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    Fandango App Monday Tues Wed Thursday Black Panther 35,429 36,302 39,934 65,453 Avengers: Infinity War 49,836 54,892 68,826 206,000 Deadpool 2 23,134 28,896 41,212 SW: Solo 13,688 15,855 28,533 Incredibles 2 20,872 23,430 39,337 Venom 13,602 13,818 20,867 31,569 A Star Is Born 9,115 11,383 22,641 21,501 Fantastic Beasts 8,956 14,238 21,861 31,880 Aquaman 8,502 9,671 15,063 Captain Marvel 33,951 Monday Comps: 96% of Black Panther's Monday (193.6M) 68% of Infinity War (175.6M) 147% of Deadpool 2 (184.2M) 248% of Solo (209.4M) 163% of Incredibles 2 (297.2M) 250% of Venom (200.3M) 372% of A Star is Born (159.8M) 379% of Fantastic Beasts 2 (235.6M) 399% of Aquaman (271M) Black Panther Last 7 Days Comp: 77% of BP (155.1M) Black Panther Day 17-Day 4 Comp: 60% of BP (121.4M) So...yeah, there's a lot of interesting things here. Using the two big Marvel movies (Ant-Man 2's presales would have indicated a $385M+ opener, which...yeah, that ain't happenin'), that seems like the likely scenario. These are also Marvel movies, there's a clear marketplace, Marvel being the biggest thing in pop culture. Why shouldn't it cross at least 180M? However, I still want to be pessimistic here. Not pessimistic enough for the Day 17 BP comp, but more on the line of the Last 7 Days BP comp and the Star is Born comp. I'm sure many are confused why ASIB is listed next to other action/superhero movies based on brands with huge fanbases. Well, the one factor that Captain Marvel has that those other movies don't is strong female appeal. Female-led/skewing movies are notorious for having comparatively larger presales than male-led/skewing releases. And ASIB fits a similar enough bill to CM. Both are female-skewing pictures, and both have large fanbases attached to them that would want to buy tickets in advance (Little Monsters, Marvelites) And simply put...yeah, that 160M number still seems about right. Granted, I've been gunning to be more conservative lately, but I think the female factor's a factor that still needs to be in consideration here. Crossing Beauty and the Beast is already an incredibly high mark (Top 10 OWs), and at least right now, I don't think the hype is quite there yet. But hey, there's still a couple more days to go.
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    Captain Marvel Greater Sacramento Area Premiere Night Seat Report: T-3 Days and counting Sellouts Showings Seats left Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 1 156 10034 16149 37.87% Total Sellouts Added Today: 1 Total Showings Added Today: 25 Total Seats Added Today: 2544 Total Seats Sold Today: 551 1.2090x as many tickets sold as Black Panther 3 days before release. [Captain Marvel has 58 days of pre-sales compared to Black Panther's 30 days] .5399x as many tickets sold as Infinity War 3 days before release. [Captain Marvel has 58 days of pre-sales compared to Infinity War's 41 days] 1.2488x as many tickets sold as Deadpool 2 3 days before release. [Captain Marvel has 58 days of pre-sales compared to DP2's 29 days] 1.2792x as many tickets sold as Solo 3 days before release. [Captain Marvel has 58 days of pre-sales compared to Solo's 20 days] 1.8991x as many tickets sold as Jurassic World 2 3 days before release. [Captain Marvel has 58 days of pre-sales compared to JW2's 22 days] 2.6970x as many tickets sold as Ant-Man and the Wasp 3 days before release. [Captain Marvel has 58 days of pre-sales compared to AM2's 18 days] 1.9879x as many tickets sold as Fantastic Beasts 2 3 days before release. [Captain Marvel has 58 days of pre-sales compared to FB2's 30 days] NOTE: If a theater locally that is now selling tickets for reserved seating was selling them for the above movies, but as non-reserved seating for that movie, it is not counted toward the ratio of 'as many tickets sold' for the movie in question. If a theater is brand new to the region and wasn't yet open for one of the above movies, however, it will be counted toward the ratio. Also, see spoiler box for different comps with BP, without the new theater in town as well as the stat bloc for Captain Marvel without the extra theatre tracking info. Day T-3 Comp: BP: 311 tickets sold [6 sellouts/81 showings | 3766/8279 seats left | 54.51% sold] IW: 549 tickets sold [6 sellouts/151 showings | 3858/13963 seats left | 72.37% sold] DP2: 374 tickets sold [0 sellouts/127 showings | 9812/14181 seats left | 30.81% sold] Solo: 196 tickets sold [1 sellout/103 showings | 6745/11010 seats left | 38.74% sold] JW2: 443 tickets sold [0 sellouts/118 showings | 9224/12907 seats left | 23.75% sold] AM2: n/a tickets sold [0 sellouts/95 showings | 8000/10023 seats left | 20.18% sold] FB2: 203 tickets sold [0 sellouts/102 showings | 10987/13876 seats left | 20.82% sold] CM (adj)*: 500 tickets sold [0 sellouts/156 showings | 9057/14513 seats left | 37.59% sold] * CM (adj) is the number of tickets sold without the extra theaters I now have tracking info for ==== Further BP Comp inside Spoiler Box:
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    Monday Numbers How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World: $1.81mn Tyler Perry's A Madea Family Funeral: $1.7mn Alita: Battle Angel: $0.65mn LEGO 2: $0.4mn Green Book: $0.39mn Greta: $0.36mn FWMF: $0.35mn Isn't it Romantic: $0.35mn WMW: $0.24mn ASIB: $0.22mn
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    Now post the ones acclaiming the movie, i know you wont do that right? So stick with your 4 irrelevant reactions.
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    Moderation: One more time, knock if off with the critic conspiracy theories and the MCU vs DC stuff. Take it to the franchise wars thread if you must, but keep it out of this thread. @LordNox, @andersonhoran, @Valonqar and @Cappoedameron are threadbanned. Reinstating @Wonder89's threadban as well (something slipped through the system).
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    This has 86% on RT and people are acting like if it is rotten or something, wtf.
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    Hey guys. Lets stop talking about Propaganda. Lets not make this thread toxic (again). Look at those kittens: These kittens want a happy Captain Marvel thread. See, the one in the middle is even praying for it. Lets make this thread a happy place, everyone.
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    Also as someone who loved Alita: Battle Angel, for the love of God please don’t put the two against each other. We should be rooting for female led blockbusters regardless and shouldn’t put them against each other.
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    Having had four decades (plus) of formulaic origin stories for guys, I'm okay with a few for the women. I think that's one difference being a woman, because I see a lot of people complaing that they've seen this same story so many times before, it doesn't do anything new or differnet, but they mean this kind of story with someone who looks like them has been done to death. I haven't gotten that much of this yet. It's still new and exciting to me to see a woman do these things. Please give me a few decades to become bored of seeing this. I'm sure I will. But, let me have that time for it to become routine, just like you got it.
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    I mean it did 91 fucking percent of Infinity Fucking War tonight at the same theaters!!! Okay, it had the room to grow compared to IW. But it smoked the rest of the field, including JW2 which started its roar tonight. Flat out insane, and now I REALLY wonder how much demand is being burnt locally on Thr.
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    @soccergirl2019 has been permanently banned as a duplicate account.
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    “This movie is pretty solid, maybe 10th best in the MCU or so.”
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    MT 2019-03-05 00:00:35.902529 UTC 1 37% Captain Marvel 2 15.7% How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World 3 12.3% Tyler Perry's A Madea Family Funeral 4 4% Alita: Battle Angel 5 3.6% The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part BP at same point in time 2018-02-13 00:01:31.167557 UTC 1 38.7% Black Panther 2 23.4% Fifty Shades Freed 3 8.4% Peter Rabbit 4 4.7% 15:17 to Paris, The 5 2.6% Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
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    The track record of MCU in terms of critical reception is remarkable. Every single one of their films is fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, with 19 out of 21 films achieving the Certified Fresh marker, including Captain Marvel. 15 out of 21 have 7+ average ratings, with all films 6+. This level of consistent critical acclaim in a franchise of this size is impressive. Perhaps it is easy to forget this. In the modern era, only 5 live action comic book films have 8+ average ratings on RT (MCU's 'The Avengers' and 'Black Panther', along with Sony's 'Spider-Man 2', and Warner Bros.' 'The Dark Knight' & 'The Dark Knight Rises'). MCU Rotten Tomatoes Ratings Black Panther (2018) — 97% — 8.2 rating Iron Man (2008) — 94% — 7.7 rating Marvel’s The Avengers (2012) — 92% — 8.0 rating Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) — 92% — 7.7 rating Thor: Ragnarok (2017) — 92% — 7.5 rating Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) — 91% — 7.7 rating Captain America: Civil War (2016) — 91% — 7.7 rating Doctor Strange (2016) — 90% — 7.3 rating Captain America: The Winter Solider (2014) — 89% — 7.6 rating Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018) — 88% — 7.0 rating Captain Marvel (2019) — 87% — 7.2 rating (93 reviews in) Avengers: Infinity War (2018) — 84% — 7.4 rating Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) — 83% — 7.2 rating Ant-Man (2015) — 82% — 6.8 rating Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) — 80% — 7.0 rating Iron Man 3 (2013) — 80% — 7.0 rating Thor (2011) — 77% — 6.7 rating Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) — 75% — 6.7 rating Iron Man 2 (2010) — 73% — 6.5 rating The Incredible Hulk (2008) — 67% — 6.2 rating Thor: The Dark World (2013) — 66% — 6.2 rating Peace, Mike
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    WW and CM both being well liked and raking in big dough is good for everyone that wants more movies like WW and CM. Win, win... No?
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    Normally Pulse is boring on Monday and Tuesday but not this time . Pulse yesterday 8:35-8:49 EST: Captain Marvel: 220/15 – unfortunately I was too lazy to count for Venom and Aquaman so I can only compare it to other highly anticipated big movies like e.g. Fantastic Beasts 2 which had 68/15 minutes same day and time of the day before the release, Glass had 16/15, Bohemian Rhapsody 57/15, Halloween 71/15. Pulse yesterday 10:35-10:49 EST: Captain Marvel: 478/15 – e.g. that's ca. 12x of what Glass had at that time on Monday, Bohemian Rhapsody had 82/15 at that time on Monday. Pulse today 8:35-8:49 EST: CM: 351/15 minutes – yesterday it were 220/15, up 60%; Halloween had 112/15 and Glass 31/15 both same day and time of the day, Bohemian Rhapsody 142/15 same time of the day but on Wednesday (for the next days my comparisons will be less incomplete). And Pulse today 10:50-11:04 EST: CM: 635/15 minutes – yesterday 478/15, up 33%; Fantastic Beasts 2 (62.2M OW) had 593/15 minutes same time of the day but on Thursday, Bohemian Rhapsody had 201/15 same time of the day but on Wednesday. All depends on the multiplier CM will have in the following days but just from these comparisons yesterday and today it looks indeed like CM will perform closer to 200M than 150M. But CM will probably be more frontloaded than the comparison-movies (except FB 2) so to be on the safe side I also go with 150M+ at the moment.
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    Corpse: Weekend Actuals (03/02-03)01 (---) ¥696,000,000 ($6.2 million), 0, ¥757,447,800 ($6.8 million), Doraemon: Nobita's Chronicle of Moon Exploration (Toho) NEW 02 (01) ¥280,558,300 ($2.5 million), +08%, ¥958,207,800 ($8.6 million), Tonde Saitama (Toei) WK203 (---) ¥200,000,000 ($1.8 million), 0, ¥290,086,900 ($2.6 million), Green Book (Gaga) NEW 04 (02) ¥125,869,600 ($1.1 million), -49%, ¥684,690,600 ($6.2 million), Alita: Battle Angel (Fox) WK2 05 (03) ¥112,314,900 ($1.0 million), -24%, ¥379,999,450 ($3.4 million), My Girlfriend is a Mage (Nikkei) WK2 06 (09) ¥x96,638,100 ($863,000), -01%, ¥12,153,845,280 ($109.0 million), Bohemian Rhapsody (Fox) WK17 07 (04) ¥x94,715,500 ($846,000), -32%, ¥885,172,800 ($7.9 million), Fortuna's Eye (Toho) WK3 08 (07) ¥x91,330,200 ($815,000), -15%, ¥1,201,016,700 ($11.0 million), City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes (Aniplex) WK4 09 (05) ¥x80,328,400 ($717,000), -36%, ¥4,248,768,200 ($38.8 million), Masquerade Hotel (Toho) WK7 10 (06) ¥x73,622,600 ($657,000), -40%, ¥1,450,230,900 ($13.1 million), Aquaman (Warner Bros.) WK4>Doraemon: Nobita's Chronicle of Moon Exploration, the thirty-ninth entry in the long-running franchise, easily claimed the #1 spot over the weekend box-office, and delivered the biggest opening weekend so far in 2019. This, of course, comes to no one's surprise since the series always kicks off the Spring box-office season in a big way every year. This year's release did see a decrease from last year's film, but it still achieved the third biggest opening weekend in the franchise, selling 586,000 admissions over the weekend frame across 382 screens, and reaching 645,685 admissions since opening on Friday. Expect a total around the ¥4.5 billion ($40 million) mark. However, there isn't too much for families/children this Spring (no Disney or Illumination this year), so it's possible legs could end up slightly higher than the franchise norm, and this year's film could become only the third entry in the franchise to reach the ¥5 billion milestone. >Tonde Saitama saw a second weekend increase, but I wasn't paying close enough attention to it to see why. My guess is it had some stage greetings with the cast at some point over the weekend, but regardless, a second weekend increase is always great. It's about guaranteed to exceed ¥1.5 billion ($15 million) now, and could approach the ¥2 billion ($20 million) milestone. >Green Book performed very well in its opening weekend, selling 154,000 admissions over the weekend frame on 180 screens, and it reached 234,428 admissions since opening on Friday. This is the highest debut for the Academy Award for Best Picture winner since 2010's The King's Speech, and is 95% higher than last year's The Shape of Water. I imagine legs will be good/great, and see a total around ¥1.5 billion ($15 million). >Alita: Battle Angel fell hard over its sophomore frame, and as a result, will likely only finish slightly above the ¥1 billion ($10 million) milestone. It enjoyed a so-so opening weekend, but will end up with a disappointing, perhaps bomb-worthy, total. >Bohemian Rhapsody... following its many Oscar wins (and Best Foreign-Language win at the Japan Academy Prize) experienced a significant boost over the past week, and stayed nearly flat versus last weekend. It is now the 19th highest grossing film ever, surpassing The Wind Rises. There's really nothing left to be said about it, so let's just wait and see where it eventually winds up. >Aquaman falls pretty hard once again, but its slightly stronger than usual weekdays (for a Marvel/DC film) is keeping its cumulative total decent. Expect it to finish around ¥1.7 billion ($15/16 million).
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    So much Meh reviews and such a high Tomato score.....Only the MCU can get away with that..,,They don't have to try hard anymore
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    BP is the most overrated film of the decade.IW was much superior.
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    TUESDAY ESTIMATES Green Book 19.65M/154.3M +4% ALITA 15.55M/793M, -12% Dragon 3 11.95M/248.3M -21% TWE 8.55M/4559M -8%
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    MT 2019-03-05 15:00:25.729558 UTC 1 44.6% Captain Marvel 2 11.6% Tyler Perry's A Madea Family Funeral 3 11.5% How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World 4 3% The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part 5 3% Green Book
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    This is the most desperate spin I've ever heard. You don't work for years and spend hundreds of millions of dollars to create a whole damn movie whose ultimate job is... to reaffirm that "there's so much potential!" If there's potential, realize it. "Competence" should not be the goal to strive for.
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    Isn't it enough that we get tortured occasionally by users posting grace randolphs videos, now we have users posting even more obnoxious random nobody youtubers
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    Alright, here's my final prediction (for Monday :P) Previews: $22mn True Friday: $47mn Saturday: $60mn Sunday: $44mn Total: $173mn
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    Ended at 32.9k, strong last hour. Edit: Not quite final, see @CoolEric258‘s posts below for more.
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    It's ok Chuck Avatar 2 OW over Captain Marvel Worldwide
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    The amount of dislikes and trolls in the YouTube comments on pretty much every single positive review is absolutely hilarious. 😂
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    CM JW2 AIW BP Tot Average Tot Average Tot Average Tot Average T-7 11,214 2,242 2,845 711 17,751 3,550 1,768 295 T-6 12,856 2,571 3,575 894 20,201 4,040 2,117 353 T-5 15,397 3,079 4,461 1,115 22,713 4,543 2,508 418 T-4 17,907 3,581 6,666 1,667 25,381 5,076 4,467 745 T-3 20,798 4,159 8,942 2,236 28,832 5,766 7,755 1,293 T-2 26,033 5,206 12,723 3,181 34,763 6,953 10,346 1,724 T-1 34,181 6,836 18,099 4,525 47,133 9,427 16,386 2,731 T 38,111 9,528 69,757 13,951 31,136 5,189 TLJ Tot Average T-7 T-6 T-5 T-4 T-3 T-2 9,639 2,410 T-1 13,507 3,377 T 21,196 5,299
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    Yeah there’s room for two superhero movies led by women at a time. If I see Alita again instead of CM it’ll be because Captain Marvel appears to be a bad movie not because it’s led by another woman. I’ll be using foreign reviews for this, can’t trust the American ones due to manufactured outrage. Ironically the CM thread seems more concerned about it than this thread, as if liking Alita makes you a bigot wtf. Don’t drag Alita into this. If Trump tweets about Alita just die in my sleep already.
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    Weekend 28/02–03/03/2019 Ranking Title Weekend admissions % change from last weekend Total admissions Week 1 The Favourite 14,024 -56.0% 200,006 5 2 Green Book 13,534 +162.6% 145,257 9 3 The Queen's Corgi [English-language Belgian] 8,444 -32.8% 23,334 2 4 The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part 7,293 -51.3% 51,332 3 5 Happy Death Day 2U 7,216 – 7,216 1 6 The Wife 4,962 -32.4% 16,538 2 7 The Vanishing 4,266 -45.0% 17,411 2 8 Alita: Battle Angel 3,734 -56.9% 48,238 3 9 Cold Pursuit 3,474 -40.6% 68,517 4 10 Napszállta (aka Sunset) [Hungarian] 2,877 – 2,877 1 Source: http://flix.gr/news/box-office-28022019.html http://cine.gr/article.asp?topic=Box Office&id=14224 https://www.myfilm.gr/article8773 The national box office reached new lows for 2019. Looking at cumulative weekend admissions for the usually busy months of January and February one would would be stunned: this past weekend was the second-lowest January/February weekend of the last decade. The record-low goes to the weekend of February 20-23, 2014, when 'Monuments Men' and 'Pompeii' presided over a 74,192-admission weekend. To be pedantic, I'd note that it would also be the second-lowest among early March weekends. 'The Favourite' is rapidly losing hype but the anaemic box office has helped it remain at the top for a fourth (and final) consecutive weekend. Its 200K-admission total is nothing less than a massive commercial success for Lanthimos, although it is not the first time Oscar movies have scored blockbuster numbers in Greece – 'Gladiator', 'The Departed', 'Slumdog Millionaire' and 'The King's Speech' all earned more than 200K admissions. 'Green Book', on the other hand, surprised again as it expanded from 28 to 50 screens and came very close to a first-place finish. The word of mouth has clearly been stellar. The photo finish was the 15th closest since 2008 and probably the only one to ever be between a film in its 5th weekend and a film in its 9th weekend, something which indicates these two films' staying power, as well as the prolonged drought that is damaging the box office. I still (stubbornly maybe) wouldn't bet on 'Green Book's' reaching 200K admissions, but it's certainly got a long run ahead of it. It reminds me of 'King's Speech', which received a 41% boost to 10,947 admissions on its post-Oscar weekend and managed to sell 40K admissions thereafter. If 'Green Book' enjoyed a similar fate, it would reach 185K admissions, enough to make it surpass 'Argo' (182,040 admissions), as the highest-grossing Best Picture winner since 'King's Speech' (225,080 admissions). It certainly deserves it. 2018 Oscar Best Picture nominees Title Total admissions The Favourite 200,006 Black Panther 153,120 Bohemian Rhapsody 146,007 Green Book 145,257 A Star Is Born 93,927 Vice 33,835 BlacKkKlansman 8,883 Roma Unknown Lower down the charts, there is honestly not much to talk about. 'LEGO Movie 2' is following a similar trajectory to its predecessor, however next weekend there is a public holiday on Monday. If it can hold well, it has chances of moving ahead of its predecessor and challenging 'LEGO Batman', which is the franchise's biggest film. 'Cold Pursuit' has topped 'Non-Stop' and 'Run All Night' but will not get close to 'Unknown' or last year's 'The Commuter'. Next weekend, the box office doldrums will hopefully come to an end with the only enduring franchise of our times: 'Captain Marvel' should fare much better than 'Wonder Woman' (38,618-admission opening). My guess is about 55,000 admissions.
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    @Thanos Legion @Charlie Jatinder @ZeeSoh and anyone else stick this in your back pocket for next month https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Jnb9fFsFHiQ-ZH1oTZXX7YmoqymZ-vKs3jOwRImNHp8/edit?usp=sharing Days Out TA:IW TA:EG MN PS %Incr OD PS Incr %Incr MN PS %Incr OD PS Incr %Incr 21 20 ¥0.40 ¥1.00 ¥1.00 19 ¥1.30 0.90 225% ¥1.20 20% ¥2.00 1.00 100% 78 ¥2.00 0.70 54% 17 ¥3.30 1.30 65% 16 ¥4.60 1.30 39% 15 ¥5.60 ¥8.50 3.90 85% 14 ¥7.80 39% ¥14.60 6.10 72% 13 ¥9.00 15% ¥18.50 3.90 27% 12 ¥10.10 12% ¥22.30 3.80 21% 11 ¥11.00 9% ¥25.60 3.30 15% 10 ¥11.90 8% ¥29.00 3.40 13% 9 ¥12.80 8% ¥33.70 4.70 16% 8 ¥15.00 17% ¥43.10 9.40 28% 7 ¥16.60 11% ¥50.40 7.30 17% 6 ¥17.90 8% ¥58.20 7.80 15% 5 ¥19.30 8% ¥65.80 7.60 13% 4 ¥20.90 8% ¥75.30 9.50 14% 3 ¥22.80 9% ¥88.90 13.60 18% 2 ¥25.80 13% ¥107.40 18.50 21% 1 ¥30.60 19% ¥129.00 21.60 20% Final ¥55.90 83% ¥182.00 53.00 41% OD(m) ¥387 ¥1 PSm 2.13 #DIV/0! OW(m) ¥1,271 ¥1 OW$(m) $200.47 $0.16
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    CHEWING GUM ON HIS PUBIS! @MrPink @Jake Gittes @Telemachos @WrathOfHan
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    Guideline for review of Captain Marvel I gathered from this topic (from all source: fan screening, social media impression, early critics impression...) - Best of X (X = MCU, the year, movie genres...), groundbreaking... = hyperbole, paid review. - Fun, funny, enjoyable, humor = generic MCU movie, formulaic, easy to forget, popcorn faire. - Praises of character X = character Y sucks. - Criticism of some aspect of the movie while enjoying the others = doomed/trash movie.
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    I was checking the Fandango data from @CoolEric258 sheet. Captain Marvel had sold 59,612 tickets during 18-60 days. BP data ain't available for over 17 days. Since then, CM to BP ratio has been 17-12: 31% 11-5: 67% And Monday is looking like 87%. Now Black Panther had shorter pre-sale time so it was obviously gonna lead in that mid part of sales i.e. from the initial comps. Overall pre-sales in absolute number should be close to 80-85% as it will be in its final stage. I don't know if I was stating the obvious but Fandago tells a $160-170mn weekend
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    I have pre-sale data for Chile. Wednesday previews stand at 1762 tickets sold at the chain I tracked which has 17% of all showtimes for the previews. Extrapolating that would give ~10,300 in total, a similar total to Bohemian Rhapsody which went on to open to $1,2m USD (equivalent to 99m opening domestic). That would be similar to Black Panther, Thor Ragnarok, and Homecoming EDIT: Using Thor Ragnarok as a comp I get 1,6M USD, the biggest solo opening for Marvel. CM still has one day and a half to go so it will increase a lot (it sold 400 tickets in the last day). Latin American countries tend to behave similarly, and so far Chilean pre-sales have predicted the huge breakout of Dragon Ball Super Broly and the bombing of Alita across the region. I also have data for OD but I don't have anything to compare it to, I just know that the presales are 10x those of Alita but less than Broly which is a pretty big range lol.
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    MARCH 01-03 WEEKEND. HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U OPENS ON TOP OF THE LOWEST GROSSING MOVIE IN NEARLY ONE AND A HALF YEAR. TOOTHLESS BARELY LOSE HEIGHT OF FLIGHT AND GREEN BOOK GETS POST-OSCAR JUMP. Happy Death Day 2U - Lower than The Witch and 12% over Hereditary. This Wednesday should beat first Happy Death Day which was a limited release. How To Train Your Dragon 3 - Already beat Shrek: Forever After as Dreamworks’ second highest grosser behind Boss Baby. $400M are going to be a photo-finish depending on how much Captain Marvel affects. # MOVIE WEEKEND % CHANGE TOTAL (MXN) TOTAL (USD) ADM. TOTAL ADM. 1 Happy Death Day 2U $22.4 $22.4 $1.16 413.6K 413.6K 2 Cold Pursuit $16.5 -38,66% $56.4 $2.92 277.8K 1 3 How To Train Your Dragon 3 $16.1 -11,04% $380.1 $19.81 330.6K 7.5 4 Alita: Battle Angel $15.6 -36,58% $148.7 $7.65 263.7K 2.5 5 Lady Rancho $11.8 -20,80% $34.3 $1.38 241.5K 737.6K 6 Green Book $11.3 +121,56% $50.6 $2.60 150.2K 688.5K 7 Serenity $9.9 $9.9 $513K 130.7K 130.7K 8 LEGO Movie 2 $8.6 -32,81% $60 $3.06 170.2K 1.2 9 La Boda de Mi Mejor Amigo $6.9 -53,06% $92.4 $4.74 121.9K 1.7 10 Mia Et Le Lion Blanc $3.6 -41,93% $12.3 $639K 71.7K 257.5K This Friday opens: Captain Marvel, Beautiful Boy, El Ángel and Belmonte
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    Moderation Now that we're all over this shocking and unexpected development that the review embargo is exactly the same as Infinity War. Can we move on please? Regards BOT Staff

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