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    https://www.forbes.com/sites/robsalkowitz/2019/02/04/marvels-teaser-ads-put-the-super-in-sbliiis-social-metrics/#2ad395c65cbf Marvel's Teaser Ads Put The 'Super' In SBLIII's Social Metrics
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    1. Crazy Alien: 283m Yuan ($42.0m) 2. The Wandering Earth: 261m ($38,7m) 3. Pegasus: 188m ($27.9m) 4. The New King of Comedy: 107m ($15.9m) 5. Boonie Bears: 83m ($12.3m) 6. The Knight of Shadows: 28.9m ($4.3m) 7. Peppa Pig: 22.8m ($3.4m) 8. Integrity: 18.3m ($2.7m)
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    Lego Movie 2 2,552 4,130 What Men Want 1,383 2,505 Cold Pursuit 181 827 The Prodigy 161 359 Lego: 154% of Hotel Transylvania 3 (68.2M) 169% of Christopher Robin (41.6M) 85% of Grinch (57.4M) 227% of Bumblebee (49.2M) This increased from every comp, especially Grinch and Bumblebee, which is always a great sign. Really feel like 50M is the floor at this point. Men: 155% of I Feel Pretty (24.9M) 191% of Life of the Party (34.2M) 57% of Ocean's 8 (23.8M) 118% of A Simple Favor (18.9M) 143% of Night School (38.9M) 278% of Nobody's Fool (38.2M) 410% of Second Act (26.6M) In contrast, Men's Tuesday comps are down from the Monday ones, apart from Ocean's 8, Night School and Second Act. Again, Night School feels like the best comparison for the type of movie Men is, but those drops do give me pause. Alita Early 66 65 Alita 689 742 Dragon 3 446 394 Captain Marvel 2,079 1,619 Us 68 47
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    Captain Marvel Greater Sacramento Area Premiere Night Seat Report: T-30 Days and counting Sellouts Showings Seats left Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 2 81 7635 10616 28.08% Total Seats Sold Today: 53 .4734x as many tickets sold as Infinity War 30 days before release. [Captain Marvel has 58 days of pre-sales compared to Infinity War's 41 days] Day T-30 Comp: IW: 52 tickets sold [1 sellout/114 showings | 4714/11011 seats left | 57.19% sold]
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    If 3.5 billion people instantly disappeared the entire global infrastructure, economy, and food supply would collapse. Millions upon millions more likely died in the following weeks.
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    Alita had increase on second day in South Korea while the other movies in top 3 had decrease. @IronJimbo
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    I know I’m late to the controversy here, but I will say that I’m glad Neeson was willing to voluntarily come clean about this. He could’ve kept this story to himself and no one would’ve ever found out about it, so the fact that he shared this with people would suggest that he feels deeply ashamed over the whole thing. Before anyone says anything, I’m not excusing what he was thinking at the time. I’m simply saying that people tend to be very complex.
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    For the record, I’m not calling Liam a racist. I don’t know Liam personally to make that judgment. My whole argument from the get go is that his thought process when this event occurred was racist. And that it’s important to acknowledge that because there are people today who still think that way and they need to know that thinking that way is racist. And that’s not even taking into account the psychological aspects of it. If you want to harm someone innocent because of something someone else did, get help. Like immediately.
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    340M DOM here we come...........
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    Good. If past blockbusters have taught us anything it's that 3 hours is not a deal-breaker if people are invested in the characters (LOTR) or the history (Titanic)
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    I'm not on the "it must be as long as possible!" train that so many fans want for their franchise films but one thing you can say about the Russo Brothers (and their editor Jeffery Ford) is generally their films have a superb pace to them. Infinity War did not feel long at all.
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    And now, finally and thankfully, here's my No 1 pick of 2018...
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    I can't believe people are celebrating this deal just because it means a few more toys in the MCU. I'm assuming this includes Fox Searchlight films too, and if so, yikes. Just an awful thing for everyone, but at least we'll finally have Wolverine fucking the Hulk, right?
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    Was pleased by this. It has a bunch of issues but for the most part it's a lot of fun. Held together by Alita's infectious charisma. Liked the star wars esque family drama. . A lot of the CGI is shit but Motorball scenes ARE INCREDIBLE See if you can spot a starship troopers cameo
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    I actively avoid it. When you know something about a certain topic it really exposes how much they bullshit.
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    ~55% bump from Monday. Targeting 328.5 by Sun with 3.2-3.3 weekend (32-34%).
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    Genuinely I've started thinking about this. Comparing with Operation Red Sea last year. Both have almost identical reviews on Maoyan (even down to percentage for each band). The first week of ORS went like this: F - 123.8m S - 141.3m S - 177.4m M - 211.9m T - 231.6m W - 254.1m T - 225.2m Total: 1365.3m So it took until day 6 to reach peak. Also not that on its first 4 days it had less than 100k showings, which TWE already achieved on day 2. However, whilst ORS increased 14% on day 2, TWE went from 175.6m to 242.7m, increasing 38%. I think this means it'll peak earlier in its run, however since the weekend hasn't happened yet (not sure if this has much affect due to holidays), I see this increasing again tomorrow, then staying largely flat Friday through Sunday, potentially having 1500-1600m on Sunday (maybe more). Perhaps about 1750m through Monday minimum. Using ORS multiplier from first week we get 4680m minimum. I'd say it's too early to say if this will beat WW2, but the fact Maoyan is predicting over 5B suggests they're confident in it. EDIT: I got my numbers from Maoyan, but they seem to be different to what @POTUS has
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    CNY day 2 down 30% at 985m. Last year was down 20% with MH2 getting hammered. Big front load for day 1, Too many seats available. We will probably hear about theater over saturation by the end of this year
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    Maoyan already predicts 5.099b for TWE. Could beating WW2 (5.682b) be in play?
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    roughly translated German http://www.insidekino.com/News.htm#Mittwoch_6._Februar_2019
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    His thoughts were around 30 years ago and he clearly states that how he thought and felt was wrong. Do I justify his thinking before? Absolutely not...they were terrible and racist and a black man might have been hurt because of him. HOWEVER, the fact that this wasn't something leaked but instead was of his own admission where he's made clear that his thinking before was wrong and needed help for it makes it difficult for me to demonize him. To me, that's not something to crucify someone over. He's not condoning how he felt. In fact, good for him for showing remorse.
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    As today it won a few VES awards, I thought it might be time to list all the won awards (US?) acc Wikipedia Peoples Choice: Movie of 2018 Action Movie of 2018 Female Movie Star of 2018 - Scarlett Johansson Teen Choice: Choice Action Movie Choice Action Movie Actor - Robert Downey Jr. Choice Action Movie Actress - Scarlett Johansson Visual Effects Society Awards (aka VES) Outstanding Visual Effects in a Photoreal Feature Outstanding Animated Character in a Photoreal Feature Outstanding Effects Simulations in a Photoreal Feature - team for Titan Outstanding Compositing in a Photoreal Feature - team for Titan a few are still pending, the noms... re here to find: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avengers:_Infinity_War#Accolades
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    And here it is. The final 2 movies of the year (that I'm 90% certain most people will have already guessed by now.) Which will place first and which will place second? Open the spoiler box and see......
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    http://news.mtime.com/2019/02/05/1588856.html#p4 Chinese New Year Posters
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    I haven't watched it yet but wow! That was incredible. On my way to the cinema, spoil away folks.
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    We also have to remember that Aladdin pulls from multiple quadrants. Older females, teenage girls, and little girls will love it. It also appeals more to boys than did BatB and especially Cinderella. Mary Poppins pretty much appealed to one demographic....older females. MUCH older females. Those who were kids or teens in the early 1990's will be drawn to the nostalgia of Aladdin. Right now there's nothing suggesting it will be as awful as the internet trolls are claiming. It's not nearly as 4-quadrant as Lion King (possibly the MOST 4-quadrant story ever), but it has a much broader range of audience as MPR had. I never saw MPR making past $200 million and wondered where the crazy numbers came from. I never saw it having a target audience that could pull it any higher.
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    That's... not how it works. You shouldn't straight up lie to your investors. Or else you'll lose investors. They have to be reasonably honest.
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    While I might end up entirely wrong I have a sneaking feeling this might break out now ngl. 😬
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    rub it and see what comes out.
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    Alita now has a bright red tomato 60% Example of a terrible movie currently in release would be Serenity 22% from critics, 30% from fans, IMDB Metascore score of 38. That's some Razzie level garbage right there.
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    We're close enough to release for this to be in the main forums
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    The Wandering Earth has a decent chance of being the highest grossing film in a single territory for 2019. I believe only Lion King and Avengers: Endgame have a shot of crossing $700 million domestically (SW9 has an outside shot too).
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    ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ Poised To Be First Massive Box Office Bomb Of 2019 & Last For Fox As A Studio https://theplaylist.net/alita-battle-angel-box-office-forecast-20190205/ @IronJimbo @JamesCameronScholar
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    Aladdin competition first 10 weekends (have included first 3 weekends of potentially mega openers and first 2 of lesser but formidable ones) Aladdin ow, Pikachu 3rd weekend Aladdin 2nd weekend, Godzilla2 ow Aladdin 3rd weekend, SLOP2 ow, Dark Phoenix ow, Godzilla2 2nd weekend Aladdin 4th weekend, MIB4 ow, SLOP2 2nd weekend, Dark Phoenix 2nd weekend Aladdin 5th weekend, TS4 ow, MIB4 2nd weekend, SLOP2 3rd weekend Aladdin 6th weekend, TS4 2nd weekend Aladdin 7th weekend, SMH ow, TS4 3rd weekend Aladdin 8th weekend, SMH 2nd weekend Aladdin 9th weekend, SMH 3rd weekend Aladdin 10th weekend, TLK ow There are other movies like 47 Meters Down : Uncaged that will also compete for screen space and audience. Under 150 wouldn't shock me, while am expecting under 175. Edit: I was talking dom I found that so obvious that didn't specify it. Folks are really thinking 150 4-day? Potc finale this is not, 2019's Solo this is .
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    I like the fact Fate just threw in a random race scene at the beginning and it feels like the studio is saying "here's your racing scene, now shaddup and watch The Rock punch a missle and zombie cars littering the streets"
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    Your opinions are terrible and biased routinely so they don't count.
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    There were people comparing Alita to Mortal Engines. Alita did more on opening day than Mortal Engines did in total in SK. Insane.
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    cooke maroney? congrats to jennifer lawrence i guess for getting engaged to a dick tracy character.
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    Talking to a friend back in town: Them: "I'm actually hanging out with your sister right now!" Me: "oh shit say hi!" "it's funny we were just talking about you" "really?" "Yea, she told me about that girl that tried asking you to spiderverse but you completely blew off. She said she told you to ask her to go see Isn't It Romantic when it comes out because she likes movies and how you just answered "but I wanna go see Alita Battle Angel" Pretty much sums me up I guess. Cameron > a date
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    Oh yeah definitely. Liam Neeson himself said his thinking was racist. If anyone's saying it wasn't they're fooling themselves.

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