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    If it makes you feel better you’ve never made me laugh on purpose
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    I tried it and it doesn't seem to have worked
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    Now for the first half of the Funniest Users award (again, in no particular order!) First 3 Funniest Users Nominations (no particular order) @CoolioD1 @Chewy @aabattery
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    Why don't you guys ever say that about movies starring white males? Most critics are white males. Why not complain about Superhero movies starring white males getting better than they deserve reviews because they are starring white males? Maybe Iron Man and Captain and Thor got better than deserved reviews because they were starring white males. Even outside of comic book movies maybe Boyhood and Wes Anderson movies are over reviewed because the white male critics can relate to them better?
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    congrats you're the bohemian rhapsody of the BOFFYs
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    Who's ready for the other three Funniest user noms? Well whether you are or aren't here they are... Last Three Funniest User Nominations (In no particular order) @That One Guy @Nova @IronJimbo
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    Boy this is awkward, here's the rest of the Most Valuable Poster nominations... Rest of the Most Valuable Poster Nominations @Rthanos @sfran43 @The Panda
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    There comes a moment When you can't coast into nominations anymore
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    The 10,000 soon-to-be-unemployed workers? The fact that a tighter oligopoly, with even more power given to the company with the most homogenised content, means that we'll get less risky, interesting films out each year? The fact that Disney just fired one of their biggest directors on the commands of an actual Nazi? The fact that spawn of satan Rupert Murdoch & his kids are getting billions of dollars from this deal? Maybe I shouldn't be surprised that people will ignore all that just because it means more funnybook movies, especially considering we have fanboys with the the usernames of faceless, soulless corporations.
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    Names stripped because I'm feeling nice: In the twilight period of post-premiere but only a few critical thoughts out there, plus a leaked review or three, but before the RT deluge: Then the storm hit and it plummeted under 50 on RT. And even then there were still people carping that it 'should' have been worse.
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    lose your spot in funniest poster but at least after that burn from @DAR you're guaranteed a spot in the in memoriam.
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    Best Picture Nomination #10 Leave No Trace
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    Best Picture Nomination #8 If Beale Street Could Talk
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    Best Picture Nomination #4 A Star is Born
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    Alright guys, who's ready to be shook with this first BP nod? Going to list the nominees in a few posts, no particular order Best Picture Nomination #1
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    Here's the first half of our Most Valuable Users Nominees (In no particular order) MOST VALUABLE USER (First 3, no particular order) @Barnack @Telemachos @Water Bottle
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    I seriously think that I need to stop watching clips and trailers for this movie because the more I see the more discouraged I’m getting. Who in their right mind thought it was a good idea to release that clip the way it is? Maybe it’s a good scene in the context of the movie but the clip by itself looked like a scene from the Power Ranger shows I used to watch when I was a kid
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    Best Picture Nomination #10 Blindspotting
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    Best Picture Nomination #6 BlacKkKlansman
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    Best Picture Nomination #5 Mission: Impossible - Fallout
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    "tell me something gorl" - gru from despicable me singing shallow.
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