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    Theyre evolving! Edgar Wright’s film is gonna have a female as the lead! For Nolan however we gotta take baby steps. The wife will be alive this time
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    Maybe because of the thematic elements it touched upon. Maybe because of its evocative narrative. Maybe because people were excited to see something different and see a new character in the MCU. Maybe because the word-of-mouth and critical acclaim that praised the writing, acting, production and design intrigued them. Maybe because Hollywood has never been progressive enough to take a chance on a film depicting AfroFuturism in an authentic and intriguing way. Maybe because it showed that Black Panther could elevate a genre that in the past has been prone to antiquated stigmas? Maybe because a film that became a cultural touchstone actually had depth and presence behind it instead of pandering. You know, the racist undertones are clearly obvious to me and many others here when tons of people come into this thread and shout from the rooftops about Black Panther only getting the critical acclaim and nominations it's received due to "political correctness" or "identity politics". Or that Infinity War (and others) were better. Or that Black Panther wasn't that good but congrats nonetheless even though the vast majority of the general audiences and critics vehemently disagree. It's backhanded and disingenuous congratulations that doesn't even try veiling itself. You can say that those who are calling it out are the problem or more vocal but on many corners of the internet, people who don't like Black Panther (which is fine in and of itself, every medium of entertainment is subjective and not everybody will like everything) are the ones posting 'overrated' gifs and saying that this is simply token appreciation for a shitty film that doesn't deserve any of the accolades it's received. Very rarely do I see people critiquing its artistic elements (other than CGI) or its thematic inferences/discussion, or its characterization and production etc. Black Panther is a great film to me. Is it the best comic book movie ever? I can't say that definitively, but personally speaking it's near the top in my book. What is so disheartening, and telling, is that comic book fans who are more well versed in the genre than I will ever be have been clamoring forever for representation on the biggest stages. Now that a film has come along whose achieved so much of what they wanted, there's not only disappointment, there's virulent hostility and hatred towards it. Because they can't identify with a hero and people who look and talk differently than them. Because it's a movie that tackles uncomfortable thematic elements that requires some intellectual honesty. Because it's a film that brought excitement and hope to an underrepresented portion of the movie-going population that has been ignored by Hollywood for too long or has only seen their existence through the lens of suffrage in films dealing with servitude. Black Panther is a Best Picture nominee. It's accomplished things the vast majority of people never thought it had a chance of accomplishing. Let's celebrate that. It doesn't mean we can't hope for even better movies in the future from the genre or compare it to others. Just appreciate it without adding the qualifications that it's only achieved what it achieved due to the basis of its thematic message and the representation there with-in. This shouldn't be hard. Be better. ------ edit - just wanted to add that I don't post that often and usually only lurk these fantastic boards. Used up my like quota the past couple days wading through the excellent posts other members of the forum have contributed. Shows just how great this community is compared to most other places on the internet.
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    lorddemaxxus something should read Eric Heisserer's bit on screenwriter credits. He wrote Arrival and had previously to that, very mediocre horror films as his main credits but he explained that you shouldn't take that at face value. This is a series of tweets where he touches on that, I don't remember where is the other piece he wrote on that: Basically, there are often many screenwriters involved on a film and that's how you find yourself with shitty credits where your original work is nowhere to be seen in the finished film or was heavily rewritten to the point where what's left are a few ideas here and there. That's how it works.
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    i'm convinced that this is what really won him the oscar. like when bryan cranston got nominated for trumbo. c'mon that was a nomination for breaking bad.
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    just looked into the dunkirk thread. it got to page 21 before we learned literally any details about that movie. see if we can beat it. (if you're curious the first 20 pages were full of the exact same material we're doing right now)
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    in fairness villnoov mostly made female centric films before crossing over to english language cinema. but the bro appeal was a strong temptress. i think a lot of nolanites defected over to becoming Denis Dogs in 2017.
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    he's spent the last year only working on this script. writing all that expositional dialogue that's gonna be inaudible in the final mix.
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    WB's all time top 10, Aquaman should finish 6th when its run is done Rank Movie Title (click to view) Studio Total Gross / Theaters Opening / Theaters Open 1 The Dark Knight WB $533,345,358 4,366 $158,411,483 4,366 7/18/08 2 The Dark Knight Rises WB $448,139,099 4,404 $160,887,295 4,404 7/20/12 3 Wonder Woman WB $412,563,408 4,165 $103,251,471 4,165 6/2/17 4 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 WB $381,011,219 4,375 $169,189,427 4,375 7/15/11 5 American Sniper WB $350,126,372 3,885 $633,456 4 12/25/14 6 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice WB $330,360,194 4,256 $166,007,347 4,242 3/25/16 7 It WB (NL) $327,481,748 4,148 $123,403,419 4,103 9/8/17 8 Suicide Squad WB $325,100,054 4,255 $133,682,248 4,255 8/5/16 9 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone WB $317,575,550 3,672 $90,294,621 3,672 11/16/01 10 Aquaman WB $310,904,074 4,184 $67,873,522 4,125 12/21/18 In the past 2 years, BvS, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman and now Aquaman have pushed 3 Harry Potter movies out of the top 10. Used to be a good balance between Potter, Middle Earth and Batman, now its 60% DC movies.
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    Strange Days is fantastic, if just a tad too long. In this thread I have reiterated my love for Cameron the director many times over, I have said repeatedly that I WILL watch this movie, yet because I am being realistic about its box office potential that means I am the Grinch? You can be interested in something and still not be too keen on its box office prospects. It's called being objective. I am all in on the MCU and until I saw the actual presales numbers for Captain Marvel, I thought the over $400m crowd was insane.
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    https://deadline.com/2019/01/warner-bros-dates-next-christopher-nolan-movie-the-nirvana-summer-2020-1202542078/ Named The Nirvana. The Christopher Nolan’s WB event film on July 17, 2020 now have a title. The Nirvana will also be released in Imax. No other details are available about the movie.
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    Finally upgrading from lurker status since I know I will really want to comment here pretty soon. This movie has romance, teen struggles, dream chasers, parenthood, epic action, sci-fi, social, philosophical and political themes, and so much more, all tied up in a nice bow. I can only guess that the way this is primarily sold as a hero movie is due to the current blockbuster climate, and is trying to grab those viewers for a decent kickstarter. But boy, this has so much more packed into it. I wish you would make more informed statements lorddemaxus, because half of those posts are cringeworthy. On the other side, it'd be nice to see IronJimbo give RR due credit, the JC fanboyism can get obnoxious. Here's my prediction for the thread: once Deep Wang sees Alita his heart will grow three sizes that day. I can already see it thaw.
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    We simpletons could not foresee the failure of Alita because we missed the devastating fact that...... [checks notes] .... the villain is played by an Oscar winner.
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    nicholas hoult is a very contrasting actor. when he plays it straight he consistently 100% sucks ass, is a total dead weight on screen the least interesting actor to watch imaginable. but when he gets to be a bit weird in The Favourite or Fury Road he rules. those are his two good performances. so i'm sure this will be bad.
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    Uh, what the fuck? LEGO 2 is better than the first I loved this movie so much. It maintains the playful spirit of the first while having a much more emotional and relatable story.
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    Not as good as the first movie, but still very fun. Definitely some good jokes, if not as creative, and I loved Haddish’s character. Also has nice themes of childhood and even gender stereotypes. Got a very sweet ending too. Easily the best out of all the Lego continuations
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    When Frances McDormand goes onstage to award Best Actor she should just say Ethan Hawke and dare anyone to correct her.
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    @Laurent K Last year, with only 500k total admissions a film entered the Top 50 (Top 52 to be exact) of all movies released in the year. In 2017 600k were needed. So much for our cinema attendance-frequency . And the worse second trend: #1 Ralph II 375k #2 Creed II 200k #3 Der Junge 175k #4 Glass 150k #5 Immenhof 90k #6 Second Act 65k #7 Aquaman 57.5k #8 BR 57.5k #9 The Favourite 40k #10 Mary Queen of Scots 32.5k #11 A Dog's Way Home 32.5k #12 100 Dinge 27.5k #13 Robin Hood 25k #14 Kalte Füße 25k The biggest problem yesterday for most movies was the handball WM semifinal Germany-Norway which was broadcasted exactly in the evening prime time and which had almost 12M viewers (plus Public Viewings). Probably hurted especially films like Creed II and Glass. The only positive aspect about Germany not reaching the final is that the last game will be early in the afternoon on Sunday and not hurt much (maybe a little bit the family films, maybe). I hope the Saturday estimates tonight show some big jumps for the films compared to Friday.
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    (C)2019 映画「マスカレード・ホテル」製作委員会 (C)東野圭吾/集英社Weekend Forecast (01/26-27)01 (01) ¥437,000,000 ($4.0 million), -31%, ¥1,750,000,000 ($16.0 million), Masquerade Hotel (Toho) WK2 02 (02) ¥224,000,000 ($2.0 million), -10%, ¥10,425,000,000 ($93.4 million), Bohemian Rhapsody (Fox) WK1203 (---) ¥150,000,000 ($1.4 million), 0, ¥210,000,000 ($1.9 million), 12 Suicidal Teens (Warner Bros.) NEW 04 (03) ¥115,000,000 ($1.0 million), -38%, ¥1,175,000,00 ($10.8 million), Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel II - Lost Butterfly (Aniplex) WK3 05 (04) ¥x85,000,000 ($775,000), -41%, ¥3,605,000,000 ($33.0 million), Ralph Breaks the Internet (Disney) WK606 (---) ¥x80,000,000 ($730,000), 0, ¥105,000,000 ($955,000), Psycho Pass: Case 1 - Crime & Punishment (Toho Video Division) NEW 07 (05) ¥x69,000,000 ($630,000), -43%, ¥360,000,000 ($3.3 million), Touken Ranbu: The Movie (Toho Video Division) WK2 08 (07) ¥x63,000,000 ($575,000), -05%, ¥715,000,000 ($6.6 million), Love! Live Sunshine!! Over the Rainbow (Shochiku) WK4 09 (06) ¥x42,000,000 ($380,000), -40%, ¥3,825,000,000 ($34.6 million), Dragon Ball Super: Broly (Toei) WK7 10 (08) ¥x31,000,000 ($280,000), -52%, ¥140,000,000 ($1.3 million), Taxi 5 (Asmik Ace) WK2>Masquerade Hotel will easily remain atop the box office in its sophomore frame, and should deliver a pretty impressive second weekend. So far, everything is in order for it to reach the ¥4 billion ($35 million+) milestone. Toho couldn't have hoped for a much better start to the year. >Bohemian Rhapsody seems to have benefited a bit from its Oscar nominations, as its recent weekdays were barely down versus last week, and its weekend pre-sales suggest a very small drop in its twelfth weekend of release. If its weekend actual comes in near the forecast, it'll achieve the fifth biggest twelfth weekend ever recorded. >12 Suicidal Teens, directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi (Trick, SPEC, 20th Century Boys), should see a decent debut in third place, but I can't help but think a little more was expected from this film. It had a good enough start on Friday, but its weekend pre-sales are a bit lackluster. We'll see. I think this film should be able to manage at least ¥200 million. >Psycho Pass: Case 1 - Crime & Punishment is the first film in a trilogy, where its sequels will be released just a few weeks apart (the second film opens Feb. 15th, and the third film opens March 8th), is a bit of a wildcard. I recall a prior film opening above expectations, so I wouldn't rule out a Top 5 debut and possible ¥100 million opening.
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    Captain Marvel Greater Sacramento Area Premiere Night Seat Report: T-41 Days and counting Sellouts Showings Seats left Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 0 81 8018 10614 24.46% Total Seats Sold Today: 26 .3860x as many tickets sold as Infinity War after 18 days of pre-sales. .5568x as many tickets sold as Infinity War 41 days before release. [Captain Marvel has 58 days of pre-sales compared to Infinity War's 41 days] Day 18 Comp: IW: 65 tickets sold [1 sellout/116 showings | 4400/11125 seats left | 60.45% sold]
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    What a fantastic film...they could not have ended it on a more perfect note. This was exactly how the story was meant to end, and the third act is exhilarating and emotionally resonant. The visuals? Holy fuck, it's absolutely stunning beyond belief...it was like looking at a painting. Astounding work.
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    81. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald If you followed my 2016 Year’s End list, you’ll know that I wasn’t particular fond of the first Fantastic Beasts movie. To me, it felt like two entirely different movies haphazardly together, each with differing tones, main characters, styles and so on. It was two plots that didn’t fit together and never felt like part of the same story. Well, in some ways, Crimes of Grindelwald arguably does the exact opposite to the first Fantastic Beasts. In that it simultaneously has zero plot and fucking too much plot. I mean seriously, let’s count the plot threads here (which I've put in spoiler brackets because... well... they're pretty spoilerish. I mean Jesus, fucking Infinity War didn't have that much going on and that had almost 20 movies leading up to it. This had one movie leading up to it. Of questionable quality. And, as mentioned, almost none of these subplots actually get time to be properly developed. Several characters feel like they're barely in the movie most of the time (including Queenie and arguably Grindelwald), several feel like they could be removed outright with no problems (Nagini, Nicholas Flamel, (hell, minus the stuff in the finale, arguably Grindelwald again)), we barely get any convincing insight into most character's motivations, there are obvious editing problems here and there from stuff that was presumably cut or changed and overall the entire thing is a goddamn mess. Hell, I probably couldn't even tell you what the main plot of the movie was, there was so much mess. The trailers make it sound like it's about stopping Grindelwald, but Newt barely interacts with him or his minions or anything even remotely resembling him for most of the movie. Newt's primary motivation for most of the film is finding Tina and then finding Credence and then he stumbles almost accidentally into Grindelwald's big meeting towards the end. I suppose it could arguably be about finding Credence, but he also feels like he's barely in the movie enough for that and he and Newt have only shared about 5 minutes of screentime together in this entire franchise. If you personally enjoyed the movie, cool, more power to you. I just thought it was a huge mess from a spinoff franchise that has been nothing but confused and disappointing.

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