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    https://www.forbes.com/sites/robsalkowitz/2019/02/04/marvels-teaser-ads-put-the-super-in-sbliiis-social-metrics/#2ad395c65cbf Marvel's Teaser Ads Put The 'Super' In SBLIII's Social Metrics
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    Captain Marvel Greater Sacramento Area Premiere Night Seat Report: T-30 Days and counting Sellouts Showings Seats left Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 2 81 7635 10616 28.08% Total Seats Sold Today: 53 .4734x as many tickets sold as Infinity War 30 days before release. [Captain Marvel has 58 days of pre-sales compared to Infinity War's 41 days] Day T-30 Comp: IW: 52 tickets sold [1 sellout/114 showings | 4714/11011 seats left | 57.19% sold]
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    I know I’m late to the controversy here, but I will say that I’m glad Neeson was willing to voluntarily come clean about this. He could’ve kept this story to himself and no one would’ve ever found out about it, so the fact that he shared this with people would suggest that he feels deeply ashamed over the whole thing. Before anyone says anything, I’m not excusing what he was thinking at the time. I’m simply saying that people tend to be very complex.
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    For the record, I’m not calling Liam a racist. I don’t know Liam personally to make that judgment. My whole argument from the get go is that his thought process when this event occurred was racist. And that it’s important to acknowledge that because there are people today who still think that way and they need to know that thinking that way is racist. And that’s not even taking into account the psychological aspects of it. If you want to harm someone innocent because of something someone else did, get help. Like immediately.
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    Good. If past blockbusters have taught us anything it's that 3 hours is not a deal-breaker if people are invested in the characters (LOTR) or the history (Titanic)
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    I'm not on the "it must be as long as possible!" train that so many fans want for their franchise films but one thing you can say about the Russo Brothers (and their editor Jeffery Ford) is generally their films have a superb pace to them. Infinity War did not feel long at all.
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    And now, finally and thankfully, here's my No 1 pick of 2018...
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    roughly translated German http://www.insidekino.com/News.htm#Mittwoch_6._Februar_2019
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    His thoughts were around 30 years ago and he clearly states that how he thought and felt was wrong. Do I justify his thinking before? Absolutely not...they were terrible and racist and a black man might have been hurt because of him. HOWEVER, the fact that this wasn't something leaked but instead was of his own admission where he's made clear that his thinking before was wrong and needed help for it makes it difficult for me to demonize him. To me, that's not something to crucify someone over. He's not condoning how he felt. In fact, good for him for showing remorse.
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    As today it won a few VES awards, I thought it might be time to list all the won awards (US?) acc Wikipedia Peoples Choice: Movie of 2018 Action Movie of 2018 Female Movie Star of 2018 - Scarlett Johansson Teen Choice: Choice Action Movie Choice Action Movie Actor - Robert Downey Jr. Choice Action Movie Actress - Scarlett Johansson Visual Effects Society Awards (aka VES) Outstanding Visual Effects in a Photoreal Feature Outstanding Animated Character in a Photoreal Feature Outstanding Effects Simulations in a Photoreal Feature - team for Titan Outstanding Compositing in a Photoreal Feature - team for Titan a few are still pending, the noms... re here to find: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avengers:_Infinity_War#Accolades
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    You forgot Episode IV. It's title was announced 1416 days after release.
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    And here it is. The final 2 movies of the year (that I'm 90% certain most people will have already guessed by now.) Which will place first and which will place second? Open the spoiler box and see......
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    Aladdin competition first 10 weekends (have included first 3 weekends of potentially mega openers and first 2 of lesser but formidable ones) Aladdin ow, Pikachu 3rd weekend Aladdin 2nd weekend, Godzilla2 ow Aladdin 3rd weekend, SLOP2 ow, Dark Phoenix ow, Godzilla2 2nd weekend Aladdin 4th weekend, MIB4 ow, SLOP2 2nd weekend, Dark Phoenix 2nd weekend Aladdin 5th weekend, TS4 ow, MIB4 2nd weekend, SLOP2 3rd weekend Aladdin 6th weekend, TS4 2nd weekend Aladdin 7th weekend, SMH ow, TS4 3rd weekend Aladdin 8th weekend, SMH 2nd weekend Aladdin 9th weekend, SMH 3rd weekend Aladdin 10th weekend, TLK ow There are other movies like 47 Meters Down : Uncaged that will also compete for screen space and audience. Under 150 wouldn't shock me, while am expecting under 175. Edit: I was talking dom I found that so obvious that didn't specify it. Folks are really thinking 150 4-day? Potc finale this is not, 2019's Solo this is .
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    cooke maroney? congrats to jennifer lawrence i guess for getting engaged to a dick tracy character.
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    OMG, really, who the f*ck employs those people??!! I guess our JamesCameronScholar would pay this dude a monthly allowance to NOT write, ever, anything about cinema. But making money writing about cinema - AND while being this incompetent - I surely don't get how it works. Tell me how - and the Shay will become a widely known cine-critic, I can honestly promise you that!
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    That’s all I meant btw from all my comments. I apologize if I came across differently
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    There's also the context of the times in Northern Ireland. This is in the middle of The Troubles and he refers to that in the original interview. There was tit for tat revenge violence between the Catholic and Protestant communities. It was a violent time when violent acts of revenge was a common occurrence.
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    Oh yeah definitely. Liam Neeson himself said his thinking was racist. If anyone's saying it wasn't they're fooling themselves.
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