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    Lego Movie 2 2,552 4,130 What Men Want 1,383 2,505 Cold Pursuit 181 827 The Prodigy 161 359 Lego: 154% of Hotel Transylvania 3 (68.2M) 169% of Christopher Robin (41.6M) 85% of Grinch (57.4M) 227% of Bumblebee (49.2M) This increased from every comp, especially Grinch and Bumblebee, which is always a great sign. Really feel like 50M is the floor at this point. Men: 155% of I Feel Pretty (24.9M) 191% of Life of the Party (34.2M) 57% of Ocean's 8 (23.8M) 118% of A Simple Favor (18.9M) 143% of Night School (38.9M) 278% of Nobody's Fool (38.2M) 410% of Second Act (26.6M) In contrast, Men's Tuesday comps are down from the Monday ones, apart from Ocean's 8, Night School and Second Act. Again, Night School feels like the best comparison for the type of movie Men is, but those drops do give me pause. Alita Early 66 65 Alita 689 742 Dragon 3 446 394 Captain Marvel 2,079 1,619 Us 68 47
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    Captain Marvel Greater Sacramento Area Premiere Night Seat Report: T-30 Days and counting Sellouts Showings Seats left Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 2 81 7635 10616 28.08% Total Seats Sold Today: 53 .4734x as many tickets sold as Infinity War 30 days before release. [Captain Marvel has 58 days of pre-sales compared to Infinity War's 41 days] Day T-30 Comp: IW: 52 tickets sold [1 sellout/114 showings | 4714/11011 seats left | 57.19% sold]
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    340M DOM here we come...........
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    And now, finally and thankfully, here's my No 1 pick of 2018...
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    I can't believe people are celebrating this deal just because it means a few more toys in the MCU. I'm assuming this includes Fox Searchlight films too, and if so, yikes. Just an awful thing for everyone, but at least we'll finally have Wolverine fucking the Hulk, right?
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    CNY day 2 down 30% at 985m. Last year was down 20% with MH2 getting hammered. Big front load for day 1, Too many seats available. We will probably hear about theater over saturation by the end of this year
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    I haven't watched it yet but wow! That was incredible. On my way to the cinema, spoil away folks.
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    The Wandering Earth has a decent chance of being the highest grossing film in a single territory for 2019. I believe only Lion King and Avengers: Endgame have a shot of crossing $700 million domestically (SW9 has an outside shot too).
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    Lets see how it compares to RSA last year to project out a total CNY Day RSA TWE Over RSA 1 130m 187 +44% 2 148 258 +74% 3 188 300 +60% 4 224 5 246 6 271 7 241 8 212 Final 3565m TWE dailies will have to stay 60% ahead of RSA to get there. I think tomorrow will be 300m+ with 75m PS already. It will have to get over 400m on day 5 and 6 to maintain a 60%+ pace
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    So the year was better than first though, but still absolutely awful, with 105.4M admissions sold, that means the lowest year since 1990. The gross dropped to just €899.3M, that is below the years 2009-2017, 2001 (987M) and 2001 (960M) and barely above 2004 (by just a few millions!) The average ticket price dropped a litte from €8.63 to €8.54 (first time since 2002-2003), but that's because 3D share dropped from 21.5 to 16.9% Germany now has 905 (+ 6) Cinema locations with 4849 (+46) screens and 795,686 (+6407) seats. Source: FFA
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    Aladdin competition first 10 weekends (have included first 3 weekends of potentially mega openers and first 2 of lesser but formidable ones) Aladdin ow, Pikachu 3rd weekend Aladdin 2nd weekend, Godzilla2 ow Aladdin 3rd weekend, SLOP2 ow, Dark Phoenix ow, Godzilla2 2nd weekend Aladdin 4th weekend, MIB4 ow, SLOP2 2nd weekend, Dark Phoenix 2nd weekend Aladdin 5th weekend, TS4 ow, MIB4 2nd weekend, SLOP2 3rd weekend Aladdin 6th weekend, TS4 2nd weekend Aladdin 7th weekend, SMH ow, TS4 3rd weekend Aladdin 8th weekend, SMH 2nd weekend Aladdin 9th weekend, SMH 3rd weekend Aladdin 10th weekend, TLK ow There are other movies like 47 Meters Down : Uncaged that will also compete for screen space and audience. Under 150 wouldn't shock me, while am expecting under 175. Edit: I was talking dom I found that so obvious that didn't specify it. Folks are really thinking 150 4-day? Potc finale this is not, 2019's Solo this is .
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    There's also the context of the times in Northern Ireland. This is in the middle of The Troubles and he refers to that in the original interview. There was tit for tat revenge violence between the Catholic and Protestant communities. It was a violent time when violent acts of revenge was a common occurrence.
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    Oh yeah definitely. Liam Neeson himself said his thinking was racist. If anyone's saying it wasn't they're fooling themselves.
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    With this added in, Aquaman will have now passed Skyfall for #22 on the worldwide chart. ... should pass Return of the King by Sunday given the Japan opening.
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    Bad year for us German http://www.insidekino.com/News.htm#Mittwoch_6._Februar_2019
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    Lego 2: $50-55M What Men Want: $18-20M Cold Pursuit: $7-10M The Prodigy: "Industry projections are along the lines of The Witch ($8.8M) and The Gift ($11.8M)." https://deadline.com/2019/02/chris-pratt-the-lego-movie-2-box-office-opening-liam-neeson-cold-pursuit-taraji-p-henson-1202550333/
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    IT’S SUCH AS SWEET SENSATION Also: https://deadline.com/2019/02/chris-pratt-the-lego-movie-2-box-office-opening-liam-neeson-cold-pursuit-taraji-p-henson-1202550333/ LEGO2: $50M-$55M WMW: $18M-$20M Cold Pursuit: $7M-$10M Prodigy: along the lines of $8.8M-$11.8M (The Witch and The Gift)
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    http://www.deluxecdn.com/dcinema//projectionistletter/projectionistletter_happy_death_day_2u_usa_20190213_143723.pdf Getting the first trailer in front of Happy Death Day. Also @grim22 @aabattery main thread
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    Variety: Lego: $50M from WB ($60M for analysts rejoice @YourMother the Edgelord) What Men Want: $15-25M (lol what a discrepancy) Cold Pursuit: $7-10M The Prodigy: $7M https://variety.com/2019/film/box-office/box-office-lego-movie-2-what-men-want-1203128808/
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    I wasn't aware the Fifth Estate was part of the Walt Disney Company
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    Didn't know where to put this since a ton of threads have been about how the Fox/Disney deal is gonna kill Hollywood or whatever but Fox is expected to be making 4-5 movies a year under Disney. So basically what New Line is for WB. FWIW they released only 10 movies in 2018 (not counting that PG-13 Deadpool thing) compared to 14 in 2017 (when rumors of the sale started to emerge) so they were clearly getting ready to undergo an overhaul and cut a bunch of people either way. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/features/how-disney-will-make-21st-century-fox-disappear-1182704
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    Ahh thank you. I tend to hear older than me/myself music 😉 (depends a lot on what I do whilst hearing if I work, do DIY or... at the same time, I do hear more actual music too, but than usually not a 'distracting' music, I want to keep my fingers, avoid ) Since my son was maybe 16 or so we only hear news in the radio whilst driving (to start the radio it the first thing he does after entering the car) since then I miss a lot of new(ish) artists/work. So e.g. Björk's '90 music is still the more actual of the ~ modern/special (how to formulate that...) music I am aware of. At the actual work is no radio connection per antenna for reasons, so there I hear mostly audio books, if doing manual work. Plus I am bad with names anyway....
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    2.153M admissions for Serial(Bad)Weddings 2. Today HTTYD3 and The Favourite.
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    Oh yeah, they overpredict and underpredict all the time when it's all volatile for the first few days. I just thought this might be a case similar to DTS, which means they thought since WOM is so great, why not be more ambitious in predictions! It turns out either there is a ceiling for that specific type of film, or WOM is spreading faster than they expected.
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    Box office is low in the US at the moment, and it is late at night, and TWE is actually in some theaters already... Still, let the Fandango record show these glorious presales: Updated by @akvalley: 2019-02-06 00:58:28 Central (Lock time Fridays 11:00:00) BUY TIME TICKETS MOVIE TITLE -------------------------------------------------- 2019-02-06 01:00:00 52 The Lego Movie 2 The Second Part 2019-02-06 01:00:00 37 The Wandering Earth 2019-02-06 01:00:00 24 What Men Want 2019-02-06 01:00:00 23 Glass (2019) 2019-02-06 01:00:00 17 Miss Bala (2019)
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    I married an INTJ...thing is, he was much more interested in me than I was in him in the beginning...maybe that's the issue here:)... He dated a lot and moved from girl to girl...and then met me and stopped cold...and it's been a ton of years since:)... That "select few" thing might have something to it:)...
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    Can I say Jumanji 2. Pretty please. I think he is right. Avatar run was nothing like Titanic. Nothing. It was leggy but not Titanic leggy.
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    Taken 3 was 100 millions bigger than the first one: Rank Title (click to view) Studio Worldwide Domestic / % Overseas / % Year 1 Taken 2 Fox $376.1 $139.9 37.2% $236.3 62.8% 2012 2 Taken 3 Fox $326.5 $89.3 27.3% $237.2 72.7% 2015 3 Taken Fox $226.8 $145.0 63.9% $81.8 36.1% 2009
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    Yeah I do not remember that part, cheating on is wife and sleeping with actors I remember, quite different.
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    The way people are quoting him on twitter is definitely taking it out of context and stretching it. When I woke up yesterday I thought he hadn't said much in the way of apologies until I read the article.
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    God damnit. I mean, yeah, probably a bad decision by Neeson to decide to be up front and honest at that point in time. Still, I can't tell you how much I hate the current social climate. Ugh.
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    3. The Hate U Give Top 3 time and I’m starting off (obviously) on a high note. I never read the original novel for this when it came out, but I remember all the talk about it and how great it was. And, having now watched the film version, I can safely say I definitely believe it. This movie was fantastic on almost every level. From the writing to the acting to the story to the direction, it was near pitch perfect and continued bucketloads of interesting themes and ideas and explorations of what it means to be black in modern day America. It honestly says something that, when brainstorming about this movie, the biggest flaw I could come up with is that I’m too used to Anthony Mackie being Falcon to buy him as a ruthless gang lord. Honestly a large part of why I was so down on Green Book all the way back down towards the beginning of this list is because it feels like this movie does everything that movie did but 100 times better. The main character is torn between her black home culture and ‘acting white’ in her preppy high school? This movie goes into the reasons why she feels she has to act this way and both the positives and negatives that come from that. There’s a supportive white character involved? This movie treats him as a good guy but also points out that there are certain things he’s just not going to get about being black (plus it doesn’t make him the lead or have him try to teach famed black icon Doc Shirley how to be black by eating fried chicken (Sorry, I'm still not over that.)) Even the cop shooting angle it handles with some nuance. The main character’s Uncle is a cop and there’s a great little scene between the two debating the reasons why the officer did what he did and whether or not it justified his actions. The film is steeped in black culture and identity and works all the better for it. It also helps that the characters are really likeable. Not just Amanda Stenberg, who gives a magnificent performance as the clearly traumatised Starr, but her family and her friends and the world around her feels like an actual world rather than just a backdrop. It’s the sort of movie that made me want to see more of the characters, even knowing that the plot was more or less wrapped up. And there are very few movies that actually do that to me. In conclusion, out of all the movies that dealt with race this year, this was easily my favourite. It juggles complex and meaningful subjects deftly while still remaining likeable and easy to watch, with great performances and great characters to anchor it all down with. It's a shame this didn't get more of a recognition with the Oscars because it definitely deserves it. (Also, I'm fairly certain at this point that everyone should be able to guess what the top two are going to be, considering my well known love of certain genres/franchises. But which way round will they place? Let's find out...)
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    The thing is from what I've seen at least, nobody's saying that what Neeson was thinking at the time wasn't racist, just that he himself admits it was and that his thoughts and impulses were horrible and bad. If we're going to condemn him for thoughts from fourty years ago that he never ((Thankfully)) acted upon then do we forgive anyone? As for the Depp question, Depp still hasn't apologized for it and constantly tries to act like he was the victim. EDIT: Also I'm not white
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    This trailer is much better than the last one for sure. I'm rooting for this and I'll be looking to see it in theaters.
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    It got the best audience reviews of all Chinese NY movies, and could have a very nice run over there: In the US it looks like it is getting a few IMAX for a couple of days then a very limited run. A bit like the Dragon Ball movies but on a smaller scale.
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    yep sometimes you have to wonder who makes those schedules ... and if they havy any interest in the product they're trying to sell
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    Lego Movie 2 2,552 What Men Want 1,383 Cold Pursuit 181 The Prodigy 161 I'll only focus on Lego and Men comps here. Four movies is overkill, and neither Pursuit or Prodigy have sold much to make me all that invested. Maybe I'll look at them later? Lego: 145% of Hotel Transylvania 3 (64.1M) 163% of Christopher Robin (40.2M) 71% of Grinch (48.2M) 164% of Bumblebee (35.6M) HT3 is arguably the best comp here, so Lego outpacing that is a great result. It's also not that far behind from Grinch. Despite none of the comps landing there, I feel like an opening in the 50s is still in play here. Men: 159% of I Feel Pretty (25.4M) 236% of Life of the Party (42.1M) 46% of Ocean's 8 (19.1M) 245% of Simple Favor (39.3M) 132% of Night School (36.1M) 317% of Nobody's Fool (43.6M) 392% of Second Act (25.4M) This outpacing Night School is a great result, although the comps here are a bit more in flux, and this does feel more of a "could go either way" scenario. I feel like an opening in the 30s or higher would be fantastic for this. Praying for Queen Taraji! 🙏
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    It was racist which is why Neeson brings up the attitudes of North Ireland as well. The thing is he's not trying to act like what he did was ok or right he says it was horrible multiple times.
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    It is hilarious to watch people who thoroughly enjoy (and defend) the Marvel Cinematic Universe act as if the Fast and Furious franchise was awful and disgusting for...being unrealistic and far-fetched. Ok.
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    So IMAX had a pretty significant CinemaCon announcement. Apparently they've finished developing that smaller, cheaper version of the IMAX with Laser 4K projection system. They've signed deals with AMC and Cineworld/Regal. AMC will be converting 87 of its existing global IMAX locations to the laser system, while Cineworld/Regal is converting 29 existing locations and adding 26 new IMAX installations that'll use the new system. All of them will also have "luxury seating" and the 12-channel sound system. They're expected to open between this year and 2022.
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