sped up the pacing a little more and maybe added a few more serious confrontations in there, right? Seriously though, this was a disappointment and not a great start to what was a fairly anticipated trilogy to me. Hopefully the pace will pick up some more in the second film, which looks like to have a lot more meat to it, but as beginnings go, this really wasn’t great.
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    86. Gotham by Gaslight Hey, remember when DC Animated movies used to actually be really good? Like really good? Good enough that I’d call more than a few on par with some of the better live-action superhero movies? Even to this day I’m a huge fan of the likes of Under the Red Hood, Superman vs the Elite, Green Lantern: Emerald Knights and the Flashpoint Paradox. But ever since Flashpoint and the whole Nu-52 esque rebooting of that universe… Well… they’ve all kinda turned to shit. Point in question? Gotham by Gaslight. A film that watched the really shitty prologue from the Killing Joke animated movie and thought ‘Hey, I bet we can handle gender issues even worse than that movie!’ I mean seriously, this movie has the triage of sins of being boring, stiff and actively unpleasant at certain points, especially when it comes to treatment of female characters. Don’t get me wrong, I get it, it’s Batman vs Jack the Ripper, a guy infamous for murdering prostitutes, so I’m not exactly expecting it to be a masterpiece of feminism. But even then, the movie just leaves a bad taste in my mouth with its treatment of women in this film. By and large they’re all barely developed victims, minus Selena who gets maybe a few minutes of competence before becoming an object of lust and a damsel. And again, that's not always necessarily a bad thing... well, okay, it's not always necessarily a movie-ruining thing, but it's particularly bad here because, beneath the surface, it kinda feels like the movie is trying to make some kind of theme or point about female suffering. Things like domestic violence, prostitution, exploitation and male entitlement are all touched upon and the main villain’s whole motivation ultimately ends up being an almost cartoonish hatred of women. But the problem is that the movie never really follows through on it or provides any kind of a conclusion or feels like it has anything actually worthwhile to say on these subjects and, as a result, just comes across as a bunch of unpleasant acts towards women. The main villain particular comes off as almost cartoonish in his misogyny and feels like an attempt to be ‘adult’ and ‘mature’ but comes off as just ridiculous, edgy and immature instead, like he’s a caricature or something. It’s mean-spirited and just plain unpleasant to watch. Plus, it’s also really kinda boring? The idea of a steampunk Batman set in Victorian times is an interesting one, but the story and the writing is just kinda bland and it really doesn’t feel like they do enough with the idea. The only interesting and memorable part of it to me was the three Robins as street urchins working for Batman. That much was kinda neat. The rest is just dull and forgettable. I don’t know if I’d call this the worst DC animated movie and, as far as I’m concerned, it still doesn’t quite reach that same level of ‘What the hell were you thinking?’ as the prologue in the Killing Joke movie, but this was pretty dire and awful to watch to boot. I don’t know how or why DC’s animated movie division lost its way so, but I hope they manage to get their groove back. Because isn’t going to be the last DCAU movie to place fairly low on this list...
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    Not 3 weeks before but the week of opening AIW & Est. Lifetime TV Spend: $20.86M. About the same as Civil War ( $19.02M ) & Strange ( $20.95M ) That's in the same range as The Kid Who Would Be King ( $22.05m) & A Dog's Way Home ($20.05) Black Panther Est. Lifetime TV Spend: $37.10M is an outlier for Disney in the same neighborhood as Glass $35.56M Disney has a lot of TV stations and a lot of cross promotion that wouldn't show in Ad spend. Other studios like Universal, Paramount, WB do the same. Also for big movies lime Avengers you have a lot of entertainment news free publicity and have the cast doing talk shows, magazine covers, events etc. So the bigger film doesn't necessarily equate to bigger TV ad spend. Ad spend Est for other films SW: TFA: $22.35M BvS $35.49M SS: $23.08M Patriot's Day: $27.71M Monster Trucks: $38.23M Live By Night: $39.25M SING: $56.55M WW: $23.59M The Mummy: $34M Transformer: TLK: $35.28M Despicable Me 3: $33.67M Valerian: $21.43M SW: TLJ: $28.55M Jumanji: $24.93M Pitch Perfect: $21.56M Bumblee: $28.56M
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    Really underselling his filmography. He had far more variety than bad rom coms even before his "comeback" which started in 2011 with Lincoln Lawyer and also consisted of the first season of True Detective Date Title (click to view) Studio Lifetime Gross / Theaters Opening / Theaters Rank 1/25/19 Serenity (2019) Aviron n/a 2,561 n/a 2,561 41 9/14/18 White Boy Rick Studio 8 $24,011,188 2,504 $8,860,431 2,504 21 8/4/17 The Dark Tower Sony $50,701,325 3,451 $19,153,698 3,451 15 1/27/17 Gold Wein. $7,227,038 2,166 $3,471,316 2,166 33 12/21/16 Sing (Voice) Uni. $270,395,425 4,029 $35,258,145 4,022 1 8/26/16 The Sea of Trees A24 $20,444 101 $1,877 2 39 8/19/16 Kubo and the Two Strings (Voice) Focus $48,023,088 3,279 $12,608,372 3,260 16 6/24/16 Free State of Jones STX $20,810,036 2,815 $7,572,206 2,815 26 11/5/14 Interstellar Par. $188,020,017 3,561 $47,510,360 3,561 2 12/25/13 The Wolf of Wall Street Par. $116,900,694 2,557 $18,361,578 2,537 3 11/1/13 Dallas Buyers Club Focus $27,298,285 1,110 $260,865 9 20 4/26/13 Mud RAtt. $21,590,086 960 $2,215,891 363 25 10/5/12 The Paperboy MNE $693,286 76 $102,706 11 36 7/27/12 Killer Joe LD $1,987,762 75 $37,900 3 35 6/29/12 Magic Mike WB $113,721,571 3,120 $39,127,170 2,930 4 4/27/12 Bernie MNE $9,206,470 332 $85,805 3 30 3/18/11 The Lincoln Lawyer LGF $58,009,200 2,707 $13,206,453 2,707 13 5/1/09 Ghosts of Girlfriends Past WB (NL) $55,250,026 3,175 $15,411,434 3,175 14 9/5/08 Surfer, Dude Anch. $52,132 69 $5,971 1 38 8/13/08 Tropic Thunder P/DW $110,515,313 3,473 $25,812,796 3,319 - 2/8/08 Fool's Gold WB $70,231,041 3,125 $21,589,295 3,125 10 12/22/06 We Are Marshall WB $43,545,364 2,606 $6,114,264 2,606 18 3/10/06 Failure to Launch Par. $88,715,192 3,202 $24,411,322 3,057 8 10/7/05 Two for the Money Uni. $22,991,379 2,397 $8,703,240 2,391 23 4/8/05 Sahara Par. $68,671,925 3,200 $18,068,372 3,154 11 9/3/04 Paparazzi (Cameo) Fox $15,714,234 2,153 $6,146,262 2,115 - 2/7/03 How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days Par. $105,813,373 2,923 $23,774,850 2,923 6 7/12/02 Reign of Fire BV $43,061,982 2,629 $15,632,281 2,629 19 5/24/02 13 Conversations About One Thing SPC $3,288,164 68 $89,499 9 34 4/12/02 Frailty Lions $13,110,448 1,497 $4,208,655 1,497 27 1/26/01 The Wedding Planner Sony $60,400,856 2,785 $13,510,293 2,785 12 4/21/00 U-571 Uni. $77,122,415 2,820 $19,553,310 2,583 9 3/26/99 EDtv Uni. $22,431,897 2,631 $8,311,290 2,627 24 3/27/98 The Newton Boys Fox $10,452,012 1,969 $4,010,245 1,965 29 12/10/97 Amistad DW $44,229,441 1,019 $4,573,523 322 17 7/11/97 Contact WB $100,920,329 2,314 $20,584,908 1,923 7 11/1/96 Larger Than Life MGM $8,315,693 2,433 $3,779,504 2,433 31 9/27/96 Glory Daze 7Art $15,134 - n/a - - 7/24/96 A Time to Kill WB $108,766,007 2,313 $14,823,159 2,123 5 6/21/96 Lone Star SPC $12,408,986 143 $232,184 21 28 9/22/95 Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Lions $185,898 27 $28,235 27 37 2/3/95 Boys on the Side WB $23,440,188 1,552 $4,808,873 1,322 22 7/15/94 Angels in the Outfield (1994) BV $50,236,831 1,921 $8,916,463 1,894 - 9/24/93 Dazed and Confused Gram. $7,993,039 214 $918,127 183 32 8/6/93 My Boyfriend's Back BV $3,335,984 1,165 $1,465,476 1,165 -
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    If we ever get a Nintendo Cinematic Universe leading to a Super Smash Bros. movie, there won't be enough theaters in the world to hold the demand for that shit. Avatar's record would go down. Also, I feel bad for Sonic The Hedgehog, because he too is an iconic character with 1B+ potential in the right hands, but it doesn't seem like that will be the case for the 2019 movie.
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    Germany's Top20 last weekend: title admissions th. PTA total adm. total € drop week 1 Glass 256.309 564 454 256.309 2.431.176 - 1 2 Der Junge muss an die frische Luft 249.721 853 293 2.202.045 18.768.585 -27 4 3 Immenhof - Das Abenteuer eines Sommers 120.333 581 207 154.698 1.085.080 - 1 4 Aquaman 103.401 505 205 1.756.698 19.501.026 -39 5 5 Second Act 90.439 370 244 129.146 1.069.220 - 1 6 Bohemian Rhapsody 82.727 594 139 2.820.971 26.125.096 -27 12 7 Feuerwehrmann Sam - Plötzlich Filmheld! 57.693 614 94 256.771 1.628.547 -30 3 8 Robin Hood 57.395 434 132 218.112 1.793.947 -48 2 9 100 Dinge 50.039 489 102 1.352.410 11.504.476 -41 7 10 Kalte Füße 49.305 382 129 154.905 1.281.812 -43 2 11 Mary Queen Of Scots 44.001 185 238 49.973 456.593 - 1 12 Mary Poppins Returns 42.813 557 77 1.047.164 8.648.247 -49 5 13 Der kleine Drache Kokosnuss - Ab in den Dschungel 29.521 555 53 317.716 2.107.965 -37 4 14 Polaroid 29.442 212 139 92.363 808.658 -42 2 15 The Wife 26.407 158 167 124.938 1.017.210 -27 3 16 Fantastic Beasts 2 23.574 293 80 3.827.620 38.506.044 -51 10 17 The Grinch 21.045 432 49 2.259.349 17.626.795 -58 8 18 Bumblebee 18.279 388 47 669.358 6.599.375 -59 5 19 Yuli 15.957 72 222 20.309 161.695 - 1 20 Tabaluga 15.179 446 34 476.985 3.192.112 -38 7 Three new releases in the Top5 but overall the weekend was a bit disappointing; with such a variety of releases overall attendance should have been higher … Glass definitely on the lower end of expectations but still an ok number. Immenhof on the other side went higher than expected, never underestimate girls and horses! Next weekend: Some more interesting releases, among them Creed 2 and Ralph Breaks the Internet. The first Creed opened high but dropped steep, not a good sign - 100k OW would be ok I guesss. WiR was not that big too, 1mil total was underwhelming for a Disney CGI; maybe this year Ralph can do better, at least it should win the weekend!
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    21/01/19 (Monday) 1 GLASS 17/01/2019 USA WALT DISNEY S.M.P. ITALIA € 138.389 22.928 2 MIA E IL LEONE BIANCO (MIA ET LE LION BLANC) 17/01/2019 FRA EAGLE PICTURES S.P.A. € 88.146 15.867 3 BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY 29/11/2018 USA 20TH CENTURY FOX ITALIA S.P.A. € 66.766 10.770 4 VOGLIO MANGIARE IL TUO PANCREAS (KIMI NO SUIZO WO TABETAI) 21/01/2019 JPN NEXO DIGITAL S.P.A. € 59.398 6.282 5 L'AGENZIA DEI BUGIARDI 17/01/2019 ITA MEDUSA FILM S.P.A. € 49.610 8.671 6 MARIA REGINA DI SCOZIA (MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS) 17/01/2019 GBR UNIVERSAL S.R.L. € 46.497 8.465 7 NON CI RESTA CHE IL CRIMINE 10/01/2019 ITA 01 DISTRIBUTION € 42.610 7.495 8 AQUAMAN 01/01/2019 USA WARNER BROS ITALIA S.P.A. € 41.640 6.894 9 MATHERA - L’ASCOLTO DEI SASSI 21/01/2019 ITA MAGNITUDO/CHILI € 35.980 4.037 10 VAN GOGH - SULLA SOGLIA DELL'ETERNITA' (AT ETERNITY'S GATE) 03/01/2019 USA LUCKY RED DISTRIB. € 32.405 5.846 #4 debut for the Japanese animated movie I Want to Eat your pancreas, which will be playing only for a few days. As expected Glass retook the top spot. Bohemian Rhapsody still defying gravity. Ralph out of the top 10; it is going to make like 95% of its money on the weekend.
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    Re: Japan Box Office: Weekend Estimates (01/19-20) (C)2019 映画「マスカレード・ホテル」製作委員会 (C)東野圭吾/集英社Weekend Estimates (01/19-20)01 (---) ¥625,000,000 ($5.7 million), 0, ¥775,000,000 ($7.1 million), Masquerade Hotel (Toho) NEW 02 (02) ¥243,000,000 ($2.2 million), -39%, ¥9,925,000,000 ($88.8 million), Bohemian Rhapsody (Fox) WK11 03 (01) ¥206,000,000 ($1.9 million), -58%, ¥1,010,000,000 ($9.3 million), Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel II - Lost Butterfly (Aniplex) WK2 04 (03) ¥146,000,000 ($1.3 million), -37%, ¥3,480,000,000 ($31.9 million), Ralph Breaks the Internet (Disney) WK505 (---) ¥115,000,000 ($1.1 million), 0, ¥175,000,000 ($1.6 million), Touken Ranbu: The Movie (Toho Video Division) NEW 06 (07) ¥x71,000,000 ($650,000), -15%, ¥595,000,000 ($5.5 million), Love! Live Sunshine!! Over the Rainbow (Shochiku) WK3 07 (04) ¥x70,000,000 ($640,000), -39%, ¥3,755,000,000 ($33.9 million), Dragon Ball Super: Broly (Toei) WK608 (---) ¥50,000,000 ($455,000), 0, ¥65,000,000 ($595,000), Taxi 5 (Asmik Ace) NEW 09 (06) ¥x46,000,000 ($420,000), -49%, ¥940,000,000 ($8.6 million), A Banana? At This Time of Night? (Toho) WK4 10 (08) ¥x39,000,000 ($355,000), -53%, ¥6,460,000,000 ($57.7 million), Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (Warner Bros.) WK9>Masquerade Hotel debuts atop the box office in a big way, and if the estimate holds, it broke the January Opening Weekend Record that's held for 10 years. Directed by Masayuki Suzuki (best known for the incredibly popular Hero TV drama and its movies), the mystery murder case film likely sold close to 500,000 admissions over the weekend frame. This is an excellent start (a January record, possibly, as mentioned), and will likely result in a total between of ¥4.0-4.5 billion ($35-40 million). The year has just begun, but this is already an early candidate to make the Yearly Top 10 if it can just do slightly better than average legs. Toho really, really needed this after a very poor Fall. >Bohemian Rhapsody finally experiences its first real drop, and it came after almost three months of release! A decline was likely given how its performed since last Monday, and after the weekend pre-sales came in, but a drop close to 40% is harsher than expected. Still, its eleventh weekend is still the seventh biggest on record. Incredibly impressive. I'm expecting it to more or less perform like a regular film from this point forward, and expect it finish close to ¥12 billion ($110 million). >Ralph Breaks the Internet also fell a bit harder than it should have, and with no holidays or other support at the box office until late March, it's going to make reaching the ¥4 billion milestone a lot more challenging than expected now. I think it'll get there, but it may be one of those films that stops being tracked less than ¥100 million shy of the mark. >Dragon Ball Super: Broly likely surpassed Resurrection F to become the highest grossing film in the Dragon Ball franchise. Toei is likely to announce this ahead of tomorrow's actuals. Can it reach ¥4 billion? Maybe, but like Ralph 2, tracking could end just shy of the milestone. >Touken Ranbu: The Movie ended up opening pretty close to the forecast, but its actual could vary, either high or low, a good bit tomorrow because I don't have a good comparison to predict its average ticket price. >Glass likely missed the Top 10, debuting in 11th place.
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    The press reported about Dragon Ball Super Broly success. The reports are very confusing since they constantly refer to the "first four days" (that would be until Sunday) but at the same time they say that the figure is including Monday (and that would be five days...) I'm going to assume is including Monday because otherwise, the average ticket price for the weekend would be very low. Anyway: It did 362.776 admissions on its first 5(?) days of release. This is the second best first 5 days of any animated release behind Minions and is already more than the first full week of Incredibles 2.
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    Really tickled by Mysterio becoming a hero of the press and people. I'm hopeful for a montage of him visiting old people and being given the key to the city etc.
  50. 1 point
    Twitter can be nasty but at this point A. Shipp should just accept that: 1. Her chances of continuing to play Storm are near nil so there's no "job" that anyone is trying to "actively take" from her. It's already gone, girl. 2. Accept that Hollywood favors lighter-skinned/biracial actresses over darker-skinned actresses even for darker-skinned roles like Storm. Continuing to turn a deaf ear to that very real issue keeps making things harder for her (OTOH Zendaya who fully acknowledges colorism in Hollywood exists despite being lighter-skinned/biracial herself is a social media darling)

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