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    Fandango App Monday Tues Wed Thursday Black Panther 35,429 36,302 39,934 65,453 Avengers: Infinity War 49,836 54,892 68,826 206,000 Deadpool 2 23,134 28,896 41,212 SW: Solo 13,688 15,855 28,533 Incredibles 2 20,872 23,430 39,337 Venom 13,602 13,818 20,867 31,569 A Star Is Born 9,115 11,383 22,641 21,501 Fantastic Beasts 8,956 14,238 21,861 31,880 Aquaman 8,502 9,671 15,063 Captain Marvel 33,951 37,060 49,745 Wednesday Comps: 125% of Black Panther (251.6M) 72% of Infinity War (186.2M) 121% of Deadpool 2 (151.5M) 174% of Solo (147.2M) 126% of Incredibles 2 (230.8M) 238% of Venom (191.3M) 220% of A Star is Born (94.3M) 227% of Fantastic Beasts 2 (141.4M) 330% of Aquaman (224.1M) Last 7 Days Comp: 97% of Black Panther (196.1M) Day 17-Day 2 Comp: 75% of Black Panther (151.5M) The non-MCU comps went down, while the MCU comps rose considerably. Either way, the fact this is doing so well next to both BP and IW is commendable. Still O/U BvS at the moment, but God bless Brie Larson for saving the box office
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    Thu looking like CM 2.1m , cume 3.6m (Thu + Wed night Prev) BP 1.753m, cume 2.9m (Thu + Tu/We night prev) DP OD 2.95m , no previws SMH 2.84m , no prev - School Hols Venom 2.5m , no prev WW 1.1m , no prev , goes on to do 31m
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    Who thinks I should ask for another update today?
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    Updated my profile pic to support equal cat representation in films. I've been sick and tired of these pro-dog propaganda pieces like A Dog's Purpose, A Dog's Way Home, Dog Days, A Dog's Journey, Isle of Dogs, Show Dogs, and the fact that The Secret Life of Pets mainly decided to focus on the two primary dog characters. What do us cat lovers get? Nine Lives? This is the cat movie event of a lifetime.
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    HIGHER FURTHER FASTER At long last, Captain Marvel, the twenty-first film of the ever-expanding, ever-engaging, ever-ever cinematic saga known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe has arrived. And on the East Coast, it's only little more than an hour until the first batch of American audiences will experience this new release. Not only is Carol Danvers coming to save the world from Thanos, but also from a so far dismal 2019 at the box office. At least $100M is the floor according to trackers, and judging by the Buzz & Tracking Thread, there's strong potential for at least $150M, possibly even breaking the March OW Beauty and the Beast generated in 2017 ($174.7M). This should also hopefully turn the tides for many movies in the future and put 2019 back on track, with films like Us, Dumbo, and Shazam, as well as a summer full of Avengers, Pokemon, genies, pets, toys, spiders, lions, and Tyrese's worst enemies. The film has already seen strong results overseas and good reviews, and many are excited to see what visionaries Anne Boden and Ryan Fleck have in store. How will Captain Marvel fit into the MCU? How does it connect to the events of Endgame? How will Carol Danvers fit into Endgame and post-Endgame? What will the inevitable sequel have in store? How many threadbans and thread locks will occur on this weekend? All exciting answers for a hopefully exciting opening. But before we start the party, there are a few important rules people need to follow before they post. 1. ABSOLUTELY NO SPOILERS. NOT EVEN SPOILERS POSTED UNDER SPOILER TAGS. This rule is applied to all weekend threads, but it's especially true for this weekend. Captain Marvel is a highly-anticipated release, and there are many who haven't seen the film yet that don't want to be spoiled by anything not revealed in the marketing. You are free to give general opinions, but try to avoid going into any further detail. This applies to every other movie in theaters. So no Dragon 3 spoilers, no Madea spoilers, etc. If you do spoil something here, you will be banned. No exceptions whatsoever. Don't be a dick. If you would like to talk about the movie in more detail, click on the Captain Marvel spoiler thread right here. 2. KEEP YOUR AGENDA OUT OF HERE. We get it. Marvel is the greatest film series ever created and all other franchises are below it. Marvel is destroying cinema and Kevin Feige/Bob Iger/Kathleen Kennedy is the spawn of Satan, and DC or James Cameron are gifts from God. Wonder Woman is better than Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel's better than Wonder Woman. Alita's better than Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel's better than Alita. Shazam is the true Captain Marvel. Brie Larson wants to exterminate white men from existence. Yadda yadda yadda. There's a time and place for these kinds of statements...actually, there isn't. But at the very least, it doesn't belong here. If you want to start these beefs related to all of these dumb children's movies, take it to the Fanboy Wars thread right here. If you do this kind of stuff here, it'll derail the thread and can be considered trolling. The mods will not be kind to the people who started this, I'll tell you that much. Don't be a dick. 3. NO CRITICS CONSPIRACY THEORIES. After certain policy changes in Rotten Tomatoes, and some of the more mixed-to-positive responses, there have been quite a large number of conspiracies popping up about this movie and critics. "THEY'RE JUST BEING BOUGHT. THEY ACTUALLY HATE THE MOVIE BUT ARE FORCED TO SAY NICE THINGS. DISNEY IS RUINING FILM CRITICISM. AUDIENCES ACTUALLY HATE IT. DISNEY IS PUTTING CHEMICALS IN THE WATER THAT TURN THE FROGS GAY" Yeah, no. We're not gonna have this stuff here. I don't care what evidence you have that exposes the supposed truth. These types of posts are going to derail the thread and can also be considered trolling. We'll allow maybe one or two posts about a potential discrepancy between audiences or critics, or you saying you didn't like the movie or that the crowd you were with weren't into the film, or you arguing there's potential for a bad second weekend drop. But if you start repeating yourself, or said posts are inflammatory, or you start promoting the idea that there's some sort of evil conspiracy going around...yeah, the mods aren't going to be nice. Don't be a dick. 4. NO POLITICS. This weekend sees Marvel's first female-led feature. This is also coming after a swath of controversy after star Brie Larson made a statement wanting more diversity in film journalism and film criticism. If people like it, great! If they don't, also great! Regardless, please do not come after people for liking or disliking a movie for political reasons. This is supposed to be a movie forum where people can talk about the box office and talk about movies without getting hounded by other people. Don't be a dick. 5. THE REPORT AND IGNORE BUTTONS ARE YOUR FRIENDS. See a post that might be breaking the rules? DO NOT RESPOND TO IT. Just hit the Report button, give an explanation to the problem, including the context, then hit "Submit". The mods will determine the post and see if it's breaking the rules, and give out repercussions. See a poster that's consistently being annoying? Then just hit highlight their name, then click "Ignore User" on the pop-up. It'll save lives and hopefully cause less of an uproar or infighting. While trolls are already bad, responding to them only makes it worse. So again...Don't be a dick. 6. IS OFF-TOPIC DISCUSSION OKAY? Well...yes and no. We want people to stick to box office numbers as best as they can. However, there are plenty of dead periods of time with no new numbers, and other discussions will surge. And that's okay, so long as the off topic discussions don't go overboard. So if there's no action, and you want to talk about whether Pluto Nash or Daddy Day Care is better, or who will win The Bachelor, or discuss the discography of Pitbull, that's totally fine. Just remember that when the numbers come to keep those discussions down to a minimum. Keep on doing that, and it becomes a chore for many who just want to know the numbers. We will have a post immediately after this one that will focus on just the numbers always updated to the most recent estimates, but the phrase still applies. Don't. Be. A Dick. And lastly... 7. DON'T BE A DICK. Threads lately have started to become a little too toxic. Whatever the reason may be, if you're not being nice, you're going to get the banhammer smashed onto you. If you're not sure if your post is nice, think to yourself this: "If I post this, will people get mad?" If so, then don't post it. And if you're unsure if you can handle being nice for one weekend, then, simply put, get out of here. You probably know what I'm gonna say next. TL;DR. No spoilers, no fanboy wars. Keep it nice, keep it neutral, don't attack others, and you'll be fine. If you don't do this stuff, you'll risk a threadban, a suspension, or even a permanent ban, so tread lightly. Here's the legendary Kirk Deveyck, President of all Marvel fans, teaching you how to get prepared for Captain Marvel.
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    Wanted to take time off from BOT for a while (partly due to personal reasons, partly due to school being overwhelming right now). I had a good 3 or 4 days of no posting, but started up again yesterday. I just need to be here for event weekends like this
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    Just watched the movie. I can say that the trailer did not do Carol justice. She's full of life, sassy and enjoyable for the duration of the film.
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    Ok I'm really glad some of the reviews lowered my expectations cause I really enjoyed the film. Has some flaws that are actually a tad different from other MCU origin films but if they keep the core cast for the sequel I'm gonna be excited for more Captain Marvel. Brie Larson was pretty good despite some of the limitations the story put on her. Film should have good WoM.
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    One of my close friends for eight years has been turned into an incel by these asshole alt-righters and hates Captain Marvel because he thinks Brie is a "femi-nazi". This actually hurts.
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    Captain Marvel Greater Sacramento Area Premiere Night Seat Report: T-1 Day and counting Sellouts Showings Seats left Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 1 202 11167 19147 41.68% Total Showings Added Today: 7 Total Seats Added Today: 483 Total Seats Sold Today: 1063 1.1924x as many tickets sold as Black Panther 1 day before release. [Captain Marvel has 58 days of pre-sales compared to Black Panther's 30 days] .6130x as many tickets sold as Infinity War 1 day before release. [Captain Marvel has 58 days of pre-sales compared to Infinity War's 41 days] 1.1924x as many tickets sold as Deadpool 2 1 day before release. [Captain Marvel has 58 days of pre-sales compared to DP2's 29 days] 1.4494x as many tickets sold as Solo 1 day before release. [Captain Marvel has 58 days of pre-sales compared to Solo's 20 days] 1.6865x as many tickets sold as Jurassic World 2 1 day before release. [Captain Marvel has 58 days of pre-sales compared to JW2's 22 days] 2.6801x as many tickets sold as Ant-Man and the Wasp 1 day before release. [Captain Marvel has 58 days of pre-sales compared to AM2's 18 days] 2.7065x as many tickets sold as Venom 1 day before release. [Captain Marvel has 58 days of pre-sales compared to Venom's 21 days] 1.8719x as many tickets sold as Fantastic Beasts 2 1 day before release. [Captain Marvel has 58 days of pre-sales compared to FB2's 30 days] NOTE: If a theater locally that is now selling tickets for reserved seating was selling them for the above movies, but as non-reserved seating for that movie, it is not counted toward the ratio of 'as many tickets sold' for the movie in question. If a theater is brand new to the region and wasn't yet open for one of the above movies, however, it will be counted toward the ratio. Also, see spoiler box for different comps with BP, without the new theater in town as well as the stat bloc for Captain Marvel without the extra theatre tracking info. Day T-1 Comp: BP: 650 tickets sold [7 sellouts/121 showings | 4597/10526 seats left | 56.33% sold] IW: 738 tickets sold [11 sellouts/174 showings | 3625/15159 seats left | 76.09% sold] DP2: 835 tickets sold [0 sellouts/166 showings | 10226/16155 seats left | 36.70% sold] Solo: 377 tickets sold [1 sellout/142 showings | 8575/13453 seats left | 36.26% sold] JW2: 768 tickets sold [0 sellouts/147 showings | 9523/13715 seats left | 30.57% sold] AM2: 347 tickets sold [0 sellouts/112 showings | 8258/10896 seats left | 24.21% sold] Venom: 498 tickets sold [0 sellouts/122 showings | 10414/13170 seats left | 20.93% sold] FB2: 492 tickets sold [0 sellouts/131 showings | 11940/15717 seats left | 24.03% sold] CM (adj)*: 914 tickets sold [1 sellouts/202 showings | 8507/15577 seats left | 45.39% sold] * CM (adj) is the number of tickets sold without the extra theaters I now have tracking info for ==== Further BP Comp inside Spoiler Box:
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    Captain Marvel Greater Sacramento Area Premiere Night Seat Report: PREMIERE NIGHT (MID-DAY UPDATE) [12:00pm - 1:05pm] Sellouts Showings Seats left Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 1 202 10114 19147 47.18% Total Seats Sold Since Last Night: 1053 1.1518x as many tickets sold as Black Panther mid day of premiere. .6442x as many tickets sold as Infinity War mid day of premiere. 1.1519x as many tickets sold as Deadpool 2 mid day of premiere. 1.4926x as many tickets sold as Solo mid day of premiere. 1.5980x as many tickets sold as Jurassic World 2 mid day of premiere. 2.2390x as many tickets sold as Ant-Man and the Wasp mid day of premiere. 2.4033x as many tickets sold as Venom mid day of premiere. 1.9245x as many tickets sold as Fantastic Beasts 2 mid day of premiere. NOTE: If a theater locally that is now selling tickets for reserved seating was selling them for the above movies, but as non-reserved seating for that movie, it is not counted toward the ratio of 'as many tickets sold' for the movie in question. If a theater is brand new to the region and wasn't yet open for one of the above movies, however, it will be counted toward the ratio. Also, see spoiler box for different comps with BP, without the new theater in town as well as the stat bloc for Captain Marvel without the extra theatre tracking info. T-0 Mid-Day comps:: BP: 943 tickets sold that half day [9 sellouts/127 showings | 3944/10816 seats left | 63.54% sold] IW: 752 tickets sold that half day [17 sellouts/182 showings | 2873/15159 seats left | 81.05% sold] DP2: 942 tickets sold that half day [0 sellouts/167 showings | 9330/16201 seats left | 42.41% sold] Solo: 377 tickets sold that half day [2 sellouts/142 showings | 8150/13453 seats left | 39.42% sold] JW2: 761 tickets sold that half day [0 sellouts/147 showings | 8762/13715 seats left | 36.11% sold] AM2: 897 tickets sold that half day [0 sellouts/112 showings | 7361/10896 seats left | 32.44% sold] Venom: 725 tickets sold that half day [0 sellouts/127 showings | 9748/13229 seats left | 26.31% sold] FB2: 570 tickets sold that half day [0 sellouts/134 showings | 11494/15841 seats left | 27.44% sold] CM (adj)*: 845 tickets sold that half day [1 sellouts/202 showings | 7662/15577 seats left | 50.81% sold] * CM (adj) is the number of tickets sold without the extra theaters I now have tracking info for ==== Further BP Comp inside Spoiler Box:
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    Do people actually realize how much of a scumbag Hugo actually is most of the movie? When you rewatch the movie, his character gets a way darker tinge when we know he's mugging cyborgs for their body parts. That glance he gives Alita after they meet cute gets a more sinister undertone. Alita is smitten, he looks like he's wondering how she's probably worth millions on the black market. He jacked the cutters at Vector's order then delivered them to Chiren, the same deadly cutters that tear Alita into pieces. He never atones for that. Then Vector asks him to convince Alita to race in Motorball even though by now Hugo should have known that Vector, Chiren and Grewishka are tagging along to kill Alita. He still complies giving up Alita on a plate for a ticket to Zalem not giving a damn if Alita gets killed at the motorball race by Vector goons. (I mean he didn't even plan to attend it lol). Before his buddy gets sliced by Zapan, he says "I told you we should have jacked that bitch when we had the chance..." meaning at some point they discussed ripping Alita's body parts for money. Dude acted like a dope fiend ready to sacrifice everyone that cares for him to get to Zalem (The script doesn't lean too much on that addict subtext but I think he was addicted to his dream, willing to do "whatever it takes" to a fault) until Alita wakes up his guilty conscience way too late. He definetely didn't deserve Alita's empathy and compassion, deep inside he knew it too when he refuses her heart. Like Ido said, Iron City corrupts everyone except Alita.
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    And now it begins. Opening day record in Indonesia. Beat IW
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    HUGE jump on MT 2019-03-07 01:00:29.796696 UTC 1 60% Captain Marvel 2 8.1% How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World 3 7.4% Tyler Perry's A Madea Family Funeral 4 2.9% Alita: Battle Angel 5 2.2% Greta
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    So I just came back from seeing it. It was far from flawless, but enjoyable enough. I feel like it's a movie that needs at least a rewatch or two to fully appreciate, because its story, its central conflict and even its central characters were presented very much like we were flies on the wall with no information about what was going on until wayyyy down the line. That may sound like a compliment, but in reality, it made it hard for me to care about Carol or the situation at hand throughout a longer period of time than I should have, as I was just as confused as the character herself was about what the fuck was going on or why should I care. This is not a permanent stay, as the film's rocky start infinitely makes more sense with how the story progressed and I realized they might've done it on purpose (and by the end, I found myself a lot more into the characters and the story), but considering that it came to the detriment of an emotional touch between me and the film itself, it might've been a dubious choice in execution (because the concept is a good one on paper). This also has Black Panther-level CGI...... seriously, the effects were generally bad to abysmal here. And Carol herself suffers a little bit from the characterization she's given, because while it certainly had its benefits from a pure storytelling and character growth perspective (it made the emotional scenes resonate a lot more as I felt empathy for her and others' struggle when it comes to her identity), I still don't care about her the same way that I cared about i.e. (trigger alert) Wonder Woman. I just don't feel that connection to her because I still really don't know her closely. Not that I dislike her or don't care for her at all, but she's definitely not as interesting a character as many other heroes that have come along. Btw, speaking of Wonder Woman, that and Captain Marvel are two movies that share A LOT of similarities. So don't be surprised if you're reminded of WW more than you wanted to when you see this. And, par for the course with the MCU, the original score is hugely forgettable and completely overshadowed by the huge blasts of sound effects over it. That being said, the film deserves praise in plenty of aspects. The cast is great. Brie kicks ass here, and despite the fact that, as I already mentioned, this character (compared to others in the MCU) struggles in resonating from an emotional perspective due to reasons I won't spoil, it's safe to say that her performance isn't to blame for that. The trailers didn't make her justice by any means. This is Sam Jackson's best performance ever as Fury too. Brie and SLJ had very solid chemistry together. But Mendelsohn and Lashana Lynch stole the show for me. They - especially Talos - were the ones I cared about the most, and at times, Carol felt like an afterthought compared to them and Fury (which is a backhanded compliment). Jude Law was fine, for the interested ones.... he did what he was asked to do. Apart from the cast, I gave the effects a lot of shit, BUT the cinematography of this film is legit interesting and unique. Both the filmic shot composition and especially color grading were on a range of good to 100% on point. Clearly the space bound MCU films are the ones who boast the stronger artistic imagination...... except Thor 2, apparently. I had problems with the way that action scenes were shot, but otherwise, the film felt pretty grand, and at times, with star frames to boast. Goose works as comedy relief fine. Which, btw, the script does have its good humor moments (even if some come at the expense of tension, which is becoming an increasingly frustrating trick now that I've seen Marvel do it 10000x times..... we get it, you guys like to be funny by breaking the tension with a good joke, hahaha, can we please move on from that schtick? At least Infinity War was mostly funny on cue). The 90's references aren't intrusive to the storytelling, which is good, and the soundtrack is honestly really fucking awesome (better than GOTG Vol. 2's, imo). The way the movie plays with Carol's memories, while I already mentioned its negative side, was also interesting enough for what it was at the same time. And the emotional beats still work due to some fantastic acting that really brings them together great. Finally, the film's message might be seen by some as beating over the head, but to me, it was delievered in a healthy enough dose that it never bothered me. So yeah, a solid watch overall. One of my faves in the franchise? Nope. But definitely an enjoyable experience, all things considered.
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    Captain Marvel (Final) OD - 73.08m (+69.55%) (160212 shows) Sat - 32.25m Sun - 11.44m Captain Marvel's final PS is the highest ever for a solo superhero movie and behind only that of Infinity War and Age of Ultron! Exactly the same last day bump as Black Panther, but smaller than other SH movies that see anywhere from 75% (Venom) to 100% (Thor Ragnarok) jump. Sole exception being Infinity War which only jumped 40% Show count is also very high, second only to Infinity War amongst SH movies. Venom and Aquaman comes closest at 156k shows. Captain Marvel's Saturday PS is also the highest only behind that of Infinity War amongst the super hero I have tracked. It's Sat PS is even higher than the final OD PS of Thor Ragnarok and Justice League and only slightly behind that of Aquaman, Spider-man Homecoming and Alita. Movie PS to OW multi Captain Marvel’s OW if it has same multi Aquaman 18.06 1319 Thor Ragnarok 14.96 1093 Justice League 13.26 969 SMH 12.83 937 Venom 12.76 932 GoTG2 12.02 878 Ant Man 2 9.97 728 Black Panther 9.27 677 Infinity War 6.98 510 Movie Midnight to OW multi Captain Marvel’s OW if it has same multi Aquaman 72.76 1124 GoTG2 56.43 872 Venom 53.18 821 Thor Ragnarok 52.54 812 Black Panther 49.41 763 SMH 49.3 762 Ant Man 2 48.94 756 Justice League 41.51 641 Infinity War 21.37 330 So according to above tables, the extreme high end is 196m OW using Aquaman comparisons and absolute lowest is 50m using Infinity War comparisons. Black Panther would be the best comparisons which would give an OW range of 100-110m OW. Now its all upto the ratings. Friday being International Womens day might mean that OW multi may be a bit low but I dont see it being lower than Infinity War whose multi would give it an OW of 75m. Overall I tend to go a bit pessimistic with my predictions so I will go with a prediction of 85m OW
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    Not the politics thread, people. Knock it off.
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    Gavin Feng‏ @gavinfeng97 2m2 minutes ago More China Box Office: Captain Marvel earns $2.46M / ¥16.5M from midnights. It's 4th best performance for superhero films, only behind Infinity War($9.4M), Ultron($4.79M) & Civil War($2.62M). #CaptainMarvel
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    OD in Italy is 75% above Black Panther. Great number for sure.
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    Alita rules and I’m excited to see Captain Marvel tomorrow, you can like both movies y’all
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    I've never done this, so bare with me if it's not great, but here is the current break down of my theater (Houston, as of 6:30pm CST.) I borrowed @Rorschach template, if that's ok AMC (Thursday night showtimes, reserved seating): Prime 7:00 - 169/195 10:15 - 128/195 IMAX 2D 7:00 - 120/150 10:00 - 96/150 Real 3D 7:30 - 54/125 7:40 - 18/60 8:00 - 20/76 8:10 - 0/44 8:15 - 6/60 8:45 - 4/60 9:10 - 0/44 9:30 - 0/44 9:45 - 0/76 10:45 - 8/76 10:50 - 4/60 11:15 - 0/60 Regular 2D 7:00 - 95/147 7:05 - 19/44 7:15 - 43/76 7:45 - 37/60 8:30 - 54/76 9:00 - 18/44 9:15 - 50/147 10:05 - 3/44 10:10 - 8/44 10:20 - 2/76 10:25 - 9/147 10:55 - 10/60 11:00 - 25/147 Fan Event Showing 6:00 - 140/147 Total Seats Sold: 1140 / 2734 (41.70%)
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    Critics Consensus Alita: Battle Angel's story struggles to keep up with its special effects, but fans of futuristic sci-fi action may still find themselves more than sufficiently entertained. Consensus - struggling to be sufficient
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    People just want to follow the numbers here. We don't need another thread derailed with politics. We already have fanboy wars which are bad enough.
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    Just saw this today, and it would be sad if it will be the only one of its series. I've only read the posts on this page of the thread, but am not inclined to read more if there will be spoilers revealed from the manga. Anyway, it's not original to bash critics and complain how Americanized reviews are online, but I'm going to go there. How does this have such a poor rating when Marvel (and superhero) generic crap continues to score highly? I have always held that there is a bias towards certain types of films and this just further proves it. Sci-fi & fantasy are hard to get right, but I think Alita really delivers. Yet, we are meant to believe that Black Panther is revolutionary? I do like watching blockbusters, superhero and Marvel films. As long as a movie is entertaining, it's done its job, but please don't make movies out to be objectively greater than others when it's really not. Generic superhero trash always rates highly (for some reason, it is deemed American pride for critics) over fantasy and sci-fi that go for originality. Alita is a movie made for international audiences and I'm glad that it's making quite a tidy sum. Hopefully it'll be enough for a sequel. How likely it is, is really up in the air considering Disney now own Fox. A sad reflection of the state of blockbuster cinema. Glad that others have enjoyed it as I did.
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    March 1st-3rd: Apparently good drop for HTTYD3, but the total after second weekend is similar to HTTYD2, which dropped a 58% and opened lower. I guess that Summer weekdays compensated the weekends. 9-10m should be the target, like the other 2 previous films. Green Book increases a 34% after winning the Oscar. Unpredictable. I say €10m but who knows. Good drop for Alita. It should reach €6m. Bohemian Rhapsody increases again after Oscars. I guess this is the last rebound. It has outgrossed The Others and already ranks #13. Next station, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (€27.69m). Captain Marvel coming tomorrow. I do not know if Women's day can take more people to see this female starred film, but I think we should expect the same opening than other MCU solo films, somewhere between 2 and 3 million euros.
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    It feels as though you're shouting at people on BOT?
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    data: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mpf92NunqhPZOQkYsA3479cMmcBW80Dn0cK8HjlN0v8/edit#gid=0 So, @Thanos Legion, it seems that a linear extrapolation won't be enough, since it's gained on every hour since yesterday so far. Raw data: Wednesday, 6 March Thursday, 7 March Time Adm. Time Adm. 09:20 113,000 09:20 57,000 10:20 119,000 10:20 62,000 11:20 125,000 11:20 66,000 12:20 132,000 12:20 71,000 13:20 140,000 13:20 78,000 14:20 150,000 14:20 85,000 15:20 161,000 15:20 93,000 16:20 171,000 16:20 101,000 17:20 182,000 17:20 18:20 192,000 18:20 19:20 202,000 19:20 20:20 211,000 20:20 21:20 218,000 21:20 22:20 224,000 22:20 23:20 229,000 23:20 Actual: 460,857 Actual: Percentages: predictions based on yesterday 09:20 24.5% 232468 10:20 25.8% 240110 7643 11:20 27.1% 243332 3222 12:20 28.6% 247885 4553 13:20 30.4% 256763 8878 14:20 32.5% 261152 4389 15:20 34.9% 266209 5057 16:20 37.1% 272202 5993 17:20 39.5% 0 18:20 41.7% 0 19:20 43.8% 0 20:20 45.8% 0 21:20 47.3% 0 22:20 48.6% 0 23:20 49.7% 0 So what we see in the bottom right is the linear extrapolation of what the final total will be, as you can see this has increased every hour relative to yesterday by 4k+. I think this is primarily due to presales being a smaller % of the sales today, but using Olive's news of evenings being stronger I could see something like this: +6k rel. to yesterday from 5:20-9:20 then +3k as sharp cut off, giving 272k + 5*6k + 2*3k = aroudn 310k for today, which would be a -33% drop off, steeper than AM2. we'll see how it progresses. Here's the Thursday table with the predictions put in: Thursday, 7 March Time Adm. 09:20 57,000 10:20 62,000 11:20 66,000 12:20 71,000 13:20 78,000 14:20 85,000 15:20 93,000 16:20 101,000 17:20 109,867 18:20 118,403 19:20 127,200 20:20 135,614 21:20 142,951 22:20 148,344 23:20 153,146 Actual: 312,542
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    I do two on Premiere Night. 👍 One about 1pm PST or so (I start at noon-ish and report when I'm done tabulating - I have a LOT to go through though, so it might not post 'till 1:15 or 1:30pm PST). Then I do the final report about an hour or so before the main showings of the night start. In this case I'll start it around 4:45pm to 5:00pm my time (to catch the fan events) and hopefully post it by 6:15 to 6:30. And thanks for the compliment; much appreciated.
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    1 CAPTAIN MARVEL 06/03/2019 USA WALT DISNEY S.M.P. ITALIA € 765.871 114.547 2 GREEN BOOK 31/01/2019 USA EAGLE PICTURES S.P.A. € 86.957 16.816 3 DOMANI E' UN ALTRO GIORNO 28/02/2019 ITA MEDUSA FILM S.P.A. € 64.240 12.669 4 DRAGON BALL SUPER: BROLY - IL FILM 28/02/2019 JPN KOCH MEDIA S.R.L. € 64.213 11.813 5 CROCE E DELIZIA 28/02/2019 ITA WARNER BROS ITALIA S.P.A. € 53.070 10.568 6 ANCORA AUGURI PER LA TUA MORTE (HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U) 28/02/2019 USA UNIVERSAL S.R.L. € 36.468 6.829 7 10 GIORNI SENZA MAMMA 07/02/2019 ITA MEDUSA FILM S.P.A. € 27.161 5.176 8 C'ERA UNA VOLTA IL PRINCIPE AZZURRO (CHARMING) 28/02/2019 USA M2 PICTURES S.R.L. € 25.733 5.164 9 IL CORRIERE - THE MULE 07/02/2019 USA WARNER BROS ITALIA S.P.A. € 24.770 4.676 10 THE LEGO MOVIE 2: UNA NUOVA AVVENTURA (THE LEGO MOVIE 2: THE SECOND PART) 21/02/2019 USA WARNER BROS ITALIA S.P.A. € 21.189 4.107
  35. 7 points
    Taipei city numbers CM 10.35M best OD for solo super-hero Ant-man 2 7.51 JW2 11.64m TA3 16.43m best non-holiday OD
  36. 7 points
    Like it or reviewers like Jeremy Jahns likely have far more influence over peoples films taste than most professional film reviewers. Its not saying Jeremy is a great reviewer, it is just realizing that people don't read reviews anymore and more like to watch a movie review.
  37. 7 points
    should. Looking about 1.5m which 35% up on BP ,6% up on AOU. in NZ its Wed night prev on par with BP
  38. 6 points
    Tuesday Numbers How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World: $1.5mn Tyler Perry's A Madea Family Funeral: $1.3mn Alita: Battle Angel: $0.6mn Green Book: $0.5mn MET Opera: $0.4mn Greta: $0.38mn Isn't it Romantic: $0.35mn FWMF: $0.35mn LEGO 2: $0.34mn Apollo 11: $0.3mn
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    Hello Everybody. I just joined the forum to be part of the Captain Marvel excitement. I can wait to talk after numbers start to come in.
  40. 6 points
    CM now at 80% on MT 2019-03-07 20:00:30.335719 UTC 1 80% Captain Marvel 2 4.8% How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World 3 2.8% Tyler Perry's A Madea Family Funeral 4 1.1% Green Book 5 1.1% Alita: Battle Angel
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    Just watched it and it turned out to be one of those movies with too much plot and too little character. Most of the characters were weak and nothing really defined them (exceptions being Capt Marvel herself, Fury, and Talos). The character moments that were there I really liked and the movie does a good job at hinting at the female experience but the plot kicks in and everything kicks back. My two favourite MCU movies (Black Panther and GOTG 2) and the reason I actually like Phase 3 more than the other phases is because they are able to weave the characters and thematics into the story very well. They just feel complete. I didn't feel that way with Captain Marvel and I'll forget most of it tomorrow. What I hated the most was the action which was just terribly bland and uninteresting to watch. What I liked the most was the characters of the Skrulls (Ben Mendelsohn especially rocked as Talos but I might be biased since I love Ben), the character moments as I said, and some of the camerawork. I also loved the use of that thing they used in the first trailer of all the Carol Danvers from different ages getting up from the ground after falling down. That was a powerful moment. Hoped we got more of that. I would say it's a 5/10, maybe a 6. Honestly, the movie was a huge disappointment for me because I was expecting a Black Panther but I got more a Doctor Strange (not bad, just bland). But anyway, my updated rankings of Phase 3: 1. GOTG 2 8/10 2. Black Panther 7/10 3. Thor: Ragnarok 7/10 4. Civil War 6/10 5. Ant-Man and the Wasp 6/10 6. Captain Marvel 5/10 7. Doctor Strange 5/10 8. Spider-man: Homecoming 5/10 9. Avengers: Infinity War 4/10 (sorry, event films like this one or the other Avengers films aren't for me) 8 = loved it, 7 = really liked it, 6 = liked it, 5 = ranges from liked parts of it to completely indifferent and was bored by it, 4 = below average
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    Just for the hell of it, here is CM with an IW comp on MT 2019-03-07 17:00:35.186483 UTC 1 78.4% Captain Marvel 2 5.2% How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World 3 3.1% Tyler Perry's A Madea Family Funeral 4 1.3% Alita: Battle Angel 5 1.2% Green Book 2018-04-26 17:01:14.974546 UTC 1 85.7% Avengers: Infinity War 2 2.6% I Feel Pretty 3 1.9% Quiet Place, A 4 1.4% Rampage 5 1.1% Super Troopers 2
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    https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/dumbo-tracking-50m-60m-us-opening-1193003?utm_source=twitter Tim Burton's family pic Dumbo is tracking to lift off with $50 million-$60 million in its domestic box office launch, according to the major services.
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    Looking at the akvalley fandango sales for thursday previews historically, and CMs total as of last night - I took CoolErics ~70k in sales for BP and proected them out to Captain Marvel (using the same ratio of dates as has been bought previously). That way we can compare thursday to thursday *like* fandango sales. Aquaman and AMTW have been removed for being holiday related: Movie Thursday CM as of Proj Movie Tix midnight CM Total Ratio Previews CM Estimate AvengersIW 205486 83760 107061 .521 39 20.31 Deadpool 2 89501 83760 107061 1.19 18.6 22.25 Solo 67099 83760 107061 1.60 14.1 22.50 Jurassic W 46033 83760 107061 2.32 15.3 35.36?!? Venom 46724 83760 107061 2.29 10.0 22.91 Black Panther 112340 83760 107061 .849 25.2 24.02 As has been mentioned however, BP had three weeks of presales, and giving the AKValley data a quick once over, it looks like ~15% of sales were in the first week. I think it would be reasonable then to either assign BP extra sales for comp purposes *or* to remove the projection of the last days worth of sales from CM (Assuming last day sales rougly equals first week sales). That nets us the following projection Black Panther 112340 83760 83760 .746 25.2 18.79 If you want to quibble with the BP sales adjustment, that's fine, but I would be hard pressed to get that number up above 20. Considering (outside of JWFK), the MCU movies look around 20, while the non MCU movies look about 22, that gives us a general range for presales. Given the following multipliers Preview to OW multipliers from boxofficereport IW 6.607641 DP2 6.747688 Solo 5.987234 JW2 9.674837 AM2 6.592348 Venom 8.0256 FB2 6.831099 We can assume somewhere between 20-23 in presales with a 6.5 to 7 multiplier which nets us a range of 130m - 161m using the low/low and high/high estimates. I had previously built a log model and an exponential model of OW/PG ratio, and the ranges on that one are 144-163, which is a little more optimistic (it uses data from a few years ago if it fits criteria which skews the sample) - Those numbers look like the prospective range. I just want to tap the breaks on everybody who is getting wound up about a projected 160+m opening. Yeah, that's in high end of range, but upside/downside are usually equal so it is seemingly just as likely to hit 175 as it is to hit 125. The numbers over the past few weeks have generally looked ~130-140ish mean projections, and nothing has really moved the needle *that* much. Middle of the range says 145 - absolutely great opening.
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    Its all BS. Most industries do no not have equal representation. More men prefer engineering where asians are over represented More women prefer marketing More blacks play basketball More whites play hockey and more men review movies, so what. I bet you this forum is 75% males and some shopping forum is mostly women different strokes for different folks. none of these people push for equality in the shit jobs and where people die lot. 93% of work deaths are male. no one "intersectional" lining up up for mining, steel mills, power line maintenance, sanitation and sewers I call it "the liver or lobster syndrome". Being double the size, I ate twice as much as my sister including being forced to eat twice as much liver(which I hated) but there was equality when we had lobster once a year. To stay on topic PS will fall in the low to mid 70s. The PSm could be below 3 because of WD or WoM and just reach 200m or it could be mid 200's. Too many wild cards on this one to pin point. We'll have to see the rating early in the morning and then the noon run rate to project out to the 230-3pm midpoint. $80m ? $110m+? I'll go with $95m OW Low or high its impressive
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    @Porthos Apparently Brie doesn’t really remember Sacramento, doesn’t like talking about Sacramento and doesn’t like other people asking about Sacramento. Other then that I haven’t heard her say a bad word about the place.
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    Too many people here predict movies off of their personal feelings instead of using box office reason. The 1st movie wasn't loved here on the forums but we aren't the target audience either. It did well with the GA with close to 3.5 legs. It'll do much better in Oct than battling with WW.
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    if you choose whether you go to the cinema based on what jeremy jahns says then you don't deserve to go to the cinema. ever.
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